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Sunday, May 1st, 2016, 00:18 UTC
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[00:30:25] f00bar80: gary_buhrmaster, no way i can do it manually ?
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[01:47:41] gary_buhrmaster: f00bar80: Sure, there are some open source measurement tools out there with far less accuracy. This is likely not the channel you are looking for.
[01:49:03] gary_buhrmaster: f00bar80: These types of discussions usually occur on the voip channels/forums (as everybody who does "video" tends to buffer deep), and that is where jitter is most noticeable/experienced.
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[07:20:30] JohnBergqvist: Even after applying the above patch: . . . 32354714018b My backend status page still isn't showing, @Stuartm
[07:22:22] JohnBergqvist: still getting a 404.
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[07:47:38] stuartm: clear you cache?
[07:49:26] JohnBergqvist: nope. i'm still getting a 404 on the page itself
[07:49:44] JohnBergqvist: and it doesn't seem to be actually uploaded to the git repository either.
[07:50:13] JohnBergqvist: The '/Status/GetStatusHTML' page I mean
[07:54:21] JohnBergqvist: or even the 'Status' folder itself
[07:58:24] dekarl1: what does http://backendhostname:6544/Status/GetStatusHTML show?
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[07:59:24] JohnBergqvist: A 404 error
[08:00:11] dekarl: interesting, just the change to menu.qsp fixed it for me . . . 2b7373ff4c06
[08:00:33] dekarl: do you use mythweb? does it work there? (should not work there either)
[08:01:07] JohnBergqvist: It doesn't work in mythweb either
[08:01:19] JohnBergqvist: where is the GetStatusHTML file supposed to be located on the system?
[08:01:21] JohnBergqvist: i.e. on disk
[08:01:36] JohnBergqvist: should it be within /usr/share/mythtv/html/Status?
[08:01:37] dekarl: there is no file, its a service
[08:01:41] JohnBergqvist: ah ok.
[08:01:47] dekarl: mythtv/programs/mythbackend/httpstatus.cpp
[08:04:10] JohnBergqvist: When I load the web interface, the homepage does load, however I get the following console error: "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED http://BACKEND_IP:6547/Frontend/GetStatus"
[08:05:19] dekarl: that is the backend webserver trying to get the frontend's status. Is a frontend running?
[08:06:04] JohnBergqvist: yes
[08:07:18] dekarl: . . . ontend.h#L18 hmm, have to look if the frontend webservice needs to be enabled
[08:08:21] JohnBergqvist: there's a frontend webservice as well?
[08:08:33] JohnBergqvist: Both my master backend, and my only frontend are on the same local IP i should add.
[08:09:07] dekarl: by default port 6544 is the backend webserice and 6547 is the frontend webservice
[08:10:07] dekarl: hmm, I see a setting for the frontend remote control port at 6546, but not for the service
[08:10:11] JohnBergqvist: OK, well both are open on my network.
[08:10:28] JohnBergqvist: let me reboot my router just to be sure. brb in a few mins
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[08:15:54] dekarl: btw, we just hit 333 hosts or 5% on fixes/0.28 on smolt
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[08:17:34] JohnBergqvist: Right, well i've solved it (I think) failing to connect to the frontend
[08:17:45] JohnBergqvist: however, the backend status is still giving me a 404.
[08:18:18] JohnBergqvist: http://BACKEND_LOCALIP:6544/Status/GetStatusHTML 404 (Not Found)
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[08:37:42] JohnBergqvist: @dekarl Maybe it's a compile-time option i'm missing out?
[08:37:57] JohnBergqvist: although i've looked at those & can't see anything relevent
[08:38:26] dekarl: what QT version is that?
[08:38:44] dekarl: just randomly guessing that there is yet another obscure bug in a version that we're not testing against
[08:39:23] JohnBergqvist: 5.5.1
[08:40:50] dekarl: Ubuntu 16.04? Smolt hints that this would be the QT version of that release
[08:41:01] JohnBergqvist: Arch.
[08:41:23] JohnBergqvist: I can upgrade to if you'd like
[08:42:01] dekarl: well, its been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 (guessing from the stats). so unlikely an obscure QT bug. QT 5.6 has only 3 reported installs, way less tested
[08:42:15] JohnBergqvist: OK.
[08:42:29] dekarl: I don't see / remember a command line to disable the services
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[08:43:39] JohnBergqvist: well the status functionality is working within the frontend itself
[08:43:42] dekarl: btw, does not work on Arch? I don't see it on Smolt at all
[08:43:43] JohnBergqvist: just not on the web services
[08:43:48] JohnBergqvist: I have no idea
[08:43:53] JohnBergqvist: how do I test that?
