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Saturday, February 7th, 2015, 00:03 UTC
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[00:07:38] stuartm: would be easier if I had access to safari/iOS, but I'll start by replacing the use of jQuery syntax there with native code, jQuery is too much of a black box and probably does different things on different platforms
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[08:14:17] dekarl: stuartm, nice not sure about the encoding (can we signal the encoding?)
[08:15:06] dekarl: 360° vs 360## with ## being the UTF-8 bytes rendered as latin-1
[08:16:07] dekarl: the tearing is caused by remote x screencapture ;)
[08:17:11] dekarl: its the ASX playlist
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[08:20:34] dekarl: the rest appears to be vlc related . . . -implemented
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[08:38:06] dekarl: thinking about it. that could be a topic for the framework, content encoding negotiation of text responses. We hand UTF-8 text to the framework and the framework takes care of talking to the consumer about the accepted charsets
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[08:46:46] dekarl: nvm, its an xml file... if utf-8 doesn't work its a bug
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[09:29:22] stuartm: dekarl: the organisation of the documentation is terrible, but I found this –
[09:29:42] stuartm: so I've added that and pushed it
[09:45:41] stuartm: will have to add this format –
[09:46:45] stuartm: supports a lot more metadata, including album artwork for music
[10:09:00] stuartm: and although VLC supports the format, they still don't read the duration ....
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[12:11:57] dekarl1: stuartm... yet another "hey, lets adapt a standard but then develop our own 'improvements'"
[12:12:00] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[12:12:46] dekarl: "asx format spec" led me to with nice insights like "the tags are case in-sensitive" so we can use lower case tags
[12:13:36] dekarl: "Important: ASX element and attribute tags are not case sensitive."
[12:13:53] dekarl: might add the description: ABSTRACT Contains text that represents a description of the associated ASX, or ENTRY element.
[12:14:33] dekarl: looks like we can add the bookmarks: STARTMARKER Specifies a marker from which the WMP control will start rendering the stream.
[12:17:12] dekarl: or a link back to the web frontend, MOREINFO Specifies a URL to a Web site ... associated with a show or clip.
[12:18:18] stuartm: dekarl: I used upper case purely because the official documentation did, I assumed they were case insensitive though, but you can't go wrong sticking to what is done in the documentation – the lazier client implementations may assume upper case because that's what is shown in the examples
[12:18:38] dekarl: true
[12:19:03] stuartm: bookmark support would be good
[12:19:51] stuartm: we'd need to be careful with description since some clients may have internal size limits for fields and may refuse to load playlists which exceed those limits
[12:21:14] ** dekarl bumps **
[12:21:19] stuartm: xsrf spec does a more info link too, but there's currently no suitable page to point to, we don't have a 'recording detail' page
[12:22:52] dekarl: I'm thinking about the recording details page already because I got lots of metadata to clean up.. e.g. drop subtitle and crap from description, look up the read episode title and add that, then lookup metadata from tvdb, then kill dumplicates and export :)
[12:23:20] dekarl: s/read episode title/real episode title/
[12:25:18] stuartm: dekarl: that should be easy – RecordingInfo(ProgramInfo)::SetBookmark(); called in TVRec() after recording completes
[12:28:37] stuartm: for the translation issue, I'm going to put in a temporary fix so I have more time to work on the proper fix
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[17:23:05] phuff: Hey there, I think I've found a bug in the EIT/ETT description handling code, but I'm not sure what the best approach to patching it would be.
[17:23:38] phuff: Basically, EITs and ETTs have ids which refer to the programs they address, but the ids get reused
[17:24:42] phuff: So if you don't clear the cache or invalidate them every once in a while then you end up mismatching titles + descriptions
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[17:47:21] stuartm: stuarta: dekarl: ^^
[17:48:20] stuartm: probably a network specific issue
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[18:21:33] dekarl: phuff: that is an ATSC question?
[18:21:58] dekarl: we need to properly keep the tables around so we can track which ids get disused, before they are reused
[18:23:59] phuff: dekarl: Yeah, it's ATSC
[18:24:08] dekarl: there is a ticket i can't find right now wrt this issue
[18:24:12] phuff: Oh yeah?
[18:24:14] phuff: Okay.
[18:24:24] phuff: It seems like it would be fine to simply clear the cache every hour
[18:24:41] phuff: Based on what I've seen in the logging I've been doing, the tables get refilled frequently.
[18:25:37] phuff: There's an additional weirdness, too, which is that if a channel ever changed the description of a program it would never get updated.
[18:25:43] phuff: But maybe in practice that never happens?
