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Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, 00:03 UTC
[00:03:41] dekarl: Good old "more is better" issue with EIT?
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[01:48:34] gregbert: i've got myth 28pre and i cant schedule "7 news at 6pm" recording to save my life
[01:48:48] gregbert: all my other programs when i click ont hem say that they will record – but not that one.
[01:48:57] gregbert: but there appears to be a timer to record it anyway..
[01:49:00] gregbert: so confused..
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[04:30:02] tgm4883: Just pinging again on the status of
[04:36:43] tgm4883: Also, can someone merge or point me at some instructions for merging this
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[09:03:06] stuarta: mornign all
[09:03:34] stuarta: tgm4883: you need that merged pretty soon don't you?
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[09:18:12] dekarl: tgm4883:
[09:18:43] dekarl: that will automatically handle the pull-request, too
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[10:13:59] dekarl: stuarta, should v0.28-beta be simply a tag on daef5cd6d0e1c0af7062170cc3f9f51fb053fcfc with fixes/0.28 branching off master once the fixups for the release have settled? I remember another release where we've been constantly playing catchup with master before the release. Just adds work for little gain IMHO
[10:14:42] dekarl: Also gives our packagers a stable tarball to create beta packages for testers
[10:17:55] stuarta: dekarl: it's swings and roundabout, both ways have pro's and cons
[10:18:18] stuarta: i was thinking as we get closer to the release, less stuff is merged across
[10:19:50] dekarl: looking at the backlog of unhandled crash tickets and reports of regressions popping up, now that the testing has begun, its going to take some time until then ;)
[10:21:04] dekarl: and for feature work, we should use feature branches more especially around release. (yes, I'm guilty of not using devel/<feature>, too)
[10:21:11] stuarta: the advantage of creating the beta branch, is quite a few of the more capable users appear to have started trying it
[10:21:23] stuarta: = more testing
[10:27:06] dekarl: reminds me to fix the hardware profile sender and I don't know yet where its broken... I don't see Kernel 4.x or a single report of the beta branch on smolt :(
[10:32:18] stuarta: i thought i fixed the 4.x kernel support
[10:32:26] stuarta: hmm, maybe that was in smolt side
[10:36:07] dekarl: maybe its under the threshold, or there are more issues?
[10:36:44] stuarta: just checking the db, where the raw records are dumped to see if there is any data
[10:41:04] stuarta: 320 reports
[10:41:27] stuarta: out of 290835
[10:43:54] stuarta: and to cross check my query was right, i pulled the first record, and look what kernel version it is.... "kernel_version": "4.0.4-lvr"
[10:44:54] dekarl: good. is that all hosts or active hosts?
[10:45:23] dekarl: sounds like all reports (even multiple per host) or so
[10:45:26] stuarta: i'm querying the raw data that's in the DB. ie, before it's distilled down to the summary reports
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[10:46:00] dekarl: ahh well, then its just the beta branch missing ;)
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[10:46:56] dekarl: I hope well get our python bindings into Debian sometime (the Debian numbers are to low in my opinion. I hear often that d-m-o packages are used)
[10:47:36] stuarta: tbh, if people wanted a debian type distro, then they are better off with the ubuntu packages
[10:47:48] stuarta: which seems to be validated by the numbers
[10:48:19] dekarl: I think it has more to do with the smolt client being fixed on Ubuntu and nowhere else :D
[10:48:38] dekarl: helped with that
[10:48:40] stuarta: it broken?
[10:48:54] stuarta: i'm sure it worked for me on fedora last time i tried it
[10:49:08] dekarl: its breaking on each and every corner case. e.g. missing locale variable etc
[10:51:09] stuarta: we need to fix that shit
[10:52:09] dekarl: top 10 crashes reported by ubuntu users is 2x, 4x, thats not so good
[10:52:28] dekarl: the raw numbers for the last month are low though
[10:53:28] enyc: dekarl: getting bindngs into debian, then means they are automatially into ubuntu and lal other deian derivatives, though?
[10:54:29] dekarl: enyc: yes, getting mythtv into the debian package repository means it'll be in all derived package repositories, too
[10:54:38] dekarl: e.g. Ubuntu, Raspian, etc.
