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Wednesday, February 10th, 2016, 00:05 UTC
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[00:41:28] tgm4883: enyc: merged
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[06:36:08] ** enyc thisks about packaging..... if i get the packaging as far as the stage, i guess i can copy the whole directory across all architechures / versions and run the build from there... **
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[08:54:02] dekarl: stuarta: I wondered why smolt appears to have not a single v0.27.6 host on file. But the buildslave didn't record the version strings . . . s/logs/stdio
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[09:08:05] dekarl: MythBuild: force build 0.27-ubuntu-lts-64bit new version check
[09:08:05] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 11m21s]
[09:08:05] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[09:14:36] MythBuild: Hey! build 0.27-ubuntu-lts-64bit #57 is complete: Success [3build successful]
[09:14:36] ** MythLogBot **
[09:14:36] MythBuild: Build details are at . . . it/builds/57
[09:17:45] stuarta: why's there no version.cpp
[09:45:36] dekarl: we removed version.cpp in 2011
[09:46:09] dekarl: it was replaced with version.h
[09:46:27] dekarl: . . . 7395188c67d9
[09:46:52] stuarta: hahaha
[09:47:06] stuarta: might be time to move references to it from then
[09:47:10] stuarta: *remove
[09:47:36] stuarta: i'd still like to add something to set properties based on Qt and gcc versions
[09:49:43] dekarl: I was wondering about getting environment variables from start_buildslave into properties and back into ./configure invocations, too. But deemed it to close to the release to fiddle with that.
[09:50:04] dekarl: But then, lets first merge mythtv/configure and mythplugins/configure... the integration is "interesting"
[09:51:36] dekarl: Or doing something crazy like run "mythutil --version" instead of catting some file
[09:52:00] stuarta: what is the need to merge the 2 configure's? i can't see it actually gives us anything and makes packaging harder
[09:52:41] dekarl: plugins are interested in some of the results of the main configure, e.g. for opengl
[09:53:10] stuarta: they just pull config.mak for that
[09:53:15] dekarl: its a nightmare to maintain it now that we support opengl 1 / 2 / es in various configurations on desktops and raspberries
[09:56:07] dekarl: how does having one configure make packaging harder? After looking at the debian packaging I would think its the other way around
[09:56:51] dekarl: When I looked at the raspberry builds I had to walk through heaps of cargo cult :(
[09:57:08] stuarta: it's definitely something to look at post 0.28
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[10:36:37] stuarta: jya: do you have any objections to committing the 3 patches on #12634 to fixes/0.27 ??
[10:36:37] ** MythLogBot **
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[11:26:26] jya: stuarta: let me have a look first
[11:26:39] jya: plus I'd like to get 0.28 instead
[11:36:16] enyc: stuarta: silyl quesiton but do those simply not apply // not needed for 0.28 ?
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[12:03:40] enyc: jya: not sure if its' what you meant, but I wouldn't want 0.28 in the main ubuntu LTS release because its' not so well tested/stable, and it causes problems — you couldn't just have a direct 0.27 PPA as an option, you'd have to play pinning or something
[12:05:16] enyc: though of course this raises wider issues of network-level incompatibility between mythtv releases, and the fact it uses a single package name set, rather than "mythfrontend-0.27" etc etc
[12:05:22] jya: enyc you don't want to, that's your choice... i think the opposite.
[12:05:36] jya: pretty much every single LTS we've been in the same situation as we are now
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[12:05:49] stuarta: jya: we decided to go with 0.27 for the next ubuntu release, and make 0.28 available via a ppa like it is now
[12:06:02] stuarta: too many people said it wasn't ready
[12:06:13] jya: yeah, and I was one of them
[12:06:19] enyc: jya: in any case, whats the side-effects of the patches above?
