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Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, 00:52 UTC
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[06:18:59] dekarl: stuarta, ty
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[07:59:17] stuarta: dekarl: np
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[09:43:49] stuarta: #12762
[09:43:49] ** MythLogBot **
[09:44:04] stuarta: so lazy, can't even be arsed to scrollback to find the link
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[10:20:39] ** stuarta ponders switching the rpi from nfs to iscsi based storage **
[10:24:06] stuarta: i really don't want to use nfsv3 if i can avoid it
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[10:28:34] ** stuarta tries it just to prove a point **
[10:40:26] stuarta: well that was boring and exceedingly slow
[10:40:49] stuarta: time to tried wired, rather than wireless connectivity
[10:41:14] stuarta: tho that is only 100Mb/s
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[10:44:47] JohnLBergqvist: I'm getting a segfault on mythbackend (latest 0.28-fixes) whenever I load the 'recordings' page in MythWeb – I think when it generates img previews?
[10:46:32] stuarta: if you grab a backtrace we should be able to track it down
[10:46:57] stuarta:
[10:53:34] JohnLBergqvist: just recompiling now.
[10:53:45] JohnLBergqvist: any log level/verbosity you'd like me to use?
[10:53:55] JohnLBergqvist: mythpreviewgen seems to work on its own
[10:54:11] JohnLBergqvist: although I do get OMX errors
[10:56:34] stuarta: well if you think it's going to be in mythpreviewgen, you might be able to steal the command line out of the logs and just run that
[10:59:39] JohnLBergqvist: what log level would the mythpreviewgen commands show up in the logs at?
[10:59:51] stuarta: that i dunno
[11:00:05] stuarta: but you did say the backend crashes didn't you??
[11:00:10] JohnLBergqvist: Even so, surely if that fails, that wouldn't cause the whole mythbackend to keel over would it?
[11:00:17] stuarta: so it's not likely to be the previewgen itself
[11:00:19] JohnLBergqvist: surely it'd just move on to the next one
[11:01:12] stuartm: JohnLBergqvist: this is with a RAspberry Pi backend?
[11:01:42] JohnLBergqvist: No.
[11:01:56] JohnLBergqvist: Regular x86_64 Arch Linux install
[11:02:00] JohnLBergqvist: never had any problems so far.
[11:02:28] JohnLBergqvist: so its a bit odd.
[11:02:33] JohnLBergqvist: Perhaps it's a damaged recording?
[11:02:42] JohnLBergqvist: ill know more in a minute once it's compiled.
[11:04:33] stuarta: JohnLBergqvist: quite possibly a damaged recording, but that shouldn't take down the backend
[11:04:40] JohnLBergqvist: yeah.
[11:08:16] JohnLBergqvist: hmm, aside from recompiling mythtv with compile-type=debug, do I need to have any other stuff installed aside from gdb
[11:08:24] JohnLBergqvist: it's saying that it can't find the debugging symbols in mythbackend
[11:16:34] stuartm: though you said you had omx errors?
[11:17:45] JohnLBergqvist: in Mythpreviewgen yes
[11:18:05] JohnLBergqvist: ive got a dgb trace now, let me link that
[11:18:15] stuartm: didn't know any distros were even shipping with openmax ... except for those designed for use with the RPi
[11:19:05] stuarta: stuartm: the bellagio implementation is being shipped in quite a few
[11:19:19] JohnLBergqvist: i'm using Arch btw
[11:19:32] stuartm: huh, guess I'm behind on my reading :)
[11:19:46] JohnLBergqvist: GDB Log:
[11:20:44] JohnLBergqvist: Backend Log: 12:16:24 was when I visited the mythweb recordings page, whereupon the backend segfaults
[11:21:48] stuarta: interesting, it's crashed in the upnp stack
[11:22:45] stuartm: services
[11:23:30] stuartm: libupnp yes, but that's a historical artefact, it's actually in the services API
[11:23:44] stuartm: which is odd, since mythweb doesn't use the services API
[11:24:06] JohnLBergqvist: Mythpreviewgen does though?
[11:24:14] JohnLBergqvist: which mythweb calls?
