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Friday, February 6th, 2015, 00:03 UTC
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[00:26:38] dekarl: time to hit sack, quickly updating the libcec requirenment haha... now the test fails when it should
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[01:31:02] jheizer: stuarta, does there happen to be a standard-ish format for the file names or a way to discover them? I don't see anything in the UPnP info that points to it so will be going blind at that point.
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[01:36:22] jheizer: bah, stuartm ^
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[02:30:56] buu: Just curiously has anyone seen r00b's cpu problems in mythtv-user? Somehow one of the backend threads is getting stuck in a busy wait on a socket
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[07:44:16] dekarl: did anybody ever test that our configure script does the right thing wrt libcec, libxml2, dvb 2nd generation support? They all rely on checking the result of the test program, why we don't. one even returns the GOOD code for the BAD case... oh my
[07:44:28] dekarl: s/why/which/
[07:52:52] dekarl: looks a bit like copy'n'paste of tests from a configure script that does run the test programs
[08:06:46] dekarl: tgm4883: superm1: want me to pull to master and fixes? The user reported that the package compiled against 5.5 works against 5.6 with a frankensteined mysql-client package to fix the dependencies
[08:09:18] dekarl: here's his "how to frankenstein the deps" success report
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[09:25:33] stuarta: buu: we have reports of the frontend getting stuck at 100% cpu
[09:26:21] ** stuarta reviews irclogs **
[09:28:54] stuarta: yep, he's seeing the 100% cpu issue to, some interesting traces there
[09:29:09] stuarta: i wonder if he has the full strace of that
[09:33:13] stuarta: dekarl: any reason *not* to move to libcec2 ???
[09:37:23] stuarta: fedora 20 includes 2.1.3
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[09:50:00] stuartm: jheizer: if it's exposing a UPnP Content Directory service then the complete path to files should be there, but if the RTSP is a separate thing unrelated to the upnp you'd be stuck
[09:50:34] stuarta: is today a good day to migrate the forum over?
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[09:51:01] stuartm: that depends on you :)
[09:51:14] stuarta: well i can watch it the rest of the day
[09:51:23] stuarta: if it breaks on the weekend i can ignore it ;-)
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[10:46:24] ** stuarta start migration **
[11:13:58] ** stuarta switches dns **
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[11:25:17] stuarta: dns updated, just waiting for traffic to start moving over
[11:32:04] stuarta: and done
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[11:35:12] dekarl-work: stuarta, do we support libcec2 at all? #11338
[11:35:12] ** MythLogBot **
[11:35:37] stuarta: no idea, there's a ticket to add it, probably ^^ that one
[11:35:42] dekarl-work: I just wanted to close one of two "high" priority myhbuntu bugs
[11:36:17] dekarl-work: "bumping the required" version was a can of worms
[11:36:28] stuarta: i'll bet it was
[11:37:28] stuarta: it's one of those things where things are moving relatively swiftly, so it may make more sense to move forward
[11:40:55] dekarl-work: IIRC there are mainly two devices with proper HDMI-CEC support, its the Raspberry and the PulseEight USB Adapter. We don't support the widespread one anyway. So I'm tempted to not invest time into CEC right now (can't test it anyway)
[11:41:37] dekarl-work: Many others (especially ARM systems) have some support in their SOC but messed the implementation up due to wrong wiring on the board
[11:42:34] stuarta: indeed. bigger fish to fry
[11:45:29] dekarl-work: first OpenMAX VPU offload support then CEC ;)
[11:46:02] stuarta: i think you'll be busy for a while
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[13:52:34] jheizer: stuartm, thanks. Nothing that I could find. I probably guessed 100+ URLs last night trying to figure it out. On the plus side the channel changing script is amazing. HD-PVR channel changes of ~5 seconds.
[13:55:46] stuartm: jheizer: have you tried pointing a upnp client at it?
[13:57:19] jheizer: Yeah they don't come up with a listing for it at all. I just happen to do a port scan after hooking it up after years of it being unhooked and saw that it was now listening. Before it didn't even using the ethernet for guide listings.
[13:57:29] jheizer: But found all the control points with gupnp-universal-cp
[14:00:25] stuarta: \o/
[14:01:57] jheizer: Found the one bug I expected this morning. The change channel function does snot wake it up after it idle sleeps. Testing with that today and release it tomorrow.
[14:07:35] stuarta: bummer
[14:08:15] jheizer: There is a wake command so I should be fine. Just didn't have a way to test if it was required until overnight.
[14:10:06] stuarta: ah good
[14:11:50] jheizer: Funny when you are sitting there at dinner super excited that you'll never have to mess with a dual LIRC blaster setup again and the wife is looking at you like WTF are you babbling about.
[14:14:01] stuarta: i get that often
[14:16:08] jheizer: Oh that's nice. *blank stare* *slight rolleye*
[14:16:10] jheizer: lol
[14:16:16] dekarl-work: stuarta, ha! found it! I vaguely remembered someone (methinks jy a) mentioning running on the Pi with OpenMAX... looks like he was running and the patch adds openmax in a differentc way... here's the patch
[14:29:24] stuarta: we need a diff viewer on the forum
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[14:55:09] tgm4883: dekarl: yes pull it
[14:55:45] stuarta: so i think i can cross one thing off the todo list
[14:59:50] ** stuarta wonders if it was fatal to say that.... **
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[15:31:30] stuartm: do we want to enable c++11 for gcc?