[12:06:20] jya: the other has disappeared of the radar
[12:06:26] jya: so who is "we" really
[12:09:39] stuarta: i don't think we should change back to the original course now at this point. having a beta/0.28 branch is helping get additional testing from users who are sufficiently savvy to be able to help us debug things
[12:09:56] dekarl: huh, I can't remember a decision to not ship 0.28 either. its been brought up for discussion only
[12:10:58] enyc: i take the view that this sort of thing is inevitable with erelases, and more important is to make sure multiple options (within reason) work especially considering the heterongenouus-environments of users, there is so much variation you can't please everybody but making it convieniect to install 'stable' and 'testing' versions on many systems is important =)
[12:11:31] stuarta: dekarl: we will release it, and it'l be available, just 0.27 would be the default, like currently is the case for ubuntu
[12:11:31] dekarl: I understood that we test, fix the issues and then at the point of no return look how stable 0.28 is for an emergency stop and switch to "stay with 0.27 for another two years" tactic
[12:11:41] jya: dekarl: agree, don't recall anything decision one way or the other
[12:11:50] stuarta: well that point is basically today
[12:12:02] enyc: =)
[12:12:03] stuarta: dev freeze is in a week
[12:12:19] enyc: PPA solves that problem , etc...
[12:12:27] enyc: anyway but what about the 3 patches???
[12:12:35] stuarta: and the release schedule (updated) that i sent out to mythtv-dev has 0.28 being released at the end of march
[12:12:52] enyc: if they can go in, they can be in my build tests...
[12:13:24] stuarta: jya: so any objections to those patches?
[12:13:41] jya: stuarta: until I have a proper look at it, yes.. I object
[12:14:13] stuarta: i'll leave it with you then, if (after review) you object can you comment in the ticket
[12:14:26] jya: i see no justification on why except for the first, on why it would prevent compiling
[12:14:32] jya: in particular the vp8 one
[12:14:54] stuarta: it fails to build without that vp8 one apparently, that the most important one
[12:14:59] stuarta: lemme find the link from the irclogs
[12:15:04] jya: now vp8 isn't used much so it probably doesn't matter, but it's puzzling anyway
[12:16:50] enyc: mythtv (2:0.27.1+fixes.20140624.aa822f5–0ubuntu9) xenial; urgency=medium "* Remove some unused control mappings from libvpxenc which are no longer available in libvpx3." — Colin Watson < > Thu, 07 Jan 2016 15:45:53 +0000
[12:17:22] stuarta: . . . LDING.txt.gz
[12:17:34] stuarta: jya: ^^^ that shows the build failure
[12:17:48] stuarta: the other option is, we do nothing and they carry them as local patches
[12:17:58] enyc: it was already a cut-down-minimal patch of a larger upstream change iirc
[12:18:25] stuarta: what happened to cause it?
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[12:18:58] enyc: stuarta: ... change in library api i think
[12:19:12] enyc: vpx1>vpx2>vpx3 ...
[12:19:15] stuarta: jya: the vp8 change is basically this from ffmpeg . . . 4c7f1cf5f612
[12:19:32] jya: stuarta: the main thing I need to test is that it doesn't regress with different version of libvpx
[12:19:45] enyc: jya: nods
[12:20:01] enyc: jya: if i got it correctly, it was a reference that wasn't used anyway!
[12:20:31] enyc: how would we correctly stresstest that change, what sort of features/functions might be affected ?
[12:20:58] stuarta: the ffmpeg commit has a decent explanation
[12:21:38] enyc: stuarta: (repeat question, does any of that patchset have any relevance to 0.28 at all??)
[12:22:58] enyc: looks like it will affect stretch similarly to xenial, so best that gets sorted
[12:23:32] stuarta: enyc: i'm just checking for which ffmpeg release contains the fixes. i think we already have that merged in 0.28
[12:24:48] stuarta: interesting, no tags contain that commit
[12:33:28] stuarta: ah, i think i see why i've never seen anything like this, i don't believe we have libvpx installed on any of the builders
[12:33:37] stuarta: certainly not the ones i run
[12:36:03] enyc: but its' a build-dep in packaging??
[12:36:55] stuarta: for us it's an optional dependency, nothing *requires* it, but clearly vpx support in ffmpeg is something wanted in the packages
[12:43:18] enyc: stuarta: i've prepared some chroots to try to do some build logs and all that, also stretch-i386 which now has the copyright-scan etc etc
[12:43:41] enyc: stuarta: do you have your own xenial builder, if not i can add a xenial-i386 onto the list...
[12:44:27] stuarta: enyc: we build everything using our buildbot network
[12:46:23] enyc: stuarta: ubuntu-current-64bit == xenial basically ??
