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Friday, February 5th, 2016, 00:56 UTC
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[10:34:47] dekarl: stuarta: the icon aquisition scripts?
[10:36:22] dekarl: should be just parsing the channels.xml
[10:44:09] dekarl: might add other sources using the same format, e.g. gonix (Croatia) although their icon links contain an extra "2", not sure why
[10:44:37] dekarl: or OzTivo (Australia)
[10:45:22] stuarta: nice
[10:45:50] stuarta: we currently don't even have oztivo
[10:46:07] stuarta: or gonix
[10:46:15] dekarl: hmm, the latter doesn't have icons in their feed... has vector icons and "mythtv pngs"
[10:47:06] dekarl: collecting vector icons is something for after the rewrite though. (but might come in handy for 4K frontends)
[10:48:57] stuarta: i'll settle for being able to collect various icons, and then match them properly with the request
[10:50:13] stuarta: i've noticed there are some pretty big gaps in what we get from lyngsat. things like we are guessing the callsign from the logo name
[10:50:55] stuarta: when there are other pages which not only have the callsign, but also the netid, tsid and sid
[10:51:09] dekarl: I guess we're not collecting the ONID/TSID/SID? (and removing old icons as per lyngsat update of the transport)
[10:51:28] stuarta: nope. it's guess work atm, which explains why it's inaccurate
[10:52:04] stuarta: i also want to add the concept of "suggested". ie the current icon accoring to the data source (ie. what lyngsat says it is)
[10:52:16] stuarta: suggested should be returned as the first match
[10:52:36] dekarl: But then I like the "collect channel scans" solution better, as it works for DVB-C and -T, too.
[10:52:55] stuarta: please explain. coffee not working yet
[10:53:19] dekarl: collecting DVB channel scans allows us to get a full map of DVB triple -> service type and name
[10:53:31] stuarta: ah right, yes that makes sense
[10:53:51] dekarl: then we can generated a list of suggestions to map new services to a managed tree of channels
[10:53:53] stuarta: which will make it a damn lot easier to match up
[10:54:19] dekarl: When I went through DVB-T germany there were lots of mismatchs between radio and tv services
[10:54:44] stuarta: so v1 of the api will match up with what the existing services returns (ie. backward compatible)
[10:54:58] stuarta: then we can enhance and create v2 v3 etc as necessary
[10:55:08] dekarl: If we have a managed list with e.g. a description text per ONID we could put links to lists of known SID -> regional variant there
[10:55:49] dekarl: in germany its often the case that the regional variant is not named but carries the generic name
[10:58:09] stuarta: what would be useful is capturing the BAT tables from dvb-s, that gives you the "regional" collection
[10:59:27] ** stuarta redefines "match up" to mean return a better result set with the current format **
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[11:33:54] stuarta: dekarl: for reference this is one of the lyngsat pages i'm looking at which contains the nid,tid,sid data
[11:36:29] stuarta: it's a bit of a bastard to parse the tables tho
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[12:35:16] dekarl: doh, I vaguely remebered one table per transport, but its not
[12:36:34] dekarl: I can't look at that without noticing many nice things that can improve the suggestions, like audio stream languages
[12:37:35] stuarta: yeah, shit loads of information that just needs to be pulled and collated
[12:37:50] stuarta: which would vastly improve the results
[12:39:13] dekarl: meh, some transports on Astra don't have ONID/TSID (Multi TV at the end of the list) how is that? Or even missing service_id/program_numer (KKTV at the very end)
[12:39:23] dekarl: better to collect real channel scans ;)
[12:51:01] dekarl: stuarta, wrt #12633 isn't there a series called just "Law & Order" without suffix?
