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Sunday, February 21st, 2016, 00:47 UTC
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[13:15:29] peper03: stuartm: Think I've got the basics of bluray bookmarks working. Getting a unique identifier for each disc looks like it's going to be tricky...
[13:26:39] stuartm: yeah ... doesn't seem to be much to go on in terms of a unique id – you can generate something from the disc content but there's nothing specific that I can see to the media – unlike DVD
[13:26:54] stuartm: volume ids might work 95% of the time
[13:28:46] stuartm: ISAN aka contentid is globally unique, but I suspect that's only for the content not for each disc in a boxset
[13:29:10] peper03: And the volume id only has a chance of working if you're playing directly from a disc.
[13:29:15] stuartm: /AACS/mcmf.xml
[13:29:22] stuartm: peper03: right
[13:30:19] stuartm: I'll take a look at this content id – though it would be cleaner and easier if there was something we could access via the libbluray/libaacs API
[13:31:03] peper03: I have a couple of free Bluray iso images I found (Sintel and some demo image) but I can't mount them for some reason...
[13:31:05] stuartm: might be worth asking the libbluray/libaacs devs
[13:31:35] peper03: They play ok but they don't have any disc id and I wanted to see what files they have.
[13:32:33] stuartm: odd, MythTV mounts the discs to play them ...
[13:32:42] stuartm: unlike dvds
[13:32:58] peper03: libbluray only added support for UDF images recently.
[13:33:25] stuartm: oh interesting, I didn't know that
[13:33:40] stuartm: well that's a step forward
[13:34:47] peper03: There was still some issue that meant we can't make full use of it, though. Trying to remember exactly what it was...
[13:35:46] peper03: I think it may have been an issue with storage groups but my memory's too fuzzy :(
[13:37:27] peper03: ISOs over storage groups would be *much* more efficient than a file system. There are so many files on blurays and the myth protocol isn't very efficient in that respect.
[13:40:53] peper03: If we try to make a unique ID by reading one or more files directly (as we do for DVDs), that also means we have to recognise and handle ISOs.
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[13:51:08] peper03: stuartm: Here's what I've got so far:
[13:53:21] peper03: Still needs some tidying up and it's obviously missing the unique identifier stuff but the "state" saving and restoring works in principle (only tested it with hard-coded values but it works).
[13:57:08] stuartm: nice – the dvdnav stuff is just there as a result of copy/pasting I assume? It doesn't actually work on the blu-ray structure
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[14:04:51] peper03: Absolutely. That was just my starting point.
[14:25:14] jya: alright, I think resync is done
[14:26:02] jya: mythpreviewgen works (the old avpicture_deinterlace has been removed, and I had to learn how to use the libavfilter stuff and implement a filter using yadif). that was the thing that took the longest
[14:34:21] stuartm: those old filters can still optionally be used when transcoding, I did start porting then to use libavfilter but I can't remember the outcome
[14:34:58] stuartm: I remember enabling filtering for HLS transcoding to improve the quality, but it's all a bit of a blur
[14:38:40] Tobbe5178: dekarl: i got some iptv channel fetcher questions for you
[14:38:57] Tobbe5178: or someone else
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[14:46:48] Tobbe5178: how do the unit tests work?