[12:46:35] stuarta: no current = current release ie. 15.10
[12:46:51] enyc: stuarta: can you add a lts-next (xenial) buildbot ?
[12:47:14] stuarta: we don't have any builders pointing to the devel distros. ie. sid, rawhide etc
[12:47:30] stuarta: enyc: sure, if someone wants to host one
[12:47:37] stuarta: it's easy enough to add
[12:47:43] enyc: kk, so, sounds like (espcially if these patches go in shortly, with any lucks...) i can at least ren test manualyl on one
[12:47:48] ** stuarta has another arm slave and osx slaves to add **
[12:47:56] enyc: my USA friend may be able to spare some vm space on fast connection datacentre
[12:48:42] enyc: stuarta: i have other things to do now, but from my POV it would be good if the ubuntu-upstream patches got sorted and put into my manual test build set ... if it doesn't happen soon i'll ignore that however
[12:49:07] stuarta: so master doesn't have those offending definitions, so the ffmpeg merge too care of it
[12:49:21] enyc: stuarta: what about the other 2 ubuntu patches and 0.28 ?
[12:50:50] stuarta: so the bswap patch isn't in master
[12:51:32] stuarta: the ppc patch is
[12:52:48] enyc: so, it boils down to: (a) should the bswap patch go into master, and (b) should all/some of the 3 patches go into fixes/0.27
[12:53:48] stuarta: are there any reports of build failures due to the missing bswap patch?
[13:51:24] dekarl: enyc: how's the output of the copyright tools coming along? Given that its unlikely that someone will do all the leg work for an old version I'd expect fixes/0.28 (master or beta branch) to be the earliest release that has any chance of going into Debian?
[13:51:59] dekarl: our packaging scripts have support for adding extra patches, just throw the three ffmpeg patches in manually for now?
[13:52:39] enyc: dekarl: i've as far as sorting chroots ;p ... ok fair commen,t whats' the right approach to add the 3 patches into the build-dsc part?
[13:52:51] enyc: dekarl: i agree entirely about 0.28 for debian
[13:53:12] enyc: dekarl: (but, repos to build nicely working/tested 0.27 on debian should still exist)
[13:53:56] dekarl: Sure can do, but with our limited ressources it has no priority
[13:54:57] enyc: dekarl: i'll certainly add a xenial-i386 chroot ... and either the 3 patches will go in there now (how? into the build-dsc (source package) process ???) or they go into repo now if possible =)
[13:54:59] dekarl: given that the assembler patches are still sitting in code review upstream waiting for someone to actually test the hack :)
[13:55:12] enyc: dekarl: either way i'll get you the build logs sooner or later
[13:55:55] dekarl: enyc: just throw the absolute paths in as "additional_patches" in "./ [git_branch] [target_dir] [additional_patches]"
[13:56:19] enyc: dekarl: its' located at a site where downloads after 18:00 is best for bandwidth reasons =)
[13:56:41] dekarl: 18:00 UTC?
[13:56:51] enyc: dekarl: Europe/London, which is currently UTC ;p
[13:56:52] dekarl: its always after 18:00 somewhere ;)
[13:57:31] enyc: dekarl: anyway, so, it sounds like the patches mbay well make it into fixes/0.27 soon and its' best i patch in as above so i can get full set of buildlogs/testable-packages
[13:57:50] enyc: only ''snag'' is i can't do amd64 packages from sarth, but anyway
[13:58:24] enyc: ok, later =)
[13:58:47] dekarl: enyc: yes. Our resident ffmpeg caretaker said he'll look into it. Just give it some time.
[14:00:37] enyc: emailed myself packaging patches // instructions
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[14:05:47] enyc: stuarta: the bswap patch looks like it may be a symbol conflict in some cases, rather than build failure, and only on big endian arch ?
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[14:44:35] gregbert: how does one view the channel backlog?
[14:47:49] jmcentee: gregbert: Is this what you are looking for.