[12:51:01] ** MythLogBot **
[12:52:12] stuarta: i believe so, but in the case of that ticket, the SVU bit appears in the subtitle incorrectly
[12:55:42] dekarl: indeed, but how is a machine to know that "Law & Order: thisnthat" should be split, unless its one of the series titles? The only solution I came up with is a fixed list of series titles
[12:56:44] stuarta: we already effectively have that for CSI*
[12:58:09] dekarl: But their main series is called "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", so it still contains the colon as part of the series name, which avoids false positives
[13:05:00] Merlin83b: Looking at the decode (and tell me if that's pointless), in both cases, it correctly picks up the event_name as "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" so that shoudln't be split at any point. The one that has an episode title, the colon to split on is in the text_char field?
[13:05:55] stuarta: why couldn't they just broadcast it properly in the first place....
[13:06:03] dekarl: define properly
[13:07:03] dekarl: that's the whole point of our mythical "machine readable data from random strings for human consumption" routines. There is no proper way to follow
[13:19:16] dekarl: does this look sane? Then I can cherry-pick it ASAP . . . b3e66ef2a493 (doh, typo in the ticket reference)
[13:19:53] Merlin83b: There's also "Law & Order: UK"
[13:21:04] Merlin83b: from my program table
[13:21:36] dekarl: it was missing from the english wikipedia, only found it on the german one (doh)
[13:23:12] dekarl: "missing" as in there is a list of current and past series... there its missing, there is a list way down with foreign adaptions...
[13:26:15] dekarl: Merlin83b: thanks for looking, its in
[13:26:26] Merlin83b: Great stuff, thanks :)
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[13:29:00] dekarl: stuarta, do you have any plans for "milestone = 0.27.6" tickets? If not I'll just bump them to 0.27.7 and close the release.
[13:29:16] stuarta: go for it
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[13:43:16] pvr4me: stuarta: I gather you’re busy with the services stuff. Any thought on when you might get to the OS X buildbot?
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[13:44:17] ** dekarl looks forward to even more buildslaves to (un)break **
[13:46:09] pvr4me: dekarl: I had both master and 0.27 building OK last week, multiple times. A recent commit breaks the detection of Python 2.7 on my system. Was just going to create a ticket
[13:47:41] stuarta: was that me and my python3 detection?
[13:47:50] pvr4me: Yup
[13:48:17] pvr4me: But I lost the config.ep from that run. Imagine you want to see it
[13:48:49] stuarta: i mainly put that there to avoid having to fix the buildslave recipes to explicitly pass python2 in
[13:49:13] stuarta: it basically just runs python and checks the version
[13:49:18] stuarta: you should still be able to override it
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[13:52:02] pvr4me: I do use the —python= param but configure complains it needs greater than Python 2.6. Let me re-run it and I’ll get the details
[13:52:54] pvr4me: BTW, mythplugins/configure doesn’t respect the —python= param at all
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[13:54:09] pvr4me: And mythplugins/configure ought to use pkg-config to find cdio-paranoia. It is failing to find my installed version
[14:15:36] dekarl: pvr4me: mythplugins/configure ought to die
[14:16:07] pvr4me: Today?  ;)
[14:16:18] dekarl: I accept patches :D
[14:16:56] pvr4me: If you take mine…you’ll regret it!
[14:22:53] pvr4me: stuarta: #12639 created re python detection
[14:22:53] ** MythLogBot **
[14:44:14] stuarta: pvr4me: hrm, odd, should try $python first
[14:48:50] stuarta: pvr4me: what does this do for you
[14:48:51] stuarta:
[14:50:29] stuarta: it should only reset $python to python2 if is_python3 returns 0
[14:50:37] stuarta: ie. success
[14:51:11] pvr4me: I get…
[14:51:14] pvr4me:
[14:51:29] pvr4me: Yes, success
[14:51:39] stuarta: erm, your python2.7 appears to be python3.....
[14:52:17] stuarta: so just run python2.7, and then run the following python bits
[14:52:20] stuarta: import sys
[14:52:24] stuarta: print sys.version_info
[14:52:26] stuarta: iirc
[14:53:02] stuarta: yes that's right, just checked
[14:53:06] pvr4me: I’ve got both 2.7 and 3.4 installed…
[14:53:09] pvr4me:
[14:54:08] stuarta: what about the output of `pring sys.version_info`
[14:54:10] stuarta: *print
[14:55:29] pvr4me: stuarta: >>> sys.version_info(major=2, minor=7, micro=11, releaselevel='final', serial=0)
[14:55:39] stuarta: that is weird
[14:56:12] pvr4me: What were you expecting?