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[18:33:44] phuff: dekarl: I found a ticket which thought it was a race condition.
[18:33:56] phuff: And I spent a lot of time logging to see if it was a race condition, but it's definitely not looking like it's ever a race
[18:34:41] phuff: dekarl:
[18:36:49] phuff: That's the one that I saw first... But maybe not the issue you're talking about?
[18:41:35] stuartm: dekarl: I'm thinking we need to jump to QT 5 to do this enum handling properly, doesn't sit well to have to duplicate every enum in the services classes, QT5 includes a fix
[18:43:36] stuartm: we have to make the jump at some point anyway
[19:21:30] dekarl: we have a bunch of QT5 tickets in the queue. is this a pre or post 0.28 thing?
[19:22:32] dekarl: phuff: if the description is changed then the table version is supposed to be incremented thus updating the cache
[19:22:56] dekarl: at last in EIT that works, not sure about the EIT+ETT setup
[19:23:05] dekarl: s/last/least/
[19:24:53] dekarl: phuff:
[19:31:34] stuartm: dekarl: ideally pre-0.28, I'm not sure what stage we're at with QT5 support – I know we build under it just fine, but whether everything works ...
[19:34:40] stuarta: do all the distro's carry qt5 now?
[19:35:47] stuarta: well it's in the current ubuntu 5.2.1
[19:35:54] ** stuarta checks debian wheezy **
[19:35:59] dekarl: even debian stable has qt5
[19:36:06] dekarl:
[19:37:47] stuarta: 5.3.2 my wheezy builder has access to
[19:38:16] stuarta: how is it that wheezy has a newer version than trusty?
[19:38:42] dekarl: qt5 + opengl go well together (hint hint)
[19:38:52] stuarta: ah, that's the version from backports
[19:39:31] stuarta: that's a gap in our build network tho, the only qt5 builders we have are fedora based
[19:39:37] dekarl: looks like we should finisf the move to mythui, too :/
[19:39:51] stuarta: and finish the server migration :-/
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[20:18:25] stuarta: what does the backend talk to on UDP
[20:19:25] stuarta: hmm, thats SSDP
[20:19:29] stuarta: so upnp?
[20:19:37] rOOb (rOOb!~zero@unaffiliated/devicezer0) has joined #mythtv
[20:19:53] stuarta: hi rOOb
[20:20:02] ** rOOb o/ **
[20:20:33] stuarta: rOOb here has a backend spending a lot of time using 100% cpu
[20:21:16] rOOb: the backend is ok after restarting it for a little while(~10–30mins) then starts using 100% cpu and never goes back down
[20:21:24] rOOb: A quick recap of some debugging
[20:21:26] stuarta: we are stuck in a tight loop here
[20:21:27] stuarta: ioctl(39, FIONREAD, [0]) = 0
[20:21:28] stuarta: select(41, [37 39 40], NULL, NULL, {1, 0}) = 1 (in [39], left {0, 999998})
[20:21:35] rOOb: lsof:
[20:21:56] rOOb: Post from #mythtv-users
[20:21:57] rOOb: Hey allo. I've been trying to trackdown a issue with mythbackend using 100–150% cpu and so far no one has been able to help out. Here is so of the stuff others have helped me track down: strace: Running mythbackend with debug logging
[20:22:03] stuarta: that says that fd 39 is " UDP"
[20:25:29] stuarta: definitely upnp related
[20:25:58] rOOb: Hmm.
[20:27:33] stuartm: rOOb: do you have any upnp clients on the network? VLC would cause high cpu usage since it's upnp client is utter crap and crawls the upnp server one file at a time
[20:28:05] stuartm: but the multicast port would suggests it's being bombarded with SSDP messages
[20:28:42] stuartm: rOOb: -v http,upnp --loglevel=debug
[20:30:08] rOOb: stuarta I think I do. I use Kodi(Xbmc) on some machines
[20:30:29] rOOb: However None where running when mythtv freaked out
[20:30:39] rOOb: Let me restart backend with that stuarta
[20:31:56] rOOb: Hmm http is unknown argument
[20:32:05] rOOb: Unknown argument for -v/--verbose: http
[20:33:13] rOOb: restarted with just -v upnp
[20:34:26] stuartm: yeah, I forgot that I only added 'http' in 0.28
[20:34:38] rOOb: Ahh
[20:35:01] stuartm: previously all http and upnp logging was under 'upnp'
[20:35:09] rOOb: Ok its running now. It usually takes a little bit for it freak out. I assume we want to wait until that? Or do you just want output now to see if any upnp devices are around?
