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Sunday, February 15th, 2015, 00:00 UTC
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[09:53:54] peper03: MythBuild: force build master-win8-msvc-2010–32bit now
[09:53:54] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 20m34s]
[09:53:54] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[09:54:12] peper03: Not expecting much...
[09:58:28] MythBuild: Hey! build master-win8-msvc-2010–32bit #1362 is complete: Failure [4failed Configure and Build]
[09:58:28] ** MythLogBot **
[09:58:28] MythBuild: Build details are at . . . /builds/1362
[09:59:13] peper03: Aaand I wasn't disappointed.
[09:59:26] peper03: dblain: ^ Do you have any idea what's wrong?
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[10:25:27] stuartm: << Does anyone know what he means to say, or does anyone here speak Turkish?
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[11:27:17] paul-h: stuartm: we only recently added support for the MMS protocol that the BBC radio streams was using. They have just been switched of though . . . 3938cfb4b882
[11:28:42] paul-h: I'm currently listening to the new HLS feed in MythMusic that is working OK apart from a small glitch which I think may be when segments are changing
[11:28:50] stuartm: paul-h: it was the switchover news that got my attention, they are changing to http based streaming which is easy to do
[11:30:41] stuartm: well, easy on the client side, not so much on the server
[11:30:57] paul-h: This is the new BBC Radio One HLS feed if you want to give it a try . . . dio_one.m3u8
[11:33:10] paul-h: That's the 320kbps stream change /sbr_high/ to just /high/ for the 128kbps feed
[11:34:04] stuartm: thanks
[11:34:33] stuartm: paul-h: while you're here, do you have any plans to implement a music service for the services API?
[11:36:20] paul-h: No I can't think of what I would use it for. I'm spending more time working on my own private fork which is why I've not been around much lately anyway
[11:37:03] paul-h: Myth is moving further away from my ideal convergence box each day :(
[11:37:03] stuartm: ok thanks, I'll add it to my list then since I'd like to include music in the webfrontend for 0.28
[11:38:03] stuartm: paul-h: really? I'm sorry to here that, I actually thought it was moving towards convergence rather than away from it
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[12:13:37] stuartm: paul-h: well the stream plays in mythmusic as you said, I'm also hearing occasional pauses
[12:14:14] stuartm: I wonder whether they've any intention of providing metadata, via a side-channel maybe
[12:16:56] stuartm: they could include it in the EXTINF data, but they currently don't :(
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[13:39:08] peper03: Hmm. I'm beginning to think MS Visual C is not a supported target for libdvdnav/read...
[13:39:20] peper03: s/target/compiler/
[13:40:45] paul-h: Easy fix remove all the Window crap from MythTV no one is supporting it :)
[13:43:46] paul-h: stuartm: I'm talking about my own idea of what MythTV should be for example I don't like the existing MythVideo so I would like to change it to use a dynamic tree similar to MythMusic which would be easy if it was still a plugin just disable the existing one and replace it with my own
[13:44:28] paul-h: But because it's now built in it more difficult to disable it which pisses me off
[13:44:35] paul-h: Same for the new Gallery
[13:46:18] paul-h: I really think we need to get some the fundamental stuff working properly like the setup stuff, channel scanner etc
[13:48:07] dblain: paul-h, just because you don't like microsoft products doesn't mean we should just "remove all Window crap"
[13:49:00] paul-h: Does it have a use in MythTV though?
[13:49:03] dblain: peper03: I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong.
[13:49:20] paul-h: Does any of it actually work?
[13:49:22] dblain: paul-h: for some of us it does
[13:49:41] dblain: yes, it works enough for me do develop & test the Services API.
[13:50:27] dblain: and no one will convince me that GDB is a better debugger than what Microsoft offers in Visual Studio
[13:50:53] peper03: dblain: Thanks. It may be something as simple as declaring variables after statements that it doesn't like.
[13:52:31] dblain: peper03: ok. It may take me a while to commit a fix since I will need to bring my linux box back online to test the build. (I don't like commiting changes without testing both windows & linux)
[13:55:24] peper03: dblain: I'm happy to test things under Linux. If I had a Windows box, I'd play around with it myself. I don't really want to start committing changes and cluttering up the commit history just to see if my assumption is right.
