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Saturday, February 20th, 2016, 00:00 UTC
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[00:48:32] tgm4883: reading through survey comments, some of these make me sad
[01:39:23] Hydr0p0nX: what survey ?
[01:41:09] tgm4883: Hydr0p0nX: the theme survey
[01:42:08] Hydr0p0nX: i seem to have missed it
[01:42:35] Hydr0p0nX: but at least i'm not part of the heart break
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[02:07:10] knightr: tgm4883, there will always be people who are unhappy, you can't please everyone and you should not try either...
[02:07:29] knightr: Trying to please everybody is an unattainable target...
[02:07:42] tgm4883: knightr: it's more along the lines of "did these people even bother to look at the screenshots?"
[02:07:56] tgm4883: one of these says the theme is two brown
[02:08:05] tgm4883: there is zero brown in the theme
[02:08:18] tgm4883: I don't even think there is a color that could be mistaken for brown
[02:09:05] tgm4883: on a side note, I got f.lux installed now so my eyes will stop bleeding
[02:10:03] knightr: are you talking of . . . 499681-2.jpg
[02:10:27] tgm4883: yea
[02:10:33] tgm4883: I guess that could be "brown"
[02:10:42] tgm4883: in that one particular image
[02:10:47] knightr: I think that's what they call brown
[02:10:55] knightr: that's why I sent you that screenshot..
[02:11:16] tgm4883: There is a lot of comments on stuff I can't fix
[02:11:25] tgm4883: stuff that is mythfrontend stuff
[02:11:35] knightr: I cannot say for sure it is but it's the closest to brown I can think of...
[02:11:40] knightr: like?
[02:12:32] tgm4883: I don't think themes can change the folder structure
[02:12:43] knightr: maybe one of our frontend gurus could add some of what they want
[02:13:12] tgm4883: a lot of comments on a dated look, which I could fix, although I was frustrated with the animation options last time I looked at it
[02:13:31] tgm4883: Many "I prefer kodi for watching videos/music"
[02:13:34] knightr: didn't animations cause problems?
[02:14:09] knightr: there will always be that kind of comment
[02:14:17] knightr: whatever you/we do...
[02:14:17] tgm4883: some "wish I could separate tv shows series (dvd rips) out of the videos screen
[02:14:25] tgm4883: I'm only half way through
[02:14:30] tgm4883: maybe a third actually
[02:14:51] knightr: I think that last one I once read about
[02:15:00] knightr: on the forums..
[02:15:06] knightr: oops
[02:15:12] knightr: mailing list
[02:15:19] knightr: it was quite a while ago...
[02:15:41] tgm4883: a few "this thing here looks like a search box, but I can't search with it"
[02:15:51] tgm4883: Some good stuff though too
[02:16:20] tgm4883: I'll be making some changes due to these comments
[02:16:27] knightr: once you see some patterns
[02:16:31] knightr: in what they want
[02:16:42] knightr: and you can't do because it would require changes
[02:17:03] knightr: you might want to post about it on the other dev mailing list
[02:17:33] knightr: maybe one of the guys can add some of those features
[02:20:20] tgm4883: Some of these aren't going to be doable simply because of the range of hardware that's supported
[02:20:36] tgm4883: Remotes have red, green, yellow, and blue buttons. Try to make use of them meaningfully. Also if they could work like smart TVs, that may help. I do like a sharp tv remote's programmable "Quick" buttons. There are four of them. Each of them can be programmed with 4 TV channels. So when you press button 1 one time, the channel changes to the first programmed
[02:20:36] tgm4883: channel. If you press the button again, the channel changes to the second programmed channel, etc. up to the fourth. If you press another quick button, the channel changes to its first programmed channel. It's a very efficient way to navigate to your desired channel quickly.
[02:28:49] knightr: for the rest which are currently undoable but could be if feature were added you might to ping the other about it though...
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[04:48:48] tgm4883: ok, made it through all of them
[04:50:49] tgm4883: Mostly good. Some good feedback, will be making some changes. some odd requests/comments. Quite a few Kodi users, and some requests to make the kodi plugin better
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[06:07:42] markspieth: warpme: yes it does flicker with the odd white rect. playlist go up/down. mythmediacenter wide. didnt test any others.
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[07:14:39] enyc: knightr: =)))) like your cmemnts about pleasing everybody ;p
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[07:41:21] dekarl: tgm4883: changing the menu structure like this?
[07:42:53] dekarl: Also I like the comment about searching and shuffling content around. I love how some competitor allow you more or less full text search about your contents metadata and present all kinds of content in a shared result list.
[07:43:22] dekarl: Stuff like having tv episodes from mythvideo and tv episodes from the recordings in one set up episodes.
