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Monday, July 20th, 2015, 00:04 UTC
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[09:16:52] mr-tt_: hi
[09:17:31] mr-tt_: is there a way to refetch the eit epg data? or does mythtv do that automatically?(when existing epg gets changed)
[09:17:48] stuarta: it's constantly walking the mplex's for current eit data
[09:18:36] stuarta: so you don't need to "force" it
[09:19:45] mr-tt_: stuarta: how often does it do that?
[09:20:18] stuarta: constantly. it sits on a mplex for the default time of 5min, before moving to another
[09:20:38] stuarta: the whole time it's there, it's listening for eit data
[09:20:57] mr-tt_: stuarta: only new one or also existing one?
[09:21:28] stuarta: that doesn't make sense. all the mplex's exist from when you did a channel scan
[09:21:38] mr-tt_: ie: does it update existing/already fetched epg that changed?
[09:21:44] stuarta: yes
[09:22:04] stuarta: are you seeing a problem?
[09:22:10] mr-tt_: ok that's nice. then i _just_ have to hope that channel fixes its epg
[09:22:20] stuarta: what's wrong with it?
[09:22:27] mr-tt_: stuarta: yep. wrong subtitle/descriptions for a series
[09:22:58] stuarta: well that's the monkey's they get to type it in
[09:23:30] stuarta: mr-tt_: has your channel lineup been reorganised lately?
[09:23:45] stuarta: that can also happen if they moved the channels around, but you didn't rescan
[09:23:46] mr-tt_: stuarta: on their website it's correct
[09:23:51] mr-tt_: the epg
[09:24:13] stuarta: have they moved the channels around? "ie. your tv will say, please rescan your channels"
[09:24:20] mr-tt_: stuarta: don't think so. they just started to air that series from the beginning again afaik
[09:24:44] mr-tt_: stuarta: if they moved channels the show would be on another channel right?
[09:25:27] mr-tt_: which means i wouldn't see that show on that freq/mplex set in mythtv anymore
[09:25:42] stuarta: not necessarily
[09:26:17] mr-tt_: stuarta: should that be on their website if they moved channels around?
[09:26:25] stuarta: if they reuse the existing channel data, then yes you would see the new channel instead
[09:26:57] stuarta: mr-tt_: you would hope so
[09:28:05] mr-tt_: stuarta: they have freq/etc on the website can i compare that to the data in mythweb?
[09:29:09] mr-tt_: hum nope mythweb does not display that :/
[09:30:18] stuarta: where are you based?
[09:31:31] mr-tt_: stuarta: germany
[09:31:50] stuarta: dekarl: any theories ^^^
[09:32:48] mr-tt_: i think they messed up the epg, because it just happened when the started to re-air the show from beginning
[09:33:08] stuarta: does your tv / STB show the same issue?
[09:33:48] mr-tt_: stuarta: good question, i'll check...brb
[09:43:48] mr-tt_: stuarta: on the tv it's correct
[09:46:44] stuarta: hmm, so worth rescanning your channels, and also in the database doing `truncate eit_cache;`
[09:46:57] stuarta: then start your backend up again
[09:47:21] stuarta: it may be simple to try just the truncate first
[09:47:38] stuarta: then all incoming EIT is treated as "new" and processed
[09:48:08] stuarta: so truncate, restart backend; watch live tv on the affected channel
[09:48:23] mr-tt_: stuarta: how do i truncate?
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[09:48:40] stuarta: mr-tt_: directly in mysql
[09:48:55] mr-tt_: stuarta: is there some howto for that?
[09:49:56] mr-tt_: mysql -u root -pPASS and then?
[09:50:22] mr-tt_: i guess i have to switch to mythconverg somehow..
[09:50:29] stuartm: mysql -u {user} -p{password mythconverg
[09:50:32] stuartm: is the short way
[09:50:44] stuartm: otherwise type "use mythconverg"
[09:50:54] stuartm: once at the mysql prompt
[09:51:32] mr-tt_: user root or mythtv doesnt matter i guess?
[09:52:30] stuarta: for the db root
[09:52:45] stuarta: well actually mythtv will work too
[09:54:03] mr-tt_: stuarta: Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.01 sec)
[09:54:17] mr-tt_: 0 rows affected, is that alright?
[09:54:54] stuarta: select count(*) from eit_cache;
[09:55:00] stuarta: should return 0 rows
[09:55:01] mr-tt_: and i've stopped mythbackend before truncating
[09:55:05] stuarta: good#
[09:56:00] mr-tt_: stuarta: | 0 | 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
[09:56:48] mr-tt_: 1 row, is that correct?