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[14:47:28] Tobbe5178: specificaly the stuff under: mythtv/libs/libmythtv/test/test_iptvrecorder
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[14:52:52] JohnBergqvist: Can somsone explain how MythWeb categorieses colours
[14:53:20] JohnBergqvist: because currently in the en_GB language with the default skin, all my programmes with the genre of "Film" are coming back un-colored e.g. Dark Blue
[14:53:45] JohnBergqvist: i'm trying to change that in the programming.css file for that skin but it's not having any effect, infact there isn't even a "Film" category in there
[15:05:51] JohnBergqvist: OK well I had to manually add an entry for movie, as it seems that even though type_movie had been set, it still required cat_movie as well :/
[15:08:27] MythBuild: build #80 of master-archlinux-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . it/builds/80 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:08:56] MythBuild: build #398 of master-ubuntu-lts-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . t/builds/398 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
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[15:12:10] JohnBergqvist: Also, is anyone planning to look into this bug? I'm sure it's an easy fix:
[15:12:17] MythBuild: build #415 of master-debian-jessie-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . t/builds/415 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:12:54] MythBuild: build #1945 of master-fedora-32bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . /builds/1945 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:15:00] MythBuild: build #207 of master-f23–64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . t/builds/207 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:17:33] MythBuild: build #2766 of master-ubuntu-current-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . /builds/2766 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:17:43] MythBuild: build #397 of master-f22–64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . t/builds/397 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:18:26] MythBuild: build #793 of master-centos7–64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . t/builds/793 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:21:24] MythBuild: build #366 of master-debian-jessie-32bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . t/builds/366 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
[15:21:42] MythBuild: build #253 of master-debian-testing-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . t/builds/253 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
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[15:47:35] stuartm: coverity report is invalid since the build failed halfway through
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[16:06:29] dekarl: Tobbe5178: basically make at the root of the tree or in libmythtv, then make test in the root of the tree (run all tests) or make && ./test_iptvrecorder in the test_iptvrecorder directory
[16:09:24] dekarl: JohnBergqvist: category_type move without category or with movie should be grey... Film gets mapped to movie . . .
[16:10:50] JohnBergqvist: thanks dekarl
[16:11:41] JohnBergqvist: well regardless of what language I used, Movie or film didn't have a colour until I added one in the programming.css file under cat_movie
[16:12:08] dekarl: colour definition is here . . . ing.css#L104
[16:14:08] dekarl: strange, #809090 should be a grey
[16:14:08] ** MythLogBot **
[16:14:25] JohnBergqvist: Well it aint :P
[16:14:39] JohnBergqvist: and i'm using the original file, i've checked
[16:15:10] dekarl: strange, worksforme
[16:15:11] JohnBergqvist: For the sake of consistency, ill use "English" as the language
[16:15:46] JohnBergqvist: both on the category legend & the individual program blocks, all programs of the type/category "Movie" come thorugh as without a colour (i.e. the defualt dark blue)
[16:16:12] JohnBergqvist: wait hang on
[16:16:49] JohnBergqvist: In the legend, the "Movie" block has no colour
[16:17:05] JohnBergqvist: whereas on the mythweb EPG itself, the programs are colored dark grey for unknown
[16:17:22] JohnBergqvist: "cat_Unknown" is what the class is for those program blocks
[16:18:28] JohnBergqvist: when i view info on that specific program, the category is: "Film" and the type is: "Unknown (94714981)"
[16:18:38] JohnBergqvist: using the UK Atlas Grabber here
[16:19:59] dekarl: oh, looks like we need to fixup the in mythfilldatabase so genre "Film" gets translated as "type_movie"
[16:20:26] dekarl: I think that ends up as cat_movie, too
[16:21:05] JohnBergqvist: whereabouts is that? I'm currently trying to stop mythfilldatabase from rendering all my xmltv genres down to lower case
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[16:22:27] JohnBergqvist: ah wait
[16:22:29] JohnBergqvist: ignore me please
[16:22:38] JohnBergqvist: that fixup is working
[16:23:03] JohnBergqvist: its just because i've stopped the genre from being taken down to lowercase, that fixup isnt being applied
[16:25:39] dekarl: got to tend the kids, bbl. So its working again?
