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Friday, February 13th, 2015, 00:05 UTC
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[00:14:32] stuartm: gigem: appears to be correct, the input which was recording #29 is in the same input group as #28 the one where the error was reported, they both have the same videodevice in both tables
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[00:16:31] stuartm: it could just be that the active EIT scanner thread took longer than it should have done to stop and that the possibility of this happening has always existed
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[00:28:49] gigem: stuartm: Okay. Let me know if it happens again. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly where and how the recorder code lets virtual tuners share the same device. Consequently, I'm not absolutely sure my changes didn't break something, but I can't imagine how.
[00:34:49] stuartm: heh, transcoding from mpeg2 to mjpeg low quality actually increased the filesize
[00:38:09] stuartm: and completely screwed the picture
[00:38:21] stuartm: not that it matters, since it was only done for testing purposes
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[01:49:28] MythBuild: build #2288 of master-ubuntu-current-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed git] Build details are at . . . /builds/2288 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
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[10:07:41] warpme: morning/evening *
[10:09:09] warpme: stuartm: yesterday I was trying berifly play with SSL on BE. Unfortunatelly I can't get it working. For sure I'm doing something wrong. Sequence was following:
[11:05:44] stuartm: dekarl: couple of additional issues, renaming is currently only done when transcoded through the jobqueue as is updating the size in the database
[11:09:49] stuartm: and it's segfaulting when run manually ...
[11:11:43] stuartm: leaving undeleted multi-gb tmp files behind
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[12:28:43] stuartm: can someone in the US run a lossless mpeg2 transcode job on an HD recording (mpeg2) and pastebin the log for me?
[12:30:03] stuartm: obviously don't do this for an important recording or something you weren't already planning to do lossless transcoding on
[12:59:18] MythBuild: build #2289 of master-ubuntu-current-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/2289
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[13:54:39] stuarta: holy crap, that first build on debian wheezy qt5 32bit took a while. 5hr 39mins !!!
[13:55:06] stuarta: 2nd run was more normal at 16m
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[15:54:49] stuartm: dekarl1: so that's almost all the outstanding mythtranscode issues dealt with, the only thing that isn't done is renaming files when run manually from the commandline
[15:55:03] stuarta: nice work
[15:55:46] stuartm: I'm not sure whether it violates user expectations to change the name of the file if it's run manually?
[15:56:46] stuartm: even if it's correct to change the extension to reflect the new container, I can already here users complaining that the file was deleted (in reality just moved)
[15:58:02] stuartm: there's some ugly, legacy stuff in mythtranscode – a cleanup would make a good project for someone
[15:59:10] stuarta: i'd like to at some point try to implement h264 lossless transcode. but it's not happening any time soon
[16:01:29] jheizer: throw in a --norename and tell them to stop crying? lol
[16:02:01] stuartm: stuarta: I might try to squeeze in lossy h.264 transcoding to replace the mpeg4/nuv transcode
[16:03:28] stuartm: probably ogg video as well, or something else which is open/patent free as an alternative/default for distros which don't carry x264
[16:03:57] stuarta: lossless should be easier no?
[16:07:42] stuartm: stuarta: lossless is easy, lossless + cutting + re-encoding around cuts is not
[16:08:15] stuarta: easy lossless is implemented thus 'dd if=recording.mpg of=newrecording.mpg'
[16:08:24] stuarta: heck even cp $1 $2
[16:08:51] stuartm: supporting encoding to any format offered by ffmpeg is the definition of easy, the bit I'm not going to enjoy is offering settings to configure stuff like bitrate/profile and resolution – it's a bit tedious that
[16:09:19] stuarta: that's why i see lossless as easier, all you have to do is redo the cutpoint frames
[16:09:33] stuarta: while you have all those other options to support otherwise
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[16:09:50] stuartm: stuarta: heh, yes, well if we want to implement lossless transcoding which doesn't actually do anything then that's the easiest of the bunch
[16:11:18] stuartm: lossless is 10–20x faster, I can't understand why anyone would want to use our mpeg4 encoder instead of the mpeg2 encoder for example – takes a long time, uses a lot of cpu and the resulting file sizes are going to be the same or even larger in my experience
[16:11:47] stuartm: I'd love to see lossless H.264 with cutlist support
[16:12:31] stuarta: tbh. in this day and age, do we really need to support re-encoding to alternate formats? why not leave that to external apps, and just focus on lossless internally?
[16:13:26] stuartm: stuarta: well because we can and it's not hard to do, plus we need it anyway for upnp and the webfrontend
[16:13:39] stuarta: well there's a good reason
[16:14:28] stuartm: although in those cases, what we really need is realtime transcoding, since I don't really like the idea of having to transcode everything ahead of time and wasting space with duplicate versions of everything
[16:14:45] stuartm: on-demand realtime transcode, that's the holy grail
[16:15:26] stuartm: probably going to require hardware support for most systems :/
[16:15:35] stuarta: well yes, it surely will
[16:18:38] stuartm: need to do a speed comparison between the vp8 and vp9 encoders
[16:18:41] stuarta: which is pretty much why i put it into the too hard basket for now
[16:20:03] stuarta: well i've recorded several sacrificial hd recordings on my dev box, for when I get around to looking at it
[16:22:34] stuartm: well according to this blog post, VP9 is off the table, it takes days to encode a 3 minute video – . . . coder-ffvp9/
[16:23:22] stuartm: that was a year ago, but I can't imagine the situation has improved enough since then
[16:23:54] stuarta: that's pretty horrible performance
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[20:01:57] rOOb: stuarta stuartm A few days on and the backend is still running good now. No more spiked cpu usage. --noupnp solved the issue.
[20:02:12] rOOb: Now I just need to find out how to auto start mythtv to use that backend option
[20:03:29] rOOb: Looks like some other options are hard coded into /etc/init/mythtv-backend.conf
[20:03:32] rOOb: I'll just use that
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[20:27:58] stuartm: so using the 'correct' extension and mimetype for mpeg-2 ts files appears to have backfired, because the DLNA spec says you should use video/mpeg for all 188byte TS streams
[20:28:50] stuartm: nevermind what other standards might say, DLNA has other ideas
[20:32:01] stuartm: they even create their own custom mimetype for 192 byte streams
[20:33:36] stuartm: interestingly, IETF say video/mpeg isn't correct for PS either, they've standardised on video/mp2p
[20:42:56] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: I refer you to:
[20:43:54] jheizer: video/something
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[20:54:15] stuartm: at least ISO/ITU appear to agree with the IETF on the mimetypes, so I just have to use the correct mimetypes for http, but the incorrect mimetype in the UPnP protocol info
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[23:26:15] skd5aner: peper03: Hey, just reading some of the backlog from several days ago. Although it might not be high on your priority list (understandably so), I'd love someone to give blurary playback some love in mythtv. Especially menu support which I believe is in the library now.
[23:26:36] skd5aner: peper03: I love the full "disc" experience, not just main title playback.
[23:27:53] skd5aner: peper03: when bluray support was added, mythtv used to be one of the best/most complete bluray media players in linux, but it's sat pretty much untouched for many years. It works ok, but is just very feature limited and doesn't integrate many of the newer library features
[23:30:46] skd5aner: That said, I've started re-ripping them to h.264 in an mp4 container to save some space, and playback is better on some of my lower powered frontends. Also, I have some portable players for the kids that play back only limited codecs/containers, so I have to convert a lot of mkvs too :-/
[23:31:10] skd5aner: I hate picking a codec/container that looks like a winner, and turns out it doesn't work on what you need it to

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