[15:31:57] ** stuarta scratches head **
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[15:41:20] stuartm: seems we're building without support in the compiler atm, although it's enabled for icc
[15:41:25] stuartm: and clang
[15:43:28] stuartm: maybe not clang
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[16:53:03] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: There is (at least) one patch in trac that I believe is a pre-req to adding -std=c++11: #12359 At least clang error-ed out without it. As mentioned in the ticket, the better fix is what you (I think you) proposed some time ago, which is integrate the latest soundtouch library...
[16:53:03] ** MythLogBot **
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[20:13:10] MythBuild: build #2631 of master-debian-wheezy-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . /builds/2631 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[20:18:04] dekarl: ahh libsoundtouch woke up
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[20:42:26] stuartm: wha? Damn, I didn't mean to commit that change
[20:43:13] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Well, now that you did, 12359 (or equivalent) will "fix" it (or it did for me).
[20:46:12] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: heh, reverting just for now so I can do it properly in it's own commit
[20:47:39] stuartm: strange that only wheezy choked
[20:50:46] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Agreed. Probably different gcc versions, or different tolerance flag settings (for external/). To actually know would require more research than I am going to put into it. But if you figure it out, I would be (mildly) curious.
[20:53:27] stuartm: wheezy should have the oldest gcc, but that's why it's odd, you'd expect more recent versions to be stricter
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[21:20:09] MythBuild: build #2632 of master-debian-wheezy-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/2632
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[21:59:59] dekarl: stuartm, got a hint where to look? class="programBoxInner category_ programNichtgeplant "
[22:01:41] stuartm: html/tv/guide.qsp ln 343
[22:02:02] stuartm: category colours are defined in tv/css/category_colours.css
[22:03:00] stuartm: but I wanted to settle on some predefined categories, then have translators (or others) provide mappings from local strings to those
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[22:04:38] stuartm: dekarl: specifically for that category, IMHO that shouldn't be getting through the grabber
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[22:11:28] stuartm: dekarl: specifically I want to avoid the mess we have with the frontend where category <> colour mappings are done per language so that a themer cannot easily adjust the colour palette
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[22:39:56] stuartm: bah, guide is all broken in firefox for some reason
[22:55:03] dekarl: re, was referring to the translation of "don't record"
[22:55:24] dekarl: also its category_<nothing> ;)
[22:55:56] dekarl: looks like its translating the status of the upcoming recording
[22:59:22] dekarl: e.g .programLaterShowing is referred to as programSpätereAusstrahlung
[23:01:26] dekarl: ok, I see it in 345/346
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[23:14:43] dekarl: a can of worms again. there is no toEnumString(RecStatusType, RecordingType), only a to(Translated)String :/
[23:32:27] stuartm: dekarl: well technically no category should be an empty string
[23:33:54] dekarl: was thinking of adding a something like this in front of it: program.Category.empty() ? '' :
[23:33:58] stuartm: dekarl: the new enum stuff that dblain implemented should help to fix that, I need to put it to use
[23:34:39] dekarl: does "Not using since Q_ENUMS seem to require the enum be defined in this class" mean that even if dblain got it implemented its not going to be available for this enum?
[23:35:48] stuartm: dekarl: that's an old comment, it wasn't exactly possible to do it how dblain had originally intended, but he came up with a solution which worked a little differently
[23:36:14] dekarl: looking forward to see conflicts in the upcoming recordings :)
[23:36:41] stuartm: dekarl: conflict display isn't working?
[23:37:53] stuartm: must admit I've not really tested it much since that involves deliberately creating a bunch of conflicts then remembering to clean them all out after I finish testing
[23:38:39] dekarl: The upcoming recording list and guide is very plain, as I don't get conflicts and actual recordings in the intended style
[23:38:43] stuartm: re enums – the 'new' way should allow for both a translated string, and untranslated internal value
[23:39:05] dekarl: is it red/green actually?
[23:39:06] stuartm: dekarl: right, I understand now, it shouldn't be getting translated
[23:40:13] stuartm: dekarl: yep, well different shades of green for recording/will record, red for failures and conflicts, blue for 'record later' or 'record earlier', yellow for 'previously recorded'
[23:40:27] dekarl: IIUIC the types have multiple associated texts. the "single character status", "short label text", "descriptive text" but no "enum name string"
[23:41:16] dekarl: having all texts, but the enum name string, localized sounds like its a good thing
[23:41:20] stuartm: or something like that, looks like it's actually yellow for 'never record', blue for 'previous'
[23:42:24] stuartm: dekarl: I'll move fixing that to the top of my list
[23:43:50] dekarl: ty, appreciated. I'll strike it off my list then :)
[23:44:51] stuartm: debugging with firefox is a complete pain since the only reliable way to get it to reload all assets is to clear the history then restart the browser, in the past a simple shift+F5 would be enough, but it seems all browsers ditched that
[23:45:22] dekarl: btw, the guide looks nice in firefox over here. until you do something unrelated and return to the browser, then its something between broken and empty
[23:45:51] stuartm: dekarl: just fixed that
[23:46:05] dekarl: otoh, lazy loading any tv related list doesn't work anymore and the menu does not hide at all on iOS chrome
[23:46:18] stuartm: pushed 15 minutes ago
[23:46:47] ** dekarl updates **
[23:47:24] stuartm: lazy loading works here in opera (chromium) and firefox
[23:48:21] stuartm: had reports that the menu wasn't hiding with Safari too, will see if I can figure out why
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