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Wednesday, May 4th, 2016, 00:03 UTC
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[07:56:41] stuarta: morning all
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[08:46:49] stuarta: dekarl: thanks for the pointer to thelogodb, looks potentially very useful
[09:23:11] dekarl: stuarta, well it looks promising, but how do I fix stuff on there? e.g. this channel is very likely BBC World News and why does it have a white frame?...
[09:25:35] dekarl: or lineups like this "Germany Free TV" with channels like "Swiss Advertising Block"...
[09:26:43] dekarl: otoh, its the best i've seen for a while. (I think the discussion on was axed with the demise of their old forum)
[09:32:06] dekarl: or it was somewhere else... . . . 6#pid2014376
[09:35:54] dekarl: its a different discussion but very interesting... "I have the lyngstat logo guys on board already." looks like everyone is waiting for a shared "channel information application" that they can connect their images to
[10:06:11] stuarta: it's community updated from what i can see
[10:06:24] stuarta: and that is interesting if they have the lyngsat guys on board
[10:09:52] stuarta: wouldn't be too hard to pull data via the api into services
[10:11:03] dekarl: There appear to be multiple (two or three) groups talking in that thread.
[10:12:21] dekarl: I didn't save the link to the VDR "channel scan collection service" :(
[10:22:54] stuarta: haha
[10:23:16] stuarta: it should be pretty easy to write a script using our bindings to pull recent channel scans and submit them
[10:24:23] stuarta: that way we could even request our users run the script for us, and we can collect channel scans from all over the place
[10:24:40] stuarta:
[10:35:31] stuarta: interesting
[10:39:47] stuarta: man that's very scrapable too
[10:43:56] stuarta: that appears to give live mappings of the transports
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[10:51:31] stuarta: hmmm, i think ch5 hd has just switched from encrypted to fta
[10:51:34] ** stuarta rescans **
[11:05:36] Merlin83b: I heard rumours of that earlier in the year or late last year. Just C5 or their various other channels?
[11:09:16] stuarta: dunno
[11:12:10] stuarta: i was poking around for something else, and there was an update from yesterday indicating it's FTA
[11:12:18] stuarta: right, time to try that
[11:16:02] stuarta: woot \o/ it is indeed
[11:24:11] Merlin83b: Excellent – rescan needed at home for me, then :) Might get to that this evening.
[11:25:02] Merlin83b: Though looking at upcoming recordings, it's all 5 USA, 5* and 5+1.
[11:25:29] Merlin83b: And I really should sort out why my HVR-4000 isn't working at the moment.
[11:25:47] stuarta: depending on your rules, those 5+1's might be recorded on 5hd
[11:26:02] Merlin83b: Yeah, delayed to +1 because of the HVR-4000 issue.
[11:33:55] stuartm: stuarta: great news, has it moved or just switched off the encryption?
[11:35:05] stuartm: I wonder if they'll bring it to Freeview too ...
[11:44:10] stuartm: damn, no mapping for the RT grabber
[11:46:28] stuartm: need to submit that change upstream to the supplement ASAP
[11:47:02] stuartm: now who do I know in the xmltv project ...
[11:48:53] stuartm: heh, C5 is showing a programme all about real ale
[11:50:45] stuartm: picture quality is surprisingly good
[11:52:02] stuarta: stuartm: not entirely sure whether they "moved" it, or just updated it.
[11:52:53] stuartm: yeah, I'm not either and since I was excluding the encrypted channels before so I had to rescan anyway
[11:53:23] stuartm: however I did a single transport scan to minimise disruption and rejected updates to the other transports
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[13:01:46] dekarl: knowledgejunkie: -^
[13:03:36] dekarl: stuartm, is this different from this one?|2615|Channel 5 HD||||HDTV
[13:03:52] stuarta: 404
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[13:11:02] stuartm: dekarl: huh, missed that because it doesn't follow the naming pattern of the other hd channels
[13:11:19] stuartm: would be canonical id
[13:11:29] stuartm: sd version is
[13:11:43] stuartm: ok, guess I don't need to update upstream :)
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[13:32:07] andreas_berckner: Hi there...
[13:32:31] andreas_berckner: good bye
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[13:51:31] stuarta: uh oh...