[11:24:18] stuartm: no, mythpreviewgen uses the internal protocol
[11:24:22] JohnLBergqvist: oh right
[11:24:38] JohnLBergqvist: it still crashes under upnp
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[11:25:34] stuartm: missing detail of what request to the service API triggered the crash
[11:25:59] JohnLBergqvist: hmm
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[11:26:51] stuartm: -v http might help
[11:30:44] JohnLBergqvist: this is before it segfaults: 2016-05–10 12:29:10.437561 I [27294/27352] HttpServer74 servicehost.cpp:314 (ProcessRequest) – ServiceHost::ProcessRequest: GetPreviewImage : GET /Content/GetPreviewImage?ChanId=9931&StartTime=2016-05–09T21%3A58%3A00 &Height=56&Width=100&
[11:33:54] JohnLBergqvist: yes, its crashing when the preview is generated in the internal webserver too
[11:35:53] JohnLBergqvist: if i try to access: BACKEND_IP:6544/Content/GetPreviewImage?ChanId=9931&StartTime=2016-05– 09T21%3A58%3A00&Height=56&Width=100&
[11:35:56] JohnLBergqvist: it'll crash.
[11:37:06] JohnLBergqvist: although interesting there are previews generated for it in the filesystem :/
[11:37:11] JohnLBergqvist: which weren't there before
[11:40:01] JohnLBergqvist: This is what happens when I run mythpreviewgen on that file.
[11:40:01] JohnLBergqvist:
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[11:42:19] JohnLBergqvist: so it generates the preview image, yet then segfaults
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[11:52:48] JohnLBergqvist: trying it on other files which I know have worked before and it's still crashing :/
[11:55:16] stuarta: doh
[11:56:52] JohnLBergqvist: now i'm worried i've changed something without realising it -_-
[11:58:18] JohnLBergqvist: any ideas before I reformat? :(
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[12:01:55] JohnLBergqvist: The preview generation appears to be working fine within mythfrontend itself
[12:02:19] JohnLBergqvist: but of course it generates them at a different size to either mythweb or the internal web server, so it's not really a workaround for now.
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[12:12:06] JohnLBergqvist: Aha! I've fixed it.
[12:12:30] JohnLBergqvist: An upgrade of qt5-base from 5.6.0–4 -> 5.6.0–5 casued the problem.
[12:12:38] JohnLBergqvist: Rolling back has got rid of it.
[12:13:30] JohnLBergqvist: stuarta & stuartm rolling back from qt5-base 5.6.0–5 to 5.6.0–4 has fixed the problem for me.
[12:21:04] stuartm: ok, so mythweb uses the services API to get the preview image, I'd forgotten that
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[12:22:34] JohnLBergqvist: It happens in the internal webserver too.
[12:23:12] JohnLBergqvist: but yeah, it's definitely the upgrade to qt5 base that's caused the segfault.
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[12:28:05] JohnLBergqvist: According to the arch repository, the change from -4 to -5 is "Rebuild against GCC6": . . . 5e6b311bb4c3
[12:40:30] stuarta: ugh, so it's either a qt5–6 issue, or a gcc6 issue
[12:40:50] stuarta: JohnLBergqvist: i assume you had done a complete distclean before the rebuild?
[12:43:12] JohnLBergqvist: yes.
[12:44:14] JohnLBergqvist: I think it's a gcc6 issue, as (as far as I can tell), the qt5.6 source hasn't changed since 5.6–4 (which is working fine for me)
[12:44:46] JohnLBergqvist: Occacsionally, a -n increment will have applied patches to it, but not this time it seems
[12:45:14] JohnLBergqvist: . . . ges/qt5-base
[12:45:18] JohnLBergqvist: That's the history
[12:45:26] stuarta: so then the question becomes, can it be narrowed down to a bit of sample code
[12:45:28] JohnLBergqvist: the previous one (13 days ago) is v4.
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[13:32:34] stuarta: iscsi based storage is definitely the way to go on the rpi. 3x faster than nfs just to run configure
[13:34:35] jheizer: wow
[13:36:08] stuarta: now for bonus points i might setup multipathing via both eth0 and wlan0
[13:36:18] jheizer: I tried doing a local cache on the sd card in front of the nfs share, but it very little effect
[13:36:31] stuarta: my nfs performance was horrible
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[14:03:27] stuarta: sigh, it would be nice if it did actually build tho :(
[14:06:42] ** stuarta tries with profile build **
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[14:17:58] jheizer: stuarta, where's it getting stuck now?
