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Thursday, February 5th, 2015, 00:03 UTC
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[08:01:04] dekarl: hmm, now I'm having a hard time to get the frontend status to display an online frontend or show up in the "play on FE x" list
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[08:23:56] dekarl: \o/ 7600 registered installations on fixes/0.27 (approaching 85%)
[09:22:10] stuarta: morning all
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[10:41:42] stuartm: dekarl1: with debug logging, checking the connection counts – each frontend might connect multiple times so we have to track that number
[10:42:54] stuartm: I noticed a glitch last night where it reckoned the frontend had disconnected even though it was still online, so I'm thinking that something was broken by the recent changes which added "ANN Frontend"
[10:47:48] stuartm: oops, forgot to initialise m_frontend
[10:48:35] stuarta: doh
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[10:56:14] ** stuartm is only human **
[10:56:55] stuartm: dekarl1: odd behaviour should be fixed
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[11:03:05] dekarl-work: stuartm, thank you. Cppcheck noticed it ;) "Member variable ' PlaybackSock::m_frontend' is not initialized in the constructor." Time to get the warning counts to zero and add a "your commit added warnings" reminder.
[11:04:15] stuartm: :)
[11:08:26] dekarl-work: Though a quick trip to google did not point out an integration of cppcheck to github status that we could simply install. (run cppcheck on every single commit, then take the new warnings of the commit and update the commit status with it. now that a commit can have many status from many hooks I expected to find one)
[11:10:13] dekarl-work: reference to the many status per commit . . . tatus-checks
[11:14:02] stuartm: doesn't look too difficult to implement ourselves, but you could ask if anyone has worked on it over at #cppcheck
[11:15:07] stuartm: btw, coverity has travis integration
[11:32:07] stuartm: stuarta: maybe we should use travis in addition to the build bots?
[11:32:47] stuartm:
[11:32:54] stuartm: free for open source projects
[11:33:07] stuarta: i'll look into it, iirc it's primarily for java stuff
[11:35:24] stuartm: supports C++, C, C#, F, D, perl, python, php, javascript, ruby and more according to their site
[11:35:38] stuartm:
[11:36:09] stuartm: it's used by cppcheck for their continuous integration testing, and a lot of others
[11:36:14] stuarta: hmmm okay
[11:36:49] stuarta: rainy_day.todo_list += travis
[11:39:14] stuarta: more stuff that uses oauth and can integrate with github
[11:39:23] stuartm: would save us the trouble of setting up our own coverity builder
[11:39:25] stuarta:
[11:40:10] stuartm: yeah, lots of options
[11:41:30] stuarta: btw got a dev instance of the forum up and running last night, so i'll test 3.1 migration before I move it all over to mizar
[11:41:58] stuarta: tapatalk support 3.1 don't they?
[11:42:36] stuartm: travis and github have very tight integration it seems
[11:42:58] stuartm: stuarta: yes, with a beta plugin
[11:42:59] stuarta: i'm all for utilizing free services provided by various companies
[11:44:59] dekarl-work: btw, what is up with this tapatalk, has it been bought and is being monetized now?
[11:45:14] ** stuarta has no idea **
[11:45:45] dekarl-work: the reviews contain lots of "you are crap now, go home"... (been wondering if I should install it, as its nagging me all the time on my tablet)
[11:53:04] stuartm: dekarl-work: always was monetized, but they've been stepping it up lately – displaying ads and sharing ad revenues with forum owners, we haven't opted in to the adverts but I'm guessing other forums owners have done
[11:54:42] stuartm: I don't see adverts when I use it on my phone, but I don't use it often – only installed it to see what the fuss was about
[12:06:24] ** stuarta goes in search of food **
[12:36:41] stuartm: shame travis don't seem to offer arm builders
[12:40:06] dekarl-work: tgm4883: superm1: this one may be something for you . . . p=3111#p3111
[12:40:24] dekarl-work: mythtv packaging is/became incompatible with mysql 5.6 packaging
[12:43:57] dekarl-work: I think the solution may be the change from depending on the meta-package mysql-client (the latest mysql client) to the virtual package virtual-mysql-client (any 'mysql client')
[12:44:32] stuarta: iirc my debian packaging the change is to move from requires: mysql-client to requires: mysql-client | virtual-mysql-client
[12:44:56] dekarl-work: e.g. vs.
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[14:46:08] tgm4883: dekarl-work: the requested topic does not exist
[14:47:24] stuarta: eh? did before
[14:48:27] dekarl-work: tgm4883: hmm, just tested the link, works for me. does this work?