[14:50:14] gregbert: jmcentee: perfect. thank you
[14:55:23] gregbert: bill9502: my "new" recording rule for "7 news at 6pm" recorded, byt again, did not flag commercials. still no idea why. i didn't put on the verbose logging though yet. i need to put it in a cron job as i will otherwise forget
[14:55:54] gregbert: bill9502: manually starting the job (from frontend) does work
[15:06:04] stuarta: gregbert: you need 2 things, the job enabled (globablly), the job enabled (on the recording rule)
[15:07:44] gregbert: stuarta: it works for all of my other programs... its just this single one that doesnt work
[15:08:18] gregbert: stuarta: i am using 0.28pre with the trac #12290 patch
[15:08:18] ** MythLogBot **
[15:11:27] stuarta: gregbert: so without the patch do any commflag jobs run?
[15:11:42] gregbert: thats correct – no commercial flagging jobs run
[15:12:03] gregbert: stuarta: the prevailing theory is that if the computer is too fast – it returns a 0 file size and so fails to start the job
[15:20:16] gregbert: stuarta: thoughts on debugging are welcome!!
[15:20:36] enyc: dekarl: can I re-run the build-debs / build-dsc with the extra [additional_patches] parameter, avoiding re-downloading the source ?
[15:23:12] dekarl: enyc: I think its cached in the workspace if you gave it one
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[15:49:15] gigem: stuartm: Are you around? #12647 is caused by commit 7fd0a202. The "0000" programid check is erroneously being applied to the same channel/same time case.
[15:49:15] ** MythLogBot **
[15:55:02] stuartm:
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[15:57:38] stuartm: hmm, that "0000" check is dodgy anyway, assumes SD as the data source
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[15:59:34] gregbert: I have both directschedules and xmltv feeds (for some european HLS channels). for some reason, my xmltv guide data runs out if i dont run mythfilldatabase manually every once in awhile.
[15:59:47] gregbert: I tried adding it as a cron job, but got: (mythtv) CMDOUT (2016-02–10 00:00:25.597732 E Grabbing XMLTV data using tv_grab_huro is not supported. You may need to upgrade to the latest version of XMLTV.)
[15:59:51] stuartm: it really needs an 'same showing' check at the top as you say
[16:00:21] gregbert: if i run mythfilldatabase manually, it works fine – even from the same user i am running it as a cron job under
[16:00:37] stuartm: can you post the output of tv_grab_huro --capabilities
[16:00:53] gregbert: ok
[16:01:22] gregbert: output: baseline, manualconfig, cache (with \n's between each)
[16:01:41] gregbert: again, it works fine if i run it manually
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[16:02:32] stuartm: running a cron job shouldn't be required, unless explicitly disabled mythfilldatabase will be run once a day automatically – let's check that setting in mythtv-setup
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[16:03:33] gregbert: stuartm: ok – but schedulesdirect is updating just fine. so i suspect its fine. let me check though as you suggest
[16:03:40] stuartm: last page of general settings – checkbox at the top of the screen "Automatically update programme listings"
[16:03:58] gregbert: thanks
[16:04:44] gregbert: stuartm: yes – it is checked
[16:04:51] stuartm: when you run it manually, what arguments are you using? Can you provide a screenshot of the Video Source configuration?
[16:04:55] gregbert: stuartm: i wonder if it is because cron runs with different credentials
[16:05:14] gregbert: stuartm: when i run it manually, i simply type: mythfilldatabase
[16:05:22] gregbert: and it chugs for a while
[16:05:26] stuarta: gregbert: cron jobs normally run with a limited environment
[16:05:40] stuarta: so if it needs stuff set in the environment, then it'll fail
[16:05:41] stuartm: may be, but as I mentioned, cron job shouldn't be necessary (in fact it's actively discouraged)
[16:06:18] gregbert: any way to get a debug readout of mythbackend trying to update?
[16:06:25] gregbert: its obviously not in the info log
[16:07:32] stuartm: log location depends on the distribution – with some distros you get per process logs /var/log/mythtv/mythfilldatabase.log
[16:08:00] gregbert: i'm using archlinux – so it all dumps to a systemd log (journald)
[16:08:12] gregbert: stuartm: i've never seen any logs related to mythfilldatabase unless i run it myself
[16:08:15] gregbert: as a cron
[16:08:45] gregbert: maybe verbosity not sufficient
[16:09:23] gregbert: maybe mythbackend --verbose <module>?
