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Friday, July 10th, 2015, 00:28 UTC
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[01:14:00] gigem: jpabq: Cool. Is this for the the recent HDHR locking issue, the multirec without virtual tuners feature I've talked about in the past or recorder features in general? Any of the above are fine with me.
[01:14:06] gigem: For the HDHR locking issue, it sounds to me like the best way to go is to use the streaming HTTP interface on the newer HDHRs. As I understand it, that method takes care of tuner allocation, locking and releasing automatically. That would probably mean a new recorder type that would likely be more similar to the IPTV recorder than the current HDHR recorder. I'm not sure what the impact on channel scanning
[01:14:07] gigem: would be since I'm not at all familiar with that code.
[01:14:09] gigem: For the multirec feature, I haven't gotten that far yet. I've let myself get a little carried away with internal API and code cleanup. That mainly deals with ripping out multi-input per card support and renaming 'card' to 'input' I've done quite a bit already, but want to do some more before going public with that code. I will hopefully do that in the coming weeks. When I do, it will need quite a bit of
[01:14:11] gigem: testing before it can be merged since I'm sure some things will have been broken. It still works for me, but I only have a Ceton and an HDHR Prime (both with cablecards) and a clear-QAM DVB card to test with.
[01:14:14] gigem: It is after that is all done that I want to actually tackle the multirec without virtual tuners part. I have already done a bit of thinking about the APIs, however, adn I don't really think they'll need to change that much. The biggest one is the recorder will need to be able to report that it is recording multiple programs. The API to start a recording might not need to change at all. The big changes
[01:14:16] gigem: will be internal recorder changes. Instead of stopping an in-progress recording when told to start a new one, the recorder will need to allow nonconflicting ones to keep recording and dynamically allocate resources for the new one. Note that this feature will need to be configurable per recorder. There will likely still be cases where the user needs to run with virtual tuners. The main use case for that
[01:14:18] gigem: will be for hardware that has limited PID filtering.
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[10:40:53] paul-h: stuartm, dblain: is there any reason I can't use the SSDP stuff in mythtv-setup?
[10:43:37] stuartm: firewall?
[10:44:49] stuartm: paul-h: no reason you can't use SSDP in mythtv-setup for slave discovery
[10:45:16] stuartm: if I'm understanding what you're asking
[10:47:45] paul-h: I just want to use it to auto discover any attached Vboxes which use uPnp to announce themselves so they can be added as capture cards – just saves duplicating a lot of code in mythtv-setup if I can re-use thew SSDP stuff
[10:56:58] stuarta: paul-h: did you get a vbox in the end?
[11:00:58] paul-h: yeah I've got a 2 tuner DVB-T2 version
[11:01:52] stuarta: nice, i'd have asked when they came soliciting, but I knew i didn't have the time
[11:02:37] stuarta: i'd love to see us making as much use as possible of ssdp to make setting everything up easier
[11:02:57] paul-h: I had to pay for it the buggers but they have promised to swap it for the 4 tuner version that has T2 and S2 when it's available
[11:03:12] stuarta: oh nice
[11:03:49] stuarta: tempted to get one of those to hide behind the tv to provide me with more tuners
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[11:19:19] stuartm: paul-h: I can't remember how generic it was made, but there's no reason I can think of why it can't be adapted for that purpose
[11:39:11] dizygoth: paul-h: If you're looking at SSDP, note that SSDPCache::RemoveStale is erasing entries outside of the lock. My debugger has caught SIGSEVs in the Find once or twice...
[12:01:41] paul-h: dblain: ^
[12:02:50] paul-h: dizygoth: is this with master or fixes
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[12:29:54] dizygoth: paul-h: master
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[12:36:06] stuartm: ssdp code hasn't been touched in years, so it will affect both versions
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[12:46:37] paul-h: I took a quick look and we do get the lock before removing stale entries so don't know what the problem is
[12:48:20] paul-h: haven't we had problems before with erasing entries in a QMap while iterating over it or am I thinking of something else?
[12:58:16] dizygoth: paul-h: Not sure why it's done like that. But the lock is released before it goes on to erase map elements. The lock should be held until the end.
[13:01:12] dizygoth: paul-h: Not a big issue – no crash reports. But your mention reminded me of it. And if you're working in that area, I thought you could fix it at the same time.
[13:10:28] paul-h: dizygoth: Ah right you are talking about SSDPCache::RemoveStale() I was looking at SSDPCacheEntries::RemoveStale()
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[17:39:50] stuartm: paul-h: it = it.erase() is fine, but erasing without assigning the result to the iterator would be a problem
[17:40:21] ** stuartm should have read the complete scrollback **
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[17:52:59] paul-h: stuartm: I think dizygoth has a point it does look like the lock is unlocked to early in SSDPCache::RemoveStale() but I'll leave it up to dblain to decide
[17:53:52] paul-h: I'm not sure I'll get an answer I don't think he is talking to me
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[17:55:26] paul-h: In other news the SSDP stuff is working fine in mythtv-setup without modification :)
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[18:09:58] stuartm: great :)
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[19:27:04] stuartm: am I the only one who finds it almost impossible to adjust audio sync correctly? I can never tell whether it's slightly ahead or behind, only that it's not right
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[19:52:47] dblain: paul-h: I'm still talking to you :) (just caught me on a bad day before)... I just haven't had time to participate in anything other that my paying job and family activities. I try to keep up to date with the discussions going on, but to be honest, it's been so long since I've looked at the code. I don't feel I have any authoritive opionion on any of it. I even need to research in order to
[19:52:47] dblain: answer even simple questions on things I wrote!
[20:06:47] stuarta: doh
[20:16:06] paul-h: dblain: Thanks for the reply :) – This is what dizygoth is talking about – . . . che.cpp#L424
[20:17:24] paul-h: looks like unlock() should be moved further down?
[20:17:38] stuarta: i see no reason not to move the unlock() to just before the return
[20:18:34] paul-h: I agree but doesn't do any harm to ask :)
[20:18:37] dblain: I agree. The unlock() belongs at the end
[20:18:56] stuarta: consensus! go for it :)
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