[08:44:08] dekarl: that would skew the QT version numbers. Just run it on the console (as the mythtv user)
[08:47:05] JohnBergqvist: hmm, I get a File "", line 186
[08:47:05] JohnBergqvist: """ % excerpts
[08:47:05] JohnBergqvist: ^
[08:47:05] JohnBergqvist: SyntaxError: invalid syntax
[08:49:41] JohnBergqvist: unless i'm running it wrong or something
[09:04:27] JohnBergqvist: @dekarl I'm running python 3.5.1 btw
[09:39:26] gary_buhrmaster: As I recall, sendProfile was python2 (only), and as it used a shebang of env python, that may be the issue for some progressive distros where python3 is now the default.
[09:47:18] JohnBergqvist: which is best to run mythtv (0.28-fixes) under, python2 stil, or python3?
[09:49:45] JohnBergqvist: @gary_buhrmaster the AUR script i'm installing MythTV from on Arch, does have an option to point the sources to python2 instead of python3, but I disabled that as I was under the impression that mythtv was now comptiabl with python3
[09:50:03] JohnBergqvist: "find bindings/python programs/scripts contrib -type f | xargs sed -i 's@^#!.*python$@#!/usr/bin/python2@'"
[09:53:54] gary_buhrmaster: AFAIK none of the mythtv python bindings were "validated" for python3. It was on "the list" of things to deal with..... The "easy" solution was to 'import six' (and associated changes), but that added another dependency.
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[09:58:53] gary_buhrmaster: As far as smolt was concerned, I suspect there was the hope (?hope?wish?fantasy?) that as the new upstream for a replacement for smolt happened, it would be a SEP.
[10:02:46] JohnBergqvist: OK. But which should I use in the meantime, python2 or python3?
[10:02:57] JohnBergqvist: 0.28-fixes here.
[10:14:26] gary_buhrmaster: There are many who suggest that you want you default system python to be python3, for it is the now, and the future.
[10:15:09] gary_buhrmaster: However, as I said, the MythTV bindings/scripts are still python2 (only).
[10:15:17] JohnBergqvist: @dekarl OK well i've recompiled it with the scripts pointing to python2, and I now get this:
[10:15:29] JohnBergqvist: @gary_buhrmaster see above
[10:18:52] gary_buhrmaster: My guess is that you are likely missing a (bunch of) python2 library dependencies. If theory if your packager did things correctly, installing mythtv should have pulled them all in.
[10:21:07] JohnBergqvist: it probably didn't.
[10:23:31] gary_buhrmaster: In particular, for that very specific message, that would suggest that `/sbin/runlevel` does not return anything useful (which is actually not a python thing).
[10:24:31] JohnBergqvist: OK. i'm on archlinux here
[10:25:54] gary_buhrmaster: (alternatively, the commands import is not doing the "right" thing for python2)
[10:28:14] JohnBergqvist: right
[10:29:38] dekarl: sorry, had to take care of the kids. Yes smolt runs all kinds of linuxy things, that may be different on each distribution
[10:30:02] JohnBergqvist: Well ive installed all the python2 stuff related to mythtv I could find. Ran ansible too, and I wasn't missing anything there either.
[10:31:45] gary_buhrmaster: ansible is to build, not run.
[10:32:22] JohnBergqvist: well im not missing any of the runtime dependencies either.
[10:32:57] gary_buhrmaster: So where is /sbin/runlevel? It is a runtime dependency of the smolt scripts.
[10:34:20] JohnBergqvist: well it's there...
[10:34:35] JohnBergqvist: it returns "unknown"
[10:34:43] JohnBergqvist: but Arch Linux uses Systemd
[10:34:53] JohnBergqvist: so that might be normal
[10:35:03] gary_buhrmaster: No, that is not normal.
[10:35:49] gary_buhrmaster: Even on a systemd system /sbin/runlevel typically returns a "made up" runlevel
[10:36:01] JohnBergqvist: right
[10:36:03] JohnBergqvist: FML
[10:37:35] JohnBergqvist: Are you sure? because the people on the arch IRC is telling me that it SHOULD return unknown
[10:37:41] gary_buhrmaster: Apparently arch chose differently, so you gain the opportunity to fix all the places where there are assumptions that /sbin/runlevel returns something valid.
