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Monday, February 29th, 2016, 00:04 UTC
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[03:06:24] Hydr0p0nX: can Myth upscale 1080 to 4k ?
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[04:25:27] jya: Hydr0p0nX: of course. if the display is 4k and is configured with a resolution of 4k, then it will upscale
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[07:50:22] dekarl: the unused code only bothers me because I spend to much time on understanding it when trying to fix other stuff before realizing that its old baggage. e.g. when looking how we do/use X in other places of the code base
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[08:37:22] stuartm: dekarl: placed my order for the Pi 3
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[08:44:35] stuartm:
[08:45:48] dekarl: ahh ok, was out only at 0700 UTC, I was checking earlier.
[08:59:54] Roklobotomy: but i just bought a pine-a64
[09:03:13] stuarta: dekarl: nope, you can change cppcheck run
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[09:20:46] enyc: what? raspeberry pi 3 ?!?!?
[09:23:00] ** stuarta ponders switching prod to 0.28 **
[09:23:47] enyc: stuarta: good testing, though also wonder what kind of differences in system libraries on newer distros are also key parts of compatibility testing hrrm
[09:24:26] stuarta: i've already switched the backend system to ubuntu 16.04 (dev(=)
[09:25:44] enyc: any interseting systemd surprises or otherwise?
[09:26:24] stuarta: i don't use any of the packages, so can't test any of those interactions
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[09:40:21] dekarl: Roklobotomy: do they already have any supported OS? I only see offers of free samples to every developer who works on OS support. Was considering to get free ones for us to build mythfrontend on it, but without OS support its pointless...
[09:41:03] ** stuarta googles pine-a64 **
[09:42:56] stuarta: shiny
[09:47:12] stuarta: see this is where if we had a working android frontend, you could just drop it onto that
[09:55:38] dekarl: stuarta, umm no? just look at the kodi statement wrt hardware adding custom video apis to android (and linux) and them being fed up with it
[09:55:54] dekarl: but then, did anybody test our native android frontend?
[09:56:19] stuarta: oh right, i don't follow any of that stuff. ENOTIME
[09:56:33] stuarta: steamos frontend!
[09:56:39] enyc: hahaha
[09:57:01] stuarta: well it is just debian jessie under the hood
[09:57:12] dekarl: who was it that wanted to add an android build slave to our mix?
[09:57:17] stuarta: no idea
[09:57:27] dekarl: basically just running this for every commit
[09:57:29] stuarta: might try to sort the buildslaves today
[10:07:52] Roklobotomy: dekarl: jya got me onto it last night and i impulse bought. he's getting to maybe port myth onto. i expect he's hoping we have a long and cold winter.
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[10:11:16] stuartm: steamos, I wonder if it's powerful enough to handle streaming ...
[10:11:59] stuartm: I was thinking of getting the Steam Link box, though a Raspberry Pi would be much cheaper
[10:12:13] stuartm: well, 25% cheaper
[10:12:51] stuartm: doesn't sound like such a big amount when you say £10 cheaper
[10:21:19] ** stuarta chuckles **
[10:21:45] stuarta: stuartm: steamos should be powerful enough, games have much higher requirements than streaming
[10:26:02] stuartm: worth experimenting at least, not yet tried the streaming functionality
[10:26:38] stuartm: anyhow ... more important is getting MythTV building and running on the Arm 64 architecture
[10:26:53] stuarta: :)
[10:51:29] jya: the pine64 is so cheap, it makes it pretty inconsequential :)
[10:51:44] jya: link for the pi3 doesn't open
[10:52:52] stuartm: working here ...
[10:56:26] stuartm: basically same specs as the Pi2 but with 1.2Ghz 64bit quad core cpu (same one as Pine?), onboard wifi + bluetooth
[11:02:20] stuartm: so more ram than the basic Pine, smaller and better network connectivity (wifi/bt module for the Pine isn't available?)
[11:02:41] stuartm: though the Pine as other attributes in it's favour and size doesn't matter for every use case
[11:03:02] stuartm: stuck behind a TV/Screen, size different becomes irrelevant
[11:16:09] ** stuartm searches for good bluetooth remotes **
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[11:32:38] warpme: hi *
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[11:41:25] jmcentee: the Pi3 comes with the best comunity around it, will be around for a while and is ready to go now.
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[11:42:47] warpme: Since ffmpeg update to 3.0 I have problems with some .mkv files. Here is example: at 00:02:56 fe crashes. Pls downoload first 100–150M and kill download as file is 1.8G. fe with ffmpeg2.85 plays this file nicelly
[11:42:58] stuarta: jya: ^^^
[11:43:50] jya: downloading....
