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Thursday, February 18th, 2016, 00:12 UTC
[00:12:58] MythBuild: build #305 of master-fedora-armv7hl is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . l/builds/305
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[01:10:33] tgm4883: superm1: what are your thoughts on the build?
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[01:16:12] superm1: tgm4883: I think we need to get a qemu together to investigate further. Busted symlink? Misconfiguration somehow that's architecture specific?
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[01:25:49] tgm4883: ok, how urgent is that? Are we ok with 0.28 in 16.04 now or does it need to fully build properly?
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[03:44:33] superm1: tgm4883: we should be okay for now, just need to sort it out before archive freezes
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[11:02:21] stuarta: superm1: tgm4883 did we make it in?
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[11:17:56] warpme: hi *
[11:21:56] warpme: just fyi: regarding my IRC from 2016-02–13, 09:47:40. I reverted 916e43bb5 and not able to reporduce deadlock nor #12636. I tried 15–20 times – no deadlock so far. May somebody look on 916e43bb5 ?
[11:21:56] ** MythLogBot **
[11:22:35] warpme: also: is somebody using current master on qt5.5.1 and Nvidia BLOB?
[11:23:29] stuarta: 5.5.1 yes, nvidia no
[11:28:16] warpme: stuarta: I give test run for qt5.5.1 I'm moving from 5.4.1. First impression: (1)UI seems to be slower; (2) walking across different UI screens had sometimes short whole screen flickering; (3)entering menu in mythmusic has menu flicker as hell. I'm investigating is it my qt5.5.1 config/compile issue or rather myth on 5.5.1 issue. Today evening I'll test 5.5.1 on i5/HD4000 and ATI8610
[11:29:05] warpme: I'm compiling 5.5.1 with config exactly from prefectly working 5.4.1
[11:39:00] stuarta: please report your findings, i'm at a conference so can't look at anything today
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[12:57:54] markspieth: warpme: Im using 5.5.1 master with one nvidia proprietary and one nouveau. from 26 jan. Seems ok. will update on the weekend if I find the time.
[12:58:12] markspieth: mouveau not vsyncing
[12:58:39] enyc: superm1: err... wrt the debug-symbols issue, you asked if debug symbos broken by not being there...
[12:59:12] enyc: superm1: I've installed the relevant mythtv-dbg version with the errors at beild, but it wasn't clear _how_ I use gdb and check the symbols as you suggest
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[13:01:28] enyc: superm1: i've got a qemu chroot set cross arches
[13:02:25] enyc: superm1, tgm4883: the trouble with 0.28 is it not being cross-compatible with stable 0.27 on network installs, and it then complicates providing a 0.27 PPA, because of needing pinning to avoid installing the version in the main repo ...
[13:03:26] warpme: markspieth: thx for replay. I understand You don't see any flickering nor highly flickering menus in mythmusic? What NV HW & BLOB drv. ver are you running on?
[13:03:57] enyc: superm1, tgm4883: wookey (experienced DD) tells me the more normal solution to this ''dilemma'' is to package like postgres and various other packages do, so you have separate mythtv-0.27 mythtv-0.28 etc. packages that ''provide'' mythtv virtual-package , and don't need this 'dilemma'
[13:05:27] markspieth: warpme: dont use mythmusic but no flickering on watch recordings.
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[13:08:47] markspieth: warpme: Have to look the hardware up. let you know tomorrow. 1 is a 8400 GS (old) with kernel 4.3.0 + 340.96 from debian testing
[13:09:11] markspieth: warpme: the other one is newer
[13:09:38] warpme: markspieth: well – watchrecordings are OK. Issue is with sporadic flickering of whole screen when user walks across UI to various myth functions. It is random and not frequent. 1 flicker per 3..5.
[13:10:20] warpme: markspieth: good. 8400GS is in pair with ION1 which I'm testing on. I'm also on 340.96.
[13:11:49] enyc: NB: I'm hearing about QT-issues in particular, is it the case that QT 5.3 systems (e.g. debian stable) are a problem with mythtv-0.28 ??