[10:54:40] enyc: dekarl: d-m-o packages are controversy of sorts, seem to have a lot of extra patches/hacks in them, too... =)
[10:54:59] enyc: dekarl: wookey prepared to help with that in mid-march, apparently we'd need to run all the checks over freeness and all the rest of it
[10:55:20] enyc: dekarl: at the very least might be able to create a separate repo with a build daemon.. could certainly get a machine for it
[10:55:31] enyc: dekarl: if its _in_ debian then it gets built for a lot of arches =)
[10:55:57] dekarl: which brings us to #12634 again :D
[10:55:57] ** MythLogBot **
[10:57:00] dekarl: enyc: I don't know why the effort of bringing our packages into the debian repo has stalled. One road block was the ffmpeg packages and that has been talked about
[10:57:02] stuarta: enyc: dekarl i'm pretty sure debian won't ever accept ffmpeg because of patent issues, and therefore mythtv is out too
[10:58:01] enyc: dekarl: i'm awaiting tgm4883 to put in my init script patch and going to try again tracking down anoher pkging bug, in short term ...
[10:58:07] enyc: actualyl, no, debian now uses ffmpeg
[10:58:14] enyc: its' been resolved there somehow or another
[10:58:57] enyc: however, aiui it would be preferred to have shared ffmpeg rather than bringing along separate mythtv copy, but appreciate thta may be a practicality/issue
[10:59:10] dekarl: stuarta, there it is :D
[10:59:56] stuarta: !!!
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[11:00:18] enyc: dekarl: do you need extra help to get e.g. pull request or testing on the upstream-ubuntu-16.04-patches  ???
[11:01:50] dekarl: endothermic and stuff!
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[11:31:25] enyc: Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
[11:32:15] enyc: 'no route to host' from 2 different sources/clients
[11:32:56] stuarta: hmmm lemme check
[11:33:29] stuarta: i'm logged into it atm....
[11:33:31] ** stuarta fiddles **
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[11:35:47] stuarta: ffs firewalld....
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[11:37:08] stuarta: todo_list += move over to firewalld
[11:37:40] stuarta: wtf, you are disabled why did you start???
[11:38:13] enyc: 22 * * ( 155.449 ms !C
[11:38:20] enyc: =)
[11:38:29] enyc: blame systemd! blame blame blame!
[11:38:45] stuarta: enyc: oh i know what the problem is, we are using shorewall on the box, and firewalld which is disabled!!! has started too
[11:39:03] Steve-Goodey: Can't be too safe!
[11:39:15] stuarta: we are so safe, nobody can get to us
[11:39:19] enyc: lol
[11:39:24] enyc: reboot? ;-)
[11:39:41] stuarta: i did, that's why we now have 2
[11:39:55] stuarta: rebooted to the new kernel this morning, no web traffic since
[11:40:02] stuarta: firewalld--
[11:40:18] Steve-Goodey: Get someone in who knows what their doing. :-)
[11:40:31] enyc: i rather like my manual iptables/ip6tables =)
[11:40:59] enyc: ip6tables gets interesting when you have to be more carefula to followe the rfc on what ipv6 icmp required... more so than ipv4 and "fragmentation needed" scenario
[11:41:00] stuarta: enyc: so do i, that's why i use shorewall, because i can't be arsed writing all the little rules
[11:41:04] Steve-Goodey: their/they're
[11:41:12] ** stuarta insults Steve-Goodey **
[11:41:25] enyc: for starters its' possible to ip6tables out the ipv6 equivalent of ARP, which isn't the case with iptables ;p
[11:41:43] stuarta: neighbour discovery
[11:41:48] enyc: indeed
[11:41:58] stuarta: i've run native ipv6 for years
[11:42:01] enyc: but its now actually ipv6 packets rather than this out-of-band ethertype ;p
[11:42:04] stuarta: so i'm very familiar with it
[11:42:24] enyc: poster your web hosting place to get it =)
[11:42:32] stuarta: have been
[11:43:08] stuarta: it has move on from, we need the uni to do something, to we (osuosl) need to do something
[11:43:46] enyc: a friend has the issue the host sort of do ipv6 but the only give a /64 on a subnet and don't do reliably reverse dns delegation
[11:44:05] stuarta: crappy
[11:44:07] enyc: its' lie .. wake up ... arin will happily allocate you a /48 per customer regardless and they use subnets as needed