[11:44:23] jya: warpme: can't you make a smaller copy that shows the crash??
[11:46:41] warpme: oh – I'm in work and have hell to do. My hommies just complaining to I decide to quickly give shot on irc about issue. Sorry for not nice problem desc/inputs to reproduce
[11:48:02] ** jmcentee just been googling Steam link box. **
[11:48:17] warpme: jya: first 4min will be enough. File is 1:30h movie and issue is on 00:02:56 so first 90M should be enough :-)
[11:50:40] jya: warpme: sure, but are you certain that truncating the file by interrupting the download will be suffcient?
[11:51:25] jya: ah grrrr, stopping the download deleted the file ;(
[11:52:53] jya: warpme: this is copyrighted material, we do not support those anymore :)
[11:54:15] jya: audio is terrible
[11:54:57] warpme: jya: yeah. it is copy of one from my DVDs. Indeed by law here in Poland I must delete it before wathing
[11:55:20] jya: sure :P
[11:59:54] jya: it's the dvd subtitle code that crashes
[12:03:11] warpme: oh – nice that You can reproduce it. I have 4 last movies not working and WAF now is really low. Can I remove download link?
[12:06:29] jya: in 30 minutes :)
[12:06:40] jya: you can disable subtitles in the mean time
[12:10:24] jya: sigh....
[12:10:30] jya: how could I miss that :(
[12:12:33] jmcentee: Does anyone have a link to the hardware spec of the steam link box?
[12:12:53] jmcentee: I don't like the following post on redit from Valve.
[12:13:00] jmcentee: "For legal purposes and to help with approvals from regulatory agencies, we have to lock it down pretty tight; we do not support any kind of modding or custom software/firmware. It's best to think of it as a purpose-built streaming client, as opposed to a device with specific hardware specs. But if you're just curious, it's a smartphone-like ARMv7 processor with dedicated h.264 video decoding circuitry, running a custom Linux kernel and a Valve-
[12:13:00] jmcentee: developed software stack."
[12:17:45] jya: warpme: ok, will push the fix after a run a bit more tests
[12:18:28] stuarta: jmcentee: :(
[12:26:25] jya: warpme: done
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[13:00:57] warpme: jya: I'm bulding to test. In the meantime – may You verify #12586? It is related to cool mythnotify stuff You added – so maybe there is easy fix?
[13:02:49] jya: warpme: weird...
[13:03:39] jya: sounds like it's due to the focus being on the wrong window
[13:03:52] jya: would need some type of event forward
[13:04:27] jya: stuartm: is that something easy to do? e.g. forward all events of one window except if it's ESC ? (assuming that's what the problem is)
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[13:10:20] stuartm: it wouldn't be too difficult, I've been meaning to do it for a while because the way the music miniplayer intercepts all keypresses really annoys me
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[13:11:17] stuartm: I'll look at it tonight if I'm in the right frame of mind
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[13:12:07] pvr4me: stuarta: saw your mention that you might be working on buildbots. Unfortunately, I’m just leaving for a few days and without remote access to the machine that will be the OS X buildbot.
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[13:25:28] stuarta: pvr4me: no problem, i'll drop you email when i'm done and you can try it at your leisure
[13:25:43] pvr4me: OK
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[13:34:21] warpme: jya: works! milion thx!
[13:53:14] ** stuarta builds new freebsd10.2 box for fun and profit **
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[15:21:27] stuartm: RPi 3 has been dispatched
[15:32:29] tgm4883: stuartm: much faster too it sounds
[16:10:29] stuarta: harumpf.... there's no ansible-extra package for freebsd, yet all of the code to support freebsd is in extras
[16:10:32] stuarta: sigh
[16:12:25] stuarta: ah, maybe not
[16:13:13] stuarta: would help if i could type properly
[16:13:39] jheizer_: woot, switching from HDPVRs to cable card finally
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[16:14:01] ** jheizer tells the only people that he knows that understands or cares lol **
[16:16:59] stuarta: progress \o/
[16:20:29] jheizer: One of my dish recievers is acting up. Easier to finally make this move than try to make sure I get another STB with component video.
[16:24:57] stuartm: so you're switching from satellite to cable?
[16:25:19] stuarta: you might be the only dish user we have left....
[16:27:25] jheizer: yeah
[16:27:45] jheizer: it has always been so hard to switch to comcast for tv when you already had their internet
[16:27:55] jheizer: you lose out on all the bundles and deals and junk
[16:28:46] jheizer: I noticed a few months ago that offers were being made to me, but with the hdpvr and my upnp changing script, everything has worked great.
[16:29:10] jheizer: easy to remain complacent with what I had
[16:29:57] jheizer: save a few bucks, record one more than at a time than before, and presumably way faster channel changes.