[16:09:24] stuartm: default verbosity should still produce some logs
[16:09:36] gregbert: stuartm: it produces lots of logs. just nothing to do with mythfill
[16:09:36] stuartm: you'll get more with -v xmltv
[16:09:51] gregbert: stuartm: let me throw that in there then
[16:10:11] stuartm: but there's plenty of logging dealing with the process and failures at the normal verbosity level
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[16:11:11] gregbert: is mythtv running xmltv as well as directschedule updates?
[16:11:25] stuartm: yes
[16:11:36] stuartm: mythfilldatabase will do both in the same run
[16:11:56] stuartm: you do mean SchedulesDirect, correct?
[16:11:59] gregbert: right – just wasnt sure how mythbackend handles it
[16:12:01] gregbert: yes, thats what i mean
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[16:12:37] gregbert: if later i run mythbackend --verbose record, will i overwrite the -v xmltv setting? do i need to specify it again or is it cummulative?
[16:15:45] gregbert: my entire journal:
[16:16:00] gregbert: i am suure its not sufficiently sanitized.. but oh well.
[16:16:12] gregbert: i've got to run for 2hrs, but will read the channel after that
[16:17:00] stuartm: --setverbose is will replace earlier arguments -
[16:17:36] stuartm: --verbose is used when the process is started, and only what you specify there will be used
[16:17:56] stuartm: --setverbose changings the verbosity of an already running process
[16:18:00] stuartm: changes
[16:22:14] stuartm: well it is some sort of perms issue – not specific to CRON, it is trying to update when run automatically but failing because tv_grab_huro is failing or is timing out (probably the former)
[16:23:55] stuartm: so you don't need the cron, you just need to figure out why the user/shell mythbackend runs under doesn't have perms to execute tv_grab_huro or why the path may not be reachable (incomplete/empty $PATH?)
[16:25:21] ** jmcentee didn't think cron loaded users $PATH. **
[16:25:22] dmfrey (dmfrey!~dmfrey@ has joined #mythtv
[16:28:25] jmcentee: . . . ath-variable
[16:28:36] jmcentee: and . . . oes-not-work
[16:28:39] jmcentee: may help
[16:37:42] sphery: gregbert: FWIW, if your "Guide data program" setting value is anything other than "mythfilldatabase" (no quotes), the exact command you specify is run (including if you specify "/usr/bin/mythfilldatabase"). If you specify only "mythfilldatabase", mythbackend will add arguments to include logging--so if you don't have "mythfilldatabase", you have to add logging arguments.
[16:41:47] gigem: stuartm: My proposed fix for #12647 is . Though, I'm seriously inclined to move some of those IsSame methods closer to where they are used, especially the ones that are only used once or only from a single source file.
[16:41:47] ** MythLogBot **
[16:42:16] ** gigem now wanders off to fix the other bug he just saw. **
[16:46:38] stuartm: gigem: that's a big improvement
[16:48:17] stuartm: I also want to strip some of that stuff out of ProgramInfo – the only advantage to having them in the same place is that when changes are made they are all in the same place
[16:48:36] stuartm: :)
[16:54:15] gigem: stuartm: That's also its weakness. Someone sees and it thinks this does *almost* what I need, I'll just tweak it a *little* bit. :)
[16:54:35] gigem: I'll commit my simple change for now.
[16:56:17] stuarta: i like simple changes
[16:58:10] stuartm: gigem: yeah, that sort of misunderstanding was what lead to 7fd0a202 in the first place
[16:59:47] dekarl: gregbert: Your IPTV recorder, is that pulling data from SchedulesDirect and XMLTV in on guide source or in multiple guide sources?
[16:59:59] enyc: I wonder why mythtv in ubuntu comes in "multiverse" (non-free by their view)
[17:00:52] tgm4883: enyc: I believe it would be the non-free codecs
[17:01:44] dekarl: gigem, how about some unit test for all the program comparisons? With all the differences between US and EU guide feeds it get even more confusing...
[17:03:45] enyc: tgm4883: in ffmpeg, or otherwise?
