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Wednesday, February 11th, 2015, 00:04 UTC
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[09:44:12] stuartm: dekarl: I think the point raised about non-utf8 filesystems was a good argument against custom file names – if characters start getting replaced by _ then at some point they may no longer be unique
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[10:24:15] Merlin83b: Nice timing of the libcec merge, dekarl, just got my pulse eight adapter yesterday :)
[10:25:25] Merlin83b: Does that end up in 0.27/fixes or does master only end up as 0.28?
[11:20:05] stuarta: now why oh why does 0.27 try configure tests for QtWebKit (Qt5) without PIC?
[11:20:20] stuarta: on 32bit platforms
[11:20:31] stuarta: works just fine on 64bit
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[11:33:26] dekarl: Merlin83b: I had to fiddle with the patch, so I commited to master only. if its works I'm happy to merge it to fixes
[11:34:30] dekarl: stuartm, I understood the request as having title/subtitle in addition to chanid/starttime (yeah, my filename is longer then yours! More is always better :)
[11:34:31] Merlin83b: Not sure but comment 5 says it's fine on fixes/0.27
[11:35:14] dekarl: Merlin83b: true, but I had to manually wrangle the patch into the code. Maybe I messed it up :/
[11:36:26] dekarl: I didn't have time last night to look over the various builder to verifiy that its activated and building everywhere...
[11:36:38] Merlin83b: I haven't tried it but could probably do so. Will have to get back into compiling things – haven't built mythtv for a loooong time!
[11:36:49] stuarta: easy peasy
[11:38:43] stuartm: dekarl: right, and non-latin characters aren't permitted on all filesystems, nor are very long filenames, so the recorders would then have to be aware of the filesystem they are writing to and disable features like custom naming
[11:39:35] stuartm: well, you well know all this as you were the one who pointed it out in this thread –
[11:39:39] Merlin83b: Hopefully, stuarta, Step 1, install git...
[11:39:42] dekarl: stuartm, but that are all good points *for* considering the recording files to be the backends stuff and of no concern for the user
[11:40:26] stuartm: yup, that's how I've always viewed it
[11:41:15] stuarta: Merlin83b:
[11:41:31] stuartm: fixing the extension is more about fixing the mime-type for me, I don't want to have the http server performing queries on the recordedfile table just to serve up the file with the correct mime type
[11:42:27] Merlin83b: stuarta: That seems like a good thing, no idea how to use it though...
[11:42:39] stuartm: plus I like for things to be correct, I can't criticise other projects for ignoring standards if we doing so ourselves
[11:43:21] dekarl: stuartm, hmm that is about the file list? because for the actual streaming you have to query the table to get the basename, might as well get the mime-type while there.
[11:43:47] stuarta: Merlin83b: ansible-playbook -i hosts buildslaves.yml
[11:44:03] stuarta: after installing ansible of course
[11:44:30] stuartm: dekarl: true
[11:45:50] dekarl: nice, we (germany) are switching DVB-T (MPEG-2) to DVB-T2 (HEVC) from 2017... the DVB-T frequencies are up for auction in the second quarter, so there's no slacking around :)
[11:46:16] stuarta: blimey
[11:46:22] dekarl: That likely means lots of HbbTV capable devices for cheap => fun times ahead for our Web Frontend
[11:48:07] Merlin83b: stuarta: Ugh, lots of red output :/ Time to trawl and fix.
[11:48:19] stuarta: ug, what distro?
[11:48:26] Merlin83b: mythbuntu
[11:48:34] stuarta: :(
[11:49:14] Merlin83b: It's on 12.04.5 so not quite the latest.
[11:49:26] stuarta: ah, hmmm
[11:50:29] Merlin83b: I suppose setting aside time to bump to 14.04 is probably the easiest fix.
[11:50:44] stuarta: probably
[11:53:57] stuartm: BBC article about them dropping support for WMA on their radio streams got me wondering why the BBC streams aren't offered by default for mythmusic
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[12:16:00] dekarl: stuartm, want to add them to your LiveTV? (aka support http_ts and http_es in the iptvrecorder, there's a patch in trac, that I'll get to soon[TM])
[12:16:36] dekarl: oh, and better management for the mythmusic stream list / iptv recorder stream list would be much appreciated :)
[12:18:35] dekarl: stuartm, well looks like paul and me are 50/50 on being the maintainer of the stream list :D . . . /streams.xml
[12:19:11] dekarl: if we count the BBC addition for 2014 we managed a stable commit rate of 1 per year :D
[12:21:02] dekarl: <- Recording/LiveTV of MPEG2TS over HTTP
[12:53:42] stuartm: dekarl: mythmusic is the better home, and it already supports streaming radio, it just doesn't feature the BBC stations in the built-in lineup
[12:55:29] stuartm: ah jeez, doing that by hand is going to be a pain, there are something like 50 stations if you include all the regional/local ones
[12:55:44] stuarta: no way of automated lookup?
[12:59:30] stuartm: bbc probably offer an api, but we'd need to write in support
[12:59:58] dekarl: i bet its in the radioplayer data on atlas (hint hint)
[13:01:59] stuartm: dekarl: well who knows more about atlas than you? (hint)
[13:03:40] stuartm: what I'd like to see, and what I have time to do are worlds apart
[13:04:23] dekarl: sound familiar
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[13:28:05] stuarta: stuartm: dekarl can you check your config.ep and see if your PIC check fails with this "#error "unsatisfied condition: defined(__PIC__) || defined(__pic__) || defined(PIC)"
[13:28:46] stuarta: and then it still uses PIC anyway
[13:33:38] stuarta: seems on 64bit boxes we use PIC regardless of the check, on 32bit boxes we don't use
[13:39:56] stuartm: stuarta: will check in about 45 minutes, need to go and pick up the car from the garage
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[14:03:58] stuarta: so if we can fix that PIC check, that'll fix building myth on 32bit debian derived qt5 boxes.
