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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016, 00:25 UTC
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[09:22:28] stuarta: hmmm, where's the diseq box for my dvb-s2 card gone?
[09:22:49] stuarta: it's not going to work without it
[09:24:39] stuarta: hmmm, there's an issue, it appears after i save the card and re-enter, but not when first setting it up
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[09:42:03] stuarta: gigem: how much needs doing to fix diseqc setups with switches and multiple lnb's?
[09:44:47] stuarta: ie. #12499
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[14:34:32] stuarta: and a release announcement done for the website
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[15:13:29] gigem: stuarta: I hope not much. I think the configuration in mythtv-setup is serviceable. It could be much better, but mergine the old card and input wizards is no small task. That leaves the recorder. I think the changes broke some assumption which distinguishes between the virtual tuners on different diseqc ports.
[15:20:32] stuarta: the key thing i think at the moment is to preserve previously working setups like the last user comment in #12499
[15:20:32] ** MythLogBot **
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[15:27:57] bill6502: stuarta: morning/afternoon. looks line [alpha/beta/rc-n] starting in 0.25 were tags, not branches. did the old branches (or my memory) get removed?
[15:28:25] bill6502: s/line/like
[15:28:52] stuarta: hmmm, i figured on a branch, so that we can merge what we need
[15:29:12] stuarta: maybe a tag would have been better
[15:29:21] stuarta: easy enough to change later
[15:31:13] gigem: stuarta: AFAIK, working configurations are preserved.
[15:32:14] gigem: That's the configuration. As noted already, the current recorder or some other piece of code doesn't use it correctly.
[15:37:46] dekarl: I think you're right. DiSEqC is only used with DVB-S(2). All references to mixing DVB-T in the DVB-S feed are simple frequency multiplexes. And multiple DVB-T transmitters are feed into shared adapters with multiple antennas (and frequency filters). I was expecting to find rotors for DVB-T but I couldn't.
[15:46:03] stuarta: gigem: how do you come to the conclusion that the recorder or some other piece of code doesn't use it correctly?
[15:46:41] stuarta: simple setups like <adapter> — <lnb> work just fine
[15:46:59] stuarta: i lack a setup to test any diseqc switching tho
[15:50:56] stuartm: wiki spam again
[15:51:46] stuartm: oh, no, still bouncing emails from last week – carry on as usual, false alarm
[15:51:59] stuarta: hehe
[15:52:10] stuarta: user creation is still disabled
[15:52:13] gigem: stuarta: Visual inspection of the resulting configuration, both mine with hacked code and Ian Richardson's from #12499. Since a single input works and additional ones don't, again from Ian, I am left to assume the code ins't using the configuration as intended.
[15:52:13] ** MythLogBot **
[15:54:31] stuarta: then what is the user talking about in ?? is that a report that it doesn't work, or is he just wibbling?
[15:58:59] gigem: I think he just doesn't understand how the same thing is configured now. Previously, you configured the capture card section. Then inputs would automatically appear as needed in the input section. Now, you must a new card (with the same video device) in the card section for each additional 'input' you want to use.
[16:00:17] stuarta: right, so it's modelled differently in setup
[16:00:30] gigem: It's similar to how multiple inputs on analog cards now work too. For each 'input' you need to configure a card for it. Inputgroups are automatically created to handle conflicts.
[16:00:42] stuarta: that's something we should fix, so ultimately its modelled how it's physically cabled
[16:00:55] stuarta: hmmmm
[16:02:40] stuarta: gigem: do you want to follow up in the ticket for that user? make sure they understand how they need to model it now and ask them to test it?
[16:03:00] gigem: Reworking the whole input configuration to make it more user-friendly and fix the outright bugs that have been there forever is a huge task. My hope was, and still is, that the MythUI rewrite will get first. That's why I did the minimum I could in the configuration area. I don't want to rewrite it all twice.
[16:03:24] stuarta: stuartm: is there much left in the mythui rewrite?
[16:04:00] gigem: stuarta: I will try.
[16:05:14] stuartm: well, apart from settings, no and I don't know the status of the settings stuff
[16:05:15] gigem: stuarta: I could be wrong, but I thought Jonatan Lindblad was working on the MythUI settings rewrite.
[16:05:50] stuartm: pretty much everything else which matters was ported to mythui years ago
[16:06:39] stuarta: that's what i thought
[16:07:04] stuartm: just one annoying dialog outstanding iirc – if you have multiple optical drives with media in both, it prompts you to choose which to use, and that still uses the old UI
[16:07:33] stuartm: but it's a blocking modal and the media monitor needs restructuring to eliminate it
[16:07:52] stuartm: since mythui doesn't support blocking modals in the UI thread
[16:08:28] dekarl: has someone tested the rewrite?