[13:57:22] dblain: peper03: I understand. I added the windows build machine so people don't need to setup a build box. I always figured it will allow simple fixes to be done by the original committer, and I'd need to get involved if it was a larger problem.
[14:04:33] paul-h: stuartm: Seems others have noticed the lack of metadata for the BBC streams
[14:06:53] paul-h: dblain: don't mind me I'm more used to dealing with hairy arsed builders who say it like it is not sensitive IT types
[14:07:01] stuartm: paul-h: I don't know that it changes much, but I've always wanted to have the option to disable the integrated video/image (hide them from the menus effectively), the argument for including the functionality as part of the core application was to enable better integration in a way that the present plugin API doesn't allow – if the plugin api was improved instead then maybe it wouldn't be necessary to have them integrated
[14:10:07] stuartm: and I strongly agree on getting the fundamentals right such as improving setup/scanning, I regret that I don't have the necessary enthusiasm for working on it in the same way as I do with other, perhaps more frivolous features
[14:10:50] dblain: paul-h... guess you do need to learn to hold your touge! the more you say, the less respect I have for you. I'm perfectly fine with people not liking microsoft products, but if you're going to fork the project and not contribute, then you don't have any right saying which environments we support. Although I don't have much, if any time right now to work on MythTV. I try to help when I can
[14:10:50] dblain: and that includes keeping windows builds working.
[14:12:36] paul-h: dblain: I love you really :)
[14:13:47] stuartm: paul-h: I do have an idea of how the channel scanner should look and behave, and that's pretty much identical to Kaffeine – I can do that stuff, but finding and fixing all the scanner corner-case bugs is not something I'd wish to tackle alone
[14:15:07] stuartm: for scanning a good starting point would be to add in some starting frequencies for all the satellite networks, that's such a simple thing which would make a world of difference to anyone using DVB-S/S2
[14:16:02] paul-h: Would this be in the FE or a web setup thing?
[14:16:19] stuartm: paul-h: so perhaps our goals aren't so different, we just need everyone to cooperate more on achieving them
[14:18:44] stuartm: paul-h: well mythtv-setup (or mythfrontend) and the web interface as well, personally I want to see both available – the idea of being able to manage this stuff remotely via a browser is all very well, but I dislike the notion that you need a second computer to setup a mythtv box which is potentially already connected to it's own screen
[14:22:55] paul-h: Yeah having it in both the FE and webFE is good. That's a change of heart though I thought the plan was for just to have a web setup which I was never a fan of
[14:24:52] stuartm: paul-h: I never wanted it to simply be web setup, although others did argue that it was redundant to have both
[14:26:26] paul-h: Having to start a web browser to change a setting or start a channel scan was never going to be very user friendly compared to a STB that most people are used to
[14:26:27] stuartm: I'm not even working on the web setup right now, while I like the idea in principle, it's just not a priority – most of the required work has to be done in the libs anyway, and if it's done there it benefits both an application based and web based UI
[14:27:25] stuartm: in the same way that I'm not calling for mythweb to be dropped, it will ultimately come down to people being willing to maintain it
[14:29:46] stuartm: paul-h: it's a bit like the inane idea of Google's ChromeOS, that it doesn't come with a remote control, instead you have to control your TV using a tablet or phone – the assumption being that everyone in the house has one or both of those on them at all times
[14:30:46] stuartm: and that they'd rather be staring at the device in their hands than what's shown on the TV screen ...
[14:31:54] paul-h: That's what you get when developers design stuff :)
[14:37:21] stuartm: so, if we can agree more or less on what has to be done, starting with improving setup/scanning, maybe we can split up the work into small easily accomplished tasks and make some progress?
[14:37:36] stuartm: dekarl1: stuarta: ^^
[14:39:07] stuartm: i.e. starting by gathering together a list of frequencies and network names for satellite networks
[14:40:08] stuartm: someone else can write code to parse that and populate a ui widget with the selection
[14:42:08] stuartm: meanwhile we can look at eliminating or automating some backend setup steps e.g. the 'master backend' ip/post setting which can be auto-detected
[14:44:37] stuartm: would putting up a wiki page where people can list the ideas/tasks, comment on them and take ownership be a good idea, or just a waste of time?