[13:13:36] enyc: if 0.28 goes into xenial archive there needs to a bea a celary convenient easy way to install 0.27 , i got the impression it was easier to do it the other way round, put 0.27 in and 0.28 in PPA
[13:13:48] markspieth: warpme: other is GeForce 210 with 4.3.0 and nouveau 1.0.11.
[13:14:19] markspieth: warpme: will check tomorrow on both.
[13:14:56] warpme: eync: not anything particullar except #12558. I decided to give run for 5.5.1 as i have some issues with IPTV on some channels and 5.5.1 on my BE indeed seems to fix problem....
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[13:15:20] warpme: markspieth: thx!
[13:15:25] markspieth: warpme: both running XV with no vpdau on dual cores. one AMD (FE only) and one intel 8600 (BE and FE). Should upgrade.
[13:17:48] enyc: warpme: that bug doesn't talk about QT version ???
[13:18:55] enyc: can anybody advise on doing the gdb test superm1 requested ?
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[13:41:28] warpme: eync: and it is for 5.4.2 but as I'm developing minimyth2 I need to check in advance new upstreams as mm2 is rolling release
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[14:40:57] enyc: warpme: ok so the bug _may_ not affect 5.3.x by looks of it
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[15:36:55] tgm4883: enyc: that's probably true, but I don't know if we're in a position to do that right now, nor if that is something we could even add for 16.04
[16:05:11] enyc: tgm4883: indeed, i think the simplest short-term plan for 16.04 is just to stick 0.27 in, and 0.28 in PPA (it works if you add the 3 patches already in ubuntu)
[16:05:39] enyc: tgm4883: if tits' the other way aronud we need to provide careful help/route on how to get 0.27-fixes repo working on 16.04 systems etc.
[16:08:13] enyc: tgm4883: hence, *pragmatically* and simplest-to-implement/provide, it would be simpler if 0.27 went in the main repo at first, then get the packaging fixed further, avoids the ''needless complication'' over PPA at first etc
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[16:14:47] enyc: tgm4883: I *think*, whatever goes in, its *technically* possible to insert the version-numbered-package-names later anyway...
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[16:17:24] tgm4883: enyc: too late for that. 0.28 is in 16.04
[16:17:43] enyc: tgm4883: ok this wasn't what was said last week
[16:17:56] tgm4883: well it went in yesterday
[16:18:25] enyc: tgm4883: what is the plan for help/route on how to get 0.27-fixes repo working on 16.04 systems , for those for whatever reasons (buggy, not compatible with other devices/distros/hardware, etc etc etc) need 0.27 across their devices not yet 0.28 ?
[16:19:01] tgm4883: use 14.04?
[16:19:33] tgm4883: My plan was never really to help people get old software running on the new distro
[16:20:14] enyc: this creates interoperability / upgrade / migration disaster my view
[16:20:17] tgm4883: enyc: if there is issues in 0.28 that aren't present in 0.27, that would be a regression and needs to be fixed
[16:20:19] enyc: people add to existing systeems, etc.
[16:20:39] enyc: tgm4883: in particular, does 0.28 work well on qt-5.3 e.g. debian stable ?
[16:24:29] tgm4883: enyc: IDK, I'm a mythbuntu developer. I'm running a frontend on a 15.04 box (that somehow got missed from upgrades)
[16:25:01] tgm4883: I see a bunch of qt 5.4 stuff on that box
[16:28:43] tgm4883: enyc: while I'd obviously like the best solution for our users, I'm looking at this from a distro with 2 "active" developers
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[16:46:32] stuartm: a very large number of people don't know the PPAs even exist – if Ubuntu 16 shipped 0.27 then we'll be receiving bug reports against that version for the next 2–4 years
[16:47:10] enyc: stuartm: kk, figures, makes sense! — but we still need to make the 0.27 PPA's work and show how to use pinning, because there's bound to be migration-frustration without it
[16:47:18] stuartm: unfortunately it seems to be difficult to get bug fix point releases into an official repo
[16:47:35] enyc: stuartm: nods, this is another wider issue =)
[16:47:43] enyc: pragmatic solutions =)
[16:48:29] enyc: in particular those with rasbpian type things or ingrained debian servers, MAY find 0.28 is unusable with the qt version on debian stable *at the moment* i *suspect*
[16:51:34] enyc: What happened to those 3 upstream patches for 0.27 that upstream ubuntu acme up with  ? these seem to help with building on newer systems in general....