[16:08:44] dekarl: Maybe it can go in early in the 0.29 cycle
[16:09:13] stuarta: who cares?!?! :shipit:  ;-)
[16:10:07] stuarta: stuartm: the media model needs napalming from a great height
[16:10:12] stuarta: er monitor
[16:15:06] stuarta: btw. should i have tagged beta-0.28, rather than creating a branch for it??
[16:15:59] stuartm: six of one, half a dozen of the other
[16:16:22] stuartm: sometimes we branch, sometimes we tag, I can't even remember what we did the last time
[16:16:31] stuarta: i figured by branching, we could selectively backport if needed
[16:17:49] stuartm: yeah, there are pros and cons, pro – risky changes can keep going into master; con – fixes have to be applied twice
[16:17:51] stuartm: etc
[16:18:19] stuarta: yeah, well lets see
[16:18:42] stuarta: i figure it's significant enough of a step that a branch was warranted
[16:19:18] stuartm: I like branches slightly more because they aren't static – too many people treat tags as snapshots, they'll download the beta tag and miss out on any fixes made subsequently until the next tag and so on
[16:20:22] stuartm: unless you do a new tag/point release for every bug fix, getting people to test them becomes a chore
[16:20:44] stuarta: i think the more regular tagging of the fixes releases helps
[16:21:34] ** stuarta peers at the smolt data **
[16:21:48] stuarta: that data really needs some graphs generating from it
[16:23:08] stuarta: 0.27.5 is up to 26.3% of users
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[16:43:41] jams: it could use some graphs. Started on it but rememberd I don't like web stuff :)
[16:45:13] stuarta: jams: hah, i've decided to rewrite it
[16:45:47] stuarta: get all the api stuff working in rails, and then let some people who can do webui's do the pretties
[16:46:00] stuarta: but first, i'm doing the same to services
[16:46:33] jams: works for me
[16:47:29] jams: both turbogears and sqlalchemy were poor choices
[16:47:30] stuarta: channel icon backend is the first target
[16:48:07] jams: stuarta, was my account disabled on alcor? Tried to login and it failed
[16:48:20] stuarta: not that i know of
[16:48:48] jams: maybe an update did it
[16:49:03] stuarta: login where btw? the server itself?
[16:49:07] jams: yes
[16:49:10] jams: ssh
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[16:49:58] jams: hmm i see that id_dsa is not accepted cant' remember if I used that key or an rsa one.
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[17:16:43] stuartm: which domain are you using, explicitly or just
[17:17:32] stuartm: though both are pointing to alcor, so it's a moot point
[17:17:57] stuartm: I thought for a moment that was now on mizar
[17:18:21] stuarta: i though it was
[17:18:41] stuarta: hmm, it's not
[17:18:44] stuarta: must fix that
[17:19:04] stuartm: I'm unable to login to mizar ...
[17:19:18] stuarta: hmmm
[17:19:45] stuarta: that's just you then
[17:20:07] stuarta: stuartm: try again now
[17:20:33] stuarta: userauth_pubkey: key type ssh-dss not in PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes
[17:20:39] stuarta: same problem jams just had
[17:20:44] stuartm: hmm
[17:21:05] stuarta: you do have an rsa key in there
[17:22:04] stuarta: send me a new key if you can't get in
[17:23:16] stuartm: it's trying the rsa key first, then the dsa, both are being rejected ... strange, those keys haven't changed for a while and if it works on alcor ...
[17:26:05] stuartm: can you compare the key against the one on alcor?
[17:28:59] stuarta: the rsa key is different
[17:29:08] stuarta: right gotta run, back later ~3–4hrs
[17:30:55] stuartm: ok
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[18:05:24] bill6502: stuartm: in you split out GetSetting and GetSettingList (very handy.) But I'm not seeing the ability to use GetSetting to retrieve a NULL hostname (if the HostName parameter isn't there, then an automatic lookup of the BE's hostname is done.
[18:05:49] bill6502: I'd prefer to let a missing/empty HostName return the NULL case. Do you have an opinion about that?
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[18:15:27] stuartm: forcing it to return the NULL case then requires the user of the API to know in advance the name of the machine they are connected to, which I wanted to avoid
[18:16:26] stuartm: and even MythCoreContext::GetSetting() will always return a local value before the NULL (global) value
[18:16:58] stuartm: how about returning the global value if 'hostname' is set to a special value, such as _GLOBAL_ ?
[18:21:23] bill6502: _GLOBAL_, good choice, I had tried HostName=IS NULL ( or IS%20NULL, but thought it was a bit odd.) The trailing _ should make it an illegal hostname
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[20:19:03] enyc: I see 0.27.6 number commited to mythtv =)
[20:19:09] enyc: r.e. . . . 567d6de14820
[20:19:38] enyc: does this need updating in packaging repo again, so manual-builds are now correctly numbered 0.27.6.....etc...  ?
[20:19:49] enyc: (yes this is a horrible hack etc etc BUT....)