[14:04:08] stuarta: may well happen on other distro flavours as well
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[15:37:44] stuartm: 7828:/home/gbee/tmp/mythtv_conf.FCw07lQ0.c:3:2: error: #error "unsatisfied condition: defined(__PIC__) || defined(__pic__) || defined(PIC)"
[15:40:30] stuarta: same for you then
[15:40:47] stuarta: that whole check looks completely broken
[15:42:11] stuartm: doesn't make for a good search term to find what it should be
[15:43:01] stuarta: the check is identical to that in ffmpeg's configure
[15:44:50] stuartm: what platforms wouldn't support it? There don't seem to be any that I can find
[15:45:06] stuarta: right, what do we do in the plugins then... i wonder if that's pulling PIC status from mythtv build
[15:45:25] stuarta: stuartm: none that i know of. although i'm not sure what you get on stuff like arm
[15:45:42] stuarta: i'm completely tempted to just always enable it
[15:47:34] stuartm: are we using these to decide whether -fPIC/-fpic gets used? Since that would always fail, they are only defined if you use -fPIC/-fpic to start with
[15:47:59] stuartm: reference >
[15:48:11] stuarta: well that's the odd thing. on a 64bit build it seems to be enabled, but on a 32bit it's not
[15:49:31] stuarta: i have no idea how it has ever worked
[15:50:55] stuartm: it's a lot like optimisations being broken for well over a year, no-one noticed and when I tried fixing it I developed a terrible migraine
[15:51:07] stuarta: heh
[15:51:48] stuartm: gave up on it eventually, I couldn't quite figure out how to do it properly
[15:52:06] stuarta: i'll see if I can work out how to default it to on
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[16:03:59] tgm4883: dekarl: it appears all of our 0.28 builds failed last night due to "recipe for target 'cecadapter.o' failed"
[16:05:04] tgm4883: well I guess specifically because "error: 'defaultHDMIPort' was not declared in this scope"
[16:05:34] tgm4883: is that something on our end? I don't think so
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[16:13:12] ** stuarta tries a build **
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[16:23:00] stuartm: none of the bots failed, but they may be missing libcec
[16:24:16] stuarta: yeah, certainly doesn't appear to be installed
[16:37:39] tgm4883: The only one that didn't fail was 12.04, which has an older version of libcec which I believe dekarl patched to not use it
[16:37:46] tgm4883: But everything else failed . . . ng/+packages
[16:38:33] tgm4883: Does cecadapter.cpp come from mythtv or libcec?
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[17:05:42] MythBuild: build #971 of master-f20–64bit is complete: Failure [4failed configure core compile core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/971 blamelist: Stuart Auchterlonie < >
[17:08:22] stuarta: sigh
[17:08:49] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Would you like my buildbots to have the cec development libraries installed? Perhaps also the fireware, and vdpau and vaapi ones?
[17:09:13] stuarta: gary_buhrmaster: that one above just ran out of disk space
[17:10:47] stuarta: dekarl: what platform did you test libcec builds on?
[17:11:15] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: *sigh*. /tmp. I should either (a) increase its size, or (b) stop putting foolish things on /tmp for testing. In any event, fixed.
[17:13:52] stuarta: doh
[17:14:00] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Sorry about that.
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[17:14:40] stuarta: np
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[17:20:15] MythBuild: build #972 of master-f20–64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/972
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[17:56:31] dekarl: stuarta, worked well on ubuntu 12.04lts
[17:56:44] dekarl: so many cans of worms :(
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[18:01:07] dekarl: and yes, what tgm4883 says is correct. that was the configure fixup dance earlier this week :(
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[18:01:51] dekarl: looks like the "works like a charm please merge to fixes quickly" was misleading :/
[18:07:29] dekarl: looks like i messed up the manual merge, does this make it better?
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[18:23:59] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Is the consensus, then, that I should add in the cec dev libraries to the Fedora buildbots (to get improved coverage of changes)?
[18:32:00] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: that would be nice.
[18:33:48] dekarl: otoh, we need coverage of the build with missing libcec, too. (not a problem, or some buildbots would have failed) So a good mix of various combinations of dependencies would give the best coverage.
[18:43:17] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Fedora buildslaves updated. Presumably at the next build (unless you kick one off now) they will fail.
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[19:15:48] dekarl: ty
[19:30:44] dekarl: lets see what happens
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[19:58:43] stuarta: i wonder if i need a 32bit debian wheezy qt5 builder
[20:06:35] dekarl: i686 or armhf?
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[20:22:19] stuartm: we definitely need a 32bit (intel) QT5 builder, I'm not sure that it needs to be wheezy and not F21
[20:23:19] stuartm: we should probably drop the F20 and 12.04 builds for master, I think the current releases would be sufficient?
[20:24:27] stuartm: we could use a 64bit windows build
[20:24:48] stuartm: and we've no osx builds any more?
[20:29:15] superm1: my opinion is current releases are sufficient
[20:29:37] superm1: we guide people towards them anyway
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[20:34:40] stuartm: for master anyway, -fixes we want to avoid breaking older systems if it can be avoided
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[22:24:40] stuarta: stuartm: i'm keen to keep current and previous release of the distro's (and with ubuntu previous means the prior LTS release)
[22:25:17] stuarta: so f20 & f21, wheezy & jessie (missing) etc
[22:25:23] ** stuarta goes to bed **
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