[14:49:14] tgm4883: Yes it does
[14:49:19] tgm4883: Odd
[14:50:49] tgm4883: dekarl-work: that is an easy fix
[14:50:56] tgm4883: We can depend on either
[14:52:01] tgm4883: I'm on my phone now, but I can fix it later
[14:53:18] dekarl-work: sounds good, I'm at work now, the user will appreciate it :)
[14:57:35] dekarl-work: Looking forward to see if linking against one and running against the other version really works. (that's what this ABI compatibility is about, correct?)
[15:01:01] stuarta: yep
[15:04:43] stuarta: happy birthday to the forum :)
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[15:47:16] stuarta: so our current login mod "alternate login mod" is a) dead upstream b) not available for phpbb 3.1
[15:47:25] stuarta: sight
[15:47:28] stuarta: er sigh
[15:48:15] stuarta: that said, at least google provide reasonable instructions on how to migrate existing tokens to the new system
[15:49:59] stuarta: but then phpbb 3.1 seems to have an oauth system built in.
[15:50:02] ** stuarta investigates **
[15:55:35] stuarta: hmm, well there's a reason to move to phpbb-3.1
[15:58:59] stuarta: todo_list += phpbb 3.1 oauth integration
[16:04:39] stuarta: crap, managed to link my account on the prod forum, rather than the dev forum
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[17:00:14] tgm4883: dekarl-work: superm1
[17:00:32] tgm4883: superm1: you just want to review that and pull it to 0.27 packaging
[17:01:28] dekarl-work: shipit
[17:01:43] dekarl-work: did we sort out your public key already?
[17:02:37] stuarta: i thought we did
[17:02:43] stuarta: maybe not
[17:02:57] superm1: yeah sorted out mine, did you add tgm4883 too?
[17:03:13] tgm4883: no, mine isn't sorted yet
[17:05:11] tgm4883: so I know there is lots of work going on in 0.28 regarding the web. Is mythweb getting replaced?
[17:05:28] tgm4883: I mean in 0.28, I know that has been something you guys wanted to do for awhile
[17:07:16] stuarta: eventually
[17:07:44] tgm4883: stuarta: for 0.28 though? I mean, at some point do we need to stop packaging mythweb stuff?
[17:14:03] stuarta: i expect it'll still be there for 0.28
[17:14:18] stuarta: the feature parity doesn't exist yet.
[17:17:19] stuartm: there's also a strong emotional argument for mythweb
[17:18:06] tgm4883: an emotional argument?
[17:18:16] stuarta: many people are quite attached to it
[17:18:17] tgm4883: what would that be?
[17:18:33] tgm4883: so?
[17:19:41] stuartm: so we need to transition them slowly, let them get used to the idea, see the things that are better about the new one and decide to make the move themselves
[17:19:55] dekarl-work: I would not plan on "unpackaging" mythweb anytime soon
[17:20:16] tgm4883: what if we just unpackaged mythweb tomorrow
[17:20:20] dekarl-work: features like "streaming a recording or a video" would be nice to have first :)
[17:20:53] dekarl-work: then everyone[tm] would move to d-m-o?
[17:21:01] tgm4883: sure ;)
[17:21:07] stuartm: tgm4883: well a lot of stuff isn't finished yet in the WebFrontend
[17:23:12] stuartm: dekarl-work: streaming as in the asx/download option mythweb offers now?
[17:23:38] stuartm: or the html 5 client streaming stuff?
[17:24:09] dekarl-work: yes
[17:24:23] tgm4883: is it going to do adaptive streaming based on the network speed?
[17:24:31] stuartm: dekarl-work: all of the above?
[17:24:47] dekarl-work: To remove the former (which I read regularly in "the update broke mythweb streaming") it would be nice if the latter did work :)
[17:25:38] tgm4883: just give me a nice netflix type replacement
[17:25:39] dekarl-work: maybe only as UPNP download style streaming, didn't think it through
[17:26:22] stuartm: tgm4883: well I want to add DASH support, and dash clients should do adaptive streaming, so hopefully – but there's a LOT of work between here and there
[17:27:14] tgm4883: nah, it should take like half a day and you should do it in your free time and I'm going to demand you do it and call you lazy if you don't get it done soon and it has to work flawlessly and be bug free /s
[17:27:27] tgm4883: wait, I may have been reading too much of the mailing list
[17:28:07] stuartm: the built-in on-demand segment transcoding is a huge amount of work, and I can't even contemplate doing that all myself on top of the other stuff that needs to be done – jya wanted to work on it, but he has zero time for MythTV atm
[17:29:20] stuartm: we have the segment transcoder, but the existing implementation is slow, buggy and only transcodes linearly, not on-demand
[17:29:36] tgm4883: stuartm: are you trying to tell me that my zero experience in mythtv coding means I don't know how much work something will take or who should work on it? Blasphemy!
