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Wednesday, July 15th, 2015, 00:01 UTC
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[07:50:31] stuarta: morning all
[07:55:12] stuartm: morning
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[08:43:38] stuartm: does anyone know of a tool which will convert xml to sane json – by sane I mean not wrapping xml attributes in special objects, or changing their names, but treating them like properties
[08:44:10] stuartm: only examples I've found which do the job properly are written in javascript or haskell ...
[08:46:04] stuartm: ideally I'm looking for a *nix command line – perl/python/C/C++, but php will work too if it does the job
[08:48:20] stuarta: pretty sure you can do it in python, just not sure how
[08:48:59] stuartm: hoping I wouldn't have to write it from scratch,
[08:49:26] stuarta: it may be a case of joining the dots with your own code
[08:49:33] stuarta: leverage existing libraries
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[08:49:59] stuarta: paul-h: nice work on the vbox support
[08:52:12] paul-h: thanks
[08:52:36] stuarta: any idea how you get epg data out of it?
[08:53:28] paul-h: There is an API call that allows you to get an xmltv format xml file
[08:54:40] ** stuarta ponders the best way of integrating that... **
[08:54:47] stuarta: tv_grab_vbox?
[08:56:47] paul-h: I think you could just write a script that calls mythfilldatabase since IIRC you can pass an xmltv file to it
[09:28:43] paul-h: stuarta, stuartm: polite reminder :) we are still showing 0.27.4 as the current release on the website
[09:30:23] stuarta: paul-h: yeah i know :( been off studying openstack, not had time to fix it
[09:31:19] stuarta: i'll see if i can plumb in the magic glue to make it work
[09:37:23] stuartm: I've committed the change to the repo
[09:37:30] stuartm: just needs to be published
[09:40:52] stuarta: which repo tho? mizar?
[09:42:09] stuarta: nope, you pushed it to alcor. lemme pull that
[09:46:02] stuarta: published it
[09:46:13] stuarta: todo_list += automation
[09:46:59] stuarta: hmmm, download link redirects to 0.27.4
[09:47:54] stuartm: huh? should point at the latest fixes
[09:48:08] stuarta: we are hoop jumping
[09:48:29] stuarta: the link goes to which gets redirected in the web server
[09:48:32] stuartm: ah, github seem to have changed the url
[09:48:36] stuarta: no not that
[09:48:40] stuarta: the above
[09:49:07] stuarta: easy fix, but long term www should generate the correct redirection url's itself
[09:49:47] stuartm: that url was redirected to the github auto-archive link, now it's going to a landing page on github instead
[09:52:00] ** stuarta pushes updated config **
[09:52:03] stuartm:
[09:52:26] stuartm: well actually
[09:53:13] stuartm: . . . [2].'.tar.gz is the code ... which looks right
[09:53:47] stuarta: stuartm: you reading the code for www?
[09:55:47] stuartm: yes, it's being overridden in the server config?
[09:55:57] stuartm: when was that change made?
[09:56:13] stuarta: pretty much when i moved it over.
[09:56:30] stuarta: i think i must have thought apache was doing it. easy enough to fix and test
[09:57:23] ** stuarta fixes dev repo **
[09:57:32] stuartm: it's odd, it redirects to
[09:57:45] stuartm: how does the server even know that 0.27.5 is the latest tag?
[09:58:01] stuarta: hardcoded into the web server config
[09:58:12] stuarta: i just changed it from 0.27.4 -> 0.27.5
[09:58:16] stuartm: oh, right, heh
[09:58:58] stuartm: it must have been broken with apache, previously the redirect in the php handled it
[09:59:24] stuarta: yeah
[09:59:55] stuartm: and pointed at the latest fixes archive instead of the point release, so users benefited from the very latest fixes and not an older, slightly stale version
[10:02:51] stuarta: just pushing updated config to test to verify
[10:03:40] stuarta: right that works, pushing to prod
[10:07:41] stuarta: done
[10:08:11] ** stuarta hugs ansible **
[10:13:41] paul-h: Thanks just missing a news item '0.27.5 Released' to let everyone know we are still alive :)
[10:16:48] stuartm: I hate writing those things
[10:17:01] stuartm: but if I must, I'll do it tonight
[10:21:32] stuarta: i was trying to think up what to put in it
[10:26:12] paul-h: It's mostly been bug fixes so a copy/paste of the previous announcement would do – the only new stuff looks like a new Greek keyboard and new locale file for Austria
[10:31:27] stuarta: i was starting from "a rollup of bug fixes since the prior release"
[10:33:21] paul-h: There is already the release notes in the wiki
[10:34:10] stuarta: "key fixes include 2 known issues with the backend and frontend consuming 100% cpu"
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[10:43:46] dekarl: stuartm, the only sensible XML->JSON conversion that I can think of is "write one specific for your schema". Something as simple a just use a XSLT. No fancy programming needed
[10:45:06] stuarta: there's quite a few online one, no idea about the quality tho
[10:48:13] dekarl: that's what I think, too. Writing a generic one to check off a box on a list is easy. Doing a conversion that actually makes sense is a per schema thing. otoh, without knowing the use case its hard to judge if a generic solution could be enough
[10:50:08] dekarl: I looked at a converter for JSON->XML and it has custom code to decide what key goes into an element and what key goes into an attribute. . . .