[17:04:12] tgm4883: enyc: probably with the internal ffmpeg
[17:04:39] enyc: tgm4883: interesting that debian don't have ffmpeg in contrib/whatever hrrm
[17:04:40] dekarl: enyc: cargo cult from a time when ffmpeg was in multiverse instead of universe?
[17:05:11] enyc: dekarl: ok so looks like that may be able to be sorted out
[17:06:43] dekarl: enyc: I can't quickly find a primary source, but all mirrors still have the directory structure even though its in universe now
[17:10:07] dekarl: enyc: looks like that was changed between lucid (2010–04) and precise (2012–04)
[17:11:25] enyc: but, who makes//checks that decision ??
[17:12:49] dekarl: why is that important?
[17:13:35] enyc: learning =) ... i've discovered something of how debian do their non-free checking // sponsoring, was wondering how ubuntu do the same
[17:13:56] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17:14:03] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[17:14:14] enyc: that and, if acceptable it would surely make some sense to try to move the upload for xenial to universe, i'm not sure if multiverse is always enabled by default etc etc...
[17:14:15] dekarl: doesn't Ubuntu inherit the decision from Debian once we hit their "free" repo?
[17:14:29] enyc: i don't know, hence asking
[17:15:02] enyc: in any case current pkg is oly for ubuntu, not via debian which will be more difficult goal
[17:15:10] dekarl: if you want multimedia stuff you'll have to check most "non-free, use at your own risk after consulting with your lawyer" boxes anyway ;)
[17:15:30] enyc: right
[17:16:16] dekarl: its not as if there are now two HEVC patent pools with the third submarine patent pool forming... and you need to license from all of them in parallel and can never be sure if there is a fourth pool below the surface...
[17:17:25] dekarl: with HEVC being rolled out on public TV networks and us liking the lossless cut that may be relevant for us, too :(
[17:18:08] gigem: dekarl: Good idea. Got any 28 hours days? :(
[17:18:32] gigem: I've added it to my TODO just in case I find any.
[17:20:48] dekarl: gigem: I could use 8 per week, too ;) My thought was that now that one issue has been identified a unit test for that one issue might be nice to avoid regressions.
[17:23:44] dekarl: enyv, e.g. . . . g-terms.html
[17:23:51] dekarl: enyc: -^
[17:26:54] dmfrey (dmfrey!~dmfrey@ has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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[17:30:32] bhaak (bhaak! has joined #mythtv
[17:30:44] dekarl: gigem: so two generic episodes are still considered the same when the air at the same time?
[17:32:08] dmfrey (dmfrey!~dmfrey@ has joined #mythtv
[17:32:40] dekarl: Need to think about that some time (prioritiy=none as we don't have a real generic flag for out guide data anyway)
[17:35:08] bhaak (bhaak! has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[17:37:49] gigem: dekarl: Same time *and* channel (aka callsign for this purpose).
[17:38:46] dekarl: ahh, that makes sense then
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[18:11:40] ** enyc sneezes! **
[18:11:48] enyc: dekarl: ooi what is "heaps of cargo cult" ?
[18:12:24] enyc: dekarl: build-dsc's running, fixes/0.27 with the patches.... xenity-i386 chroot building ....
[18:19:46] jmcentee_ (jmcentee_! has joined #mythtv
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[18:26:55] enyc: dekarl: hoping that can make a source-package with the 'external patches' pre-included...
[18:27:29] enyc: dekarl: i'll read what build-debs does when back from {running, dinner} ;p
[18:27:58] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has joined #mythtv
[18:28:09] dekarl: enyc referring to
[18:29:04] dekarl: enyc: build-dsc will happily craft source packages that include the patches from the command line on top of the patches from the packaging repository on top of a checkout from git
[18:31:04] dekarl: Once upon a time we had separate mythtv and mythplugin sources. Now we have one central repository that is basically both trees copied into one super-tree. But the build system never was merged and still has work arounds from the time when both were separate.