[14:18:51] stuarta: there's an impossible asm constraint in one of the ffmpeg libs when building in debug mode, so far it looks like it's proceeding past that point in a profile build
[14:23:03] jheizer: huh weird. I never hit that.
[14:23:51] stuarta: you might have a different compiler
[14:23:59] stuarta: gcc version 4.9.2 (Raspbian 4.9.2–10)
[14:24:20] jheizer: same
[14:24:45] jheizer: happen to have still been logged into it from checking on nfs vs cifs
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[14:27:23] dekarl-work: jheizer, stuarta: did you test with splitting the src/obj onto one storage (network) and the ccache on another (local sdcard) to speed up compiles?
[14:28:07] stuarta: nope
[14:28:19] dekarl-work: fwiw (looking at -users) wifi appears to be attached to sdio, not usb
[14:29:09] stuarta: but jheizer mentioned above he did, and it made naff all difference
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[14:30:10] jheizer: I didn't specifically move ccache anywhere, but set cachefilesd in front of the nfs share with enough space to cache basically it all
[14:30:44] stuarta: i could have left ccache on the sd card, but wanted it off to save on wear and tear
[14:31:54] jheizer: all this pi does besides the builder is read from the 1-wire interface every 5 minutes so really I don't care how slow, busy, or wasted time it wastes.
[14:32:03] jheizer: Just that must go faster mentality
[14:33:18] peterbennett: stuarta: In My opinion you need to use an external drive for the whole filesystem to get reasonable performance
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[14:33:48] stuarta: peterbennett: i might get that far one day. at the moment the $0 solution is iscsi
[14:33:57] jheizer: I had wanted to run the same build on my 2 and 3 just to see what real difference there was
[14:34:08] jheizer: but since it refused to boot with that sd card I've left it alone
[14:34:43] jheizer: probably take 20 years on the 1
[14:34:49] stuarta: jheizer: btw, that buildslave appears offline atm??
[14:35:59] ** stuarta insults dekarl-work's freebsd11 arm builder as vapourware.... **
[14:36:02] jheizer: ah, fixed. Forgot to restart the build slave after fiddling with it the other day. I never got it to properly start the buildslave script on boot.
[14:36:08] stuarta: :)
[14:36:24] stuarta: that'll keep it busy for a few hours
[14:36:46] jheizer: I should probably upgrade it too. Haven't in a while
[14:37:13] stuarta: i've done an os level upgrade, just no firmware or anything like that
[14:39:05] dekarl-work: stuarta, didn't have time to start over and regular new reports of others having the same issue lowered the priority :( . . . /013813.html
[14:39:37] stuarta: yeah that doesn't bode well
[14:39:46] stuarta: the fedora instructions aren't much better
[14:40:02] peterbennett: stuarta: git clean, configure, make on my raspberry pi 2 takes about 10 mins
[14:40:20] peterbennett: stuarta: (once the cache is loaded up the first time)
[14:40:25] stuarta: take this blob, mangle it onto your card, then go grab the kernel from raspian, and put that in here and fiddle a bit more and then, fingers crossed, it should boot
[14:40:29] jheizer: yeah the above is what all my current sd cards were doing on the 3
[14:40:52] stuarta: oh cool, i'm in the "first build" stage to prime ccache
[14:40:57] jheizer: the one card there wasn't even green light activity of any kind
[14:41:42] dekarl-work: the compile itself is not the most time consuming part of the build... . . . 2/builds/134
[14:42:31] dekarl-work: 6 minutes for copying git trees around, 30 minutes running the unit tests, total time 71 minutes
[14:42:48] stuarta: yeah wonder why
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[14:49:17] stuarta: wondering if i should have gone higher than -j2
[14:49:51] peterbennett: stuarta: I use -j4
[14:50:08] jheizer: 4 once in a blue moon I errored out
[14:50:08] dekarl-work: jheizer: funny, the last for build on my rpi2 finished in half the time . . . hf/builds/57 using NFS without special optimizations
[14:50:12] stuarta: i wasn't sure if i'd max out the memory too much
[14:50:13] jheizer: 3 was never a problem
[14:50:34] stuarta: ah well it's ticking along nicely
[14:50:48] peterbennett: I also upped the swap space on the hard drive
[14:51:10] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: If you have interest in a Fedora F24 (beta) 64 bit builder, PM me the password (and the name, but I presume it would likely be "garyb-f24–64bit") and I'll try to get it up later today (my time, which means tomorrow to you).
