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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015, 00:04 UTC
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[00:54:23] gary_buhrmaster: gigem: Thanks, got it. I'll take a look at the details a bit later.
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[02:18:41] gary_buhrmaster: gigem: I presume you know that your CableCARD does not report as having been validated? For some MSOs that matters, not so much for some others. [Has nothing to do with the issue of the patch not working, just an observation.]
[02:20:11] gary_buhrmaster: gigem: The 302 response from the ceton just looks wrong. I think I am going to have to set up another small test scenerio.
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[02:46:15] gigem: gary_buhrmaster: Yes, I know. Getting each card on my Ceton and HDHRP properly paired the first time was a multi-call, multi-day affair. I had to swap cards around a few months ago to do some debugging and didn't want to go through the ordeal again. As you said, it doesn't matter for some MSOs and it doesn't for mine (Verizon).
[02:53:53] gigem: gary_buhrmaster: Yeah, I thought the 302 was odd. I'm guessing that maybe a 302 with an empty Location means it worked.
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[03:41:27] gary_buhrmaster: gigem: Yes, the 302 location is broken as I (thought I) understood the specs.
[03:41:37] gary_buhrmaster: gigem: That is why I want to do some further testing.
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[03:58:04] gigem: gary_buhrmaster: Okay.
[03:59:25] gigem: esperegu: I got made the changes, but there's still a couple of bugs I need to squish. I'll try to get that done tomorrow.
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[07:02:30] gary_buhrmaster: gigem: From some other project code fragments, it looks like mythdownloadmanager might be missing a isEmpty() (or isValid()?) check on the returned QUrl before processing it. I'll try to get a patch together (and tested) tomorrow (although I have some other things that need to happen tomorrow).
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[07:44:43] dekarl: stuartm, does lazy loading the recordings list work for you when you filter for a series?
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[09:53:26] stuartm: dekarl: no
[09:55:15] stuartm: dekarl: we can change the files to "html.files = *"
[10:26:36] stuartm: dekarl: can you confirm that the lazy loading issue only occurs with series titles that contain a space?
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[10:38:56] stuartm: dekarl: should be fixed, one of the many 'gotchas' to watch out for
[10:39:18] stuartm: urls can't contain a space
[10:40:09] stuartm: xml can't contain < > " ' &
[10:40:38] stuartm: so everything last bit of text needs to be sanitised/escaped for display
[11:14:22] dekarl: stuartm, I can confirm, it works for "Castle" (no space in name)
[11:17:35] dekarl: would "html.files = *" install dummy.c, dummy.o, the program 'html' and all other stuff, too?
[11:19:30] dekarl: maysbe just "html.files = robots.txt *.qsp"
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[12:21:50] stuartm: *.html *.qsp robots.txt
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[14:35:16] stuartm: gigem: what's the difference between rsMissed and rsMissedFuture ?
[14:36:35] stuartm: the latter would seem to be a logical contradiction, I'm just wondering what it's human readable string should be
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[14:52:02] stuartm: dekarl: recording status colours should be fixed, it's a temporary hack until we can get the proper enum support
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[15:17:45] gigem: gary_buhrmaster: Okay.
[15:20:49] gigem: stuartm: It's an internal status the user should never see. Essentially, when the master gets restarted, every future recording that was scheduled to record gets temporarily changed to rsMissedFuture. During scheduling, it gets changed to rsMissed if it was really missed otherwise it gets rescheduled normally.
[15:21:37] stuartm: gigem: ah ok, so the human readable string doesn't really matter
[15:21:51] gigem: Correct.
[15:33:40] stuartm: dekarl: about this category <> colour mapping stuff, I don't want to turn it into a free for all on the -dev list, but I think some input from others would be a good idea
[15:34:15] stuartm: for example, how many colours is "enough", without being "too many"
[15:35:13] stuartm: what should the mapping files look like? should they use xml or something else?
[15:36:51] stuartm: should they be tied to the user's current language, the guide language (do we know this?) or to the guide source?
[15:46:47] stuarta: afternoon all
[15:47:30] SteveGoodey: Hi, sorry for the off topic but am I right in thinking that if a lan driver is "only supported as a loadable module" it won't work as is. I will have to make install and modprobe it?
[15:49:37] stuarta: in the worst case
[15:50:00] stuarta: most things are modules these days and get automatically loaded at bootup
[15:50:53] dblain: stuartm: I don't know all the details, but if you add the category to the element's class, then the css can take care of the color mapping.
[15:51:40] SteveGoodey: This doesn't. dmesg shows nothing. Any way thanks stuarta.