[16:30:47] jheizer: I still can't believe the base packages do not include HD service....
[16:32:31] jheizer: best part is 30 -> 75Mbps internet speed upgrade too
[16:36:27] stuarta: handy
[16:37:14] stuarta: hah, freebsd playbook coming along nicely
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[16:42:15] stuartm: jheizer_: yeah, similar deal here with HD channels – at least beyond the free to air ones
[16:42:59] jheizer_: I was surprised. Asked a friend that uses a cable card to send me a bill jsut because they make fuguring out the prices online so hard and cable cards aren't even an option.
[16:43:09] jheizer_: That was how I learned it was $10/mo more.
[16:43:25] jheizer_: Even my like 5 year old dish plan included HD standard no extra cost.
[16:43:44] jheizer_: rebooted my modem hoping to see the new speed already but nothing yet
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[16:44:07] stuartm: but what really annoys me is the way the HD channels are buried behind all the SD versions in the guide with obscure numbers – by now I'd expect that if there are HD versions available they should replace the SD versions – so when I select channel 1 (BBC One) I get BBC One HD not BBC One SD
[16:44:36] stuarta: one day
[16:44:45] stuarta: they will redo the channel numbers
[16:45:31] stuartm: I don't mind that the SD versions exist, but surely with cable they can easily do the mappings so that with an HD receiver connected to an HD screen you always get the HD versions if they are available
[16:45:32] jheizer: I'm surprised they want to waste the space to carry the SD channels still
[16:45:36] jheizer: even if it is not that much
[16:45:49] stuarta: they want you to upgrade = $$$$
[16:45:54] jheizer: yuuup
[16:45:57] stuartm: I shouldn't have to remember that BBC Two HD is at #363 instead of #2
[16:45:57] ** MythLogBot **
[16:45:57] ** MythLogBot **
[16:46:09] jheizer: which is why I was surprised it was not obvious I was not getting it at first
[16:46:28] jheizer: my dish reciever did that, mapped them to a single guide number
[16:46:54] jheizer: but sucks was the Upnp did not, so I had to get change everything to the huge numbers after I wrote that
[16:47:37] stuartm: but then Virgin Media's STBs are uniformly terrible – incredibly slow, bad menu designs, terrible UI (the worst I've ever seen)
[16:47:55] jheizer: comcast's new system is actually really nice
[16:47:59] stuartm: which is why I hardly ever use the cable box
[16:48:15] jheizer: first time I've ever been slightly jealous seeing a STB UI
[16:49:06] stuartm: sort of UI that shows you two lines of a program description with an ellipsis – then the reset of the screen is empty
[16:49:48] stuartm: want to know what the full description said? Well you can't ...
[16:49:53] jheizer: haha
[16:50:51] stuartm: STB I have is made by Tivo, you would think they would know better
[16:51:06] jheizer: It seems liek they took hints from kodi
[16:51:15] stuarta: made by tivo, customized by virgin media
[16:51:23] stuarta: the latter being the problem
[16:52:20] jheizer: Makes me both excited and sad for the future
[16:52:46] jheizer: I use to be big into carpc stuff, but things have advanced enough there that the hobby is dieing and just not worth it anymore.
[16:53:41] jheizer: Seeing that at a relatives house was the first time I wondered if/when that would come to DIY DVR setups... until I remembered it costs $10/tv
[16:54:18] stuartm: right, but the stuff they are building into cars is crippled – my new car system is based on android, but there are no additional apps available ... complete waste
[16:55:02] jheizer: crippled, but so hard to remove/replace
[16:58:41] stuartm: impossible I'd say in this case, it's tied into stuff like the engine computer etc Digitally signed no doubt so that only official components could access the API
[17:01:05] jheizer: And even if it is just canbus, hours and hours and hoursof trying to figure out wtf is going on.
[17:03:04] stuartm: yes, safe to say I don't invest that time, potentially screw things up or even put the car off-road while I experiment
[17:03:57] stuartm: then there's the question of what happens when you sell the car on – putting everything back the way it was ... no, I'll pass on that project :)
[17:04:05] stuartm: . . . ay-hands-on/
[17:06:30] jheizer: So basically just using android for the base OS and nothing else. Stinks.
[17:07:10] jheizer: Over here we don't have anywhere near the inspection process or anything that you guys have. In my case I don't have any of any kind. Not even emmissions.
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[17:24:45] stuartm: jheizer: heh, so none of those shady looking garages with banners outside "We'll guarantee you a pass on emissions for $15" which you see all over CA?
[17:25:37] jheizer: lol no. Here in Illinois you only have emission tests if you are neat Chicago or STL. And then it is all state run centers.