[14:56:35] stuarta: in this case (sys.version_info > (3,0)) should yield false not true
[14:56:50] ** stuarta has lightbulb momemt **
[14:58:49] stuarta: pants
[15:05:49] stuarta: pvr4me: fixed
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[15:12:36] pvr4me: stuarta: Thanks
[15:13:51] stuarta: pvr4me: lemme know if it works (should) the test works here on my laptop
[15:13:52] dekarl: stuarta, is there python 3.0.0 out there? wrt >3 instead of >=3
[15:14:05] stuarta: erm, no idea
[15:14:53] stuarta: i'm not aware of any distros shipping 3.0
[15:15:01] stuarta: f23 has 3.4.3
[15:15:04] pvr4me: stuarta: trying now…if only we had a Mac buildbot, eh? ;)
[15:15:11] stuarta: todo_list++
[15:15:25] stuarta: been slammed at work this week so haven't got around to it
[15:22:37] pvr4me: stuarta: 0.27.6 configure is happy again—“bindings_python yes”
[15:23:36] pvr4me: I’ve got to head out for a couple of hours. I’ll check in later
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[15:58:02] antgel: Hi all. My parents mythtv box (0.27-fixes) wasn't responding to keyboard presses during livetv. The logs didn't reveal much, but I saw some theme errors
[15:58:36] antgel: So I deleted their ~/.mythtv/theme(s|chooser), hoping to be able to reinstall Arclight with the Theme Chooser online
[15:58:51] antgel: But when I start the Theme Chooser, it doesn't try to sync the downloaded themes. What am I missing?
[15:59:44] stuarta: it's obviously got a cached copy that's up to date
[15:59:45] antgel: Ah. "If the downloadable themes do not show, or to refresh the list of downloadable themes, press M and select the option to refresh downloadable themes.
[16:00:11] antgel: Well, I don't see any themes apart from the three defaults. But I think the above snippet from may help
[16:00:27] stuarta: anyway, this is more a question for #mythtv-users
[16:01:21] antgel: Oops, sorry all, it's been a while :(
[16:02:38] antgel: I'll nip over there now
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[17:23:52] antgel_: Hi again all, I believe I have found a bug. First I'll describe the problem (from #mythtv)
[17:24:27] antgel_: Hi all. Trying to debug my parents' 0.27-fixes frontend. It's not responding to keyboard input when watching LiveTV. M, Esc, whatever I try, nothing works. I'm running with -v general,gui,osd,system, and when I press m for menu, I get Container 'guideMenuPopup' is missing child 'title. Any clues as to how I can debug this? It *does* work when they're watching recordings
[17:24:59] antgel_: I looked in the code for this missing child error message, but I didn't really understand what was going on
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[17:38:03] antgel_: Found the issue, when i recompiled, i installed but didn't restow. It must have been missing something. Good day all
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[18:22:58] jpabq:
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[18:41:05] gary_buhrmaster: jpabq: Are the kernel drivers in tree yet?
[18:41:47] jpabq: gary_buhrmaster: Hauppage says /they/ have linux drivers. I have not followed up to see what that means.
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[20:25:53] dekarl: were not that bad... just wondered why upnp-inspector is so old in ubuntu packages... well, its the latest release from 2009...
[22:01:31] gregbert: how do you install JW Player?
[22:02:24] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: good call
[22:11:28] dekarl: anybody got an idea where the overlinking of openmaxil comes from in . . . e/logs/stdio ?
[22:13:11] gregbert: ls
[22:16:37] dekarl: gregbert: you are on 0.28?
[22:16:53] dekarl: I just tried it myself, but could not enter the menu option
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[22:35:58] gregbert: dekarl: yes
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