[20:35:22] rOOb: Gotcha
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[20:41:38] stuartm: rOOb: having the point where the cpu rises would be most helpful
[20:42:22] rOOb: Figured. I'll ping your nick when it does and I pastebin the results
[20:43:14] stuartm: I'll probably need to review the SSDP code in 0.27 combined with any logs to see where it might be going wrong, I probably won't be able to give you an instant answer, but if it is related to the SSDP (Service Discovery) and you don't actually use upnp then it can be disabled, or you can block multicast packets at the firewall as a temporary solution
[20:44:35] rOOb: Ok
[20:44:38] stuarta: stuartm: it looks like it's getting shafted, because it does a select, finds there something to get, then does a ioctl(fd, FIONREAD,..) to find out the size, and get 0. rinse and repeat
[20:44:40] rOOb: it just started freaking out
[20:45:25] rOOb:
[20:45:32] rOOb: Not sure I see anything upnp related?
[20:46:35] stuartm: stuarta: hmm, we access the socket through QUDPSocket, so it could be a QT bug
[20:46:57] stuarta: rOOb: what is the localtime where it freaks?
[20:47:22] rOOb: I can't say 100% but within 1–2 mins of when I posted that log
[20:47:37] stuarta: i'll rephrase. what time is it there ;-)
[20:47:41] rOOb: Ohh
[20:47:53] rOOb: date
[20:47:53] rOOb: Sat Feb 7 15:47:43 EST 2015
[20:49:00] stuartm: stuarta: if there was no data to read then we probably don't even get to the point of logging the connection
[20:50:07] rOOb: Hmm
[20:50:12] Roklobsta (Roklobsta! has joined #mythtv
[20:51:24] stuartm: there is a chatty server at, it looks like a router from the services it exposes
[20:51:39] stuartm: but I doubt that's to blame
[20:52:07] stuartm: rOOb: try running the backend with --noupnp and see whether it is ok
[20:52:28] stuartm: rOOb: which version of qt are you using (should be in mythbackend --version output)
[20:52:45] rOOb: QT Version : 4.8.6
[20:52:56] rOOb: is the router
[20:53:06] rOOb: Fios Actiontec???
[20:54:16] rOOb: Ok. Restarted backend with --noupnp
[20:54:30] stuartm: rOOb: also looks like your cable stb provides a upnp media server –
[20:55:07] rOOb: That's my HDHR prime
[20:55:21] rOOb: PC Name: HDHR-131183CC
[20:55:21] rOOb: Connection Type:
[20:55:21] rOOb: Ethernet
[20:55:21] rOOb: IP Address:
[20:56:08] stuartm: ah, it's using OpenCable extensions, so I just assumed it was an STB, HDHR also makes sense though
[20:57:10] stuartm: both of those devices seem to get through their complete NOTIFY process without a hitch, so they are probably not triggering the problem, but it's hard to tell
[20:57:12] rOOb: Gotcha :)
[20:57:49] rOOb: Just waiting to see if the backend freaks out again with it running --noupnp
[20:59:01] ** stuarta doubts it will **
[21:00:53] rOOb: That would be awesome if it didn't
[21:03:09] stuarta: right, i've got another test for you.
[21:03:16] stuarta: before you start the backend
[21:03:36] stuartm: stuarta: SSDP::ProcessData() is where we need to be looking, a quick once over suggests we don't give up if bytesAvailable returns > 0, but we're never actually able to read from the socket
[21:04:10] stuarta: tcpdump -w multicast.pcap -i <interface> multicast
[21:04:41] rOOb: Ok. So stop backend run that then start up backend?
[21:04:47] stuarta: then start the backend, let it freak out, stop the tcpdump and stick multicast.pcap somewhere we can grab it
[21:05:01] stuarta: this way we will capture the triggering traffic
[21:05:06] rOOb: So, don't start with --noupnp
[21:05:07] rOOb: ?
[21:05:11] stuarta: correct
[21:05:19] rOOb: Ok Gotcha.
[21:06:46] rOOb: Ok. It's up and running now
[21:12:43] Roklobsta (Roklobsta! has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[21:12:43] stuarta: stuartm: the only other thing that springs out from the backend log is it gets hit with 3 lots of
[21:12:46] stuarta: SSDP::ProcessData – requestLine: M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1
[21:12:51] stuarta: SSDP::ProcessSearchrequest : [upnp:rootdevice] MX=3
[21:13:54] rOOb: Ok. I have to ask. Are stuarta and stuartm the same people lol? And you're just pinging your other nick to "take note" of whats going on so you can pop in on either client and know whats up
[21:13:55] rOOb: Ok.