[14:47:44] stuartm: would anyone else like to talk? Even I'm getting tired of my long rambling speeches
[14:52:49] paul-h: A wiki page would be good or a message to the private dev list. Just hope we don't get the usual silence from most devs
[14:54:06] paul-h: I'd like to help with the setup stuff if it will be for both FE/WebFE
[14:54:24] paul-h: Just don't know where to start really
[14:56:19] paul-h: I kind of liked what Robert was working on with the initial setup wizard approach
[15:06:50] stuartm: knowing where to start is a problem we all have, it's why nothing has really happened and why I think the approach of small steps might work better, even if we're not able to finish we'll still have made some improvement instead of being in permanent deadlock
[15:07:54] stuartm: break it down, setting by setting, detail by detail and think about how that part could work better
[15:09:24] stuartm: even if it's only improving the wording of a setting or it's help text, that's something
[15:18:10] peper03: stuartm: Regarding scanning, I can definitely see the attraction of choosing something like 'Freesat' on the scanner page and even being able to enter your region to get the right local versions but that could very easily end up being a lot of work just for a single country.
[15:20:09] peper03: How many other countries have something similar? I think there will be many that have no common setup so every household chooses their own channel numbers.
[15:20:21] stuartm: perhaps, but it's worth trying, stuff like the starting frequencies or frequency ranges rarely change that often and there are entire websites dedicated just to listing that info
[15:21:45] stuartm: we might be able to scrape kingofsat or lyngsat, perhaps even find a proper API to provide regular updates
[15:22:25] peper03: Choosing that starting frequency would definitely be easy enough to do and useful. We'd probably just have to be a bit careful how it was phrased so that the user didn't expect to get the 'full' Freesat experience of channels assigned to specific numbers etc.
[15:22:54] stuartm: peper03: the actual region data is included in a private data stream for Freesat, so the user only needs to select their region and the scanner code can handle the rest
[15:24:09] stuartm: peper03: actually there is a blog post I've bookmarked which contains details of the channel numbering system for freesat, so that's something I was going to implement, they'd get the 'correct' numbers when I do
[15:24:35] stuartm: it's all stored in that same private data stream
[15:24:42] peper03: stuartm: Ah yes, I saw something about the bouquets on the mailing list. Extending that to parse the data all the time could be useful. Particularly when a channel changes frequency. We could handle the change automatically without requiring the user to rescan.
[15:27:43] peper03: On the topic of "which channel goes where", has anyone *ever* seen a useable channel editor on a STB,TV or anywhere else? The one built in to my TV made me want top myself.
[15:29:47] peper03: Having an SQL script to put exactly what I want where I want it in the blink of an eye fills me with joy every time I use it :)
[15:31:40] peper03: Admittedly that's not a remote-control-driven channel editor, but that level of functionality would be El Dorado in a channel editor.
[15:31:42] stuartm: peper03: no, they are all wrestling with the same problem, though there are some individual features I'd admired in the past – firstly the use of the colour buttons to provide context dependent actions complete with an on-screen key
[15:32:01] paul-h: The beauty of Sky is you don't have to mess with the channels they all numbered,named and grouped for you. Now if Myth could work like that...
[15:32:45] stuartm: I've long wanted to implement that for mythtv – four key mappings whose behaviour changes depending on the current screen/selection, complete with legend telling users which one does what
[15:33:08] peper03: paul-h: But it's a double-edged sword, isn't it? On the plus side, all the channels are there. On the minus side, *all* the channels are there.