[13:53:19] stuarta: okay, so just the buildmaster
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[15:25:02] stuartm: what we really need is Film 4 HD
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[15:31:39] stuarta: :)
[15:52:12] dekarl: ohh, got around to test a image from thelogodb in a real program, turns out the background is transparent as it should be
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[17:53:46] MitchCapper: I noticed the web frontend uses a decent bit of the qsp for logic rather than javascript and the web services API, is there a specific reason the new frontend doesn't use the service api's as much?
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[17:54:32] JohnBergqvist: Is there any way to manually trigger the backend's automatic running of mythfilldatabase (without waiting for it to run at the scheduled time)?
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[17:56:06] stuartm: no
[17:56:14] JohnBergqvist: damn.
[17:56:34] stuartm: you can run it directly, but otherwise it will only run as scheduled
[17:57:01] JohnBergqvist: its just mythfilldatabase runs fine from the command line, yet whnever it runs as scheduled, somethign happens & it never grabs any data
[17:57:19] JohnBergqvist: by "from the command line" I mean, whenever I run it manually.
[17:58:09] JohnBergqvist: sadly beacuse I use systemctl, hardly any of the mythfildatabase output gets logged to there :/
[17:58:31] MitchCapper: running mythbackend -v schedule,system,database,jobqueue may help output more
[18:00:31] JohnBergqvist: I still don't understand the systemctl journal and where the stuff in /var/log/.... occurs in relation to it all :/
[18:01:12] MitchCapper: iwell for mythbackend do --logpath /var/log/mythbackend
[18:01:25] MitchCapper: and then all backend (and proc logs) will go to there
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[18:02:05] JohnBergqvist: Will that work for mythfilldatabase too? (if i put that to mythfilldatabase?)
[18:04:00] MitchCapper: you can have it run with --loglevel all and --logpath too
[18:04:08] JohnBergqvist: ok
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[18:09:53] JohnBergqvist: This is my problem:
[18:10:43] JohnBergqvist: it's weird because my script is running under the same user as mythbackend, and it works fine when i run it manually
[18:14:55] gary_buhrmaster: JohnBergqvist: A "common" issue is environmental variables. When you run things manually, you usually have a different environment.
[18:15:28] JohnBergqvist: yeah
[18:15:45] JohnBergqvist: even if i'm running the backend as the same user who i run the script manually from?
[18:16:01] MitchCapper: john increasing the logging is your best option
[18:17:36] JohnBergqvist: I am doing. Will info be OK?
[18:17:39] JohnBergqvist: or should I go to debug?
[18:23:37] gary_buhrmaster: Unless you are also running the backend manually, it will have a different environment than running mythfilldatabase manually (well, almost always, there are always exceptions to every rule).
[18:25:54] gary_buhrmaster: (fwiw, this is also a contributory reason that you see people complain that when they run <x> manually it works fine, but fails under cron)
[18:28:44] JohnBergqvist: turns out that my systemd PATH variable (which mythbackend is presmuably using) doesn't have the perl stuff in it, which my regular command line does
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[21:02:45] JohnBergqvist: Whenever I start one of the mythtv GUI programs, I get the following errors: All related to dbus & freedesktop. Is there any way I can prevent these (Am I missing a dependency)? I'm running Arch linux.
[21:43:00] stuartm: no, that's normal – every distro, desktop environment and version thereof has a different dbus endpoint for enabling/disabling the screensaver, on startup MythTV has to try them all to see which one works
[21:44:07] stuartm: but I can see how the warnings (W stands for warning, E for error, N for notice, D for debug) might be confusing
[21:46:52] JohnBergqvist: OK.
[21:47:06] stuartm: stuarta: can we move those to debug, or ui logging?
[21:47:25] JohnBergqvist: It never says if it's found a working one though, which is confusing.
[21:50:19] JohnBergqvist: Anyway i'm off, night.
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[23:35:00] knightr: just how many audio stream are we supposed to have now?
[23:35:24] knightr: I onlu see like 8 of them...
[23:37:34] knightr: I tried adding a new one and after a few seconds it gets weirdly distorted...
[23:43:33] knightr: it plays fine in VLC 2.2.2 (for Linux)
[23:43:45] knightr: oops, only..
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