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Monday, May 9th, 2016, 00:00 UTC
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[04:53:52] enyc: tgm4883: long time debian developer tells me r.e. that mythweb.ini that "Putting itin both locations is clearly the right thing to do unless that breaks things for some reason"
[04:54:01] enyc: tgm4883: i.e. good!
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[06:42:11] dekarl: peterbennett: in retrospect that was to be expeccted from "Experimental hardware accelerated OpenGL can be enabled, if you know how ;-)"
[07:19:58] stuarta: morning all
[07:23:03] stuarta: i really need to sit down and put my rpi together
[07:24:41] ** stuarta looks around his desk **
[07:24:53] stuarta: might be an idea to clean the desk first. get some workspace back
[07:29:20] stuartm: being using mine as a bedroom frontend for the past 4 days – it's got me thinking that I should look at improving the performance, especially responsiveness – there's a definite lag between input and response when navigating the UI which is annoying
[07:30:47] stuarta: i see similar things when trying to use stuff remotely
[07:30:56] stuarta: ie. tunnelled x
[07:32:54] stuartm: and I really need to get GL working, QT renderer sucks
[07:33:38] stuartm: unfortunately there is a driver bug that means it doesn't work with some screens and I just happen to have one of those screens
[07:34:16] stuartm: at least I do right now, planning on replacing it anyway
[07:37:59] stuarta: doh
[07:45:33] stuartm: seems strange that it's the screens, more likely to be some combinations of resolution and refresh rate but they haven't been more specific about the issue
[07:48:35] stuarta: what a pita
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[13:48:11] peterbennett1: stuartm: Regarding lag with raspberry pi – I use a remote that emulates a keyboard (ORTEK) and I have never seen a lag. Are you using lirc?
[13:53:28] stuartm: no, keyboard – want to switch to lirc I just haven't taken the time to setup it up yet
[13:54:10] stuartm: and I'm on the lookout for a discreet USB IR dongle anyway – the MCE receiver I have is larger than the Pi itself
[13:54:37] stuartm: bluetooth remote is an option I guess, but BT eats through batteries so ...
[13:56:11] stuartm: stuarta: oh, and another thing on my annoyances list – this being the first remote frontend I've setup in some time – you can't copy frontend settings from another frontend
[13:56:27] peterbennett1: stuartm: I have not seen a lag... Where do you see it?
[13:56:30] stuartm: in fact, far too many frontend preferences should IMHO be global
[13:57:43] stuartm: peterbennett1: just navigating through the UI, it's small but noticable, in the order of a few hundred ms – you press left/right/up/down and it doesn't react immediately
[13:58:01] ikevin: do you have some good feedback about myth frontend (with hd support) on rpi?
[13:58:23] peterbennett1: stuartm: You can also use CEC remote if you install the patch in #12746
[13:58:23] ** MythLogBot **
[13:59:58] peterbennett1: ikevin: I have been using it for some months
[14:00:02] stuartm: peterbennett1: that would be good, I'll give it a go when I get my new TV – currently using an old monitor as a stand-in
[14:00:24] ikevin: peterbennett1, rpi2 or rpi3?
[14:00:51] peterbennett1: stuartm: You may also want #12730 to fix the pixelation that I found most irritating.
[14:00:51] ** MythLogBot **
[14:01:08] peterbennett1: ikevin: rpi2
[14:01:13] ikevin: ok
[14:01:23] jheizer: Since CEC and rpi has come up, do you have any idea if CEC will work with a pi going through an hdmi reciever or sounder bar?
[14:01:33] jheizer: *sound bar
[14:01:44] stuartm: ikevin: works well, though not perfectly yet – few niggles like slow playback start (some of which is because I'm currently on wifi) and the lack of hardware rendering for the OSD
[14:01:57] stuartm: the latter REALLY bothers me on SD content
[14:02:23] stuartm: I'm using a rPi3
[14:02:45] ikevin: ok, do you know if a netboot can speed up?
[14:02:48] peterbennett1: stuartm: Does your OSD cause interruptions, or what?
[14:03:02] stuartm: peterbennett1: no, it just looks really shitty :)
[14:03:29] peterbennett1: stuartm: Oh, flickering?
[14:04:27] peterbennett1: stuartm: do you have the mpeg2 license? If not the OSD is really bad.