[11:44:41] enyc: stuarta: can you use likes of to find other websites hosted by the osuosl, and get them to join in the we-want-ipv6 campaign ;p
[11:45:06] stuarta: i just insult osuosl every now and again, even volunteer to beta test
[11:45:30] enyc: ok =)
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[12:02:48] stuarta: clearly some other service requires firewalld
[12:05:33] MythBuild: build #3037 of doxygen-master is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/3037
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[12:13:52] stuarta: well i've opened the web ports again
[12:14:03] ** stuarta keeps fixing firewalld rulesets **
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[12:39:53] stuartm: you like shorewall? I always thought I'd imposed my personal preference for shorewall on you
[12:40:16] stuarta: yes, i've used it for years
[12:40:30] stuarta: conversion from shorewall -> firewalld is nearly complete
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[13:10:20] stuarta: our users have been very efficient
[13:10:23] stuarta:
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[14:33:47] enyc: stuarta: =)
[14:42:36] enyc: oooooooh "Beirdo" merged my push in master packaging, not sure if they saw the message to put into fixes/0.27 (and beta/0.28) =)
[14:44:02] dekarl: ency, well, the automatic replication hook runs under the user account of Beirdo ;)
[14:44:39] enyc: dekarl: replication of what where why how which ?? *confused*
[14:45:44] dekarl: when tgm4883 merged your pull request something like this happened
[14:46:32] dekarl: the "mirrorpush" hook synchronizes the repository on our mythtv server to github's public repository
[14:46:50] enyc: ooooooooooOOooooo you ahve some secret system im not on? ;-))
[14:47:19] stuarta: is hardly secret
[14:47:21] enyc: i see, using this central server to run 'git' commands from scripts...
[14:47:26] dekarl: its not that secret
[14:47:27] enyc: amongst other things
[14:48:06] enyc: dekarl: acutalyl i did'nt know about this
[14:48:28] dekarl: that was a typo and should have been sacred system? ;)
[14:48:37] enyc: lol
[14:49:03] enyc: dekarl: i wonder if tgm4883 read the second comment in the push-request ...
[14:49:39] dekarl: maybe he's in here and reads that you'd love to see this cherry-picked to fixes/0.27, too
[14:50:42] enyc: does packaging not have a 0.28 beta type fork thing yet ??
[14:51:05] enyc: i'd hae sort of expected one if starting to auto-build 0.28-beta packages
[14:51:34] dekarl: enyc 0.28 packages are being build nighlty for years from master already
[14:51:44] stuarta: no, ubuntu already does a build of 0.28 (ie. master) so there is no point
[14:51:55] stuarta: beta/0.28 is for users wanting to try it out themselves
[14:52:10] dekarl: enyc: I wonder if someone has their irc client hooked up to GPIO like this . . . -horn-prank/
[14:52:10] enyc: ok im conufes,d i thought i started seeing beta/0.28 as separate fork or so
[14:52:19] dekarl: s/someone/anyone/
[14:53:25] enyc: dekarl: i remebr well such things as 'annoy-a-tron'
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[15:09:59] dekarl: enyc, can I see the debian package build process of the master package anywhere?
[15:13:27] enyc: dekarl: not tried, but happy to run it and log it
[15:13:38] enyc: dekarl: what you after specifically and so on ?
[15:13:58] enyc: dekarl: i've been largely dealing with fixes/0.27 issue and all
[15:14:12] dekarl: I'm after a Debian maintainer :D
[15:14:41] enyc: wookey is willing to sponsor it, but not sure who will be an ongoing maintainer
[15:15:26] stuarta: enyc: you??
[15:15:42] enyc: dekarl: build-process, as in log of it running?
[15:15:44] dekarl: With a release every six to twentyfour months and the actual packaging happening mostly in our packaging repo I'm not sure how much effort remains. Mind to give it a try?
[15:16:06] dekarl: You appear to be "in the know" already
[15:16:41] gregbert: anyone have bill9502's contact info? i want to answer his question but he's no longer in the channel
[15:16:45] enyc: definitely see what i can do...