[16:25:49] JohnBergqvist: i think so
[16:26:00] JohnBergqvist: give me a few mins to check
[16:28:04] JohnBergqvist: No, its stil there
[16:28:21] JohnBergqvist: wait
[16:28:22] JohnBergqvist: argh
[16:28:30] JohnBergqvist: this stupid damn language thing
[16:28:54] Tobbe5178: dekarl: thanks
[16:29:05] Tobbe5178: found some other stuff with the iptv
[16:29:10] Tobbe5178: problems that is
[16:29:12] JohnBergqvist: OK, regardless of what langauge its set to, in the Legend, Either Film or Movie still has no colour
[16:29:59] JohnBergqvist: for the program itself, if it's not set to record, then for the English GB language, the colour is correct (Category: Film, Type: movie)
[16:31:18] JohnBergqvist: although if i was to change the language to "English", then it will bork because as far as that's concerned, "Film" isn't a valid category, so it will flag them up as "Unknown"
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[16:33:44] JohnBergqvist: Also, going back to English GB again, if I set the episode to record, type_movie (which is the one that's giving me the grey colour) gets replaced with "will record" in the css, which gives me the green border yet no background colour
[16:35:05] JohnBergqvist: essentially, to fix it in both languages, the programming.css file needs a .cat_movie { background-color: #908090; }
[16:35:05] JohnBergqvist: line in there, which fixes everything for both languages including the legend
[16:36:11] JohnBergqvist: Actually, it fixes the legend for all languages, but not the program boxes.
[16:36:27] dekarl: <3 one hack over another hack etc... . . . 9a1ce0568e80 so it also needs one fix over another fix :)
[16:36:46] dekarl: seconds fix . . . 01b95dc4547e
[16:36:57] JohnBergqvist: wait
[16:36:57] dekarl: lets see what the third fix is that we need
[16:37:04] JohnBergqvist: im using the latest build of mythweb btw
[16:37:09] JohnBergqvist: from fixes-0.27
[16:37:42] dekarl: ahh, maybe try progamming.css from master?
[16:38:08] JohnBergqvist: Same file...
[16:40:27] JohnBergqvist: it seems like the legend is looking for a "cat_movie" colour, whereas the legend should be pointing to the "type_movie" colour
[16:40:39] JohnBergqvist: that'll fix that part anyway
[16:41:49] JohnBergqvist: Of course it doesn't help that some programmes are flagged as "type_movie" (which is correct) yet have their category not set to "Film" but the actual genre of the film, like "Comedy"
[16:42:10] stuartm: jya: well resync has fixed the one 0.28 bug which affected me – reaching end of the file now exits playback instead of pausing
[16:42:32] JohnBergqvist: personally I'd have it so that if it's a film, it's got like a little icon in the top right of the block, similar to the HD logo.
[16:42:37] JohnBergqvist: but yeah
[16:42:48] JohnBergqvist: because as far as I can see, the Category colour overrides the Type colour
[16:44:47] stuartm: JohnBergqvist: icon is separate in WebFrontend
[16:44:56] JohnBergqvist: huh?
[16:44:58] JohnBergqvist: ah right
[16:45:15] JohnBergqvist: so are you saying that's what you're doing in the web frontend?
[16:46:10] stuartm: the screenshot is a little old but –
[16:46:23] JohnBergqvist: that's good
[16:46:35] JohnBergqvist: have you kept the same categories & colours from mythweb?
[16:47:11] stuartm: I really can't remember :)
[16:47:17] JohnBergqvist: ok
[16:47:36] stuartm: I think it was actually the colours from mythfrontend
[16:47:40] JohnBergqvist: personally I think the whole categories listing should be totally rejigged & resorted, because some of the matchings are bizzare.
[16:47:49] JohnBergqvist: The mythfrontend colours are dependant on the theme if i recall correctly.
[16:47:53] stuartm: so that there were consistent between mythfrontend and the webfrontend
[16:49:03] JohnBergqvist: It doesn't help that the PA data for atlas is so inconsistent. Plus the atlas grabber grabs the program genres in a random order each time, the 1st of which Myth uses.
[16:51:16] JohnBergqvist: But then again the genre mappings that MythWeb uses are also pretty random
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[17:10:12] JohnBergqvist: Would there be problems further down the line if I altered mythfilldatabase so that it DIDN'T translate all XMLTV genres to lower-case when importing guide data?