[15:51:58] stuartm: dblain: that's what we're currently doing, but it's messy when it comes to translations to maintain a single file with hundreds of classes
[15:52:21] stuarta: SteveGoodey: what odd device is that? you have an lspci somewhere/
[15:52:23] stuarta: ?
[15:53:27] dblain: stuartm: I was assuming the category enum would be used and it would not be translated. therefore a single color mapping css would be used.
[15:53:42] stuartm: dblain: so I'm proposing that we have a fixed number of classes – around 30, named something like "category1", "category2" etc, then do mapping from the various categories described by guide sources elsewhere so in English "Documentary => category14"
[15:53:58] stuartm: dblain: we don't have a category enum
[15:54:15] dblain: didn't realize it was a dynamic value.
[15:54:15] stuartm: we have a category_type enum, but it's not really designed for this purpose
[15:54:31] SteveGoodey: stuarta: It's an Intel I218V onboard network card, using an e1000e driver. no lspci :-( Box is powered off at the mo.
[15:54:32] ** dblain returns to lurking **
[15:54:44] stuarta: interestings
[15:57:33] stuartm: SteveGoodey: auto-loading of drivers is usually handled by stuff like udev, older distros may be lacking the rules for newer hardware, you can add the driver to /etc/modprobe.d/myrules.conf to have it loaded on boot
[15:58:30] SteveGoodey: stuarta: stuartm: I seem to remember having the same problem when I built a new Mythbuntu box about a year ago. Memory gone so i'm a bit vague as to what I did.
[15:58:43] stuarta: ENOMEM ;-)
[16:00:05] stuartm: dblain: the fundamental issue is that no two guide sources agree on either the number or description of categories, in an ideal world there would be a standard they all stuck to, but they don't, so we have to rely on people handcrafting the tables/mapping of values provided by their guide source to whatever we then use for deciding the colours
[16:02:43] stuartm: an alternate but less precise method would for us to auto-assign colours using an algorithm that simply assigns the mapping based on a sum of the characters in the string (or similar), so that "Soap" would always map to the same colour but we couldn't ensure that "Soap Opera" and other variations were given the same colour as well
[16:02:58] stuarta: messy
[16:06:17] stuartm: it's likely that we might end up falling back to the latter in the absence of the former
[16:06:49] stuartm: so where no-one has created a mapping for a particular language/guide source we try our best to do it automatically
[16:24:31] dblain: stuartm: Definitely a bigger design issue that at first glance.
[16:26:14] dblain: Personally, I'd create a fixed set of categories that are supported by MythTV, I don't see a need to support an unlimited number. Then do the mapping at the time of guide import. That way all mapping work is done once.
[16:26:49] stuartm: dblain: yeah, that's roughly what I'm proposing
[16:26:51] dblain: but that's most likely a much larger project
[16:26:58] stuartm: it's not really the problem I want to be spending my time solving, but it needs addressing
[16:29:24] dblain: I just wish I had time to help. I've only had enough time to read the IRC logs and commit msgs. Not exactly being productive :(
[16:29:33] stuartm: np
[16:29:57] stuartm: got the websocket stuff done, which ended up being fun
[16:30:43] stuartm: not quite finished, since I want to have it on the same port as the http server, so I've got to shuffle some bits around to make that work
[16:31:46] stuarta: it does sound like you've been having fun ;-)
[16:31:47] dblain: stuartm: I saw that... glad you were able to have fun doing it! Also happy to see progress being made in the WebFrontend. I think everyone (well, most people) will be happy with it once it's fully functional.
[16:34:47] stuartm: there's a lot to be done, it's keeping me busy
[16:36:42] stuartm: keep thinking of little stuff to do too, I want to swap the basic auth for digest auth to offer at least some protection for users who don't opt for TLS
[16:41:19] stuartm: maybe I can talk Paul into implementing a Music service for the API, one less thing I have to do myself
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[17:11:29] dekarl-work: stuartm, isn't mythmusic a frontend plugin? Maybe we should integrated some of the plugins into the backend/frontend, now that the backend is also a (web) frontend
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[17:47:01] gigem: esperegu: Please try the version I just pushed. I hope it fixes the configuration issue you had yesterday.
[17:47:36] esperegu: gigem: I have mythbuntu ppa's. I suppose they will update it overnight or so.
[17:50:46] gigem: esperegu: Okay.