[14:51:18] jheizer: I dropped the nfs cache. Figured if it wasn't helping that much it wasn'tworth the effort.
[14:51:19] dekarl-work: stuarta: just make sure you have the updated irqbalance and let it run with -j3 without issues. -j4 might work, I'm not sure I retested
[14:51:35] stuarta: dekarl-work: done all the os updates
[14:52:43] dekarl-work: the amount of possible parallelism is influenced by the amount of gpu memory IIUIC
[14:53:09] jheizer: geez it has been updating wolfram-engine for ages
[14:53:19] stuarta: indeed, went for 256M, but suspect that may be excessive
[14:54:08] stuarta: io is definitely *not* the issue, it's definitely cpu bound
[14:54:13] peterbennett: stuarta: I use 128M. That works for HD playback with MythTV, and gives enough left over for compiles
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[14:54:29] stuarta: peterbennett: thanks, i'll tweak that for the next reboot
[14:54:29] jheizer: compile must being killing the I/O
[14:55:05] stuarta: jheizer: on yours?
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[14:55:10] jheizer: yeah
[14:55:19] jheizer: I'm stuck at 77% [125 wolfram-engine 229 MB/236 MB 97%]
[14:55:51] jheizer: oh, there it got 1 more MB. via 100mbps internet
[14:57:00] jheizer: Did they finally address all these I/O issues on the pi3? I bought it but didn't read all that much in detail yet.
[14:57:53] stuarta: i've not really been paying attention, but afaik, it's improved on the 3
[14:58:41] jheizer: 77% [128 wolfram-engine 231 MB/236 MB 98%]
[14:58:56] jheizer: 1MB/1.5Minutes
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[15:04:00] jheizer: A bit more on topic, I've been having some scheduler/live tv/recorder weirdness lately. If I have 3 tuners that all have the same set of channels. If 1 is recording, 1 is watching live tv, and a recording was previously scheduled to take place on the now busy live tv tuner, what is the expected out come?
[15:04:16] stuarta: ENORECORD
[15:04:34] jheizer: Auto reschedule to the 3rd tuner, or the pop up saying something is going to use this tuner, watch, cancel menu?
[15:04:40] stuarta: that's why there is that option i can never remember to set which tuner is used first for livetv
[15:04:51] gedakc (gedakc! has joined #mythtv
[15:05:45] jheizer: Lately the outcome is tuning errors displaying via the mythcontext (I believe) popups saying timeout tunig what I assume is the same tuner.
[15:07:37] jheizer: Same some times if I am watching live and nothing is recording, then 7:00 hits and 3 things want to record. Some times I get the pop up, other times I get the timeouts.
[15:09:40] dekarl-work: jheizer: do you get one or two copies of the popup? I get two but never got down to figuring out if its just me and why its happening
[15:09:43] gary_buhrmaster: I believe the option you are thinking of is the Schedule Order vs LiveTV Order. Typically one increments one and decrements the other.
[15:10:10] jheizer: dekarl-work, I do get 2 copies of the timeout popup yes
[15:11:16] jheizer: I thought at first maybe it was related to #10043 and one trying to grab the tuner before the other released, but still not getting a popup menu asking seems to say now. That and it appears not to be in .28/fixes
[15:11:16] ** MythLogBot **
[15:14:08] dekarl-work: oh noes 10043... need another hdhr for the nice solution to that one
[15:14:30] dekarl-work: reminds me that H.EVC via DVB-T2 is hitting air around here in 3 weeks
[15:14:52] dekarl-work: and its 1080p finally :)
[15:16:16] ikevin (ikevin! has joined #mythtv
[15:18:30] dekarl-work: ohhh, the rpi3 got a beefier GPU that does H.EVC at up to 1080p30? But I guess we're getting 1080p50. /me wanders off to check
[15:22:47] jheizer: So hard to test. First time I just did it, it popped up the menu as you'd expect.