[18:33:32] dekarl: e.g. unbreaking the mythgallery build by grepping around the mythtv config.mak to find out when we have OpenGL ES instead of full OpenGL, which is not fit for the OpenGL part of Mythgallery... . . . 7ce0d25b567b
[18:35:00] paul-h (paul-h!~Paul@ has joined #mythtv
[18:35:33] dekarl: also our configure/build likes to overlink which means we have to plaster stuff all over the place instead of where its actually used
[18:36:37] dekarl: so every addition adds another layer of confusion over an already confusing hack making it even harder to understand whats going on. Which leads to people (aka me) avoiding to touch the mess if they can avoid it
[18:44:24] dekarl: e.g. if this check succeeds each and every of our libraries and programs is linked against the OpenMAX library. . . . figure#L6288 So to run the backend you still need all the OpenMAX stuff installed.
[19:09:15] paul-h: sphery: when updating the plugins DB schemas why do we backup the DB then ask the user if they want to update the schema?
[19:10:51] paul-h: When we do it that way round it appears the FE has locked up because nothing is displayed for several minutes while the DB is backed up then we get the 'Do you want to update" dialog
[19:11:55] paul-h: At least if we asked first then did the backup the user would know something is happening
[19:12:34] MythBuild: build #60 of master-ubuntu-lts-armhf is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . hf/builds/60
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[19:24:39] Tobbe5178 (Tobbe5178!~asdf@2001:2002:4e46:4de8:8561:8f88:aeb7:6f38) has joined #mythtv
[19:27:20] paul-h: Minimum Qt version is 5.2 in master?
[19:30:57] dekarl: yes
[19:32:07] gregbert: dekarl: My IPTV recorder is for some HLS channels in europe. thats why i use XMLTV for the guide data for those. my broadcast stations are all U.S. – so i used schedulesdirect or whatever the name of that service is
[19:43:48] dekarl: gregbert: sounds good. so two guide data sources and two video sources in a simple 1:1 mapping
[19:47:59] gregbert: right. (close enough – i actually have 2 OTA tuners)
[19:48:21] gregbert: actually -i think exactly right.. sources..
[19:48:26] superm1 (superm1!uid4318@ubuntu/member/superm1) has joined #mythtv
[19:50:55] dekarl: exactly, if both OTA tuners are attached to the same antenna, then they can/should share the video source
[19:54:41] gregbert: to get verbose logging on my xmltv problem, should i use -v xmltv or -v mythfilldatabase ?
[19:54:47] gregbert: or are they 1 in the same
[20:00:35] dekarl: paul-h: broadcaster is "the operator of the streaming service/platform"? I've had a look at the data and it does not appear to contain anything that makes real sense :(
[20:01:02] dekarl: I'm trying to find the right german word for it. its not so easy
[20:03:32] enyc: dekarl: hah it seems i needed to name each patch rather than specify path to them ....
[20:04:02] dekarl: enyc: yes
[20:04:52] enyc: for some reason i got that incorrect impression, hey-ho! =)
[20:07:08] paul-h: dekarl: yeah it's just something to group channels from the same source such as BBC, Radionomy, BR etc
[20:08:05] dekarl: paul-h: ok, then I'm using the terminology that fits for "BBC, BR, etc". Even though the data is not filled in. But thats another issue
[20:08:59] paul-h: Can you give an example?
[20:10:07] dekarl: e.g. FFH with their set of (streaming) channels
[20:11:47] sphery: paul-h: the only reason there's no feedback at all is because the ancient upgrade wizard is still using non-mythui components, so we can't display anything until later
[20:12:20] sphery: ideally someone would redo the wizard and convert it to mythui so we could make it show exactly what's going on at startup
[20:12:45] paul-h: dekarl: Yeah I can fix that in the next update. The DB I'm using doesn't have that data so I have to do some fixups to get it
[20:12:49] enyc: herrrrrrrm
[20:13:14] enyc: how well to qt4 atd qt5 (or other build-dependencies) for mythtv 0.27 and 0.28 co-exist on the same system//chroot ??
[20:13:53] dekarl: paul-h: doh, now I understand... something for our channel service in the mid term... fits well with the IPTV stream list collection (once someone gets to it)
[20:14:03] sphery: I don't remember exact details, but last time we tried to display something with the old components earlier in the process it broke it worse than the late notice we have now, so it was reverted and the way forward was to change the wizard to use mythui
[20:14:53] sphery: (which is a bigger project than it sounds because the whole wizard is built around a blocking-dialog based approach, so--ideally--it would be rewritten to use an event-based approach that's better suited to mythui)
[20:16:00] dekarl: enyc: works ok, see our buildbots
[20:17:19] enyc: dekarl: ok, i guess qt5 etc. was setup to co-exist with qt4 for some times and debian/ubuntu packaging expects this
[20:17:46] enyc: dekarl: many things... you can have both libs installed but only have ONE of the -dev packages ...