[15:33:47] stuartm: paul-h: grouping might be harder, although I need to remind myself if they provide any 'genre' metadata per channel that we might use – the numbering/naming we can do
[15:34:01] paul-h: peper03: true
[15:34:36] stuartm: peper03: well that's where properly remembering the 'visibility' of channels across scans needs fixing
[15:36:51] stuartm: another neat feature, that we should be easily able to implement is changing the numbering/order of channels by physically moving them up and down in the channel editor, so you don't need to edit the number one by one, just drag #6 to the #4 position and it becomes #4 while #4 moves to #5, #5 to #6
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[15:41:15] paul-h: stuartm: any word from Nick or anyone when the Radio Times feed is shutting down? I'm assuming it's still up and running
[15:41:19] peper03: stuartm: I think that was what my TV tried to do and it drove me insane. After a scan you have potentially several hundred channels. The channels you want are scattered all over the place. You scroll through pages of channels to get to, say, channel '478', 'pick' that channel up, scroll all the way back to the first page to drop it. On your way to get the next channel, you see another channel you need later but since you've seen it now, you
[15:41:21] peper03: pick it up and drop it back on the first page.
[15:43:07] stuartm: paul-h: Nick didn't reply to my last couple of emails so I'm assuming he's just too busy, the feed appears to still be up and providing the full 14 days of data
[15:43:24] peper03: If you're trying to group channels numbers, having something already on channel 200 move to 201 because you moved another channel to 120 (even though there was nothing after 120 up to 199) is infuriating :-o
[15:44:08] Hydroponx: is there a way to search for all instances of a selected show from the guide ? If not, would be a great "feature"
[15:44:26] stuartm: peper03: I'm not suggesting that be the only way of moving channels about, but for sorting a shorter list it's much faster than editing the channel numbers manually
[15:45:10] stuartm: and obviously it would want to avoid moving channels unnecessarily when there is space
[15:46:06] stuartm: Hydroponx: Recording Options > Show Upcoming
[15:47:37] peper03: stuartm: Might be useful to be able to scroll through the list marking channels as you go, then when you're done, make all unmarked channels invisible.
[15:49:01] peper03: Another option after that could be to renumber the marked channels sequentially from a given number.
[15:49:06] stuartm: peper03, paul-h: actually, for freesat/freeview, as long as they don't change their numbering schemes too often, we should be able to group them into the 'usual' groups e.g. on Freeview channels between 80–90 are news, so knowing that we can automatically add them to a 'news' channel group
[15:49:59] stuartm: means something else that needs to be managed per country, but if even one person is willing to periodically update the file we can send out updates over
[15:50:49] stuartm: peper03: yeah, there are a number of possible applications of the 'playlist' functionality we currently have in Watch Recordings
[15:52:55] peper03: How do people with both Freesat and Freeview handle their numbering? Are the channels available on both usually combined or kept separate?
[15:53:11] stuartm: peper03: another one is filtering by broadcaster, the information becomes less useful for the fringe channels, but the big broadcasters all use consistent 'default_authority' ids for their channels, so you can easily provide an option to show/hide all channels for,, etc
[15:54:08] stuartm: peper03: manually, it's a pain, but the best way to make it work is to renumber to a common system – personally I renumber the freesat channels to match the freeview equivalents
[15:54:21] stuartm: so BBC One is #1 on both
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[15:55:16] peper03: So that would make using the channels numbers from the private data complicated.
[15:56:02] stuartm: but it's made more complicated by the tuning code which incorrectly uses the channel number to tune for recordings, so when I had BBC One and BBC One HD both using '1', it would frequently record from the 'wrong' channel
[15:56:39] stuartm: peper03: yes, but that's where another idea of mine could be useful – we store both the original channel number and the user-defined channel number
[15:57:17] stuartm: that let's us map data consistently, and also gives the user the option to 'undo' numbering changes without rescanning
[15:57:37] peper03: It seems like there are several possibilities that could be used to improve the channel editor and at least make the initial set-up less painful.
[15:57:52] stuartm: peper03: we should be writing all this stuff down, let me create that wiki page I suggested
[15:58:03] peper03: It's in the logs :)
[15:58:13] paul-h: You guys should be recording these ideas somewhere so we can come back to them later
[15:58:20] stuartm: yes, but finding it all later is harder
[15:58:31] stuartm: paul-h: ^ :)
[15:58:42] paul-h: Yeah too late
[16:08:43] stuartm:
[16:09:11] stuartm: started adding some of the discussed ideas there, please add to it and edit if necessary
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[16:33:07] peper03: stuartm: Is default_authority supposed/expected to be used much? From what I can see, nothing on Astra 1 (19.2 degrees east) is using it.
