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Friday, February 20th, 2015, 00:01 UTC
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[04:13:52] sphery: stuartm / stuarta : Yeah, the reason I didn't like the dbus approach is because each screensaver is doing it slightly differently--different paths, different methods available, and even to some extent different interpretations of how the methods work--and it's a moving target when, for example, GNOME says, "no more gnome-screensaver, now we'll build a screensaver into gnome3 and it will be controlled differently from gnome-screensaver" and such
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[10:16:16] stuartm: are the dbus apis all lock/unlock? What we need is a method where the screensaver/dpms aren't permanently disabled if the frontend crashes, i.e. every 9 1/2 minutes the frontend tells the system to inhibit the screensaver for 10 minutes
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[12:31:58] clever: stuartm: isnt there an xorg api for just that?
[12:32:39] stuartm: clever: yes, any no window manager honours it
[12:32:42] stuartm: and
[12:34:11] clever: sounds more like patches should be filed against the window managers
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[12:37:40] stuartm: sph_ery tried that, they were ignored or rejected, the various projects all use their own proprietary apis
[12:38:20] clever: :'(
[12:40:24] clever: only other option i can think of is to auto-restart the frontend on crash, and re-enable screensaver at startup
[12:40:41] clever: though i have some other issues caused by synergy doing just that
[12:48:27] clever: something is wrong with the video drivers, it randomly ignores brightness level controls, causing the laptop display to get stuck at 0 brightless (off)
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[16:12:53] stuartm: dilemma, it makes sense to me that if we require users to login to the webfrontend we should use a single auth model, so the same username/password could be used to login on the frontend in a multi-user household
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[16:18:11] stuartm: actually, I was going to get to explain the dilemma I mentioned, but as I typed it out I decided that it wasn't such a hard choice after all
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[22:17:31] dekarl: and then our loyal users come along with the idea to integrate mythtv into their 8 person households kerberos/AD realm for single-sign-on...
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[22:22:23] warpme: dekarl: You jusr readin my mind. :-) I had idea to ask here for integration with my home Apple ecosystem and emploee corporate as well. If You will not provide single log-on then I'll drop MythTV (after 12y usage) and move to Kodi undeground warriors with plan to DOS on MythTV GIT at beginning....
[22:25:34] warpme: my plan is to get confidence with You guys, gain access to git commit, switch keyboard to chiese, write then some patches blindly and submit no mather now many errors will be. I think this is good plan -)
[22:26:42] dekarl: oh noes, its hard enough when the keyboard in the citrix session silently switches around between US/DE layout. Please don't add chinese!
[22:26:57] warpme: but this evening I'll concentrate on transformer working for DC current. This will be breakthrough...
[22:29:21] warpme: oh btw: my fiend audiophile asked me about ultra-high speaker in 6-way column. I replayed: well mine works only up to 1.5MHz but I saw chineese models for 3MHz. He was impressed!
[22:29:23] dekarl: The box of transformers for recycling is so empty, it's not enough for pizza for everyone :( (been in dads basement tonight, sorting boxes for recycling)
[22:33:06] dekarl: The speakers parts finally can go their last way, too. (after only 25 years waiting to be built into a box Real Soon Now[tm])
[22:34:13] dekarl: They are analogue speakers so they are not limited to these digital MHz ;)
[22:35:38] warpme: geez: last 4 days I spent on my MacbookPro which gets dead trackpad after I clean it with freash new kitchen towel. I went across not booting machine just to understand that MAC EFI/SMC POST – if gets any errors – will boot only from external power and without any error codes/msgs. Geez – at one point in time I was sure I break mainboard worth 600Eur....
[22:37:46] warpme: Finally I reasemble whole machine again and discover that flex cable for KEYB was inserted 0.5mm not enough. Now all works perfect. Trackpad is perfectly sensitive (despite in the meantime I bought anoter one)....
[22:41:58] warpme: Interesting was "main story" for my trackpad/keyb issue from independent Mac services: majority of them immediatelly suggested: "oh You know – problem might be elsewhere and usually in mainboard..."
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