[07:44:21] dekarl: Also handling features like using a music video with mythmusic or mythvideo would be nice. But that's hard as long as its in separate plugins
[07:47:31] dekarl: The grouping of episodes / movies in separate trees in mythvideo is already possible. . . . ideo_Library "Currently available Metadata Browse Modes include: TV/Movies "
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[08:26:40] dekarl: btw, does playback continuation from the new automatic bookmarks work? Some "continue with the movie/episode that you have started but not finished last time" would be nice to. (for automatic / manual bookmarks)
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[09:30:00] stuartm: that reminds me – peper03 – any interest in implementing better bookmarking support for blu-ray? Current implementation sets a single bookmark without storing the disc/volume id or the title
[09:30:16] stuartm: basically it's broken
[09:31:05] stuartm: even something rudimentary like the old DVD bookmarks would be a vast improvement and not technically difficult
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[09:59:07] dekarl: ahh atsc short_name is a 7–8 character NULL terminated string of UCS-2 characters... . . . rt_name.aspx
[10:00:05] dekarl: what an extraordinary idea to store it like that...
[10:01:06] dekarl: wrt #12612 -^
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[10:19:43] ** jya nuppeldecoder is giving me grief with ffmpeg 3.0, all deprecated code finally removed from ffmpeg, and no way to test if it's working okay **
[10:19:56] jya: anyone with a .nuv sample ?
[10:23:15] dekarl: no sorry, maybe the guy with the NuppelVideoRecorder issue? #12655
[10:23:15] ** MythLogBot **
[10:27:18] clever: and i just went thru and deleted all of my old recordings a week ago!
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[10:32:54] jya: dekarl: I'm hoping my rewrite will fix it
[10:33:41] jya: oh sorry, recorder
[10:33:46] jya: i'm working on the player
[10:34:01] jya: who records nuv these days?
[10:34:16] jya: jpabq: you got me some nuv to fix a while back.
[10:34:41] jya: or was it someone else (something with a pig going down a slide IIRC)
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[10:37:46] Roklobotomy: er, how do i tell if nuple is or isn't being used? i thought it was always default and an ugly part of mythtv
[10:39:31] jya: what's nuple ?
[10:43:07] dekarl: Roklobotomy: NuppleVideoRecorder is only used when MythTV itself is compressing the video from an analog frame grabber and it should simply be ripped out sooner then later
[10:43:16] Roklobotomy: nupple missing a p
[10:44:01] Roklobotomy: oh ok so dvb TS reocrdings aren't further encapsulated with nupple
[10:44:03] dekarl: Roklobotomy: one issue appears to be that the default transcoding profile writes to NUV, too, instead of using lossless MPEG-2 transcode or referring users to the wiki for other transcoding scripts
[10:44:28] Roklobotomy: ah ok. i used to transcode before hd's got big and cheap
[10:47:32] Tobbe5178: jya: i used to have nuv files but i think all of them was lost in my big disk crash a few years ago
[10:47:45] Tobbe5178: i know i saved a few specific nuv files because they had some interesting issues
[10:47:59] Tobbe5178: so i used them as test cases back when i was doing the nuv decoder for windows
[10:48:21] jya: Tobbe5178: found one
[10:48:40] Tobbe5178: note that mythtv nuv code over the years had a few odd bugs
[10:48:44] jya: now, how do I simulate a recorder so i can test NuppelVideoRecorder?
[10:49:00] Tobbe5178: so depending on how old the file is there might be some problems
[10:49:06] Tobbe5178: but should still work
[10:49:28] Tobbe5178: thats going to be an interesting one
[10:49:36] Tobbe5178: easiest is probably to use an old analog capture card
[10:50:05] Tobbe5178: but there hardly is anything analog now anyway
[10:50:30] jya: well, i'd be happy to drop it entirely
[10:50:39] jya: it doesn't work anyway
[10:50:48] jya: we don't have analog here in oz anymore
[10:50:53] Tobbe5178: i havent used analog cards for, probably over 3 or 4 yers
[10:50:59] Tobbe5178: probably longer
[10:51:08] Tobbe5178: years
[10:51:13] Roklobotomy: jya: dig out a Wii and record that
[10:51:30] Tobbe5178: do we still also have the rtjpeg stuff in there?
[10:51:39] jya: Roklobotomy: you send me the capture card?
[10:52:15] Roklobotomy: surely you have one in yoru Pile of Old Computer Things You Don't Want to Throw Out.
[10:58:34] jya: Roklobotomy: one day i got married, and ever since anything that happened to have been tagged not used for > 2 years automatically disappear
[10:59:06] Roklobotomy: yikes. i do understand. I sometimes get assistance with such purges. i don't need 40 IEC power cables.
[10:59:35] Roklobotomy: jya: I think i have some analogue/dvb pci cards lurking, so of you want it i can post it.
[11:04:13] Roklobotomy: Avermedia 771, Asus Tiger Saa7131 and some Connexant CX23881 thing. The 1st 2 have analogue inputs.
