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Sunday, July 5th, 2015, 01:08 UTC
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[10:43:16] paul-h: Do most distros ship both MariaDB and MySQL?
[10:47:32] paul-h: Gentoo has both but the version numbers are wildly different so it's not clear whether they are compatible with each other
[10:51:55] paul-h: Seems many distros are switching to MariaDB as a default so gary_buhrmaster has a point . . . ude-mariadb/
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[11:32:59] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster, paul-h: we should definitely reverse the position on mysql/maria, some distros don't even ship mysql any more
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[14:59:47] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h: Oracle, being Oracle, managed to lose many distros distribution position. The numbering divergence is intentional, as they are going in slightly different directions. At least to this point, for the use by MythTV, any "current" version of either works equivalently, although for advanced users there may be some differences.
[15:02:04] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h, stuartm: One (eventual) advantage of mariadb may be changing the default engine in mariadb to aria which is crash safe (which would make a lot of users happier).
[15:03:23] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h, stuartm: The intent of the aria engine was that it was a better myisam. Of course, first the magic list of issues of changing away from the myisam engine would have to be evaluated to see if aria has the same challenges.
[15:03:43] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h, stuartm: But moving to aria would clearly be a step a ways into the distance.
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[15:06:44] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h, stuartm: One of the reasons to stay with a default of mysql was (although I believe it is no longer true) was the mysql has a formal embedded option. The mariadb embedded option was not supported at the original split time.
[15:07:40] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h, stuartm: And while the embedded mysql is not a currently resourced activity, it is still a stated goal.
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[17:11:58] paul-h: gary_buhrmaster: looks like MariaDB does now support an embedded DB option – I have serious doubts about embedding either MySQL or MariaDB because the last time I looked QT requires recompiling to enable it which defeats the whole point of embedding it in the first place to make installation easier for users
[17:13:52] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h: Yeah, I even mentioned that embedding was possible a few years ago to sphery on the -users list, although I had not actually tried it so I was not going to guarantee it worked.
[17:19:16] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h: It was my recollection that as long as you linked your app to the embedded libmysqld rather than libmysqlclient (and called a few init routines) it should all "just work", but that is theory, and we know theory and practice are not always the same (and since I have never actually done it, even my theory is probably wrong).
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[17:22:26] gary_buhrmaster: paul-h: Anyway, the embedded part would be others interest. I just brought it up as a (past) reasoning. I am not a decider here.
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[17:31:57] paul-h: I got the impression it was the Qt plugin that had to be linked to the correct library not the app but I never actually tried it
[17:32:12] paul-h: After the angry exchange on the users list when we brought the idea up I think it's unlikely to happen anyway
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[20:21:09] stuartm: it will happen, but it will have to be optional, those developing mythtv based distributions and pre-built systems will be able to benefit, as well as gentoo users
[20:22:46] stuartm: even if we enable embedding, there are a small number of commercial* users who need a full database server behind MythTV
[20:25:07] stuartm: fwiw, as I recall, the need to recompile only occurs because QT distributed a single mysql driver that could be compiled in one mode or the other but not both
[20:25:58] stuartm: if we were to import the existing driver into our source, we can compile it however we like without conflicts with QT packages
[20:26:12] Hydr0p0nX: seems like (from a non-developer view) it should be feasible to have a flag in config.xml that has myth look at a internal or external db
[20:27:26] Hydr0p0nX: or, use the builtin db to replace config.xml and have an extra setting during to setup of whether to use it or an existing
[20:36:37] Roklobsta: idea for future dev – set recording times like an old vcr. i have a case for it's use.
[20:37:50] Roklobsta: oh ignore me.
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