[15:23:00] peterbennett: Why does the 0.28 backend display messages Loading themes for 0.28.61 Failed to download remote themes info package.
[15:23:00] jheizer: The second time it just changed the channel on the frontend without warning.
[15:23:14] peterbennett: It displays that for every number from 61 down to 1
[15:24:26] peterbennett: 61 sets of information messages
[15:25:55] dekarl-work: peterbennett: sounds like a parse error in the version string... last tag 0.28 plus 61 commits since then?
[15:26:15] JohnLBergqvist: btw, should mythtv 0.28 playback HEVC-encoded video now?
[15:26:32] JohnLBergqvist: and if so, what resolution is the max it'll support with HEVC, 4k? or just 1080?
[15:33:25] peterbennett: dekarl-work: Yes my version is 0.28-61-g5af4b41–0 – why would this cause that?
[15:33:27] dekarl-work: peterbennett: hmm, only 22 commits to fixes/0.28 since the tag. or do you have 39 local commits pending? then it could be that (whats your version string?)
[15:34:13] peterbennett: MythTV Version : v0.28-61-g5af4b41
[15:34:33] peterbennett: dekarl-work: I am building off my own repository
[15:35:41] dekarl-work: I think the answer is around here . . . ser.cpp#L202
[15:36:55] dekarl-work: its parsing MYTH_SOURCE_VERSION using an unescaped "."
[15:37:08] peterbennett: dekarl-work: Maybe a bug?
[15:37:47] dekarl-work: v0.28-61-g5af4b41 vs. "v[0–9]+.[0–9]+.([0–9]+)-*"
[15:38:06] dekarl-work: that regexp is funny
[15:38:52] stuarta: it'll capture the 61
[15:38:57] peterbennett: I wonder why the backend loads themes at all. I think it should be the frontend.
[15:39:21] stuarta: to have them available for all frontends?
[15:39:28] dekarl-work: exactly, but that's part of the bug
[15:39:36] stuarta: i think that was the original intent
[15:40:18] dekarl-work: nah, the regexp doesn't make sense. its writting in one syntax but feed to an engine that uses another syntax :)
[15:41:00] dekarl-work: "v[0–9]+.[0–9]+.([0–9]+)-*" should be "v[0–9]+\.[0–9]+(\.[0–9]+)-" or "v[0–9]+\.[0–9]+(\.[0–9]+)-.*"
[15:41:28] peterbennett: According to the comment The code is expecting version number like 0.25.20101017–1 but that is specific to mythbuntu
[15:41:30] dekarl-work: well, almost. the last point should be outside the capture group
[15:41:55] dekarl-work: peterbennett: thats the binary version, but the third part of the version comes from the source version
[15:42:26] dekarl-work: At least I'm not the only one that gets confused by that magic version mixing and matching beast
[15:42:56] peterbennett: I will write a ticket.
[15:43:46] dekarl-work: MYTH_BINARY_VERSION; // Example: 0.25.20101017–1 and MYTH_SOURCE_VERSION v0.28-61-g5af4b41
[15:44:51] dekarl-work: a copy of that code is also in the backend . . . per.cpp#L366
[15:45:06] dekarl-work: a ticket with a unit test and refactoring would be nice :)
[15:46:28] stuarta: dekarl-work: :-p
[15:46:40] ** stuarta throws some random bits from the bit bucket at dekarl-work **
[15:46:42] JohnLBergqvist: It would be nice if some stuff (like recording pre & post roll) could be moved to the backend setup, instead of the frontend setup.
[15:46:50] peterbennett: So what is the binary version? Is this it? Library API : 0.28.20160309–1
[15:46:52] JohnLBergqvist: cos it kinda makes headless operation a pain then.
[15:47:11] stuarta: JohnLBergqvist: that sort of thing is a target for webfrontend
[15:48:02] dekarl-work: JohnLBergqvist: are you thinking about the "hardware issue workaround" or the "some slack for the broadcaster"? The latter has been moved to recording rule templates
[15:49:03] JohnLBergqvist: well generally there's a pre & post-roll setup for all recordings in the Frontend setup
[15:49:13] dekarl-work: and the former has been abused in the past to achieve the latter but doesn't work for back-to-back recordings
[15:49:30] JohnLBergqvist: but surely if that's applied to all recordings, shouldn't that be in the backend setup
[15:50:18] JohnLBergqvist: I mean the Setup->Video->General (Advanced) page in the frontend.