[14:04:30] stuartm: no pixelated – it's rendered at the video frame resolution, which is very low for second tier SD channels (sub 720x576) and then stretched up to the display resolution of 1920x1080, this results in a blurry mess
[14:04:43] stuartm: I have the mpeg2 license
[14:05:13] stuartm: both licenses in fact
[14:05:16] peterbennett1: stuartm: oh yes sure, that is a mess. Solution – don't watch SD :)
[14:05:34] stuartm: not entirely avoidable :)
[14:06:14] stuartm: if we can get GL working then hopefully the issue will be resolved
[14:06:33] stuartm: unless the OpenMax decoder is a closed pipeline
[14:08:04] peterbennett1: stuartm: I believe opengl is only supported with gles platform not xcb, that is ho lvr had it working
[14:08:20] ikevin: peterbennett1, by SD you said mpeg2 or real SD (mpeg4 too)
[14:08:23] ikevin: ?
[14:08:48] stuartm: peterbennett1: remains to be seen, but I've heard otherwise if you use the experimental driver
[14:09:07] peterbennett1: ikevin: SD means low resolution 640x480 or so
[14:09:13] ikevin: ok
[14:09:53] peterbennett1: Related subject – I figured out the problem with running on Ubuntu xenial
[14:10:14] ikevin: i search a small hw (like rpi) for live tv, in france we have some sd channel (720/540), if i buy licence they will be slow?
[14:10:17] stuartm: however since the experimental driver doesn't like my screen for some reason I've been unable to test that at all
[14:11:23] peterbennett1: There are 2 copies of one in /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa-egl/ and one in /opt/vc/lib/
[14:12:02] peterbennett1: the one in /opt/vc/lib/ gets a seg fault when teh program get to show() on teh main window
[14:12:48] peterbennett1: If you use export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa-egl then it works
[14:13:43] peterbennett1: I could not find an easy way to get the executable to use that copy by default. I think it will require changes in every pro file or something like that
[14:14:04] peterbennett1: So for now I guess we recommend that people use that to run it.
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[14:15:26] ** stuarta fires up rpi **
[14:16:41] stuartm: peterbennett1: I'm sticking with Raspbian just now – since that's what most new users to the Pi will probably start with
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[14:17:12] stuarta: same, but i've bought sufficient memory cards to try out xenial and fedora
[14:17:40] stuartm: I'd like things to be as painless as possible with the 'default' setup
[14:17:40] peterbennett1: stuartm: I agree. Also note that CEC is not working with xenial.
[14:18:17] peterbennett1: Even with the patches #12746
[14:18:17] ** MythLogBot **
[14:19:19] peterbennett1: That CEC patch also speeds the startup of frontend, without it there are 10 reties of CED at 1 second intervals during startup.
[14:19:20] ** stuarta agree's with stuartm **
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[14:19:33] peterbennett1: *CEC
[14:19:47] stuarta: peterbennett1: ugh, i hate retries like that. the media monitor was doing that with the udisks dbus service
[14:19:55] stuartm: btw, quick tip to anyone using the RPiv3 – go into raspi-config -> Internationalisation Options -> Change Wifi Country
[14:20:37] stuartm: and make sure you set it correctly – for some dumb reason it defaults to the US, which is the only country in the world (except Japan?) which doesn't support the full range of 2.4Ghz channels
[14:22:23] stuartm: drove me a little crazy before I discovered that's why my Pi was able to see my network one day but not the next – router frequency hops to avoid interference and had switched to one of the channels the Pi was unable to see until I corrected the config
[14:22:45] stuarta: thanks for the tip
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[14:44:16] peterbennett1: So how do I get some of those extra wifi channels? Maybe I should order a router from the UK.
[14:47:42] peterbennett1: You know – I have spent time in various countries with my USA laptop and never had a problem accessing wifi ...
[14:48:09] peterbennett1: I never went into any laptop setting to change wifi country
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[15:00:12] stuartm: peterbennett: the additional channels aren't widely used precisely because a lot of kit built for the US market doesn't support them, most public wifi sticks to the common frequencies
[15:01:07] stuartm: . . . nce_concerns
[15:01:34] stuartm: seems I was misremembering, Japan not only supports all the channels, it also supports an additional one that no-one else does
[15:02:14] letifosiferrari: peterbennett1: I guess buying a router from the UK would work. Another solution on some router is to change the Wifi country code (either via a hacky way, or via a area-specific official firmware [My old netgear could do that]). One thing though, the 5Ghz band in Europe is not as open as it is in the US (less channels are supported there in Europe I think)
[15:07:49] stuartm: Europe didn't bother with the overlapping channels iirc – on paper that means fewer channels, in practice it means less interference between channels
[15:09:22] stuartm: although less bandwidth per channel or something like that
[15:10:28] peterbennett: I am using powerline network for some frontends but it sometimes just stops for 15 or 30 seconds. Other than that it works well
[15:36:09] stuartm: never tried powerline, wireless works pretty well and I managed to run cabling to the critical spots for most static stuff
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[16:56:39] gary_buhrmaster: jheizer: cec is a single wire shared bus serial connection. The "data" goes everywhere, but some devices have interesting implementations as to what gets put in the wire(*), and whether all the ports share the wire.