[10:37:54] JohnBergqvist: argh
[10:37:55] JohnBergqvist: yeah
[10:38:28] JohnBergqvist: I lack the knowledge.
[10:38:36] gary_buhrmaster: There is nothing wrong with arch, except that because it is the path less traveled, you have chosen to plow the field.
[10:41:02] JohnBergqvist: weirdly, the read_runlevel function looks to me like it should handle 'unknown'
[10:44:04] JohnBergqvist: Well anyway, hardcoding the returned runlevel to 2 makes the script work.
[10:44:07] gary_buhrmaster: Pretty sure it looks for the second token. Which arch has chosen not to provide (which is a "valid" choice, but not one the script handles). As I said, you get to find all the places and fix them.
[10:44:57] gary_buhrmaster: Of course, the other error you need to fix is to handle the except case (it should not error out).
[10:45:10] JohnBergqvist: I'm not really a python programmer.
[10:45:51] JohnBergqvist: Anyway, my original problem was that the status/GetStatusHTML function was returning a 404 on both mythweb and the mythbackend web server.
[10:47:41] JohnBergqvist: @dekarl, you wanted my smolt info: . . . 8b5a3ee07b9a
[10:56:30] gary_buhrmaster: was that not (originally) about qt version? 5.5.1 is around 3% of the reports. But as the smolt data is opt-in, and obviously is broken for (at least some) arch installs, it is unclear how accurate that percentage is.
[10:56:57] JohnBergqvist: partly.
[10:57:18] JohnBergqvist: dekarl asked me to run .sendProfile
[10:57:29] JohnBergqvist: i've upgraded to 5.6 now.
[10:58:48] gary_buhrmaster: I have pretty much accepted that the smolt numbers are mostly about mythbuntu users (which likely is because the install makes it easy to opt-in).
[10:59:25] JohnBergqvist: IMO mythtv shouldn't be that specific.
[10:59:31] JohnBergqvist: *that distro-specific
[11:00:09] gary_buhrmaster: MythTV may not be, but each distro packages differently.
[11:06:01] gary_buhrmaster: (or, to be more precise, the packagers, which usually are not directly part of the distro itself, package differently.
[11:07:10] gary_buhrmaster: And (not surprisingly) there is differences of approaches by those individuals, some based on the distro philosophy, and some based on personal preferences. All choices are valid.)
[11:12:37] JohnBergqvist: Anyway.
[11:46:11] dekarl: JohnBergqvist: ty, so Smolt can run on Arch with some bandaids. once that is sorted out the number are more representative.
[11:46:35] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: the thing is that there are many subtle bugs in the various minor releases of QT5 that break some stuff
[11:47:12] dekarl: seeing the low number or qt 5.6.0 installs got me on the smolt detour
[11:47:22] dekarl: s/or/of/
[11:48:26] JohnBergqvist: Any ideas about what's causing my 404 error though?
[11:54:02] dekarl: trying to figure out how its different... http://backend:6544/Dvr/wsdl works for me, looks like the old Status service does not provide wsdl though
[11:54:17] dekarl: this gives me a 404, too http://backend:6544/Status/wsdl
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[11:54:28] dekarl: but the status itself works
[11:54:33] dekarl: have to run
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[11:55:07] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Yes, well aware of that (the qt variation) thing. My (unscientific) observation is that regression testing in the qt project has suffered a bit in the recent past.
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[14:04:28] JohnBergqvist: hmmm, interesting. The /Dvr/wsdl page works for me
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[14:22:55] tgm4883: gary_buhrmaster: I do not know how we could be making it easier for our users to opt in
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[16:53:09] bill6502: dekarl: i think the key is that Status isn't one of the known services here: . . . cts/services (for not getting Status/wsdl)
[16:59:42] bill6502: JohnBergqvist: i have run into cases where using a host name that resolves to a localhost that isn't fails (for me, nmap -p 6544 --reason ofc0 fails and in /etc/hosts, ofc0=
[17:00:15] bill6502: odd that only Dvr/wsdl worked, unless you also changes the host at the same time
[17:16:14] JohnBergqvist: hmmm
[17:16:22] JohnBergqvist: well it didn't work for me on either
[17:19:35] bill6502: in the backend log, is it listening: "...Listening on TCP"
[17:32:37] JohnBergqvist: hang on
[17:33:31] JohnBergqvist: It doesn't say
[17:33:47] JohnBergqvist: but the backed IP is my network IP, so
[17:36:08] bill6502: hmmm indeed, does: curl work?