[09:57:28] mr-tt_: guess you meant a zero row not zero rows?
[09:57:49] stuarta: yes that's right, sorry count = 0 is right
[09:58:06] ** stuarta goes in search of coffee to rectify his brain **
[09:58:31] mr-tt_: ok now after restarting mythb upcoming recordings is almost empty, it just filled one show..lets see
[10:00:27] mr-tt_: guess it'll take a while with a few hundred channels until the other scheduled recs show up? (unless i tune it in livetv)
[10:02:04] mr-tt_: stuarta: when i use the search i find the series episodes, but they are not scheduled, and they are still wrong :/
[10:10:54] stuarta: mr-tt_: yes it'll take a while to refill
[10:11:29] stuarta: mr-tt_: is the title wrong too?
[10:15:33] mr-tt_: stuarta: no the title is correct, but i noticed there are not even all episodes displayed
[10:15:51] stuarta: how odd
[10:15:55] mr-tt_: yep
[10:16:11] mr-tt_: instead there is another show that shouldnt be there
[10:16:30] stuarta: i wonder if it's not updating them properly. okay next thing todo
[10:16:50] stuarta: since we didn't clear out the program table, we don't know if you are still seeing stale data or not
[10:17:06] mr-tt_: ah no i was wrong
[10:17:11] stuarta: so stop backend, go back to mysql and do `truncate program; truncate eit_cache;`
[10:17:21] stuarta: how so?
[10:17:28] mr-tt_: the episodes seem correct( the time)
[10:17:47] mr-tt_: i guess it's stale data
[10:18:25] mr-tt_: ok i'll truncate program too
[10:18:55] stuarta: that way you can be 100% sure you are seeing current data
[10:19:58] mr-tt_: stuarta: ok now it's all gone, no results in the mythweb program search anymore, and no scheduled recs
[10:20:05] stuarta: correct
[10:20:28] stuarta: once the data comes back, the recs will start being scheduled again
[10:20:56] mr-tt_: stuarta: i can make the data come back faster for that channel by switching in livetv to it, right?
[10:21:02] stuarta: correct
[10:23:01] stuartm: coffee sounds like a good idea
[10:23:15] stuarta: i went for tea :)
[10:23:33] stuarta: i've drunk it all already tho :(
[10:24:44] stuartm: could easily fall asleep here at my desk, didn't sleep well last night
[10:26:17] mr-tt_: stuarta: looks right now, thanks! :D but the show is not scheduled anymore, why?
[10:26:20] stuarta: keyboard face!
[10:27:09] stuarta: mr-tt_: it'll run a reschedule once the eit scanner moves to a different mux, you can force it with mythbackend --resched
[10:27:45] mr-tt_: stuarta: mythutil --resched i presume?
[10:28:43] mr-tt_: afaik --resched was moved to mythutil
[10:29:03] stuarta: i've never used it there, i always use mythbackend --resched
[10:29:51] mr-tt_: stuarta: but i guess i have to run mythb --res as user mythtv while mythutil can run as any user?
[10:30:18] stuarta: looks like mythutil will work too
[10:31:33] mr-tt_: stuarta: no scheduled recs displayed yet, how long does that take?
[10:32:32] stuartm: every 5 minutes for EIT, within seconds if you manually reschedule
[10:33:08] mr-tt_: stuartm: nothing there yet though
[10:33:29] mr-tt_: no schedules displayed :/
[10:33:34] stuarta: mr-tt_: did you trigger the manual reschedule?
[10:33:48] mr-tt_: stuarta: mythutil --resched, yes
[10:35:12] stuarta: so that implies your recording rule no longer matches
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[10:35:39] mr-tt_: stuarta: looks like. but why?
[10:35:45] stuartm: mythutil doesn't actually indicate whether it successfully triggered a reschedule though, just that it sent the reschedule command to the backend
[10:36:14] mr-tt_: mysql was busy for some time, but now it's not anymore, so i think resched should be finished
[10:36:33] stuartm: have a look at the backend log, just see whether it's scheduling any recordings at all
[10:36:54] stuarta: mr-tt_: look for something like "Scheduled 275 items in 3.8 = 1.45 match + 1.78 check + 0.53 place"
[10:37:49] mr-tt_: stuarta: (HandleReschedule) Scheduled 0 items in 0.0
[10:37:59] stuarta: yeah, so it didn't match
[10:38:22] mr-tt_: stuarta: yeah, but why? :o
[10:38:26] stuarta: if you are using mythweb then you can easily search for the recording rule by name
[10:38:44] mr-tt_: stuarta: you mean the rules list?