[17:30:56] dekarl-work: tgm4883: I feel better since I finally unsubscribed
[17:32:13] dekarl-work: maybe we should just do what the doomsayers have seen coming and close it ;) Its not worth to demotivate the few of us that remain
[17:32:14] tgm4883: dekarl-work: I used to think that mythtv-devs should be subscribed, but the longer I'm on there it feels like no mythtv-devs should be subscribed and instead we (downstream) should just bring up things that seem important for devs to look at
[17:32:45] tgm4883: superm1: this is really broken and I can't fix it
[17:32:55] tgm4883: it starts off as an easy fix and just snowballs
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[18:02:12] dekarl-work: tgm4883: should we raise the minimum libcec to 1.6.3 in configure and call it a day?
[18:03:11] dekarl-work: btw master worksforme on 12.04 LTS
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[18:03:56] tgm4883: dekarl-work: that depends, do you want to stop us building 0.28 for 12.04?
[18:04:43] dekarl-work: tgm4883: I was thinking of mythtv building without libcec support, nothing else
[18:05:02] dekarl-work: so build it, but ignore the installed libcec if it is to old
[18:05:16] tgm4883: can you do that during build?
[18:05:46] dekarl-work: once the "new" version makes it into 12.04 LTS everything will automatically fall into place. and the ticket can be closed now :)
[18:06:06] dekarl-work: doh, forgot to post the link . . . figure#L6378
[18:06:22] tgm4883: dekarl-work: the new version won't make it to 12.04
[18:06:29] tgm4883: or
[18:06:44] tgm4883: wait, do you mean teh new version of mythtv, or the new version of libcec?
[18:06:50] dekarl-work: tgm4883: to bad for the CEC users out there, they have to update then. But at least it works for everyone else :)
[18:07:48] tgm4883: 15% are on 12.04
[18:07:49] dekarl-work: you wrote "Need to contact upstream and see if we can get a fix in debian and a sync/backport to precise & quantal"
[18:08:04] dekarl-work: I think you were talking about libcec
[18:08:11] tgm4883: dekarl-work: yea that isn't happening. libcec isn't getting backported
[18:08:30] dekarl-work: then lets not use it when its to old
[18:08:59] dekarl-work: keep the packaging simple and depend on libcec-devel, but do not compile against a known broken version
[18:09:06] tgm4883: I'm not 100% familiar with the ins and outs of compiling stuff. Can we specifiy a version when compiling?
[18:09:46] tgm4883: Isn't this a known mythtv issue
[18:09:56] dekarl-work: I have no idea how many users that bug affects, but you kept it open, so it seems to be still relevant. Just wanted to throw out an idea for a possible simply fix. (low hanging fruit an all)
[18:10:36] dekarl-work: DVB radio playback breaks every now and then, or so it appears
[18:10:41] tgm4883: dekarl-work: minimally, we could just stop building 0.28 for 12.04. We've fulfilled the minimum that we've committed to
[18:10:49] tgm4883: superm1: ^
[18:11:34] tgm4883: 0.28 didn't release before 14.04 was released, so from our committment, we're good on our builds
[18:11:50] dekarl-work: tgm4883: I don't mind either way (building my own packages) but the both appears to be easy.
[18:12:40] tgm4883: dekarl-work: I'll let superm1 make that call, since I don't know how to do the "build this unless it's an old version" stuff. I'm OK with either
[18:13:25] dekarl-work: tgm4883: ok, its just a change to the configure script replacing some numbers there . . . figure#L6378
[18:14:05] tgm4883: dekarl-work: oh, so that would actually be done on your side?
[18:14:21] dekarl-work: yes
[18:14:29] tgm4883: oh then I say do it
[18:15:05] tgm4883: dekarl-work: might want to document somewhere to ask what OS release someone is on in case people ask why cec support isn't working
[18:15:50] dekarl-work: hmm, how is it broken? The ticket says starting from 0.25 you can't start mythfrontend on 12.04
[18:16:39] dekarl-work: but it can't be completely broken or no one would be able to run mythtv on ubuntu :D
[18:16:55] tgm4883: IDK, I guess that is only broken if you have a cec device plugged in
[18:17:21] tgm4883: my guess is that anyone using CEC either A) stopped using it for 12.04 or B) upgraded to 14.04
[18:17:29] dekarl-work: the user said he doesn't have one
[18:18:53] tgm4883: maybe their TV doing something weird?
[18:19:02] tgm4883: I definitely didn't have an issue when I ran 12.04
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[18:19:43] dekarl-work: hmm, just close the ticket?
