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Thursday, July 16th, 2015, 00:21 UTC
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[08:04:46] warpme: paul-h: FYI: after recent DB schema update bindings needs some love. i.e . . .
[08:05:00] warpme: or . . .
[08:08:47] stuarta: morning all
[08:09:09] warpme: morning!
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[08:12:49] stuartm: good morning
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[08:31:28] paul-h: warpme: fixed
[08:31:32] warpme: thx!
[08:31:50] warpme: btw: nice work with Vbox!
[08:32:09] warpme: I dodn't look over code. Is multirec supported by Vbox?
[08:33:24] paul-h: It looks like the VBox is smart enough to re-use a transponder so yes it's just I don't know how to implement it in Myth yet
[08:33:42] paul-h: I mean reuse a tuner
[08:36:26] warpme: I can imagine vbox can detect that request is to already tuned tpx so it will save tuner. Is vbox tunnels full transport or rather only requested ps stream?
[08:37:38] warpme: oh probably stupid Q from my side. For BW savings it does ps I think....
[08:44:00] paul-h: The version of the firmware I'm using just sends the video and one audio channel and a subtitle stream if available (you just choose what language you want) but I believe in later firmware versions you can tell it to send all streams
[08:46:26] warpme: I think we can deduce how firmware deals with programs->tuners requests by asking 2-tuner box to provide 3 streams from the same tpx....
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[09:47:56] paul-h: !seen natanojl
[09:47:56] MythLogBot: natanojl was last seen 1 day 1 hour 51 minutes 39 seconds ago
[09:48:41] paul-h: wonder how the new settings re-write is coming along?
[09:52:01] paul-h: Not much happening in the branch
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[10:49:22] natanojl: hi paul-h
[10:55:45] paul-h: natanojl: hi just wondering how things are going with the new MythUI settings
[10:59:40] natanojl: I have been doing some work on the DiSEqC parts but it is not ready yet. I got interested in something entirely different: generating palettes from the artwork so I have been exploring that most recently
[11:02:07] natanojl: paul-h: I'm on vacation now so if the weather isn't all that good I plan do some hacking on the settings stuff
[11:07:40] paul-h: OK thanks for the update – Not sure how important the mythtv-setup stuff is since it sounds like it's going away anyway in favour of the web setup although I would still like to be able to use the frontend as well
[11:11:10] stuarta: the question will be when to the two achieve feature parity?
[11:11:17] stuarta: *do
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[14:03:45] paul-h: It's a dilemma do we go the easy/quicker route and update mythtv-setup to use MythUI just to get some progress or do we completely re-write the setup so it can be used in the WebFrontend and/or the normal frontend
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[14:09:23] paul-h: Is the signal monitor working in 0.27? It seems to be completely broken in master
[14:28:01] SteveGoodey: paul-h: Is that alt+F7 in Livetv? Not working here on 0.27.4
[14:34:57] paul-h: Yeah that's it must have been broken for a while then
[14:40:09] SteveGoodey: paul-h: "thaibuntu: February 6th, 2013, 01:36 AM
[14:40:25] SteveGoodey: Yes, the default key combo is Alt+F7, which is also the default for "move window" in lxde. I confirmed this by opening a browser window and hitting Alt+F7, which changes the mouse pointer to a hand grabbing the title bar of the window.
[14:40:42] SteveGoodey: Changing the key combo to Shift+F7 in mythfrontend allowed me to bring up sigmon."
[14:45:47] paul-h: I use KDE which doesn't have that problem. in master it seems to be bringing up the wrong OSD window or something like that
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[19:35:31] stuartm: occurs to me that there must be nothing worse than being a sysadmin at an IT firm, a normal sysadmin has to deal with people who think they know what the problem is but in reality don't
[19:36:28] stuartm: a sysadmin at an IT firm has to deal with people who really do know and understand the problem, in some cases better than the admin
[19:38:23] stuartm: of course it depends entirely on the quality of the sysadmin, some actually do know their job
[19:38:27] ** stuartm looks at stuarta **
[19:38:28] jheizer: I hate being the developer that knows most things and having a client who's IT staff who is half good, half clueless. Last week they didn't understand why a website the user will use have to be publicly accessible and not just available on an internal IP address.
[19:39:13] stuartm: jheizer: hah! I had exactly the same argument with IT here about three weeks ago
[19:39:42] jheizer: they want to port everything over to a new domain name as this new site launches. but but, why do we need dns and ssl certs?!?
[19:39:43] stuartm: "but it will be less secure!"
[19:40:52] stuartm: just asked them to procure SSL certs today ...
[19:44:29] stuartm: hoping they do it in days and not weeks
[19:45:53] stuartm: for you and I it would take hours, but when you throw in the negotiation with management over cost, with the finance department over the paperwork
[19:46:51] stuartm: and I really shouldn't be griping like this in a public, logged channel that I know my bosses actually read from time to time
[19:51:52] jheizer: Haha, I know i am good there. In my case our site is being replaced by one they are creating, but I am retaining all access they had with 3ry party vendors. So if the user is doing a function that takes them there, the new people redirect to my domain, I process what needs to be done and forward them on to the remote service. Means others didn't have to learn and reproduce what we have working.
[19:52:11] jheizer: side effect is trying to explain that to their management and surprisingly to that IT person.
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[19:53:33] jheizer: And instead of just redesigning our site, I have tens of thousands of lines of web services providing them with all the data in formatted form and all, and all they do is dump it to the screen. But they needed a new site because they needed a new site...
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[21:07:10] stuarta: damn he's buggered off, no cheeky retort
[21:07:43] stuarta: jheizer: shiny is important. we must have shiny, it's my precious....
[21:09:20] jheizer: Yup. They just don't get current -> new version of shiny is way easier than starting at 0. But we had no input, was just told it was happening.
[21:09:30] jheizer: Only 2 months past the arbitrary deadline they picked again without input.
[21:10:22] jheizer: Sad part is it just looks like a generic bootstrap site now IMO. Looks very generic.
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[22:18:17] dekarl: stuartm, you are not alone. I'm still wodering what the reply to "it would be nice if $ also had a valid cert when it that url is working, on top of a valid www.$ cert" will be :)
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[23:08:51] Hydr0p0nX: We deal with the same thing ...
[23:09:14] Hydr0p0nX: been trying to get re-authorized to buy certs for 2 clients domains (That we host) for 2 weeks now
[23:09:39] Hydr0p0nX: apparently, they didn't think the contacts listed in whois matters :)
[23:10:48] Hydr0p0nX: actually had one of our clients tell us to have the vendor use a non-listed contact email to get authorization
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