[17:36:59] JohnBergqvist: yes
[17:40:00] bill6502: then I'd guess that: sudo netstat -pant|grep 6544 wouldn't show any 127... addresses since there's nothing in the BE log saying that it's listening on one
[17:40:28] JohnBergqvist: it is
[17:40:42] JohnBergqvist: tcp 0 0* LISTEN 753/mythbackend
[17:40:43] JohnBergqvist: tcp 0 0* LISTEN 753/mythbackend
[17:40:43] JohnBergqvist: tcp6 0 0 fe80::a60:6eff:fee:6544 :::* LISTEN 753/mythbackend
[17:40:43] JohnBergqvist: tcp6 0 0 ::1:6544  :::* LISTEN 753/mythbackend
[17:40:45] JohnBergqvist: oops sorry
[17:40:51] JohnBergqvist: thats what I get
[17:44:22] bill6502: that's good (because I had no explanation if it wasn't) but I would have expected to see it in the BE log, at least it's in mine with -v general
[17:44:42] JohnBergqvist: well i use systemd so im frankly not sure about how things are logged nowadays
[17:45:03] bill6502: nmap -p 6544 --reason 127.0.01
[17:45:42] JohnBergqvist: the backend is running with the --loglevel notice option
[17:46:24] JohnBergqvist: 6544/tcp open mythtv syn-ack
[17:46:24] JohnBergqvist: that's the Nmap result
[17:47:04] bill6502: that's why, the Listining is an info level
[17:47:27] bill6502: 0.28?
[17:48:22] JohnBergqvist: 0.28-fixes
[17:48:35] JohnBergqvist: if I turn off the loglevel option completely, will it log more then?
[17:48:55] bill6502: mythbackend --setloglevel info;mythbackend --setverbose upnp:debug,http:debug
[17:49:24] bill6502: then the curl command again to see what the log says
[17:49:58] JohnBergqvist: dw its showing it now in the logs
[17:50:16] JohnBergqvist: is there a way to disable mythbackend listening entirely on ipv6 and just use ipv4?
[17:51:50] bill6502: i don't think so, you can turn off listening on Link Local
[17:51:58] JohnBergqvist: ok
[17:52:05] bill6502: use curl -4 ..........
[17:52:26] bill6502: that will force an IPv4 address
[17:55:04] JohnBergqvist: no, I mean when mythbackend starts. it listens on ipv6 AS WELL AS ipv4, when I only want it to listen on ipv4.
[17:55:24] JohnBergqvist: Anyway
[17:55:26] JohnBergqvist: ignore all that.
[17:55:33] JohnBergqvist: any joy as to why the status page isn't there?
[17:57:35] bill6502: journalctl -f -u mythtv-backend + the --setverbose above will display what the BE is seeing (I'll test mine for the Status case)
[18:01:10] JohnBergqvist: well nothing. I just get a 404
[18:02:17] bill6502: hostname:6544/Status doesn't work for me in 0.27 or 0.28
[18:02:28] bill6502: are we testing the same thing?
[18:03:11] bill6502: what if you just go to hostname:6544
[18:04:08] JohnBergqvist: that gets me to the web frontend page
[18:04:25] JohnBergqvist: Go to Information, then click on "Backend status"
[18:04:31] JohnBergqvist: I'm getting a 404.
[18:05:26] JohnBergqvist: now that actual page should be accessible under: http://hostname:6544/Status/GetStatusHTML
[18:05:34] JohnBergqvist: but its not, cos like I've said i'm getting a 404
[18:07:46] bill6502: ah, going to Information and then Backend Status works A-OK here
[18:07:50] JohnBergqvist: right
[18:08:20] JohnBergqvist: so where is the mapping for the "Status" page defined then....
[18:09:46] bill6502: don't know, it isn't a service in the sense of Dvr, Video, Myth etc.
[18:10:08] bill6502: is your goal to have a link to go directly to that page?
[18:10:33] JohnBergqvist: No, I just want it to work!