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[21:16:42] tgm4883: enyc: no, no it does not. Nor did it need updated previously
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[21:38:28] enyc: tgm4883: previously, without that, it was generating packages with version number 0.27.0. etc... which was then a problem as apt-get upgrade would then install version from trusty archives etc. rather than the manually-built newer version
[21:39:07] tgm4883: enyc: you mean when you manually build it right? Because the daily builds have the correct build number
[21:39:13] enyc: tgm4883: nods
[21:39:16] enyc: tgm4883: exactly
[21:39:19] tgm4883: enyc: then you were building it wrong
[21:39:32] tgm4883: enyc: which isn't your fault, because it wasn't documented at all until just recently
[21:39:40] enyc: tgm4883: this was ages ago that got sorted but it definitely manually-built wrongly
[21:40:03] enyc: tgm4883: i'm sure it was a horrible-hack-solution to put that extra entry in changelog but it worked at thetime
[21:40:24] enyc: tgm4883: of course, for most cases it still will, as no ubuntu/debian release has 0.27.6. anything in it anyway ;p
[21:40:24] tgm4883: enyc: oh it will still build with the old version number if you don't do it right. But now it's properly documented
[21:40:27] tgm4883: See the readme
[21:45:58] enyc: tgm4883: so far as I can see, i don't need any special flags, patches, or suffixes, it looks like just checking out fixes/0.27, ./ fixes/0.27 /target/dir should ''just work'' and produce a 0.27.6 deb , according to those instructions?
[21:46:14] tgm4883: sec
[21:46:56] tgm4883: hmm, I guess that part wasn't documented. You likely need to also specify GIT_MINOR_RELEASE_FIXES
[21:47:11] tgm4883: There are a ton of flags in there you can specify
[21:47:22] enyc: this needs fixing so manual builds just work right
[21:48:18] enyc: what is the procedure for GIT_MINOR_RELEASE_FIXES you mentioned??
[21:48:19] tgm4883: patches welcome? This is where the logic lies for that . . .
[21:49:02] tgm4883: GIT_MINOR_RELEASE_FIXES='6' ./ fixes/0.27 /tmp
[21:49:05] tgm4883: That should also work
[21:49:07] enyc: well, that suggests it does a dpkg-parsechangelog lookup from the file
[21:49:13] tgm4883: yes it does
[21:49:22] tgm4883: if you don't specify it already
[21:49:25] enyc: so, just updating the to have a new entry saying 0.27.6 would sort it
[21:49:43] tgm4883: enyc: yes, if you want to do that every time there is a tagged release
[21:52:00] enyc: is there a master location for release version / git date / etc that could be pulled from instead of ?
[21:53:13] tgm4883: enyc: you could look how the daily builds scripts pull the right value
[21:53:32] tgm4883: I'd imagine that it's just looking at the latest git tag on the branch and doing some splitting
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[22:25:51] enyc: tgm4883: =) understood...
[22:26:59] enyc: tgm4883: what needs doing within the next 2 months to get a 0.27.6 (or maybe even 0.28 if that comes out soon) mythtv pushed into ubuntu repo for 16.04 LTS supplied packages (my vote is keep 0.27.x _included_ although of course PPAs can be used =) )
[22:28:06] enyc: espically given the maturity of 0.27.x brach i makes more sense to get that included in LTS imho, 0.28 users should be using some sort of -fixes anyway =)
[22:29:17] amessina (amessina!~amessina@unaffiliated/amessina) has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:29:26] enyc: . . . u9/changelog
[22:30:07] enyc: superm1: pushed the last major change there it would seem
[22:36:57] Roklobotomy (Roklobotomy! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:37:36] letifosiferrari (letifosiferrari!~letifosif@ has joined #mythtv
[22:37:38] tgm4883: enyc: 0.27.6 will be in 16.04
[22:37:46] tgm4883: 0.28 will not
[22:38:08] tgm4883: I'd like to see if I can somehow swing it to enable the PPA by default, but I don't believe that will happen
[22:45:56] superm1: i think once we see the PPA build for 0.27.6 build successfully we'll kick 0.27.6 into 16.04 repos
[22:49:05] tgm4883: superm1: didn't it build successfully?
[22:49:15] tgm4883: I didn't look closely, but know there was some failur
[22:50:04] tgm4883: oh yea, that's no good
[22:50:30] tgm4883: superm1: is this something we need to be fixing or upstream ?
[22:50:32] tgm4883: libavcodec/libvpxenc.c:90:6: error: 'VP8E_UPD_ENTROPY' undeclared here (not in a function)
[22:52:24] tgm4883: doesn't look like it failed before that, so maybe just some unstableness in the repos
[22:56:46] GhostOfRaven (GhostOfRaven! has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[22:56:55] raven42 (raven42! has joined #mythtv
[23:34:08] superm1: tgm4883: i'm not sure. it only failed on xenial?
[23:34:12] superm1: that seems odd to me
[23:34:20] superm1: . . . LDING.txt.gz
[23:36:50] tgm4883: yea it did

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