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Monday, February 1st, 2016, 00:02 UTC
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[05:28:53] ShapeShifter499: Hi
[05:29:39] ShapeShifter499: so I'm back at it again. I've gotten the backend to change the channel but it still doesn't livetv stream anything
[05:34:30] ShapeShifter499: this is what I'm getting 2016-01–31 21:27:10.657993 E TVRec[1]: No valid DTV info, ATSC maj(0) min(0), MPEG pn(-1) 2016-01–31 21:27:10.658193 E TVRec[1]: Failed to setup digital signal monitoring 2016-01–31 21:27:10.658229 E TVRec[1]: Failed to setup signal monitor
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[07:24:05] ShapeShifter499: hmm ok got it working but now some channels don't record in both firewire broadcast and firewire point-to-point mode. I poked around and found that the CCI flag is set to 0x02 for the majority of channels, online this says "Copy Once" how does this work?
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[09:05:45] stuarta: morning all
[09:23:22] dekarl: ShapeShifter499: see about CCI and
[09:27:42] ShapeShifter499: dekarl: yea I came across that :/
[09:28:40] ShapeShifter499: dekarl: do you think a call to my cable provider could help? (heh maybe not, screw you comcast)
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[09:46:18] dekarl: I have no idea.
[09:49:40] stuarta: 1st Feb today. means i probably should tag 0.27.6 and cut beta/0.28 later
[09:56:36] stuartm: disappointing, but yes, we'll get our act sorted out for a later 0.28 release
[09:56:57] stuartm: at least it won't be rushed to hit someone else's deadline
[09:57:33] stuarta: still not going to be finished properly i suspect
[10:02:33] stuartm: well not to the standard I had hoped for with 0.28, we might have released it a year ago if I hadn't argued that certain milestones be reached :/
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[10:21:20] dekarl: Tagging 0.27.6 sounds like a good thing to do, there are some nice fixes in there.
[10:22:09] stuarta: i do think we should declare fixes/0.27 our LTS release
[10:39:14] dekarl: I don't see us getting our act "more together" when we extend the frozen zone for another 1-2–3 months. So are we going to have a fixes/0.27 LTS for the next Ubuntu release and a fixes/0.28 with the new UPNP / OpenMAX / WebFrontend features as PPA overlay?
[10:45:55] stuarta: fixes/0.27 is for the next ubuntu lts
[10:46:14] stuarta: 0.28 can be made available via a ppa, i think like the master builds already are
[11:02:02] dekarl: My google foo is weak. Does anyone remember where the "sort by pronounciation" was discussed for chinese title sort? I think we can have a generic SortTitle concept that covers this case, but also "Perfect Storm, The" etc.
[11:31:52] stuarta: my memory is free of facts at this time
[11:39:57] ShapeShifter499: stuarta: 0.28 is already at the official mythbuntu ppa
[11:40:07] ShapeShifter499: er their experimental branch
[11:40:41] ShapeShifter499:
[11:41:29] ShapeShifter499: I think you also need testing
[11:42:20] ShapeShifter499:
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[14:08:09] lomion0815: Since fixes/0.27 is going to be the "LTS" version ... how difficult is it to rsync ffmpeg to 1.2.12? Is there any documentation about how to resync ffmpeg in mythtv?
[14:08:27] lomion0815: s/rsync/resync/
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[14:22:29] stuarta: not happening
[14:22:55] stuarta: i was bad enough in master
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[17:10:24] stuarta: well that's stupid, it queries adapter2 for the card name details *twice* and gets them *twice* and then goes off and attempts to talk to *adapter0* several times
[17:10:38] stuarta: which fails
[17:10:50] stuarta: because it's busy and in use by the prod backend
[17:11:30] dekarl: well, the "twice" part triggered enough bugs on its own ;)
[17:11:33] stuarta: which would explain the symptoms users are reporting where it uses the name details from the other adapter (ie. adapter0)
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[18:14:01] tgm4883: stuarta: do we have a date for 0.27.6?
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[18:47:44] stuarta: tgm4883: i was hoping to cut one today
[18:47:54] stuarta: bbl
[18:48:05] tgm4883: stuarta: cool, thanks
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[21:28:13] stuarta: any objections to tagging 0.27.6 now??
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[21:44:43] stuarta: done
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[22:40:02] stuarta: sheesh finding where the dvb frontend is coming from is a pain
[22:40:28] stuarta: well, the actual call is easy to find, it's how it gets all twisted is the fun part
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[23:06:49] stuarta: sigh, it's like there is no callback happening for this type of card :(
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[23:19:42] stuarta: jya: was planning to cut beta/0.28 tonight or tomorrow, depending on how i go whacking this bug
[23:20:35] jya: stuarta: ok...
[23:20:47] jya: someone mentioned that they have issue with vdpau with plain mpeg2 recordings.
[23:20:53] jya: would need to fix that.
[23:21:05] jya: I personally don't have issue (and I watch mpeg2 all the time)
[23:21:10] stuarta: that's the idea of the beta, get a few more people to test it
[23:21:27] jya: i need to investigate why my mac mini can't play h264 1080i here
[23:22:05] jya: I'm a bit concerned with the issue I had having to delete capture cards only to recreate them
[23:22:09] ** stuarta ahah's! **
[23:22:12] jya: this indicates a problem in the upgrade process
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[23:22:49] stuarta: jya: related to the diseqc changes maybe?
[23:23:16] jya: i don't know what that is :)
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[23:23:26] jya: I have plain DVB-T cards
[23:23:50] jya: all FTA here but one channel is mpeg2 with either MP3 or AC3 audio
[23:23:58] jya: we have a new channel that is 1080i h264
[23:33:42] stuarta: woot, finally fixed the issue, now to unpick all the debug code
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[23:54:20] stuarta: beta is released
[23:57:47] stuarta: currently = master
[23:57:51] ** stuarta goes to bed **

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