[15:17:15] enyc: dekarl: are you niterested in master because... checking it builds on debian and debian-sid, or what?
[15:17:25] dekarl: haha, I went to see who the guy was that came up with all the fixes that need to be done to get our stuff into Debian...
[15:17:52] dekarl: wanted to connect you to ... well yourself as it seems ;)
[15:18:19] enyc: dekarl: do you have a list of such  ?
[15:18:32] enyc: i'm actually *not* in the know about all the ins-and-outs of debian packaging
[15:18:33] dekarl: enyc: yes, I'm mostly interested in "the branch that will become fixes/0.28 soonish"
[15:18:35] enyc: rules
[15:18:53] enyc: dekarl: on jessie, or also debian sid/unstable, ?
[15:20:07] dekarl: enyc: I don't know what the first step is towards getting it in. sid?
[15:20:27] enyc: dekarl: i don't know exactly but can ask wookey, he's espcially interested to discuss mid-March
[15:20:43] dekarl: enyc: last or next mid-march?
[15:20:46] enyc: dekarl: somehow or other we need to make sure everything is (a) Documented and (b) Free in some generic sense
[15:20:50] enyc: dekarl: next month ;p
[15:21:03] stuarta: b is hard
[15:21:25] dekarl: doing a for b is hard
[15:21:54] dekarl: I can just tell you "of course its free as in libre beer". But documenting all the pieces is some work
[15:23:35] enyc: tried to ask for some pointers ;p
[15:25:53] dekarl1 (dekarl1!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has joined #mythtv
[15:26:01] dekarl1: enyc: what is mid march? the freeze for the next debian release?
[15:27:08] dekarl (dekarl!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[15:27:11] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[15:28:23] dekarl: hmm, Debian Stretch freeze appears to be early September 2016, so its not that :)
[15:34:39] enyc: no so no matter
[15:34:41] enyc: 15:25 <wookey> well, it's quite complicated. ideally every code file has a header with a licence, and/or there is a manfest detailing the copyright of everything, but you never get that.
[15:34:46] enyc: 15:26 <wookey> In general if there is a top-level licence statement then that applies to everything
[15:34:49] enyc: 15:26 <wookey> but in practice people copy in random things, especially test files, and forget to make sure that they have free licences
[15:35:02] enyc: alos got some hints of scan-copyright tool and so on i can try out on the back of some builds
[15:36:17] dekarl: enyc: we started to move all "copied in stuff" into directories called external, like ffmpeg. I'm sure we are not done with that yet though.
[15:36:26] dekarl: enyc: and our own stuff is GPLv2+
[15:37:03] jafa (jafa!~jafa@2001:470:80ca:2000:cdb6:62a6:f710:876a) has joined #mythtv
[15:37:34] dekarl: help with moving the remaining external bits and pieces into their own external/<name of bit and piece> directories with some information on license and upstream repo are highly appreciated :)
[15:37:57] enyc: ok so sounds like this would need some work to sort out properly
[15:38:07] enyc: also thats' not likely to happen for fixes/0.27 ever ?
[15:38:41] enyc: is that possible to get done/completed for 0.28 branch so its' much easier to sort out copyright and hence debian package ?
[15:38:48] dekarl: exactly. new developments go to master, maybe in time for the upcoming release (counting it as documentation fixes)
[15:39:33] enyc: how are the ''externals'' imported now anyway? does some script paste this together or they are literally copies?
[15:39:35] dekarl: enyc: are you going to look into it? Then its going to be done faster ;)
[15:40:05] dekarl: enyc: its proper copies
[15:40:11] jafa: morning guys. libhdhomerun now has official github home and the latest has a number of improvements:
[15:40:25] enyc: dekarl: so, i wouldn't be best placed to know where they are even
[15:40:40] enyc: dekarl: BUT i'm much better placed to help with the debian build tests / feedbacks there
[15:42:02] dekarl: jafa, thanks for the heads up and good timing, too.
[15:42:15] jafa: what is the current state of the mythtv release cycle?
[15:42:50] stuarta: jafa: we are in beta for 0.28
[15:43:17] stuarta: jafa: does the updated library do the proper locking of the hdhomerun?