[20:18:18] enyc: dekarl: i guess QT was such a big change thepy changed all the include-file-names so you could have both on same system and explicityl change your program to use the other
[20:18:33] paul-h: sphery: yeah I understand that but my point is we now do the backup first which takes several minutes for me then later we ask the user do they want to do the schema update – wouldn't it make more sense to ask first then do the update if they want one and are doing the schema update?
[20:18:52] paul-h: that way they at least know what is going on
[20:19:42] dekarl: enyc: don't tell that to my buildslave
[20:20:19] paul-h: I agree the proper fix is to update to MythUI but that is beyond my pay grade :)
[20:20:46] enyc: dekarl: sure, function calls of same name, but include files of different name/path (qt4/ directory vs qt5/ directory)
[20:21:31] dekarl: enyc: I'm not sure I understand the problem
[20:21:33] enyc: dekarl: i just hope 0.27's packaging/MAkefile/build stuffs correctly only links against qt4 even if qt5 installed too ;p
[20:21:40] enyc: dekarl: i don't (think) there is one in this case
[20:21:58] enyc: dekarl: its' just you said "don't tell that to your buildslave" as if it could be a problem
[20:22:54] dekarl: enyc: ok, I understood that you hinted at some exlusivenes leading to only one of the -dev packages being able to be installed at a time. On that buildslave both are installed together
[20:23:04] paul-h: knightr: not sure you saw the message on the developers list . . . 87e7c32ad0e1 added some new translatable strings
[20:23:12] enyc: dekarl: no, that is for SOME packages, its' a commen case
[20:23:39] enyc: dekarl: clearly, for qt4/qt5 they've realised this is such a big change and both need to coexist for some time, so they located all the new headers in a different directory etc etc
[20:24:41] dekarl: enyc: but its time to axe it now . . . nother-year/
[20:26:28] enyc: dekarl: =)
[20:27:44] enyc: dekarl: i previously got impression, myth 0.27 can sometimes be persuaded to compile with qt5 but doesn't work properly if done so?
[20:31:58] dekarl: enyc: yes fixes/0.27 is supported with QT4 and master with QT5
[20:36:53] enyc: gah xenial chroot didn't have "universe" enabled mutter-mutter grumble complain wild-goose-chase grumble
[20:38:35] enyc: also turns out qt5 is in wheezy-backports repo =)
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[20:58:33] enyc: dekarl: any idea why has (seemingly spurious/wrong) build dependencies for "autoconf" and "gdb" on the end ??
[21:08:53] stuarta: probably out of date
[21:15:05] enyc: hrrrrrrrrm.........
[21:15:24] enyc: last line of mythtv 'build-depends' in master may have trailing comma if i'm not mistaken...
[21:15:32] enyc: git,
[21:15:32] enyc: libraspberrypi-dev [armhf] | hello,
[21:18:11] enyc: (but thatts' the end of build-depends) ...
[21:22:57] stuarta: more stuff to merge to beta/0.28 next week by the looks of it
[21:26:05] MythBuild: build #64 of master-ubuntu-lts-armhf is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . hf/builds/64
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[21:51:25] paul-h_: jpabq: did you mean to use m_error here . . . ler.cpp#L574 and again L590
[21:53:38] dekarl: enyc: IIRC our build uses gdb to pull some information out of files
[21:55:35] dekarl: but I'm not finding it atm
[21:56:17] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
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[22:23:36] enyc: dekarl: well its' not in the debian packaging bild deps ;p
[22:24:12] taylorr (taylorr!~taylorr@ has joined #mythtv
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[22:51:01] paul-h: jpabq: . . . ler.cpp#L447 – From Coverity 1349871 unsigned_compare: This greater-than-or-equal-to-zero comparison of an unsigned value is always true. this->m_high_bitrate_mode >= 0U
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