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Tuesday, July 14th, 2015, 00:24 UTC
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[08:04:57] stuarta: morning all
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[09:02:58] warpme: jheizer: will You find few sec to look why mobilemyth after upgrade to 0.7.1 gives exception when asked to show list of recordings? log is following:
[09:12:42] stuarta: warpme: that needs a password to access
[09:13:29] warpme: hmm. I remember it was this was working with 0.7.0....
[09:13:54] warpme: is there something new to configure in 0.7.1?
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[10:27:05] warpme: stuarta jheizer: sorry for passwd access :-( should work...
[10:29:59] stuarta: i haven't got the faintest clue about that. looks like java--
[10:32:04] warpme: i believe it is aspx. i think issue is with parsing xml provided by BE to mobilemyth. Something changed in XML structure and mobilemyth fails with parsing xml tree. Just guessing....
[10:33:37] warpme: issue is only for recording related functions. video/gallery works OK
[10:34:02] warpme: of course i'm on current master
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[12:03:22] stuartm: it uses the services API? You could take a look at the raw feed and run it through an xml validator ...
[12:04:03] stuartm: although I doubt that it's the validity of the xml which the issue, more likely something the parser is expecting has changed
[12:05:20] warpme: stuartm: i think issue is that mobilemyth works ok for 0.27-fixes (I think so; not tested) and it is not working for current master. Maybe there is change difference in xml struct. between 0.27 and master
[12:05:57] warpme: and mobilemyht should be updated to this change....
[12:06:03] stuartm: some new things added, can't remember if anything was changed significantly
[12:06:34] stuartm: I would have tried to keep backwards compatibility where possible
[12:06:38] warpme: stuartm: how is Your trip to India?
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[12:08:19] stuartm: was, got back over a week ago
[12:08:41] stuartm: it good, mostly working but did do a little sight-seeing at the weekends
[12:09:39] warpme: ah yes I forgot this :-) What type of work You have now on Your table?
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[12:13:27] stuartm: full stack web app development
[12:14:29] stuartm: for a startup, that's being spun out by a company which uses MythTV commercially :)
[12:14:48] stuartm: this project has nothing to do with MythTV, or media though
[12:16:13] warpme: what oryginal company is providing commercially with mythtv?
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[12:18:42] stuartm: Digital Nirvana
[12:19:06] stuartm: don't think that was a secret ...
[12:19:47] stuartm: they only use the backend as part of a large suite of services for broadcasters
[12:20:13] stuartm: or that's what one department is doing
[12:29:29] stuarta: sounds like fun
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[12:31:31] warpme: what startup company is planning to offer?
[12:40:42] stuartm: services for stock market investors (amateur through to professionals), fairly radical shift from the parent company but it makes some use of the existing products and expertise
[12:42:14] warpme: have they plans for high frequency trading ;-p
[12:42:43] stuarta: HFT is great fun
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[12:43:04] ** stuarta works with several different companies doing that **
[12:43:26] warpme: yeah. for networking ppl, DB ppl, app.logic ppl, etc...
[12:43:42] stuarta: all the low latency high performance stuff is awesome in what they do
[12:43:43] stuartm: heh, no, they aren't getting into the trading side, but near real time provision of information and analysis
[12:44:07] stuartm: and a social aspect too
[12:44:43] stuarta: i find some of the most awesome stuff is where they use 10/40Gb NIC's with embedded FGPA's, and use the FPGA's to react to incoming data in next to no time at all
[12:45:23] stuarta: for these guys getting data off the wire to the host cpu for processing, is *too* slow !!
[12:45:31] stuartm: yeah, that would be very interesting to work on, although far enough outside my existing skillset that I'd be completely lost
[12:45:31] warpme: yeah. i would say this is extreeme example of trading....
[12:47:08] stuartm: have to say this work isn't as interesting as some things I've worked on, but it's a great bunch of guys, some travelling thrown in and good money
[12:48:02] stuarta: still sounds great to me
[12:49:02] stuartm: there are some technically interesting aspects to what they are doing, and some future plans for things which will be fun
[12:49:50] stuarta: if the majority of the work is interesting and it pays well, then i'd be a happy bunny
[12:50:17] stuartm: right now it's keeping me very busy, once it launches I might have more time to appreciate the things I'm doing
[12:50:52] warpme: what are time plans for launch?