[18:20:25] dekarl-work: it was last confirmed almost 2 years ago. I'd say ask if its still an issue and close it
[18:25:40] dekarl-work: I'd also close that with "no one cared for 6 years+ and mythweb is going away"
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[18:34:25] dekarl-work: tgm4883: was fixed with . . . 21418b656c30 (was fixed after 5 days :)
[18:43:12] tgm4883: dekarl-work: do you want access to manage those bugs? I think currently only stuartm has access
[18:44:11] dekarl-work: tgm4883: I don't have time to do something with them regularly.
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[18:46:02] tgm4883: dekarl-work: are you committing that fix for
[18:47:23] dekarl-work: tgm4883: I had already removed it from my todo list again. :)
[18:47:34] tgm4883: heh
[18:47:56] tgm4883: well I'll mark it fixed when someone tells me to. I think that your upstream fix is probably the safest
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[20:08:02] superm1: i think requiring libcec 1.6.3 is a nice solution as long as the build just chuggs along if it's not found
[20:16:50] dekarl-work: I'll go for 1.7 because the third part is not available via a preprocessor define
[20:17:15] dekarl-work: its the next version after 1.6.3
[20:22:36] tgm4883: dekarl-work: from our POV, you could go up to 2.1.4
[20:22:44] ** tgm4883 that is the oldest version in trusty **
[20:22:54] ** tgm4883 hmm **
[20:23:23] tgm4883: odd, ctrl+enter in irccloud apparently makes whatever you are saying /me
[20:24:08] tgm4883: superm1: did you want to do anything about the MCC mythweb bug?
[20:24:56] dekarl-work: hmm, do we support version 2+ at all?
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[20:34:45] superm1: tgm4883: if it's not an easy fix, gut it out and put in some text that says to run dpkg-reconfigure mythweb for now or osmething
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[21:24:05] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
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[21:46:17] stuarta: ugg, so many changes to get 3.1 working
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[21:52:45] stuartm: programme search (title, channel, person, category & keyword) is now live in WebFrontend
[21:53:40] stuartm: Todo: add an advanced mode for searching on any combination of the above
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[22:02:40] stuartm: it will load from the saved searches created in the frontend, but there's currently no option to save searches created in the WebFrontend (another todo)
[22:03:58] stuarta: your todo list sounds just like mine, getting longer rather than shorter
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[22:13:35] stuartm: it never will get shorter, when my time is up it will probably be because I was crushed under the weight of that todo list
[22:13:41] stuarta: hehe
[22:15:38] stuarta: right, i've had enough fart arsing about trying different phpbb versions. that's for another day. time to lift and shift the existing one (after applying the latest patch)
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[22:27:39] stuarta: doing forum update
[22:34:41] stuarta: done
[22:38:38] stuartm: is asx still the playlist format of choice for video, or do we want to support something else?
[22:39:14] Hydr0p0nX (Hydr0p0nX!~hydr@ has joined #mythtv
[22:39:47] stuarta: asx is still very windows centric
[22:43:05] stuartm: that's what I was thinking, although it might be widely abused, it's meant to be used with ASF not MPEG-TS and it's also extremely old
[22:43:33] stuarta: there must be something more current?
[22:43:42] stuartm: seems there are already MS alternatives such as WMX and WAX
[22:44:53] stuartm: m3u8 might be the way to go, it's just as old, but it's widely used for video playlists including iptv with MPEG-TS files
[22:46:44] stuartm: it's also used for HLS
[22:48:59] stuartm: that's a thought ... I wonder how clients would handle it if we just served up an HLS playlist with segments but without the transcoding
[22:50:16] jheizer: oh snap, I may have just made a handful of HD-PVR users in the US happy.
[22:50:33] jheizer: At some point Dish enabled a UPnP interface on a series of receivers
[22:51:37] jheizer: I can already test change channels and confirm it. Also an rtsp port open :D
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[23:20:26] stuartm: jheizer: that reminds me, I was going to look at add rtsp server support, but it's quite similar to the websocket stuff I've just been working on, so I'm looking to do something a little different for now
[23:21:17] stuartm: it also involves a bit more work, if we go all the way and implement RTP
[23:21:21] jheizer: I can't find any information on what the url on the server paths may be
[23:21:38] jheizer: but SUPER excited that before tonight it over I'll be able to drop 2 RI blasters
[23:21:43] jheizer: IR
[23:25:09] stuartm: wonder how many clients support RTSP with an HTTP side channel
[23:27:21] stuartm: probably none, not really a good fit when you can use plain TCP or UDP
[23:30:14] stuartm: now I'm actually looking at the spec, this could be quite fun
[23:34:17] stuarta: cool. happy that i've had a successful test after a sample migration
[23:34:42] stuarta: time to plan a time and date for a staged migration
[23:34:45] stuarta: \o/
[23:35:00] stuarta: anyway, now it's bedtime
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