[17:13:03] stuartm: it's lower cased to allow for case-insensitive matching in searches etc
[17:15:40] JohnBergqvist: OK, but when importing EIT data, that lower-case conversion isn't done
[17:16:58] JohnBergqvist: so could that be rationale for me submitting a change to disable that lower-case conversion? Or would you just reject it?
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[17:30:55] JohnBergqvist: Oh well, I posted a pull request
[17:58:44] JohnBergqvist: Also, where are the genre colours for the Frontend EPG stored?
[17:58:52] JohnBergqvist: I assumed it was per theme, but I may be wrong
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[18:46:21] tgm4883: JohnBergqvist: I thought it was per theme as well
[18:46:35] tgm4883: JohnBergqvist: are you making a theme?
[18:54:23] stuartm: it can be overriden by the theme, but it's optional – look for categories.xml
[18:58:20] tgm4883: How can I further debug "*** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/bin/mythfrontend.real terminated"
[19:01:12] JohnBergqvist: No, i'm just considering refining MythTV's genre mapping colours
[19:01:24] JohnBergqvist: of course that's difficult as some genres may exist for some data providers, and not for others...
[19:03:31] tgm4883: ah ok
[19:03:58] tgm4883: I'm going to do a massive update to the mythbuntu theme, didn't want to duplicate your look if you were making one
[19:04:14] tgm4883: well, I would, if I could get mythfrontend to start on 16.04
[19:05:46] andreaz (andreaz! has joined #mythtv
[19:08:28] JohnBergqvist: Well its just if we have genre colours & mappings that are unique to A) The frontend theme B) The mythweb theme & C) The mythweb language then there's no point really
[19:08:39] JohnBergqvist: and also genres themeselves that may be unique to a particular grabber too
[19:19:46] Tobbe5178: tgm4883: if you are updating mythubuntu theme, i got a small wish ;)
[19:20:27] Tobbe5178: get rid of the diagonal stripes in the background, they are not fun to look at and makes reading the text harder
[19:20:50] tgm4883: Tobbe5178: that will be happening
[19:20:57] Tobbe5178: yey!
[19:21:01] tgm4883: Tobbe5178: it's a fairly large change though
[19:21:08] Tobbe5178: it is?
[19:21:14] tgm4883: Tobbe5178: well, what I'm doing is
[19:21:26] Tobbe5178: all i did localy was to simply change the background image
[19:21:29] Tobbe5178: to a previous version
[19:21:33] Tobbe5178: that solved it localy for me
[19:21:40] tgm4883: Tobbe5178: I'll probably do mythbuntu-ng instead of just do a new version of Mythbuntu
[19:21:55] tgm4883: Since it's going to look so completely differnt
[19:22:13] Tobbe5178: in my opinion mythubunti is the only theme that has all the things i want
[19:22:31] Tobbe5178: some have other areas that is better but then there is areas i dislike
[19:22:54] tgm4883: Tobbe5178: well mythbuntu will be probably going the way of mythbuntu-classic
[19:23:02] tgm4883: as in, no longer updated unless patches are sent in
[19:23:31] tgm4883: my plan is to take mythbuntu-ng from the ground up, reusing 0 code from mythbuntu
[19:36:29] natanojl: tgm4883: valgrind?
[19:38:48] tgm4883: natanojl: maybe, I'll have to figure out how to use it
[19:38:56] tgm4883: currently, we're thinking maybe an issue with cec
[19:40:57] natanojl: tgm4883: valgrind --log-file=<filename> mythfrontend.real
[19:41:30] natanojl: could it be a version mismatch between the headers and the library?
[19:42:08] jpabq: tgm4883: Writing a new theme is a major undertaking. I am impressed with your dedication.
[19:44:51] jpabq: tgm4883: Tobbe5178: Maybe I should do a survey for Steppes, too. Although I definately do not have time to do a complete re-write.