[15:43:57] dekarl: stuarta, if I understood it correctly, then we have to call the lock/release hooks on the established API
[15:44:05] stuarta: ah, our bug then
[15:44:23] stuarta: still an update to that library would be good, but might have to be 0.29
[15:44:32] stuarta: and merge back to 0.28.1
[15:45:26] dekarl: jafa: I was just looking at earlier today to see if there are updates
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[15:54:16] tgm4883: *cough* *cough*
[15:56:13] dekarl: tgm4883: I guess everyone is waiting on jya's vote on that one
[15:56:34] tgm4883: ok
[15:58:20] enyc: tgm4883: also the packaging merge needs backporting to fixes/0.27 =)
[15:58:36] tgm4883: enyc: yea I should do that
[15:58:46] tgm4883: generally we want to test it in 0.28 first though
[15:59:00] tgm4883: although for this particular change, I've no way to test it
[15:59:10] enyc: it only affects sysvinit and i've tested that file manualyl instaled in there already
[15:59:27] enyc: and tbh its just about start-stop-daemon, not 0.27 vs 0.28
[16:02:45] tgm4883: enyc: yea I'll merge it in a few. In a meeting right now
[16:05:48] dekarl: jafa: if you like I can create a little pull request to demo the workflow with . . . m-8387.patch
[16:07:58] enyc: 16:02 <wookey> I would mostly be worried about all the graphics in the themes. Are those all licenced freely?
[16:10:13] stuarta: wtf does thunderbirds "reply" reply to the list, not to the sender. stupid thing
[16:10:56] dekarl: enyc: good call, we only ship MythCenter(-wide) and Terra with the source, the rest is not part of the distribution, so only those to check
[16:11:13] stuarta: they have limited images iirc
[16:11:55] stuarta: dekarl: we have quite a few more than that
[16:12:00] stuarta:
[16:12:06] jafa: dekarl: I will be back in an hour or so... happy to be involved
[16:12:26] stuarta: i'd love to fix the hdhomerun issue, but i don't have one....
[16:13:19] enyc: 16:00 <wookey> duplicated ffmpeg is OK if it has important patches that are not upstream <- thougha agin these should xe enumerated / try to pus h upstream or even into debian
[16:13:50] stuarta: that's a major piece of work in itself, but yes we have a bunch of local patches
[16:14:13] stuarta: we need to rewrite mythtv to use their api as they intend
[16:14:21] ** stuarta has no idea where to start on that **
[16:14:45] dekarl: stuarta: what hdhomerun issue? I'm only aware of "channel scanning is not working" now having this myself.
[16:14:59] stuarta: the locking, and now a library resync
[16:15:22] dekarl: stuarta, we'll have to interview jafa about the features of their new http api. e.g. does it do multirec, does it do EIT?
[16:15:35] stuarta: :)
[16:16:04] dekarl: I'm happy to test against DVB-T2 with HEVC once its rolled out over here (hint hint)
[16:16:10] stuarta: :)
[16:16:16] tgm4883: enyc: the mythbuntu theme I believe has all the licenses in it
[16:18:27] tgm4883: if not, I could add the licenses
[16:22:22] enyc: stuarta: short term all that really matters is that security-fixes is ffmpeg are being imported into mythtv's copy
[16:22:26] dekarl: enyc: two down, one to go . . . enter/README . . . -wide/README
[16:24:31] enyc: debian seems to have a very spceifci copyright firle format etc... good start os all the externals are labelled//licensed ...
[16:24:45] dekarl: enyc: and here is the image license documentation for the third one . . . ADME.license
[16:26:16] enyc: . . . yright-file/
[16:26:59] enyc: does somebody who understands the wider source layout do much?
[16:27:08] enyc: anyway when i do test builds i'll creaty the copyrightscan outputs etc
[16:29:15] dekarl: enyc: if you have a list what is missing, that would be nice. If there is a tool that does this even better.
[16:30:43] dekarl: enyc: ffmpeg security updates are an interesting point, but given that mythtv itself does not have a concept of security worth mention I'll put it at the end of the list...