[21:13:59] stuarta: nope
[21:14:04] stuarta: 2 stuart's
[21:14:06] rOOb: Backend JUST started climing in cpu
[21:14:09] rOOb: Whoa
[21:14:12] ** rOOb mind blown **
[21:14:16] stuarta: :)
[21:14:28] rOOb: I figured stuarta was your "away" nick
[21:14:30] rOOb: lol
[21:14:48] rOOb: I'll let this packet cap run a little longer to ensure it's got what is needed
[21:14:50] stuarta: our last names start with 'a' and 'm' respectively
[21:15:00] rOOb: Gotcha now
[21:15:18] rOOb: But defiantly thought you where the same person lol
[21:16:33] rOOb: way to share this pcap? And...since this is capturing raw packets...will anything sensitive be captured?
[21:20:23] rOOb: I dumped the pcap through tshark and pasted the results:
[21:24:02] stuarta: why does your router spew about 50 notifies in a row...?
[21:24:05] stuarta: curious
[21:25:27] stuarta: ahah. line 710 has a malformed ssdp message from
[21:25:41] stuarta: i'd like to see a complete decode of that packet
[21:26:00] rOOb: Thats...thats ME
[21:26:01] rOOb: lol
[21:26:09] rOOb: That's this computer(win 8.1 x64)
[21:26:13] rOOb: Ok let me see
[21:26:16] stuarta: interesting
[21:27:43] rOOb: Hmm not sure how to dump that packet via tshark cli
[21:27:52] rOOb: Let me scp that file over here and install wireshark
[21:31:57] rOOb: Sorry its taking so long...just about done install wireshark
[21:32:30] stuarta: doesn't worry me, watching some rugby and putting some logs on the fire
[21:33:05] rOOb: Ahh
[21:34:48] stuarta: hmmm, we may need to enable socket debug, that's the level used on some messages in ProcessData
[21:35:51] rOOb:
[21:36:04] markus_ (markus_! has joined #mythtv
[21:36:48] stuartm: stuarta: aye, I forgot we even had socket level debug
[21:37:49] stuartm: stuarta: I'll leave you dealing with this if that's OK? Going to watch TV for a while
[21:38:22] stuarta: yeah sure
[21:39:08] stuarta: now why is wireshark happy with that packet and tshark wasn't....
[21:43:23] rOOb: stuarta I just don't know how to use tshark from cli lol
[21:43:46] rOOb: It was easier for me to use the graphical Wireshark to find the packet
[21:44:26] stuarta: :)
[21:53:18] fetzerch (fetzerch!~quassel@unaffiliated/fetzerch) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[21:54:50] stuarta: right, so i don't think there's much wrong with that packet. the payload of 8 bytes is all zeros
[21:55:04] stuarta: and the rest is padding to the minimum ethernet size of 42 bytes
[21:55:51] ** stuarta goes back to reading the source cod **
[21:55:53] stuarta: code
[21:57:28] stuarta: rOOb: while i do that, can you run the backend with --verbose upnp,socket please
[21:58:22] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[21:59:17] rOOb: stuarta Sure
[22:02:41] ChanServ (ChanServ!ChanServ@services.) has quit (shutting down)
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[22:05:11] xris (xris!~xris@mythtv/developer/xris) has joined #mythtv
[22:07:03] stuarta: well there's the ioctl with the FIONREAD
[22:09:26] rOOb: The backend hasnt geeked out yet.
[22:09:51] stuarta: keep going then :)
[22:10:29] rOOb: Roger that! I just didnt want ya to think I went afk or something
[22:14:40] rOOb: Ok backend just geeked out. Sec and I'll post log
[22:15:21] rOOb:
[22:17:03] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:26:24] stuarta: in theory SSDP::ProcessData handles this case....
[22:26:39] markus_ (markus_! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:28:52] Roklobsta (Roklobsta! has joined #mythtv
[22:31:02] stuarta: yet, i don't see the warning logged that i would have expected
[22:36:01] stuarta: rOOb: i'm just about outta time. i'd suggest you leave the backend running with upnp disabled and see how you get on in the meantime
[22:42:57] rOOb: stuarta Ok. Sounds good. I'll do that and keep an eye on things. Will report my findings later tonight/tomorrow.
[22:43:05] rOOb: stuarta Thanks for the help. :)
[22:43:10] stuarta: rOOb: thanks. on that note i'm off to bed
[22:43:26] rOOb: Nite!
[22:49:35] Roklobsta (Roklobsta! has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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