[12:52:43] stuartm: that I'm probably not allowed to say, there are one or two other startups looking to launch a very similar project, so exact timing is sensitive
[12:54:00] warpme: sure, got it :-)
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[12:58:45] jheizer: warpme, yeah it looks like something in the format changed. Maybe the talks a while back about changing the way enums were presented. It looks like the last night I touched it was the day I relased that in Nov, and honestly I wasted so much damn time tying to figure out how to properly create a repo for it I was burnt out.
[12:59:13] jheizer: and since Feb work has been a disaster. It should have worked on master as of then.
[13:00:46] warpme: jheizer: pls keep work on mobilemyth. it is nice addon to ecosystem!
[13:01:14] jheizer: Wife has baby #2 on the way and the only reason I made it was for feed baby #1
[13:01:14] ** MythLogBot **
[13:01:14] ** MythLogBot **
[13:01:21] jheizer: so I'd expect a few updates this year. haha
[13:01:46] jheizer: Besides that we have no use for it, so any updates over the last 2+ years have just been for the hell of it.
[13:02:09] jheizer: I should have the deb and repo creation process all scripted now, but that was 10 months ago...
[13:06:23] jheizer: That and ubuntu's mono was randomly crashing on me. While I know very little bout docker, I'd kind of like to migrate to a fixed know container of stuff like that so I can validate everything works.
[13:06:41] warpme: oh – regarding no use...for me it is only app for road warrior usecase. Better that current mythweb as user can skip in web playback – which is not case for other alternatives....
[13:06:59] warpme: what mono ver are you using?
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[13:07:54] warpme: I use mono as runtime for EPG grabber since 1y and no single problem – but only becuae I'm on carefuly choosen ver of mono
[13:08:15] jheizer: Currently targeting .Net 4.0 and default ubuntu mono version.
[13:08:22] jheizer: what ever that is at the moment
[13:08:29] jheizer: as users are even reluctant to install that
[13:09:27] warpme: I'm afraid if you want to get better stability – playing with var. mono versions is unavoidable...
[13:10:41] jheizer: even then it would randomly occur for me.
[13:11:06] jheizer: You can see there were random 500 and 400 mscorlib errors
[13:11:41] jheizer: I had run into others, but they were all mono bugs
[13:12:03] jheizer: I had also kind of hoped others may join in and help.
[13:12:23] jheizer: I should convert it all over to c# from vb and maybe more people would be interested even though it is the same thing
[13:16:37] jheizer: Hmm official supported 5/vNext docker container from MS for linux.
[13:16:42] jheizer: May be the way to go next time.
[13:18:02] warpme: I think mobilemyth has perfect usecase for users wanting to watch streaming outside of LAN. While webfrontend doing streaing already – unfortunatelly currently practically only in LAN. Setup for WAN streaming with resonable security is v.difficult now. So all road warriors currently have only blody flash in webfrontend or mobilemyth.
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[13:19:19] warpme: HLS is future so I personally really hope that mobilemyth will be developed. I think there is definitelly place for it!
[13:20:51] jheizer: What we really need it browser support for HLS streams and it would all be easier.
[13:21:22] jheizer: My cross platform web FE dream would not have to have all these configs and buttons to launch different things
[13:21:30] warpme: isn't Apple shop ready for this?
[13:21:33] jheizer: (native support)
[13:23:29] jheizer: Probably works on osx.
[13:23:42] ** jheizer is not an apple user **
[13:24:01] jheizer: HLS is a second class citizen if that on any none apple platform
[13:24:33] warpme: in past it was working OK with 0.7.0 (beside some proxy unstability). 0.7.1 was absolutelly no go for me since begining....
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[13:25:16] stuartm: actually DASH is the future HLS is a dead end
[13:25:33] jheizer: I never could get the video proxying to be 100%
[13:25:42] jheizer: I wrote like 50 versions of that code.