[15:50:35] JohnLBergqvist: specifically that page only i think.
[15:50:58] JohnLBergqvist: Also, the General (Auto-Expire) page too.
[15:52:35] JohnLBergqvist: Oh and the 'Global recording priorities' pages
[15:52:51] dekarl-work: I totally agree that setup needs some love. But I don't see how moving stuff around between different gui applications helps there. (e.g. from global settings in the frontend to global settings in mythtv-setup)
[15:53:15] JohnLBergqvist: My point was: They are global settings, that have nothing to do with the frontend per se, as they apply to the backend.
[15:53:23] JohnLBergqvist: So they should be in the backend setup.
[15:54:10] peterbennett: There are many settings in the frontend that are global.
[15:54:27] dekarl-work: so we have global system settings, global backend settings, per backend settings, global frontend settings and per frontend settings spread out across 5 places? doesn't help in my opinion :)
[15:54:56] JohnLBergqvist: Well the Global system settings, global backend settings & per backend settings should only be in the backend-setup
[15:55:04] JohnLBergqvist: NOT the frontend.
[15:55:07] dekarl-work: JohnLBergqvist: mythtv-setup must die (in favor of webfrontend or frontend setup of the whole system)
[15:55:25] JohnLBergqvist: OK.
[15:55:57] dekarl-work: step one would be to finish the conversion of the setting to mythui though. how is that coming along?
[15:56:19] peterbennett: Probably best to put all in frontend setup but identify what is global and what is local.
[15:56:34] stuarta: dekarl-work: remove all depreciated code and see what breaks ;-P
[15:57:14] dekarl-work: personally I'd love to see a freenas plugin of mythtv and similar integrations. we're almost there (the usual 80% is done, now lets do the other 80% project :)
[15:57:39] peterbennett (peterbennett! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[15:58:51] JohnLBergqvist: Why should it be in the frontend setup if it's to do with the backend though?
[15:58:54] JohnLBergqvist: that's crazy then...
[15:59:03] JohnLBergqvist: why bother to have a separate backend & frontend if you're going to do it like that?
[15:59:35] stuarta: JohnLBergqvist: a lot of it's legacy and needs a good tidy up
[16:01:09] JohnLBergqvist: true
[16:01:40] JohnLBergqvist: I seem to recall some stuff was moved from the frontend to the backend setup when it went to either 0.27 or 0.28
[16:02:18] JohnLBergqvist: brb
[16:02:24] JohnLBergqvist (JohnLBergqvist! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:02:55] dekarl-work: JohnLBergqvist: it's all confusing terminology. how do you call it when there is a daemon running (aka mythbackend) and the user fiddling with the setting via a gui in an interactive program (be it a browser, mythtv-setup or a custom installer talking to the service api like in the old OSX demo on youtube).
[16:04:11] dekarl-work: note to self for later wrt settings/mythui:
[16:05:13] dekarl-work: got to run, see you later
[16:05:15] dekarl-work (dekarl-work!51c8c614@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit ()
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[18:50:59] stuartm: fwiw, I agree that recording related settings should all be in the backend
[18:51:07] stuartm: makes no sense having them in the frontend
[19:30:55] gedakc (gedakc! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:00:22] MitchCapper (MitchCapper!~user@unaffiliated/mitchcapper) has joined #mythtv
[20:06:46] stuarta: hmmm, -j3 might not have been the best idea, it's consumed all the swap on the rpi
[20:07:38] ** stuarta downgrades to -j2 **
[20:13:20] dekarl1 (dekarl1!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has joined #mythtv
[20:15:43] stuarta: oops, there goes the swap again
[20:16:04] dekarl (dekarl!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:18:00] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[20:18:38] dekarl: stuarta, is that something special (as in additional configure options), like a debug build?
[20:20:03] dekarl: I don't even have swap configured and run -j3 for a long time
[20:30:18] stuarta: profile build
[20:30:25] stuarta: no special options either
[20:30:59] ** stuarta insults iscsi initiator for not starting at boot **
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