[16:52:22] enyc: hrom what i can see these should definitely be etihre applied to 0.27 or in the packaging fixes, so PPA 0.27 will still work for time being, especially important for heterogenous installs as i said
[17:00:01] tgm4883: enyc: that also isn't possible at the moment
[17:00:20] tgm4883: enyc: it would require some reworking of our build scripts to enable 0.27 for 16.04
[18:25:13] enyc: tgm4883: it builds for me at least
[18:25:41] enyc: tgm4883:
[18:25:47] enyc: tgm4883: . . . uild-log.txt
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[19:25:46] drewzhrodague: 42xOMG MythTV is freaking awesome!
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[20:48:26] tgm4883: enyc: it's not a building issue, it's a "we're not telling it to build 0.27 for 16.04" anymore issue
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[21:00:37] stuarta: evening all
[21:02:32] knightr_ is now known as knightr
[21:04:37] stuarta: stuartm: btw. did you get anywhere with the support for the websocket port to be backend port + offset?
[21:05:13] stuartm: doh
[21:05:36] stuartm: translation = I forgot
[21:05:41] stuarta: i'm not going to able to run 0.28 and master in parallel until you do ;-P
[21:06:02] stuarta: i'm willing to call it a bugfix :-p
[21:06:46] stuarta: well even if it's not, it'll have to go into master at some point
[21:14:12] stuarta: sorry, mizar required reboot to fix glibc security issue
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[21:15:01] stuartm: stuarta: so the server side is already configurable – BackendWSPort
[21:15:14] stuartm: just missing the same for the client side
[21:15:38] stuarta: isn't the default hard coded tho?
[21:16:00] stuarta: ie. if BackendWSPort is unset it defaults to 6554 iirc
[21:16:47] stuartm: 6545 yes (which I've just noticed conflicts with the lcdserver)
[21:16:53] stuarta: heh
[21:17:04] stuarta: move lcdserver
[21:19:32] stuartm: ok, I can get this sorted sometime tomorrow
[21:19:41] stuarta: much appreciated
[21:20:02] jmcentee: stuarta: I noticed there is no a master-ubuntu-testing-64bit, so I have built a vm Xenial per wiki instructions and it is ready to add as a buildslave if it would he helpful.
[21:20:25] stuarta: jmcentee: ah cool, send me an ssh key
[21:20:30] stuarta: i have several to add
[21:22:17] jmcentee: ah, missed that bit, I assume public key from teh buildslave users created by the ansible settings
[21:22:31] stuarta: yes, send me that
[21:22:48] stuarta: it needs authorizing
[21:23:33] dekarl1: +1 for more buildbots (and preparing fixes/0.28?)
[21:23:37] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[21:23:46] jmcentee: email?
[21:24:15] stuarta: dekarl: i haven't forgotten about yours either
[21:24:18] stuarta: jmcentee: yes
[21:25:26] dekarl: stuarta, I guessed that "several to add" contained the OSX one and mine. I forgot the third
[21:26:31] stuarta: dekarl: those two plus jmcentee's new one
[21:28:22] jmcentee: email sent. Are there another others you need, I have spare space for VMs.
[21:29:05] stuartm: stuarta:
[21:29:23] stuartm: would help me out if you could confirm that does the trick for you
[21:29:51] stuarta: sure, lemme pull and build it
[21:30:12] dekarl: jmcentee: maybe windows, freebsd, and if you find out how that works android x86?
[21:30:25] dekarl: basically anything that adds diversity to the mix
[21:30:40] drewzhrodague: OpenWRT frontend build please!
[21:31:21] dekarl: fwiw, here's the native mythtv frontend on android instructions...
[21:36:45] stuarta: stuartm: one slight problem, the client side js isn't creating the port num correctly
[21:36:55] jmcentee: dekarl: there are windows and freebsd, but they error.
