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Monday, July 27th, 2015, 00:41 UTC
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[07:52:49] stuarta: morning all
[08:04:54] Roklobsta: bonza morning to you
[08:18:11] stuarta: flamin' gala!
[08:27:22] SteveGoodey: No win at the bingo again huh?
[08:41:46] stuartm: morning again? Feel like it happens every day now
[08:42:02] stuarta: :)
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[09:27:38] Roklobsta: stuarta watches too much home and away
[09:29:58] stuarta: !trout Roklobsta
[09:29:58] ** MythLogBot slaps Roklobsta with a trout on behalf of stuarta... **
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[13:11:37] Seeker`: trying to build the head of master, any idea why I'm getting compile errors related to Qt::RFC2822Date? On an up-to-date Ubuntu system
[13:15:34] stuarta: Seeker`: pastebin it?
[13:15:59] stuarta: otherwise it's like trying to read tea leaves
[13:16:10] Seeker`:
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[13:18:49] stuartm: Seeker`: what version of QT are you using?
[13:19:43] stuarta: i have ubuntu 14.04.02 here and it's building fine
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[13:20:09] Seeker`: 5.4.1 I think
[13:20:36] Seeker`: I just installed qt5-default
[13:21:00] stuartm: I suspect it's linking QT4 libs or something – RFC2822Date was new to QT5, maybe even 5.2
[13:21:43] stuarta: Seeker`: install the packages listed here . . . /qt5-deb.yml
[13:21:51] stuarta: or you can just run the playbook to do it for you
[13:23:07] Seeker`: yeah, removing qt4-qmake makes ./configure fail. I'll work it out from here, thanks
[13:23:24] stuarta: ah, so it's using qt4.
[13:23:47] stuarta: you need to do `make distclean; find . -name Makefile -delete; git reset --hard; ./configure.....'
[13:24:31] stuarta: Seeker`: you can keep both qt4 and qt5 installed, you just need to do the above once to reset the qmake being used
[13:26:15] Seeker`: ah, I did the make distclean, but not the find part
[13:26:26] stuarta: yeah, it keeps references to the old qmake
[13:26:38] Seeker`: it got through ./configure now, so I'll leave it to build
[13:26:44] stuarta: should be fine
[13:26:46] stuartm: shouldn't be necessary, that's what distclean is supposed to do :(
[13:26:53] Seeker`: It's been a while since I rebuilt this :)
[13:27:02] Seeker`: Thanks for the help stuarts
[13:27:09] stuarta: stuartm: yeah, it's a weird oddity that
[13:27:33] stuartm: also we should fail in configure if it try to use the QT4 qmake, I thought we'd done that already but I guess not
[13:29:05] stuarta: it does
[13:29:21] stuarta: but i wonder if there's a corner case when using the old qmake to bootstrap
[13:31:33] stuarta: it's so rare we change between qt versions i can't be bothered even looking at why it does it
[13:33:51] Seeker`: how long ago did you switch versions?
[13:34:12] stuarta: months
[13:35:01] stuarta: Date: Tue Mar 31 18:10:22 2015 +0100
[13:36:02] stuarta: . . . 804b8bb084a9
[13:39:08] Seeker`: yeah, I last built on 24th Feb
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[21:08:53] lautriv_: hey there ;) #mythtv-users felt asleep, maye anyone could help me out regarding connection issues ?
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