[17:26:25] jheizer: *near
[17:27:00] jheizer: I keep rebooting my modem hoping for the speed increase to get picked up. Why I keep dropping.
[17:29:11] stuartm: heh, I'm waiting for my own speed increase too ... was supposed to have happened by now but they seem to have pushed it back :(
[17:31:36] jheizer: Honestly I've never had a complaint with 30 down. Now if Dad (our companies server home office) had a higher upload speed it was be great. But it is like 2.5 up so it doesn't really matter.
[17:38:17] stuartm: yeah, upload sucks here
[17:40:07] jheizer: I'm currently at 30/6
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[18:23:43] bill6502: is recorded.recgroup going to be removed at some point (making recorded.recgroupid and recgroups the correct place to check?)
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[20:30:11] stuartm: bill6502: that's the plan
[20:31:46] stuartm: should have done it a while back, but I wanted to see that the recgroups/recgroupid stuff was working everywhere and then I just became very busy
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[20:36:28] dekarl: tgm4883: I had my dad try kodi on rpi because its easy to setup and he could easily set it up and connect it to his mythtv backend, but quickly agreed that he does not like kodi after having used the real thing
[20:37:02] dekarl: I can understand that its great for the "give me nice pictures for my downloads" crowd
[20:38:37] tgm4883: dekarl: my questions on it are geared toward "is it a base functionality issue that kodi has with playing back media" or is it "an issue with how the content is presented in different menu systems because it the themes (skins) aren't generally written with PVR in mind)
[20:38:39] tgm4883: "
[20:39:13] tgm4883: one falls on kodi devs, the other on themers
[20:39:55] tgm4883: I ask, because from a theming standpoint kodi is more capable than mythfrontend
[20:43:15] dekarl: indeed, the pvr module appears to be written with dumb backends in mind. e.g. it always starts with empty epg, but then load one channels' full epg after another until it has the downloaded the whole epg database. and thats before even getting near a guide screen
[20:43:53] dekarl: I load the plugin and plugin update infrastructure though. e.g. for mythnetvision style plugins
[20:43:57] dekarl: s/load/like/
[20:46:41] tgm4883: Yea the plugins are nice
[20:46:51] tgm4883: and the ability to pull content into the menus is neat too
[20:47:12] dekarl: tgm4883: its the core functionality. while its a lot more polished (e.g. with audio cues for menu actions) and optimized (opengl for small systems)
[20:47:29] dekarl: I still don't like the user experience
[20:47:58] tgm4883: which goes back to whether that is a theme issue to a core kodi issue
[20:48:13] tgm4883: eg. what part of the user experience
[20:49:42] dekarl: core functions
[20:50:36] tgm4883: dekarl: what does that mean though? You don't like how kodi passes video off to the GPU?
[20:50:53] tgm4883: honest question ^
[20:51:14] dekarl: I'll make a list ;)
[20:51:46] tgm4883: dekarl: well don't go out of your way to do so, I'm not a kodi dev.
[20:57:58] bill6502: stuartm: tnx (when I allowed Dvr::GetTitleInfoList to return recordings with empty inetrefs, it began returning recordings in the LiveTV group too, so I wanted to be sure to look at the correct place before doing the next commit.)
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[21:30:41] stuartm: it shouldn't return recordings from passworded groups either
[21:32:45] markspieth: #8441
[21:32:45] ** MythLogBot **
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[21:38:55] markspieth: jpabq: I have a fix for #8441 do you want me to append patch or create a new one?
[21:38:55] ** MythLogBot **
[21:40:00] jpabq: markspieth: A patch against master? What did you have to change?
[21:40:55] markspieth: jpabq: yes. regression. no longer scrolls correctly. selected item hugs bottom of list always (mythcenter-wide at least)
[21:41:32] markspieth: jpabq: extra condition to stop if happening if last item is not on screen
[21:41:55] jpabq: Ah. Okay, a new patch against master would be good. Thanks.
[21:42:06] markspieth: new trac?
[21:42:25] jpabq: Up to you. I am fine with it being on the same ticket.
[21:42:32] markspieth: cool
[21:43:12] jpabq: Steppes does not suffer from the problem, so I admit to maybe not testing it that well.
[21:44:06] markspieth: done
[21:44:11] markspieth: on #8441
[21:44:11] ** MythLogBot **
[21:44:39] markspieth: not sure of implactions for grid based list
[21:44:58] markspieth: s//implications/
[21:49:07] dmfrey (dmfrey! has joined #mythtv
[21:54:10] jpabq: markspieth: if you notice anything let me know. Like I said, I don't use the themes affected, so I am unlikely to spot the issue.
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