[16:31:16] stuarta: yeah, our idea of security is don't run it on an open network
[16:32:20] dekarl: and don't mention interactive tv, where some unknown entity can make your computer visit websites and run code...
[16:36:05] stuarta: dekarl: there are also channels here in the UK now which broadcast an mheg stream which triggers an iptv start
[16:36:22] stuarta: sadly i need to fix recording of these channels
[16:36:27] stuarta: or someone else
[16:36:41] stuarta: that reminds me, must raise a ticket on this
[16:36:44] dekarl: stuarta: we have the same with HBBTV (and so will you in the not to distant future ;)
[16:40:02] stuarta: #12646
[16:40:02] ** MythLogBot **
[16:49:57] dekarl: stuarta, if only there was a central channel database with interformation about the various ways of receiving the same channel, e.g. via OTT HTTP stream
[16:51:17] stuarta: oh i've fished the iptv endpoint out of the mheg before
[16:54:54] dekarl: the idea of having one InteractiveTV runtime per recorder in the backend makes me uncomfortable (no matter if its MHEG, MHP or HBBTV)
[16:55:26] dekarl: also need an MPEG-DASH handler for the IPTV recorder
[17:31:21] stuartm: dekarl: well that was an interesting commit message
[17:33:04] stuarta: mmmm beer
[17:33:38] dekarl: if you want to claim it ;)
[18:08:15] Merlin83b (Merlin83b! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
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[18:51:37] CyberJacob is now known as Guest83242
[19:01:45] dekarl: stuartm: can you update the coverity report?
[19:02:37] stuartm: sure
[19:04:17] stuartm: running the build, usually takes at least two hours after the build has been uploaded before the report is updated
[19:11:25] dekarl: ty
[19:28:38] gregbert (gregbert!14522742@unaffiliated/gregbert) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:46:04] willcooke (willcooke!~willcooke@ubuntu/member/willcooke) has quit (Quit: Do your hobbies)
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[20:38:16] ** enyc mutters something about change being committed **
[20:41:07] dekarl: jafa: here's the PR I'm happy to have it used as a test/demo e.g. for a CLA integration that you may want to set up. (But I'm happy to have it "just pulled", too. Use it as you see fit)
[20:51:22] Jordack (Jordack! has joined #mythtv
[20:53:33] jheizer: dekarl, it's doing much better this time.  :fingers crossed for you:
[20:54:04] dekarl: jheizer: btw, after replacing irqbalance I readded -j3, now running -j4 for some hours
[20:54:28] dekarl: If it fails now its likely something new
[20:54:29] jheizer: nice
[20:54:36] jheizer: I think mine is at 2 still
[20:54:49] jheizer: yeah, it is
[20:56:13] Jordack (Jordack! has quit (Client Quit)
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[21:06:00] enyc: dekarl: whats' the best way to log ''debian package build process'' as you requested ?
[21:06:35] Jordack (Jordack! has quit ()
[21:07:03] enyc: dekarl: obviously i can direct stdout+stderr into a single file ...
[21:09:00] bas-t (bas-t! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[21:13:23] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[21:19:23] dekarl: enyc: sure, sounds good. Is that running locally on your machine? Then that appears to be the easiest solution
[21:20:58] enyc: dekarl: well, aother box ahth does buds
[21:21:39] enyc: dekarl: i guess i can manually patch the init file tgm4883 hasn't put in fixes/0.27 yet ;p
[21:21:46] enyc: dekarl: must be busy =)
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[22:11:44] jafa: dekarl: removing timeb.h – i seem to remember that was added for osx... will test without
[22:16:09] andreaz (andreaz! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[22:48:41] jafa: dekarl: confirmed on osx as well – include isn't needed'
[22:49:39] dekarl: jafa, sounds good. The ftime() calls have been removed some time ago, it was just the include that was left over.
[22:49:47] jafa: ah
[22:50:21] dekarl: our FreeBSD buildbots complained about it, so I looked into it and cleaned it up
[22:50:57] jafa: cool
[22:51:19] jafa: actually added a FreeBSD box to our build system a few months ago
[23:03:45] jmcentee_ (jmcentee_! has joined #mythtv
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[23:46:28] MythBuild: build #51 of master-debian-jessie-rpi2 is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . i2/builds/51

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