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[17:59:44] stuartm: dekarl: I've always wanted the 'core' plugins to be integrated, not everyone was so keen, but whether or not it remains a plugin, we can still serve up the metadata from the backend since we already do it for upnp
[18:00:46] stuartm: although you've made me think about the need for disabling the music content in upnp if the db schema doesn't exist – i.e. the plugin was never installed
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[18:03:09] stuartm: dekarl: a large chunk of mythmusic has already been integrated, it was the only way to make storage groups work
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[18:03:47] stuartm: if we want the rest to be integrated you'll have to sell Paul on the idea
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[18:56:01] stuartm: vlc on android sucks, doesn't support any of the playlist formats, doesn't allow seeking in streams, auto-selects the wrong audio track
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[20:35:45] dekarl: stuartm, here's a list of genres (used in a system that allows a network of genres with "broader" / "narrower" links between them) . . .
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[20:39:18] stuartm: dramatically fewer categories than I was thinking, but I like that since it makes maintenance/theming easier
[20:39:21] dekarl: stuartm, well. a plugin system is a very nice thing for closed source solutions. Its also nice for out-of-tree developments with a defined interface. But it does come at a cost. I'm not sure that adding a backend plugin interface for in-tree plugins is a good invest going forward.
[20:41:08] dekarl: I'm thinking what could be removed from that genre list :) maybe "film", it doesn't add something over out move/series/tvshow/sports type
[20:41:55] stuartm: the only thing about the Atlas list that bothers me is that despite how short it is, they've still managed to retain ambiguity – is a nature documentary a) FACTUAL, B) LEARNING, C) ANIMALS
[20:42:27] dekarl: also "animals" could go. there's no nature/documentay, so they all could be in factual
[20:42:36] stuartm: ANIMALS is just a stupid category – NATURE I could understand, but ANIMALS is awfully specific
[20:42:37] dekarl: exactly
[20:44:04] stuartm: dekarl: let's use that list as a starting point, then see what's obviously missing or could be improved e.g. dropping ANIMALS
[20:44:05] dekarl: going without "documentary" is nice, as it makes one think where to put "scripted reality" / "documentary soaps"
[20:44:25] dekarl: otoh, where do you put the actual documentaries now? ;)
[20:45:41] stuartm: I'd quite like to see a SOAP, or similar ... IMHO while they are a sub-genre of drama, they are also uniquely distinct – much cheaper production values, bad acting, terrible dialogue, over the top story lines (can you tell I'm not a fan?)
[20:45:47] dekarl: interesting, it appears as if "scripted reality" is a german thing (or at least not a english language country thing)
[20:46:16] stuartm: dekarl: we call them all 'reality tv' even though most of them have nothing to do with reality :)
[20:47:04] stuartm: I think everyone understands what you mean by scripted reality, personally I'd lump them into the SOAP category
[20:52:27] stuartm: not always easy to categorise some things, there are all sorts of overlaps possible with those 11 and possible holes like shopping and adults channels which might deserve their own categories for filtering purposes
[20:55:28] dekarl: its a rabbit hole... can a program have multiple genres? e.g. kids + animation + factual? if so, is there a "master" genre to use for coloring? or do you show it with three colors in diagonal stripes?
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[20:57:46] stuartm: yes, let's try not to fall down that rabbit hole and keep it simple, it's only meant to be a rough indicator to users of which programmes might be of interest when browsing the guide :) The full genre is shown when they hover over the programme
[20:59:11] stuartm: dekarl: there will always be the 'unknown' genre, which as you probably know is just a dark grey in the Webfrontend and a dark blue in the Frontend
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[21:16:34] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Obviously you use the geocities approach of a rapidly changing flashing colors. Sufficient to cause epileptic seizures for certain viewers.
[21:22:01] david3x3x3: i'm trying to get mythrokuplayer working, and i'm having a problem
[21:22:33] david3x3x3: it's not displaying any recordings, and i think that's because it only will show mp4's,
[21:22:58] david3x3x3: but i'm recording from an hdhomerun using h.264 encoding, but the server is still naming the file with a .mpg suffix
[21:32:24] stuartm: yeah, .mpg has never been right, should be .mts
[21:33:03] stuartm: .mp4 wouldn't be right either, since the extension describes the container and not the codecs used
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[21:36:45] stuartm: quick vote – change file extension from .mpg to .ts?
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[21:38:55] stuartm: not mts as I said five minutes ago, that's the 192 byte packet version of mpeg-ts, not the broadcast standard 188 byte packet
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[21:40:44] stuartm: david3x3x3: fwiw, we have nothing to do with mythrokuplayer, that's a third party project
[21:40:59] david3x3x3: ok
[21:41:32] david3x3x3: has anyone tried the raspberry pi 2.0 as a mythfrontend?