[16:57:51] gary_buhrmaster: jheizer: (*) In particular, some devices will not send certain key presses to other devices that those other devices are not expected to process (every device declares itself to be a type of device).
[16:58:12] jheizer: gary_buhrmaster, thanks. At least a little insipiring knowing it is an ongong bus. Not an accept/forward or requests.
[16:58:22] gary_buhrmaster: jheizer: where "expected", by some (especially TV) manufactures apparently means the devices that the same manufacturer sells.
[16:58:35] peterbennett: tgm4883: Thomas see the ticket #12757 . There is a command line with explicit env to start mythfrontend or mythtv-setup that works on raspberry pi xenial. If you change the mythbuntu launcher scripts to use this in case of raspberry pi xenial, it will solve the segfault problem.
[16:58:35] ** MythLogBot **
[16:58:36] jheizer: Yeah vendor lock in adds even more fun.
[16:59:09] jheizer: I don't have anything to be able to test a device inbetween a tv and rpi currently to test with before I decide on buying something new for a new tv location.
[17:00:18] jheizer: in an ideal world a CEC tv, rpi with CEC and a sound bar with HDMI-ARC means it should be one happy family, but in reality who knows.
[17:00:20] gary_buhrmaster: jheizer: AFAIK, the only way to know what a TV will actually support is to take your test tool (say, your RPi) to the store and plug it in (with the approval of a helpful sales rep, of course).
[17:00:48] gary_buhrmaster: jheizer: Let me know when you find that ideal world.
[17:01:24] jheizer: Have to complete the room remodel first. which has been going on for years now... but getting close.
[17:03:00] gary_buhrmaster: jheizer: is this a "we are getting half way to the end every month" getting close, or a "damn the torpedos, ship it!" close?
[17:03:45] jheizer: Haha, a baseboards just have to be installed and we are finally actually completely done thank god
[17:04:42] tgm4883: peterbennett: does that need to be done via our startup script? Can that not be added directly to the frontend?
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[17:58:00] peterbennett: tgm4883: I propose adding it to the mythfrontend script where it calls mythfrontend.real
[17:59:11] tgm4883: peterbennett: can we acturately check that we're running on a pi?
[17:59:20] peterbennett: tgm4883: If you are asking if the mythfrontend executable itself can be changed to do this, I tried various ways, but it seems I will have to change all of the project files to achieve that and even then I am not sure if it will work
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[18:01:40] peterbennett: tgm4883: Something like this :
[18:02:36] tgm4883: peterbennett: that won't work for devices that are armhf and not raspberry pi's
[18:03:14] peterbennett: Are there devices that are armhf, not raspberry pi and run ubuntu xenial?
[18:04:38] tgm4883: peterbennett: there are devices that run ubuntu, are armhf, and are not raspberry pi's. 16.04 just came out, so IDK if they run it yet
[18:05:06] peterbennett: arch=arm* may be better, at run time my raspi gives armv71 for arch
[18:05:23] tgm4883: peterbennett: here's one
[18:06:00] peterbennett: tgm4883: If they are running the same ubuntu mate xenial then they may have the same issue.
[18:07:29] peterbennett: tgm4883: If you include that LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the directory does not exist, or has different things in it, it is ignored anyway and the program runs as it it was not specified
[18:08:23] tgm4883: peterbennett: so we're not overriding LD_LIBRARY_PATH here?
[18:08:37] peterbennett: tgm4883: That directory does not exist on Jessie. I tried running with that on Jessie and it was fine, it ran the same as it I had not specified it.
[18:08:47] tgm4883: ok
[18:09:06] peterbennett: tgm4883: LD_LIBRARY_PATH is normally empty
[18:09:56] peterbennett: tgm4883: To be extra safe you can use LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa-egl:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
[18:10:33] peterbennett: tgm4883: That way if they had a LD_LIBRARY_PATH specified for some reason you would just be temporarily adding to the front of it
[18:11:55] peterbennett: LD_LIBRARY_PATH just adds some directories that will be searched before the default directories
[18:13:05] peterbennett: tgm4883: We could update the default set of directories in their system but that would be risky and unfriendly in case it caused other problems.