[19:48:20] tgm4883: Well, there is a small asterisk next to that
[19:49:42] tgm4883: I'm not 100% sure it's going to be a mythfrontend theme
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[20:01:24] tgm4883: natanojl: doing that now, just tested in a live session and was able to fire it up fine in 15.10
[20:03:35] tgm4883: natanojl: is this something you can look at, or were you just pointing me in that direction
[20:38:33] dekarl: JohnBergqvist: if you want to look into the genre topic for PressAssociation/RAdioTimes data in MythTV you'd best talk to Nick
[20:38:43] JohnBergqvist: yeah
[20:38:51] JohnBergqvist: I've mentioned it to him briefly aggesss ago
[20:39:12] JohnBergqvist: thing is though, wouldn't it be a bad idea to use a template based around the PA data, for other international grabbers too?
[20:40:10] JohnBergqvist: I mean it wouldn't alter the actual genres that are in the database, just what colours mythweb maps them too & groups them into on the legend.
[20:40:12] dekarl: everyone has modeled after MythTVs list which is inherited from SD ;)
[20:40:18] dekarl: also . . .
[20:40:52] MythBuild: build #311 of master-fedora-armv7hl is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core compile plugins] Build details are at . . . l/builds/311 blamelist: Jean-Yves Avenard < >
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[20:43:52] JohnBergqvist: Ahh, that's a good example Dekarl
[20:44:09] JohnBergqvist: currently the atlas grabber maps the genre codes to PA's own genres, which are massively specific
[20:44:32] JohnBergqvist: although personally I'd refine the atlas one even further
[20:54:21] chronoflux (chronoflux! has joined #mythtv
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[20:54:28] dekarl: and here's the _uk_atlas map . . . ;view=markup
[20:56:08] dekarl: suggests that there may be a concept of links between genres "is a narrower variant of" also "is a broader variant of"
[21:00:19] markspieth (markspieth! has joined #mythtv
[21:07:45] JohnBergqvist: Personally i'm more in favour of more "generic" genres, rather than the nitty gritty
[21:08:05] JohnBergqvist: rather than say having like 30 different genres for Sport, as is what PA uses
[21:14:41] chronoflux (chronoflux! has joined #mythtv
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[21:15:38] JohnBergqvist: I mean if we take the PA listing, there's about 90-odd different genres that should be mapped to a "Sport" category...
[21:20:20] JohnBergqvist: Here's what i've mocked up – A comparison between the PA Codes, Honir's (Uses PA's definitions), and Atlas's, plus my own: . . . ?usp=sharing
[21:20:56] JohnBergqvist: As you can see, Atlas's mappings are incomplete
[21:22:07] JohnBergqvist: Also the Atlas mapping puts science & nature shows into seperate categories, whereas I don't, but that's just personal preference. I don't see why News & Current affairs should be seperate myself.
[21:37:14] dekarl: "your genre" looks alot like the PA->XMLTV used in the RT feed
[21:42:17] JohnBergqvist: huh? how dyu mean?
[21:42:53] JohnBergqvist: quite possibly. Although it's years since i've used the RT feed as it's depreciated now, right?
[21:43:03] JohnBergqvist: they haven't added new channels to it since 2012 or something like that.
[21:43:27] JohnBergqvist: in my one, i've used "Entertainment" as sort of a generic genre tbh.
[21:43:40] jya: stuartm: that's good to hear... surprised by it however
[21:43:46] JohnBergqvist: i.e. if it's not comedy, drama, documentary or sport.
[21:44:00] jya: so did I break any of the buildbot?