[21:41:58] dekarl: stuartm +1 for .ts (SPTS) and .mpg (PS)
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[21:45:32] stuartm: likely there will be some bits of code and ancillary scripts which need fixing up if we make the change, mythtranscode would need to alter the extension after transcoding to PS
[21:46:26] stuartm: the mime-type for http would finally be correct, that might even help with some upnp clients which rely on the mimetype for format detection
[21:46:42] stuartm: but we'd need to somehow fix old recordings :/
[21:48:44] stuartm: dekarl: fancy helping me to drive this through? :D
[21:52:51] dekarl: our recorders need to signel what they are sending
[21:53:08] stuartm: I think the best way to handle old recordings would be to add a feature to mythutil that determines the container type and updates the filename and database, could also populate the other info in the recordedfile table while it was at it
[21:53:46] stuartm: dekarl: it doesn't need to, we parse the container info at recording time already, but for broadcast it's almost 100% TS
[21:53:47] dekarl: well, we could just remove the extension on disk and tell our users to keepo the fingers of the internal file ;)
[21:55:06] dekarl: +1 for more mythutil stuff
[21:58:02] stuartm: in fact, my memory of DTVRecorder – which is the base class for dvb, iptv, firewire, hdhr and ceton (i.e. all digital recorders) is that everything is treated as TS, no PS support that I recall
[21:58:46] stuartm: probably safe to assume PS for the mpeg encoder cards
[21:58:53] stuartm: and nuv for analogue
[22:00:25] david3x3x3: when I look at my recording file, mediainfo says the file format is MPEG-TS and the Video format is AVC
[22:02:06] dekarl: david3x3x3:
[22:02:38] dekarl: sounds good, MPEG-4 Part 10 / AVC / h.264
[22:05:05] stuartm: technically the correct 'common' name is AVC, MPEG-4 Part 10 is the technical name, H.264 was the code number of the ITU standard
[22:06:58] stuartm: for some reason H.264 'stuck', and the people friendly 'Advanced Video Codec' name is only seen on boxes for hardware which supports or uses the codec e.g. Bluray players, cameras and TVs
[22:09:12] stuartm: what AVC/H.264 is not is MP4, which is an old container format, nor is it strictly MPEG-4 which describes a range of different codecs and containers, including the widely used MPEG-4 Part 2 codec which DivX was based on
[22:13:14] stuartm: IMHO the motion picture encoding group need to rethink their naming strategy
[22:17:05] dekarl: fwiw mp4 is a common short name for the ISO MPEG-4 storage format based on qucktime files :/
[22:17:33] jheizer: It is all a pain in the butt.
[22:17:40] stuartm: yup
[22:18:13] dekarl:
[22:18:21] jheizer: single thing about MobileMyth that pisses me off is trying to explain to everyone when to use what format, what player, and what functions that player could do with said video type.
[22:19:22] jheizer: I regret adding the desktop mode with jwplayer and <video> since it just adds yet another combo to the mix.
[22:20:35] stuartm: the proliferation of formats is only made worse by partial, broken or proprietary implementations of the standards
[22:21:15] stuartm: and sadly, some of the most respected applications are the worst offenders
[22:22:27] jheizer: I had so many hopes and dreams with the chromecast and myth too, but its playback formats were a pita too.
[22:26:08] stuartm: anyway, we should start naming the recordings correctly, at the very least that simplifies specifying the correct mime-types over http, which can only help with http streaming
[22:28:08] phuff (phuff!~phuff@unaffiliated/phuff) has joined #mythtv
[22:28:58] stuartm: what does the hdpvr squirt out?
[22:32:20] phuff (phuff!~phuff@unaffiliated/phuff) has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[22:34:18] jheizer: h264/AC-3 in mpegts
[22:35:24] jheizer: with stereo RCA audio
[22:36:20] jheizer: I don't remember if it is still AC-3 when you use the optical with more channels or not
[22:38:34] Jordack (Jordack! has quit ()
[22:40:11] stuartm: ok, initial changes would be minimally invasive, but there are recorders whose behaviour I'm not familiar with – IMPORT, DEMO and MPEG – I think some of these use a file as the source, so we should perhaps use the pre-existing file extension
[22:40:12] jheizer: I'll confirm that OTA HDHR is also ts
[22:40:56] jheizer: Saying that it infact is.
[22:41:09] stuartm: pretty sure ASI would be mpeg-ts, though that needs to be confirmed
[22:42:04] stuartm: EXTERNAL – um, no idea what that is
[22:47:13] dekarl: ASI has a PAT/PMT generator, sounds like MPEG-TS
[22:52:30] stuartm: ok, made the actual change to switch the extensions, but will wait until tomorrow to push it
[22:58:04] stuartm: half expecting some fallout from scripts which have been hardcoded to mpg instead of using whatever is in the database
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[23:13:59] amessina (amessina!~amessina@unaffiliated/amessina) has joined #mythtv
[23:26:13] dekarl: could market it as preparation for human readable custom recordings file names
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