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Sunday, July 12th, 2015, 00:53 UTC
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[10:43:58] stuartm: seriously tempted to add the ability to define multiple audio devices for MythTV, pulse audio is just so horrible that I'd rather take the time to add that wholly new feature than have to deal with it
[10:58:15] SteveGoodey: Reading a Linux mag they reckoned it was the bees knees. But other comments I've seen match yours. Weird.
[11:29:02] Roklobsta: lusers => ants pants, developers => dogs breakfast
[11:42:12] stuartm: SteveGoodey: perspective I guess, some may not even recognise that issues they experience are as a direct result of using PA
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[11:44:30] stuartm: in two days of trying it I've got issues with clipping, audio artefacts, audio inputs/output being mysteriously enabled and disabled seemingly at random (microphone static in the middle of watching videos), pa itself crashes half the time when I turn off the bluetooth headset
[11:45:06] stuartm: and of course a variety of applications just don't want to work with PA at all – e.g. games
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[12:41:53] markspieth: stuartm: I just use alsa in the audio select and disable any pulse daemons in start/init.d
[12:42:06] markspieth: never had a problem doing this
[12:45:25] stuartm: markspieth: that's what I've done for years, but it means you can't switch between audio devices (tv speakers + AMP, or speakers + bluetooth headphones)
[12:47:00] markspieth: stuartm: thats what the also dev ID is for. you can control which device its directed to.
[12:47:10] markspieth: stuartm: thats what the alsa dev ID is for. you can control which device its directed to.
[12:47:13] stuartm: or even all three, for that you currently have to use Pulse, I'm thinking about adding that functionality directly into MythTV so you can toggle which output device from the remote or even via auto-detecting whether a device is available
[12:47:48] stuartm: markspieth: ah, ok, haven't explored that possibility
[12:48:17] stuartm: still, for integration with mythtv it's going to require more ...
[12:48:34] markspieth: stuartm: cant comment too much never tried multiples. The only use case I would have is for HDMI audio out. But never simultaneously.
[12:48:53] markspieth: You could always try jack instead.
[12:49:04] stuartm: right, I don't mean simultaneously
[12:50:02] markspieth: You do have to figure out the alsa devices that go with the ID as I think thats not as apparent as you would like but there are alsa tools for that too.
[12:50:05] stuartm: but switching between two or more devices more or less seamlessly, even during playback
[12:50:32] stuartm: through keybindings and the OSD menu
[12:51:10] markspieth: Then you would have to close the device and reopen. will glitch but I cant see no glitch even with an audio manager/mixer like pulse or jack.
[12:51:37] markspieth: There may be configs for pulse to stop audio mixing/volume control.
[12:52:02] markspieth: Also with pulse you cant guarantee the current sample time at the output due to its mixer.
[12:52:40] markspieth: need to reboot. back in 5
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[13:24:48] stuartm: paul-h: noticed that PLAY has different behaviour with music vs video playback, if I pause audio and then press PLAY it restarts playback at the beginning, with video it unpauses, do you know if that is intentional?
[13:44:57] paul-h: AFAIK it's always been that way with PAUSE toggling pause/play and PLAY starting playback from the beginning?
[13:45:37] paul-h: You can probably get what you want by binding your play key to the PAUSE binding
[13:57:35] stuartm: yeah I know I can change the binding, but what bothers me is the inconsistent behaviour between video and music
[13:59:48] stuartm: I think the video behaviour is the correct one, especially when playback was previously paused – that's consistent with just about every media player I've ever used
[14:06:49] paul-h: Can't say I'm that bothered either way but I know from previous experience changing the behaviour could cause some eruptions from some very vocal users
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[14:07:59] paul-h: PLAY used to act like SELECT in the old tree view which I put back to work in a similar way because of all the flack I got when I changed it
[14:09:11] paul-h: That is only in the playlist editor when the tree has the focus though
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[14:10:45] paul-h: So you can select a node in the tree and press PLAY then all the tracks get added below the selected node to the playlist and playback starts from the first track
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[16:15:21] dekarl: stuartm, ouch . . . 44435a4aab47
[16:15:21] dekarl: is there an issue open at QT?
[16:15:58] dekarl: I ran into that, too. But figured its due to limitation in the X protocol... looks like I should have dug deeper
[17:01:29] stuartm: dekarl: I didn't bother looking
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[18:33:06] dekarl: after some round of google that appears to be a good choice
[18:33:57] dekarl: anybody now this free EPG service? started to appear in DVB-EIT CRIDs over here
[18:34:02] dekarl: s/now/know/
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[19:40:11] stuartm: dekarl: even if it was a known issue, they are slow to fix these things and it would be months or years before the fix was in a release distro, so ultimately we'd still need a fix on our end even if it was temporary
[19:40:58] stuartm: so searching for a bug report just seemed like a waste of time, I'll go looking eventually and file a report if there isn't one, when I have more time
[19:41:28] stuartm: dekarl: yeah, it's appeared in crids here too
[19:41:49] stuartm: fringe channels mostly
[19:42:59] stuartm: oh red bee, heh, they've sown up the TV services provision here ... provide stuff like subtitling, playout and much more to all the big (and small) broadcasters in the UK
[19:44:44] stuartm: UK company, I think created by ex BBC staffers, who saw an opportunity to sell the skills they learnt working for the BBC back to the BBC while getting paid more for it :)
[19:45:30] stuartm: looks like they've been bought out by Ericsson
[19:47:00] stuartm: hmm, seems I was half right, Red Bee _was_ a corporate arm of the BBC, eventually sold off
[19:47:15] stuartm: a lot like they sold the Radio Times ...
[19:49:32] stuartm: one of those stunningly bad government decisions to save money – sell off public companies only to become dependent on paying inflated fees to them
[20:03:11] dekarl: ahh, I vaguely remembered the name. was surprised to see them offer free guide data, but never having heard their name in XMLTV context
[20:38:25] stuartm: wasn't aware of the BDS connection until now
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