[21:36:58] stuarta: ws://' is invalid.
[21:37:11] stuarta: my base port is 7543
[21:37:26] Jordack (Jordack! has quit ()
[21:37:44] stuarta: heh, you done a string concat rather than an in addition ;-p
[21:41:12] dekarl: doh, if we want to support video acceleration on the cheap arm64 board we have to add another decoder API, because OpenMAX was only added for Android ... . . . x/#post-8812 (wrt Dragonboard 410c)
[21:41:27] stuarta: well that's what it's done...
[21:42:39] stuartm: oh ffs
[21:43:01] stuarta: clearly location.port is a string
[21:44:29] dekarl: ... . . . 2_debski.pdf
[21:45:39] stuarta: dekarl: light reading? hah
[21:45:41] dekarl: jmcentee: some insight into why the freebsd build is failing would be nice, missing QT5 pieces? broken configure?
[21:46:33] stuarta: dekarl: i believe that was the problem
[21:46:38] stuartm: stuarta: clearly, just one example of the parallel universe in which the creators of the ECMA spec live
[21:46:45] stuarta: heh
[21:46:56] stuarta: i even got my javascript book out to check
[21:49:23] jmcentee: dekarl: I was just going by what is on the buildmaster webpages. both the windows and freebsd seem to e failing on the configure
[21:51:20] jmcentee: the freebsd one cannot find qt 5.2 or newer? Is that just freebsd needs updating by the buildslave owner?
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[21:53:13] stuartm: stuarta:
[21:56:21] stuarta: hmmm, that fixes the client side, but why do i have a backend listending on 6554???
[21:56:34] stuarta: as well as 7554
[21:57:17] stuarta: very odd
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[22:01:56] stuarta: must be something different
[22:03:34] stuarta: must be
[22:06:12] stuarta: ah, that's the backend ssl port
[22:06:53] stuarta: for upnp
[22:08:46] pppingme (pppingme!~pppingme@unaffiliated/pppingme) has joined #mythtv
[22:10:44] stuarta: ah so how the heck did that not conflict before? maybe it did
[22:12:07] stuarta: and the upnp https port was just missed because it started after the backend websocket
[22:12:12] stuarta: ???
[22:14:02] stuarta: stuartm: so maybe we change the +10 to +5 to avoid having to change upnp
[22:14:32] stuarta: damn, i'll have to change upnp anyway, to make that an offset too
[22:16:39] stuarta: stuartm: go with your +10, i'll make upnp ssl port +5
[22:17:41] stuarta: ah this is just crap
[22:19:31] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:22:25] stuarta: stuartm: opinion. move the websocket port or the upnp port, whilst still avoiding hard coding the values?
[22:28:16] stuarta: | pastebinit -f diff -b
[22:28:26] stuarta: <- diff
[22:33:16] drewzhrodague (drewzhrodague! has joined #mythtv
[22:37:03] pppingme (pppingme!~pppingme@unaffiliated/pppingme) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:37:21] stuarta: well that didn't fix it
[22:41:04] ** stuarta ahah's **
[22:45:50] stuarta: stuartm: let me redo a cohesive patch
[22:53:59] mad_enz (mad_enz!~mad_enz@2607:f090:488d:8d:828e:f92a:cb4:c56b) has joined #mythtv
[22:54:26] stuarta: stuartm:
[22:54:35] stuarta: seems to work in my smoke test
[22:55:53] stuarta: only thing i haven't validated is the upnp side
[22:56:14] stuarta: i haven't patched upnp-inspector so it works on this box
[23:07:29] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[23:08:36] stuarta: stuartm: upnp is reporting the right things as far as i can tell after patching upnp inspector
[23:09:15] drewzhrodague (drewzhrodague! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[23:09:53] Tobbe5178 (Tobbe5178!~asdf@2001:2002:4e46:4de8:cfb:d45c:c2d:e5e8) has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:11:34] ** stuarta goes to bed **
[23:24:52] drewzhrodague (drewzhrodague! has joined #mythtv

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