[16:37:20] peper03: Looking at the 'channel' table, it's filled for 243/531 channels on Astra 2 and 0/675 on Astra 1.
[16:41:14] stuartm: peper03: it varies by network, it's part of the spec, but not everyone follows the spec :)
[16:41:56] peper03: Seem to be a few odd entries too. Default authority for 'True Movies 1', 'True Movies 2', 'Kix', 'Tiny Pop', and others is ''? And then 'Tiny Pop +1' is ''.
[16:42:04] stuartm: it should be 100% for Freesat/Freeview though, and it's widespread enough that applications like Kaffeine already offer filtering using it
[16:43:35] stuartm: the authority reflects who the company responsible for managing that channel is
[16:45:03] peper03: Yeah, just found which indicates that they are actually sort of all bunched together. Just odd that 'Tiny Pop' and 'Tiny Pop+1' are different.
[16:45:04] stuartm: some smaller channels will often rent their channel space from a larger company, or hand all the management to that company so they don't need to have in-house experts
[17:17:36] dekarl1: paul-h/stuartm/peper03, does the Atlas channel API work for you? I'm wondering if we can just feed data there.
[17:20:20] dekarl1: paul-h the radio times feed was supposed to end January 2015according to
[17:22:50] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[17:27:47] stuartm: dekarl: add that link to the wiki page?
[17:30:37] paul-h: dekarl: yeah I know it was supposed to end January 2015 just wondering why it's still there and when it will shutdown. We haven't really done anything to help our users change over should it end abruptly with no notice
[17:31:50] paul-h: At least it just requires users to update there config rather than having to recompile or reinstall stuff like the SD update did
[17:32:24] len (len! has joined #mythtv
[17:33:31] paul-h: Has there been a stable release from XMLTV recently? I think it requires a fairly new versiuon to get the Atlas grabber
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[17:36:31] stuartm: does anyone know what character encoding is represented by "1d 00" for DVB SI text? The 2012 spec I'm looking at says that 1d is currently reserved and not in use
[17:44:38] paul-h: Sounds like a boy band to me
[17:46:00] moparisthebest (moparisthebest!~mitb@unaffiliated/moparisthebest) has joined #mythtv
[17:54:45] stuartm: :)
[17:56:14] stuartm: just looking at what other metadata is broadcast for channels that maybe we aren't using, the Service identifier descriptor appears for some multiplexes on satellite but I can't figure out the encoding
[17:58:39] stuartm: it's supposed to be a unique text identifier for identical channels, so channels which carry identical content (except for adverts) irrespective of the networks they appear on
[17:58:57] stuartm: but I can't read the text to see whether it conveys any other useful information
[18:10:47] peper03: dekarl1: Having never used Atlas and only ever heard of it in relation to XMLTV, is that something that could be added directly into MythTV? From what I can see on the website, everyone who wants to use the API has to have their own key.
[18:11:08] peper03: I presume there isn't just a 'MythTV key', or the possibility of one?
[18:12:17] peper03: I could see someone sorting out a key for themselves so that they can get guide data. I wonder whether they'd bother 'just' to get the channel line-up?
[18:15:31] paul-h: peper03: there is no shared MythTV key which makes the Atlas stuff a bit of pain even if it does contain all we would need for the UK at least
[18:15:54] peper03: paul-h: That's what I guessed.
[18:16:20] paul-h: Someone did mention it may be possible to get a shared key though
[18:18:19] paul-h: At the moment you need a key for the guide data anyway but that's not exactly user friendly to get new users to apply for a key before they can set up MythTV
[18:21:53] paul-h: Maybe we can persuade them to add a API that we could use that would allow third party apps like us to use our own interface to apply for a key
[18:23:01] stuartm: certainly for guide data it's per-user keys, maybe they'll feel differently for the channel info
[18:24:04] stuartm: but we'd also need to check the legal side of distributing the data ourselves, since we want users to be able to setup a backend even without it have a direct internet connection, so there needs to be 'offline' data shipped with the source code
[18:25:10] stuartm: paul-h: a key application API was something I would like to see, even if we only use Atlas for the guide data
[18:26:38] peper03: For Freesat if we could make use of the bouquet information in the private data would there still be anything in the Atlas data that would make life easier?