[21:44:36] jya: oh, I didn't test any of the plugins... (didn't even try to compile). I knew my todo list was incomplete
[21:46:23] jya: ah it's using avpicture_deinterlace
[21:47:03] sraue (sraue!~stephan@kodi/staff/sraue) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[21:47:56] stuartm: jya: well although I couldn't be sure because I hadn't done any bisecting, I suspected that the last ffmpeg resync introduced the problem in the first place
[21:48:35] stuartm: it is a little surprising, but it's fixed now and that's all that matters
[21:48:38] jya: hmmm, i have put the new deinterlacer in libmythtv but the plugins don't link against it
[21:48:46] jya: stuartm: yes it's good to hear
[21:49:13] jya: is it okay to add a new dependency with the plugin on libmythtv?
[21:49:56] jya: every single time I add a new class, comes the hassle on finding out where to put it.
[21:49:58] jya: so annoyin
[21:51:19] stuartm: having the deinterlacer in libmythtv is only logical as far as I'm concerned, so if that means mytharchive linking libmythtv then that's how it has to be
[21:51:51] stuartm: but mytharchive is Paul's – and it's just possible that he might see it differently
[21:51:54] dekarl: JohnBergqvist: just trying to hint that looking how the feed that works well with mythtv might give some ideas for the "new" atlas grabber
[21:51:55] jya: i've always looked at libmythtv as the stuff actually linking against ffmpeg, and providing a layer over it
[21:52:20] jya: but i see that mythplugins are linking against ffmpeg directly
[21:52:38] jya: problem is the new libavfilter that we now use
[21:52:42] stuartm: libmythtv is a little more than that, it probably needs splitting up somehow, but now isn't the time for that
[21:52:49] jya: (pretty neat that thing once you get how that works)
[21:53:10] ** dekarl curses the build and dependency nightmare **
[21:54:06] stuartm: how new is the 'new' libavfilter, the actual library has been around for some time, as I mentioned previously I played with it a couple of years ago
[21:54:34] stuartm: dekarl: yeah ...
[21:54:48] jya: stuartm: well, its new in the sense that I don't believe any of our code was using it
[21:54:54] stuartm: not about to embark on refactor of libmythtv, not until libmyth is finally nuked
[21:55:23] dekarl: JohnBergqvist: looking the the list again... the "Atlas" column appears to be the mapping from the java code
[21:56:11] stuartm: jya: right, that's probably true, I guess I may not have pushed my mythtranscode changes ... something to look at this summer
[21:56:51] jya: i use avfilter_graph_parse2; you can define all your buffer, and filters with a single string
[21:57:15] stuartm: doesn't sound familiar
[21:57:50] stuartm: but interesting
[21:58:14] jya: so for doing a yadif filter I do: buffer=video_size=320x240:pix_fmt=0:time_base=1/1:pixel_aspect=1.777 [in]; [in] yadif [out]; [out] buffersink
[21:58:32] jya: then you feed frame in, and read frame out, all done
[21:58:57] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[21:59:12] jya: actually, could likely do a transcode in one go that way now that you mention it
[22:00:00] jya: damn, taht was added in 2012 that api
[22:01:12] stuartm: I'll dig out that patch/stash tomorrow, all I had done so far was to switch the deinterlacing filter for HLS, it was a relatively minor change but I don't remember graph_parse being involved
[22:01:32] jya: certainly easier than their example in . . . ring_video.c
[22:01:32] dekarl: sounds like one could have a simple 1080i->576p trancode with that
[22:01:43] jya: when they manually create each step and then link them together
[22:03:23] jya: allright, back to fixing this mytharchive business
[22:03:43] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[22:04:12] jya: BTW, I made the new AVPictureDeinterlace works in a similar fashion as the old avpicture_deinterlace. You feed it a single frame.
[22:04:36] jya: but should I bother making it use multiple frames? yadif is temporal after all
[22:05:00] jya: the quality of the deinterlacing would be slightly greater.
[22:05:35] jya: i compared avpicture_deinterlace result vs yadif single frames, and while there are heaps of difference, it's very hard to tell.
[22:06:56] jya: can we agree not to make any changes that would bump the schema version for now ?