[18:15:25] JohnBergqvist: cos its broken in Mythweb as well since i've upgraded to 0.28
[18:15:49] bill6502: O. For me: ofc0:6544/Status/GetStatusHTML also works
[18:15:56] bill6502: OK
[18:17:03] bill6502: and (among other things) in the backend log, there's: ExtractMethodFromURL(end) : GetStatusHTML : /Status
[18:17:36] bill6502: HTTPRequest::SendResponse(xml/html) () :200 OK -> fdf9:a66:2cd8:1::200: 2 (i am using IPv6)
[18:17:51] JohnBergqvist: I don't think the IP address matters tbh
[18:18:12] JohnBergqvist: its just those status pages that aren't being registered for some reason
[18:18:15] bill6502: correct,
[18:20:55] bill6502: do you have a: mythtv/html/menu.qsp file (wherever yours is installed)
[18:21:33] bill6502: inside ^^^ is a reference to: /Status/GetStatusHTML
[18:21:58] JohnBergqvist: Yes I do, and yes there is one there.
[18:22:37] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey!~steve@ has joined #mythtv
[18:25:31] JohnBergqvist: I just don't understand how everyone else is getting it but not me.
[18:25:37] JohnBergqvist: Does it have anything to do with the perl bindings?
[18:25:56] JohnBergqvist: Because i'm not sure they're working for me as far as mythweb is concerned (my direct download & asx stream buttons don't work).
[18:28:19] bill6502: I'm not aware of any Perl requirements for this. Do you have something like this: /usr/local/share/mythtv/html/css/Status.css (probably not in /local)
[18:29:04] JohnBergqvist: yes I do
[18:30:49] bill6502: Ok, well those were my best shots, unless the BE log is recording any errors with the upnp and http components, I'm out of ideas
[18:32:49] JohnBergqvist: OK
[18:33:12] JohnBergqvist: Anyone want to help me on why my Direct Downloads & ASX buttons aren't working in mythweb?
[18:33:45] JohnBergqvist: if I access mythweb/, I get the actual script ouputted as text in the browser, which I gather is not supposed to happen if its configured correctly
[19:12:53] gedakc (gedakc! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:40:10] JohnBergqvist: now i've broken Mythweb :/
[19:40:27] JohnBergqvist: decided to do a fresh install from scratch, apache & everything. and now i'm just getting the directory tree...
[19:41:04] JohnBergqvist: Is there supposed to be an Alias/ line in the standard mythweb.conf file
[19:41:05] JohnBergqvist: ?
[19:47:38] lapion (lapion! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:51:29] cotterpin (cotterpin!~hp-mini@ has joined #mythtv
[19:52:41] cotterpin: @JohnBergqvist That's what you get if mythweb configured for SSL & you connect http.
[19:52:52] JohnBergqvist: im not configuring for ssl
[19:52:57] JohnBergqvist: anyway, ive got further now.
[19:53:23] JohnBergqvist: it's now giving me lots of Warning at /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/classes/UPnP/Client.php, line 51:
[19:53:23] JohnBergqvist: !!NoTrans: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()!!
[19:53:23] JohnBergqvist: errors
[19:54:08] cotterpin: or you not configured apache (a2ensite) for any website conf files..
[19:54:57] JohnBergqvist: huh? the mythweb.conf file is definitely in httpd.conf
[19:55:25] JohnBergqvist: a2ensite isn't supported on Arch linux anyway as far as I can see
[19:55:46] JohnBergqvist: Anyway, at the bottom, I get this error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function query_col() on null in /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/modules/backend_log/init.php:15 Stack trace: #0 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/classes/Modules.php(30): require_once() #1 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/classes/Modules.php(50): Modules::load() #2 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/modules/_shared/tmpl/default/header.php(134): Modules::getModule('tv
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:46] JohnBergqvist: ') #3 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/modules/_shared/tmpl/_errors/error.php(19): include('/var/lib/mythtv...') #4 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/includes/errordisplay.php(198): require_once('/var/lib/mythtv...') #5 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/includes/database.php(58): custom_error('UPnP Database D...') #6 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/includes/init.php(43): require_once('/var/lib/mythtv...') #7 /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/mythweb.php(20):
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:46] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:47] JohnBergqvist: require_once('/var/lib/mythtv...') #8 {main} thrown in /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/modules/backend_log/init.php on line 15
[19:55:47] ** MythLogBot **
[19:55:51] JohnBergqvist: oops
[19:55:53] JohnBergqvist: fml
[19:56:50] JohnBergqvist: let me pastebin my config files
[19:57:38] cotterpin: if apache then mythweb.conf is symlinked into /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ , a2ensite is just a script? IIUC that makes symlink.
[19:58:05] JohnBergqvist: Here it is:
[19:58:16] JohnBergqvist: yeah that's not how it works on arch I don't think
[19:58:41] JohnBergqvist: there's no "sites-enabled directory" you have to specify the .conf file in httpd.conf
[20:00:01] JohnBergqvist: that's my mythweb.conf file
[20:02:21] JohnBergqvist: Oh wait.