[18:13:29] tgm4883: peterbennett: . . . f76bd7f28c30
[18:13:53] tgm4883: That should be tested on both ARMHF and x86 based systems before being backported
[18:14:14] peterbennett: hang on – $arch should have been setup before in teh script
[18:15:17] peterbennett: arch=`dpkg-architecture -q DEB_TARGET_ARCH`
[18:16:23] peterbennett: And then when you execute the program you need $environ in front on mythfrontend.real
[18:18:04] tgm4883: peterbennett: what about for mythwelcome?
[18:19:06] peterbennett: tgm4883: yes, mythwelcome and mythtv-setup will need it also
[18:19:24] peterbennett: if those are even run on raspberry pi
[18:20:13] peterbennett: I tested mythtv-setup, does anybody use mythwelcome?
[18:20:59] tgm4883: . . .
[18:21:02] tgm4883: I'm only doing mythfronend
[18:22:24] peterbennett: arch=`dpkg-architecture -q DEB_TARGET_ARCH` is for including in the build, i actually modify my desktop file while building
[18:22:43] peterbennett: If it is checking at runtime it needs to be something else
[18:23:10] peterbennett: if [[ `arch` == arm* ]]
[18:23:39] peterbennett: or arch=`arch` followed by if [[ "$arch" == arm* ]]
[18:24:04] tgm4883: I'm supposed to be working right now. Do you want to just send a merge request?
[18:25:33] peterbennett: tgm4883: Not sure what you mean.
[18:26:08] tgm4883: If there is more stuff we need to change in that file, can you just fix it up and send me a copy? I've got to get back to work
[18:26:25] peterbennett: tgm4883: OK
[18:26:28] tgm4883: Not sure where you are at, but it's 11:30 AM here
[18:26:42] peterbennett: USA Eastern time
[18:26:47] peterbennett: 2:30 PM
[18:27:27] peterbennett: You are in California time zone?
[18:28:33] tgm4883: yea
[18:28:35] tgm4883: oregon
[18:30:21] peterbennett: OK I will put in whatever changes I think and send it to you.
[18:31:10] peterbennett: Massachusetts
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[18:54:33] peterbennett: tgm4883: I sent an email to you with patch and updated front end script < >
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[19:03:30] stuarta: hrm, running a plain configure on the rpi throws a lot of qmake errors
[19:05:47] jheizer: If you look at my builder's logs you can see the paths we had to add for rasbian
[19:06:26] stuarta: i'm trying a few things first, i cheated and copied my git checkout from another system to save time
[19:07:26] peterbennett: stuarta: It needs a bunch of extra exports to be able to enable openmax. i have a patch to ix that
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[19:07:54] stuarta: hmmm ok
[19:08:43] peterbennett: stuarta: There are a bunch of prereqs needed. I tried ansible but it only installed half of the needed ones
[19:09:10] stuarta: peterbennett: right, then i need to know the rest, since i used the ansible playbook to fill it in
[19:09:58] peterbennett: stuarta: here are the ones I use
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[19:11:23] jheizer: hmm, I don't remember having to do anything like that.
[19:11:24] peterbennett: After ansible failed to do them all, I just installed my list
[19:13:27] peterbennett: Configure is like this
[19:14:31] peterbennett: Check the output to make sure openmax gets enabled.
[19:16:54] peterbennett: Also see
[19:18:25] stuarta: all those exports need rolling into configure
[19:18:53] peterbennett: stuarta: I have done that on my repo, I can get you the patch
[19:19:52] stuarta: okay, let me know where it is, and i'll take a look, pull requests even better ;-)
[19:20:02] ** stuarta heads off for a while **
[19:20:16] peterbennett: stuarta: they are actually only needed for the piece that enables / disables openmax, the .pro files are ok they have those where needed
[19:20:20] dekarl: peterbennett: it appears as if we may need like three packages... qt5 with software opengl, qt5 with hardware opengl but without x11 and maybe qt5 with hardware opengl and x11...
[19:28:25] dekarl: ikevin: the lowest resolution for regular tv channels (although DVB-T OTA channels) is nHD/qHD => ninth FullHD/quarter HD with 640x360 square pixels. Everytime I read "xxxHD" meaning 360p I wonder if I should laugh or cry
[19:30:45] peterbennett: stuarta: See #12762 Raspberry Pi: configure script requires additional exports
[19:30:45] ** MythLogBot **
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[20:26:34] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[20:27:19] dekarl: stuartm, do you record a series containing an ampersand in the series title? restricting the recordings list to that in the web frontend appears to not work
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[20:32:11] dekarl: oh, smolt fell over
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[21:09:29] stuarta: dekarl: lemme go fix that
[21:11:45] stuarta: fixed
[21:11:52] stuarta: looks like it was wedged
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[21:37:41] stuarta: hrm, qmake, stop objecting to nfs build dir
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