[22:07:36] jya: if not, would make uplifting to 0.28 and testing much more complication
[22:08:23] dekarl: there has been a bug report about field size that would need a schema change. been thinking about keeping master / fixes/0.28 in sync as long as possible
[22:08:44] dekarl: if that can go into both later that good enough for me
[22:09:25] jya: are you planning to do a schema update in fixes/0.28 later?
[22:09:41] jya: i thought that was a no-no ? (schema update in a fixes branch)
[22:11:03] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has joined #mythtv
[22:11:06] dekarl: I understood that the no-go is interleaving master / fixes schema changes
[22:11:36] tgm4883: The no go is making versions of 0.28 incompatible with other versions of 0.28
[22:11:36] dekarl: if there is a single (or multiple) changes in master, the "schema branch point" can be advanced by one
[22:12:19] tgm4883: So if what you're going to do would cause 0.28-fixes(today) to be incompatible with 0.28-fixes(yesterday) then don't do it
[22:12:34] tgm4883: however there is something to be said since 0.28 isn't released yet
[22:12:54] tgm4883: but what we definitely don't want to do is have the same issue we had with 0.23 and 0.23.1
[22:14:01] jya: tgm4883: agree
[22:14:44] jya: nothing worse than upgrading a frontend only to realise it doesn't work with your current backend and so you have to upgrade everything
[22:15:25] jya: the mythubuntu repo is fairly slow for me, it downloads at about 40kB/s only. upgrading myth takes over an hour
[22:15:29] tgm4883: exactly
[22:15:33] jya: that's just to download the packages
[22:15:47] dekarl: I was thinking that it is ok to push schema change to master and fixes/0.28 now. doing it after the release has been cut would create chaos
[22:16:22] jya: i guess if it's urgent and fix a critical bug and while we're in "beta", that will do
[22:16:53] tgm4883: jya: yea they can be slow at times. You can install the squid-deb-proxy(-client) packages which will help with that
[22:17:09] jya: tgm4883: what does that do?
[22:17:35] jya: the biggest package is the dbg one. for now I've removed it because I couldn't bear such slow updates
[22:17:51] dekarl: well, then its fixes/0.29 for . . . /075349.html as long as its not another 2 years ;)
[22:17:53] tgm4883: jya: so you install 'squid-deb-proxy' on one box, and 'squid-deb-proxy-client' on all of the boxes. Then you'll only download the package once for all of your machines
[22:18:11] tgm4883: although that might not help if you've only got 1 box, or your boxes are on different ubuntu versions
[22:18:33] jya: that's not an issue here, all are running 14.04 now
[22:18:43] tgm4883: dekarl: I'd really like to see 0.29 in 17.10
[22:18:55] jya: "updated" a few weeks ago, my backend was still running 12.04 but I needed Qt 5
[22:19:12] tgm4883: I'd much rather not have a last minute rush to get mythtv into 18.04
[22:19:21] tgm4883: that said, it might not actually matter in 18.04
[22:19:24] dekarl: tgm4883: that would be preferable to another last minute round
[22:19:39] jya: yes, it's something we should aim at, being 6 months ahead
[22:19:47] tgm4883: dekarl: there's a chance we don't have to worry about it in 18.04
[22:19:56] jya: seeing that it appears we can only code if there's a deadline :)
[22:20:12] tgm4883: we'll need to see how all the snappy stuff works out
[22:20:33] tgm4883: speaking of 16.04, I need to upstream this bug report
[22:20:35] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:20:47] dekarl: snappy? the internet of things ubuntu?
[22:21:00] tgm4883: dekarl: kinda
[22:21:16] tgm4883: dekarl: snappy is the packaging for it
[22:21:28] tgm4883: which is on the phone now, and will be coming to the desktop
[22:25:28] jya: stuartm: can you test mheg following ffmpeg 3.0 resync?
[22:25:49] jya: there were some conflicts due to our changes to support mheg, want to make sure I did it properly
[22:42:41] JohnBergqvist: that's correct, it is the mapping from the java code
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