[13:25:51] warpme: HLS – yes agree. MPEG-DASH is future. But for this we need some cosding in BE :-(
[13:26:51] stuartm: DASH is going through standardisation with the W3C to form part of the HTML 5 video spec, HLS is at this point little more than an Apple backed spec that has limited support
[13:27:08] warpme: stuartm: do You mean mobilemyth proxy or generic HTTP proxy?
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[13:27:34] stuartm: DASH and HLS are very similar, won't take much to adapt our existing HLS code to work with DASH instead, but our existing HLS stuff isn't really robust enough
[13:27:40] jheizer: which means apple will be slow to adopt DASH if ever
[13:30:04] warpme: it look like Apple starts to listen and understand bad press/opinions about their current OS'es. I already see positive signs i.e. recent OSX update finally brings back 95–105MB/s on NFS from Linux kernel 4.0. Was 35–55MB/s with previous ver of Yosemitte
[13:31:14] warpme: Safari is already currently called "next IE of Internet"....
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[13:31:37] stuarta: ouch
[13:32:59] warpme: btw: current master is absolutelly no go on Apple platform. Some Qt functions are depreciated on OSX platform.
[13:33:51] warpme: I was trying to resolve this but failed with lack of documentation how to implement depreciated functionality...
[13:34:24] stuarta: is it that the implementation is depreciated or we are using a depreciated api?
[13:34:41] warpme: depreciated api
[13:34:53] stuarta: we are using, or in qt, or in osx ?
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[13:36:19] warpme: in osx-win.cpp I believe (it was half year ago when I was fighting with this). it is depreciated api in Qt I think
[13:37:09] warpme: OSX speciffic stuf in Qt5 I think
[13:38:26] warpme: s/stuf/stuff/
[13:38:48] stuarta: so stuff we would have to re-implement. okay. i think jya was going to restart that fight
[13:38:59] stuarta: i no longer even have an osx system
[13:39:27] stuartm: safari is really lagging behind, it's now the goto browser when checking whether things are broken
[13:40:07] stuartm: with other browsers you can design in one and know that things will just work and display correctly in everything except Safari
[13:41:18] stuartm: I now have access to OSX, so maybe I'll be able to help with issues on that platform
[13:41:30] warpme: yeah.sad thing keeping in mind that in power efficincy/saving on OSX Safari is really best (+20% longer bettery)
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[13:44:15] warpme: stuartm: that would be great. I remember I spent considerable time to get osx-script updated to work with current Xcode/clang. But I failed with mythtv code as it uses api's depreciated in Qt5. I can look over my changes in osx-script to save Your time on stupid things like new Xcode support....
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[14:37:04] jya: warpme: I'd love to see that test in regards to battery usage and compare with Firefox
[14:37:08] jya: you might be surprised
[14:47:44] warpme: jya: i saw huge plans regarding Firefox future. ( . . . 03063.html). What is Your favourite future thing in Firefox?
[14:49:08] warpme: I see You here rarelly these times: familly or work or both or...
[14:49:16] jya: I'll believe the XUL thing when it actually happens
[14:49:50] jya: the code relies so much on the XPCOM API and utility methods that it's going to take, I think a huge amount of time to get rid of
[14:51:22] warpme: isn't XBL/XUL about UI speed? Is this related also to js/multimedia performance as well?
[14:51:39] jya: nah, it's more related to plugins and all
[14:51:49] jya: it's the underlying frame gecko is using
[14:51:54] jya: like you would have Qt
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[15:15:54] stuarta: stuartm: btw. i've thought of an alternative way of handling missing channel icons in the backend websever
[15:16:59] stuarta: if a request for a specific icon would return a 404, return a 302 (temporary move) to a "not found" icon
[15:17:56] stuarta: that way the browser would continue to request the specific url, so adding specific icons would start returning the correct icon
[15:20:03] stuartm: good thinking
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[15:27:28] stuarta: far better than trying to have to find all possible locations where we could return an icon
[15:27:39] stuarta: i remember you added not found icons to one of them
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[16:27:13] dekarl: stuartm, some contributions are out there in plain sight :)
[16:28:04] stuartm: yes :)
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[16:45:09] gigem: Wow, merging paul-h's vbox changes into my branch wasn't painful at all.
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