[11:04:27] Roklobotomy: If you wannem they are yours.
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[11:48:04] jya: i had a connexant somewhere
[11:48:28] jya: that was analog RF TVthat no?
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[12:16:39] jya: amazed, null player plays on first go !
[12:16:44] jya: nuppel that is
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[12:18:57] Tobbe5178: was "fun" to do the windows nuv decoder, nuv files tended to have bad timestamps at the begining, sometimes going backwards
[12:19:06] Tobbe5178: this totaly screwed things up
[12:19:42] Tobbe5178: and on very old (0.13 ?) versions of mythtv the keyframe table at the end of the file was bad, i think it had an off by one error or something
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[13:24:11] markspieth: jya: I have a KNC One and a LifeView lying around in a pile. Come over and get it if you want since you live close. Havent used them in years.
[13:24:50] jya: markspieth: if you can just try it yourself that would be giid enough by me :)
[13:24:54] jya: s/giid/good
[13:25:43] markspieth: would have to turn off the server. Only have 1 system.
[13:26:58] markspieth: have to first update though
[13:27:25] markspieth: probably wont be done tomorrow
[13:28:14] jya: markspieth: still more stuff not working here (DTS 6.1 on stereo system)
[13:29:26] jya: where are you based ? (I recall something around ashwood)
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[13:54:27] markspieth: pc did nasty things
[13:54:53] markspieth: ashburton. near cnr warrigal and high st.
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[14:02:40] jya: markspieth: that's 4 minutes from where i am
[14:03:15] jya: ffmpeg decodes dts on 32 bits samples with only 24 bits in use now
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[15:38:55] tgm4883: dekarl1: yes, although I believe the hope if for users to be able to do that easily
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[17:44:35] peper03: stuartm: I want to improve the Blu-ray stuff in general. I started looking at adding support for menus last year but found the Blu-ray overlay code needs an overhaul to get it to support everything needed and then hit ENOTIME :(
[17:46:28] tgm4883: Anyone else testing 0.28 on 16.04? Can't get the frontend to start
[17:47:15] tgm4883: I think at some point, I'm going to have to figure out how to read stack traces
[17:51:05] enyc: hrrm I don't have a 16.04 box but could setup tests... iwonder what they are doing in termso f alphap-releases etc.
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[17:56:14] dekarl: who they?
[17:56:44] dekarl: they are already pushing crash information to
[17:56:51] enyc: hrrm ubuntu beta image end of bonth
[17:57:55] dekarl: notice the vertical lines and the purple graph ;)
[17:58:54] dekarl: its missing 14.04.4 though
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[18:25:58] tgm4883:
[18:29:40] enyc: oh wonderful =)
[18:36:18] enyc: i'd be wondering if lots of other packages hit something similar with complier changes etc.
[18:39:50] enyc: i remember adamantix etc. trying to instroduce SSP and PaX and all the rest of it ...
[18:49:12] stuartm: peper03: yeah, proper support might be a stretch right now, thinking a half measure might be doable so that bookmarking is at least usable :/
[18:53:36] peper03: stuartm: I'll try to take a look at the bookmarks. I don't want to promise anything though. I wish I had the time/energy to contribute more :(
[18:58:47] stuartm: thanks, fwiw I'm nit asking you to take it on if you aren't interested or don't have the time, I just thought to ask you whether it was something you had any interest in since you were the last one to touch blu-ray code. I can take a look, it bothers me enough that I probably should be the one to do something about it
[18:59:50] peper03: stuartm: I'm interested, just unhappy about the amount of time I have.
[19:00:01] peper03: Let's say whoever gets there first, wins :)
[19:00:41] peper03: From what I can see, there's *no* Blu-ray specific bookmark handling whatsoever :-o
[19:01:23] stuartm: yeah, I know what you mean ... it feels like all my free time has evaporated
[19:01:49] stuartm: no, there doesn't seem to be any blu-ray specific handling, it treats it like a video file
[19:02:54] stuartm: as I mentioned, it's not even storing the disc id but the path (to the drive) and it's not storing which title was being played, so when resuming from the bookmark it's usually resuming from the right timecode on the wrong title
[19:03:27] stuartm: change discs, even putting in a disc that's never been played before and it will tell you there is a bookmark :D
[19:05:21] peper03: When I started contributing, work was extremely quiet so I had normal days and plenty of mental capacity left. Now it's full-on and long days. I have less free time and can't cope staying up until midnight or longer.
[19:05:26] peper03: Must be getting old!
[19:07:54] peper03: I guess whatever mechanism the default bookmark code is using to determine what's being watched doesn't work for blu-rays so it doesn't detect it's not the same disc.
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[19:23:17] peper03: It does look relatively straightforward...
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[20:13:33] dekarl: head->desk... if not huffmann, then pseudo RLE with half 16bit character, but preferably TR-6 compression you know, more standards for simple tasks make life better
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