[18:26:55] peper03: Presumably Freeview has similar private data.
[18:27:33] stuartm: peper03: well the article dekarl linked suggests they can provide the exact grouping info used for different networks such as Freesat and Freeview, which a lot of users may appreciate
[18:28:17] peper03: I was under the impression that that information was in the private data. At least for Freesat.
[18:29:15] stuartm: I don't believe that info is included in any of the DVB tables, although it may be somewhere in a private descriptor I've not heard or read anything about it
[18:29:41] stuartm: the channel numbers are there, but the grouping info ...
[18:30:20] peper03: stuartm: This was the posting I remembered:
[18:31:50] paul-h: Once you have the Atlas channel data it opens up a lot of possibilities, makes setting up XMLTV easy since you have the id's handy for each channel , you have links for the channel icons etc
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[18:32:55] stuartm: peper03: we may be talking about different concepts – the BAT contains the region info etc, I'm talking of the Entertainment/Childrens/News/Sport channel grouping
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[18:34:18] stuartm: paul-h: yeah, it's worth pursuing, it just can't be the only solution we implement
[18:34:35] paul-h: Yeah great for the UK but what about the rest of the world
[18:37:44] stuartm: the dvb table info does at least have the benefit of applying to other networks outside the UK
[18:38:25] peper03: stuartm: I've not tried his code but the link to his website also talks about categories (although he hadn't found what linked to that list).
[18:40:43] stuartm: peper03: interesting, I'd missed that, it makes more sense that they'd send it over the air since they can't keep pushing out firmware updates every time they reshuffle, but I'd assumed before now that they simply keyed off channel ranges
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[18:41:52] peper03: paul-h: It would certainly be a bad idea to paint ourselves into a corner from a functionality point-of-view but I have no idea what other countries do. Nearly everything on Astra 2 is English, but Astra 1 is a mix of several different languages. I have no idea whether any sort of convention exists in the target countries. I suspect not.
[18:42:12] stuartm: peper03: we should start implementing some of that stuff ASAP, if the category information is there – probably numeric IDs, it shouldn't be hard to spot the pattern with enough data
[18:42:48] Seeker` (Seeker`!~cjo20@unaffiliated/seeker) has joined #mythtv
[19:11:27] dekarl: stuartm is that uk hd? maybe its the code for "secret huffman"
[19:14:07] stuartm: this is a service identifier descriptor, doesn't make much sense that they'd encode that, but I'll compare the start code against the EIT just in case
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[19:15:50] dekarl: peper03: they will have to get a key for their guide data anyway (speaking of the upcoming uk changes), so they might as well get channel lineup and potentially catch up vod data for mythnetvision (the data is there, but its unused)
[19:16:39] stuartm: dekarl: only if they use xmltv for guide data and not EIT
[19:16:39] dekarl: otoh, thats how you get guide data for fr/nz, too (have to personally sign up to a web service)
[19:16:59] peper03: dekarl: If they get their guide data from Atlas. I've been quite happy with EIT.
[19:17:28] stuartm: catchup is available via mheg on Freeview/Freesat, although the quality isn't brilliant
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[19:51:17] stuartm: does anyone use iplayer via the red button with mythtv? It never seem to get much attention
[19:54:30] stuartm: not even listed as a feature in the wiki
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[20:57:32] dekarl: stuartm, btw the bouquet stuff is used differently over here. e.g. its one bouquet per major broadcaster
[20:57:35] stuartm: well this is interesting, seeing orphaned files from livetv, seems to be some confusion over the recordedid means it deletes the temp file created during channel changes but not the actual recording file
[20:58:28] dekarl: peper03: stuartm: good point on the high quality of EIT in the UK leading to not so much need for xmltv
[20:59:08] stuartm: dekarl: still not good enough for me, but good enough for many including stuarta
[21:00:15] dekarl: stuartm, lets add, nice mythnetvision, nice logos into the mix, while at the same time making the setup suck less. That might shift the numbers around
[21:02:26] dekarl: btw, thetvdb data is being added to schedules direct and atlas (coming soon) so we could easily add nice graphics to guide data (e.g. in the grid / search results)
[21:03:32] dekarl: making setup suck less, appears to be a good next step
[21:19:21] stuartm: dekarl: it's what we should focus on and I hope everyone will contribute something to it
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[22:02:37] paul-h (paul-h!~Paul@ has joined #mythtv
[22:10:42] paul-h: stuartm: MHEG is working here on both FreeView and FreeSat. The BBC iPlayer works up to starting to play something then errors out with a 'This content doesn't seem to be working. Please try again later' message though
[22:13:46] stuartm: paul-h: ok, that's interesting, I wonder what the difference is with my setup
[22:14:41] paul-h: I might be a few commits behind master HEAD has there been anyththing the last few days that may be the cause?