[10:38:48] stuarta: yes
[10:39:15] stuarta: check it's not something obvious like wrong channel or title mismatch
[10:39:47] mr-tt_: stuarta: there is no channel name displayed
[10:40:00] stuarta: "Any"
[10:40:03] stuarta: ?
[10:40:29] mr-tt_: Any, and then limited within the rule to "this channel"
[10:40:45] mr-tt_: i'll remove the "this channel"
[10:41:16] mr-tt_: yep, then it works
[10:41:27] stuarta: \o/
[10:41:29] mr-tt_: so it doesn't match channel anymore, but why?
[10:41:39] stuarta: channel changed maybe?
[10:41:47] stuarta: tis odd
[10:42:12] mr-tt_: don't think anything changed, plus shouldn't mythtv be aware of that?
[10:44:54] mr-tt_: stuarta: if i redo the rule, it'll still look for repeats in all recorded shows right?
[10:45:15] stuarta: yes, it should be sufficient to remove the this channel limitation
[10:46:06] mr-tt_: stuarta: don't want to remove the limitation, i want to delete the rule, create an identical new one, and want it to still know about already recorded episodes
[10:46:25] mr-tt_: so it doesn't record duplicates
[10:46:39] stuarta: it'll still know that, they are looked up by title in the db
[10:51:38] mr-tt_: i hope there's nothing broken in my mythtv setup.. haven't had that issue before
[10:52:58] mr-tt_: only thing i just did was to unmount the second recdir(the first is neither mounted) and mounted another partion as second recdir
[10:53:18] mr-tt_: stuarta: but afaik this should be no issue?
[10:59:25] stuarta: unrelated i would say
[10:59:47] stuarta: hmpf. i really should have answered all of this over in -users
[10:59:52] stuarta: me--
[11:00:04] mr-tt_: stuarta: i asked there too yep :)
[11:00:28] stuarta: i only just noticed
[11:02:40] mr-tt_: stuarta: short question: is it possible to run mythfrontend+livetv via vnc?(just for testing whether one gets video/epg)
[11:02:58] stuarta: no, it's a horrible experience
[11:03:13] stuarta: you are better off doing a manual recording on the channel you are interested in
[11:03:20] stuarta: for ~10mins
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[14:00:46] stuarta: stuartm: does horror channel (freeview ch 70) work for you? it's not tuning at all for me, so i'm wondering if they have it setup wrong
[14:02:55] stuartm: yes, it works
[14:03:34] stuarta: hmmm, wonder what's wrong with it here then
[14:04:25] stuartm: serviceid = 27872
[14:05:47] stuartm: transportid = 24640
[14:08:58] stuarta: same serviceid
[14:09:34] jams (jams! has joined #mythtv
[14:09:58] stuarta: and that's what it's not finding in the PMT
[14:11:57] stuartm: may be broadcasting on a different service id in the south now?
[14:12:28] stuartm: unlikely, but not impossible
[14:15:23] stuarta: okay, this looks like a bug in the channel scanner
[14:15:32] stuarta: or the PMT/PAT handling
[14:15:57] stuarta: i've only 20 rows for the channels in the DB, yet there where a whole bunch more when scanning
[14:18:00] stuarta: so compare (from scanning) with – programCount 31 vs 20 channels
[14:18:24] stuarta: hmm, now i set that to TV only. wonder if this happens on my dev instance too, where i did not set tv only
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[15:21:05] stuarta: stuartm: so interestingly, it works on my dev instance (master) but not on my prod instance
[15:21:10] stuarta: (0.27)
[15:40:29] stuartm: hmm, up for a bit of detective work?
[15:46:45] stuarta: it's all detective work isn't it?
[15:47:38] stuarta: what did you have in mind?
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[16:06:52] stuarta: stuartm: i'll pick this up again later in the week (ie. thu or later)
[16:07:00] ** stuarta head off for the evening **
[16:08:32] stuartm: nothing specific, just wondering whether you were going to dig further to find the root cause, or since it's working in the 'next release' just decide to leave it alone
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[20:13:48] dekarl: mr-tt_: in case you read the logs, yes MythTV constantly scans the EIT for changes and updates the internal guide data with them more or less instantly (also rescheduling around changes)
[20:17:00] dekarl: also its not unheard of that TVs/STBs have a private data feed on top of the DVB-EIT, that would explain differences
[20:17:16] dekarl: worst case you can always add data from :)
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