[10:50:37] stuartm: dekarl: decided to go write back to the source data and skip the xml
[10:51:23] stuartm: it's slightly more work, but in the long term it's going to be better
[10:51:42] stuartm: write? right
[10:52:16] dekarl: if you can do that it might make maintenance easier
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[11:51:12] stuartm: this is just for importing some old data into a new system, old system produced ultimately produced xml, new one consumes and stores json
[11:51:44] stuarta: probably best to do some mapping yourself to get the best results
[11:51:44] stuartm: but there was a database behind the old system where the data also lived, and I've gone direct to that instead
[11:52:05] stuarta: heh, far easier
[12:08:59] dekarl: a variant of "use the source luke" :)
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[12:09:42] stuarta: also known as work around the problem :)
[12:21:08] stuartm: going from one problem to another with my hardware lately, wireless router is now randomly dropping wireless connections for certain devices and won't allow them to reconnect until it's rebooted
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[12:28:18] stuartm: dropped me twice during a conference call ... time to replace it :/
[12:28:50] stuarta: buy a desktop voip phone, they are great things
[12:29:00] stuarta: can even get them with headsets
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[12:40:40] stuartm: yeah
[12:41:54] stuartm: still need reliable wireless though, new laptop doesn't have an ethernet port
[12:42:05] stuarta: !!!!
[12:42:22] stuartm: mimicking the macbook air which is wifi-only
[12:42:50] stuarta: on the bright side is it should support 5G which is much less crowded and therefore performs better
[12:43:17] stuartm: as long as you're in the same room :)
[12:43:32] stuartm: brick walls here kill the 5Ghz signal stone dead
[12:45:35] stuartm: ordered the Netgear Nighthawk X4 (it was on offer) – all singing and dancing thing apparently, importantly it's dual band (simultaneously) as opposed to my existing router which is either 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz but can't do both at the same time
[12:46:47] stuartm: and it includes OpenVPN in the router itself, so no repeat of the problem I had in India where my machine running the vpn server died and I was locked out of my network
[13:01:20] stuarta: handy
[13:01:42] stuarta: i'm on FTTC so my setup is a bit different
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[13:02:08] stuarta: so i'd either need a VDSL router or just a plain router with PPPoE support
[13:19:30] stuarta: anyone have a favourite xml viewer
[13:34:50] jheizer: way late, but I've used this to convert from xml to json before . . . ONandXML.htm
[13:39:58] jheizer: as for viewer I use visual studio since it can auto format, set line debug xsl, etc. But probably overkill for what you need.
[13:40:11] jheizer: *step line debug
[13:43:25] stuartm: jheizer: looked at some options similar to that one, might even have used them if I didn't have the option of working with the raw data instead, the main hangup was the way they treat attributes – '@name' instead of 'name'
[13:44:10] stuartm: not a deal breaker, but an irritation – the assumption they mostly seem to make is that it should be roundtrip capable
[13:44:20] jheizer: Yeah I saw that. Figured I'd toss it out there anyway since it was in the .net world.
[13:47:12] jheizer: Probably a way to do it, but yeah database wins big time.
[13:48:51] jheizer: I only say that as I've only scratched the surface of the library. Using it to log requests for a web service we are writing. Under some cases I can have it auto serialize only the properties that are a member of a base class, while on an error serialize the full inherited ones.
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[17:58:12] dekarl: When trying to delete orphaned recording entries (lost some files when a disk failed) the Python bindings give me a traceback It appears like deleting a recording has never worked via the bindings?
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[18:04:51] dekarl: !seen wagnerrp
[18:04:51] MythLogBot: wagnerrp was last seen 22 hours 4 minutes 14 seconds ago
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[18:21:48] dekarl: stichnot, maybe ^- that is something for you? . . . 9d8ac1bf0c74
[18:21:51] dekarl: !seen stichnot
[18:21:51] MythLogBot: stichnot was last seen 16 days 18 hours 24 minutes 39 seconds ago
[18:21:55] dekarl: meh
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[20:33:55] dizygoth: dekarl: #12365 and b220116f. I didn't think the Python bindings have the recordedid changes yet.
[20:33:55] ** MythLogBot **
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