[20:02:55] JohnBergqvist: I hadn't uncommented the database username/password & location settings because it had "this is un-needed" just above them...
[20:03:52] lapion (lapion! has joined #mythtv
[20:06:12] gedakc (gedakc! has joined #mythtv
[20:09:01] cotterpin: ^ if apache --> if apache in ubuntu, website conf files are stored in /etc/apache2/sites-available/
[20:09:56] cotterpin (cotterpin!~hp-mini@ has left #mythtv ()
[20:14:25] dekarl1 (dekarl1!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has joined #mythtv
[20:14:34] JohnBergqvist: well in arch, they're stored in "/etc/httpd/conf/extra/"
[20:15:06] JohnBergqvist: Anyway, i've got somewhere now. Finally got it to work, however my apache error log is full of the following, for all the files in the mythweb directory:
[20:16:04] dekarl (dekarl!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:18:59] JohnBergqvist: "[Sun May 01 21:17:44.258786 2016] [access_compat:error] [pid 4551] [client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /var/lib/mythtv/mythweb/tv, referer: http://MY_DYNAMIC_DNS_ADDRESS/mythweb/status"
[20:19:50] JohnBergqvist: weirdly when I put my actual local IP in, I don't get those errors, but when I access it through my dynamic dns URL, I get them in the log (even though the affected files still load fine in the browser)
[20:22:01] stuartm: fwiw, the direct dowload, ASX, m3u9 and XSPF playlist formats are available and working in the WebFrontend
[20:23:06] gedakc (gedakc! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:24:06] JohnBergqvist: dont worry, ive got them working in MythWeb too now Stuart
[20:24:45] JohnBergqvist: however i'm now confused as to why i'm getting all these "client denied" errors when I access mythweb (and only mythweb) from my dynamic DNS url
[20:25:06] JohnBergqvist: especially when I can still access said files anyway
[20:27:35] JohnBergqvist: stuartm: I don't know if you were aware, but (even ignoring these problems), I cannot access my backend status page (still) either in the mythbackend server or mythweb
[20:27:42] JohnBergqvist: I get a 404 not found error.
[20:29:17] stuartm: yes I'm aware, have you tried loading it directly?
[20:30:05] stuartm: {ip}:6544/Status/GetStatusHTML
[20:31:26] JohnBergqvist: Yes. Still 404
[20:33:27] stuartm: have you disabled upnp?
[20:34:21] JohnBergqvist: yes
[20:34:22] stuartm: for archaic reasons the status page is tied to the UPnP server (need to fix that one day)
[20:34:25] JohnBergqvist: Ahh OK
[20:34:29] JohnBergqvist: that would explain it :P
[20:35:28] stuartm: basically the UPnP server predated the generic http server, the status page got added next and was bolted on to the UPnP code
[20:35:52] JohnBergqvist: ah OK
[20:37:03] JohnBergqvist: ahh thanks, its working now :)
[20:37:20] JohnBergqvist: should I have had this problem in 0.27-fixes, even with UPNP disabled?
[20:37:53] stuartm: what's the thinking behind disabling the UPnP server if I may ask? I'm tempted to remove the option, it was only added in the first place because it in the early days the UPnP code wasn't stable enough and there were a few backend crashes :)
[20:38:01] stuartm: JohnBergqvist: yes
[20:38:39] JohnBergqvist: well that's weird, because with 0.27-fixes, with the upnp server disabled, I didn't have the problem :/
[20:38:55] JohnBergqvist: and i've disabled it because I don't need it. I've got my recordings viewable on Windows etc. via samba.
[20:41:44] stuartm: it's been a while since I last checked, but disabling UPnP used to disable backend autodiscovery too which is a bit negative for most users
[20:45:09] stuartm: fwiw, disabling UPnP or any other component won't significantly reduce the size, speed or memory usage of the application – personally I tell people not to disable anything
[20:45:43] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey!~steve@ has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
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[20:52:16] JohnBergqvist: Right, fixed my error log problem. moved away from digest to basic auth (as apparently that is more secure than digest now anyway).
[20:53:20] JohnBergqvist: turns out the suggested options in the sample mythweb.conf.apache file (or whatever its called) weren't strictly 2.4, which was causing those errors in the log
[20:55:01] abruanese (abruanese!abruanese@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe55:c675) has joined #mythtv
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