[22:16:07] stuartm: not that I've noticed, but I'll look again now that I know it's working for you
[22:17:13] stuartm: I've been individually reverting all commits which directly touch the mheg/dsmcc code with no luck, and debugging shows no data packets are being seen in the stream at all even though they are present in the recording file
[22:19:02] paul-h: You haven't turned on the setting to filter streams now that peper03 fixed it
[22:22:23] stuartm: it's on, but not for livetv, and I'm testing with a file recorded in 2013 anyway
[22:22:36] stuartm: it's my 'mheg' test file
[22:24:04] stuartm: getting pretty sick of re-watching the same old news :) Although by pure coincidence one of the news items features an interview with a relative of mine
[22:24:22] stuartm: not sure why I mention that, entirely irrelevant
[22:26:24] stuartm: paul-h: which version are you running? I'm staring at commit after commit but I'm not finding anything relevant
[22:30:04] paul-h: It's a good question I'm using my fork so not sure. Let me see if I can work out when I last did a merge from master
[22:33:38] stuartm: hang on ... I bet I know what the problem is
[22:34:16] paul-h: OK I'm on ea74b8d0b78ced9126d
[22:34:31] paul-h: From Wed 11th
[22:35:57] stuartm: thanks Paul
[22:36:08] stuartm: turns out PEBCAK
[22:37:03] stuartm: some time back I'd enabled the FFMPEGTS setting, which forces use of the FFMPEG stream parser instead of our own modified copy, in order to debug a problem
[22:37:31] stuartm: I forgot to disable it afterwards, and native ffmpeg doesn't understand DSMCC streams
[22:38:51] stuartm: it's supposed to be logging the fact that it's using that option, but it's not so I missed it
[22:39:07] paul-h: Ah! glad you found it that would have been annoying
[22:39:45] stuartm: or rather it is logging it, but under -v playback only
[22:39:47] stuartm: doh
[22:41:00] paul-h: Something to remember the next time someone asks why we have our own copy of FFMPEG
[22:41:51] stuartm: yep
[22:44:54] paul-h: Got a feeling gigem's input stuff may have screwed up my DVBs setup only one input seems to be working
[22:45:15] stuartm: well working that out wasted the last couple of hours of the day, so I achieved nothing at all today :/
[22:46:05] stuartm: paul-h: it's all working here, although there was an odd event in the log the other day, I couldn't be sure that it was related
[22:48:33] paul-h: I could be wrong but it's been working fine months
[22:49:47] paul-h: ChannelBase[7]: IsTunable(DVBInput,1) Failed to find channel in DB on input '7'
[22:51:45] stuartm: that does look suspect
[22:52:42] paul-h: What's worse is it completely locks up the FE when that happens
[22:53:20] stuartm: paul-h: you could try re-creating the card <> source mappings
[22:53:47] stuartm: looks like the BBC have locked us out of iPlayer through mheg, appears they might now be requiring a client certificate for connection
[22:55:17] stuartm: although it may just be another PEBCAK issue, will do some digging
[22:58:55] paul-h: The iPlayer wasn't working for me either
[23:01:14] stuartm: yeah, looks like they shut down what was a bit of a loophole in their DRM driven strategy, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it's disappointing
[23:02:38] stuartm: and completely nonsensical considering you can just record the programme instead in much higher quality
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