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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015, 00:03 UTC
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[07:08:51] dekarl: should we hint "you are not running the scheduler, the recording rule that you just created will do nothing"? wrt
[07:09:22] dekarl: I don't know where to hook into to generate such a notification, though
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[08:51:11] stuarta: hmm, the arm build didn't go so well
[08:51:29] stuarta: 2hrs 45m for qemu to segfault
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[09:43:07] stuartm: dekarl1: seems the makemkv key issue is a problem with 1.9.1, if you grab 1.9.0 instead it should work for at least another week
[09:44:08] stuartm: dekarl1: one person reports that installing 1.9.0, entering the key then upgrading to 1.9.1 also works
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[11:27:54] stuarta: cool. forum is gaining 50–100 new registered users per month
[11:28:48] stuarta:
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[12:43:21] warpme: greetings *
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[12:45:14] warpme: Interesting: after switching to master i see growing set of orphaned files in recording SG. It looks like every delete of recording (by user or by expirerer) lefts files like <file>.mpg.-1.-1x67.jpg or <file>.mpg.-1.-1x371.jpg
[12:46:31] warpme: should i fill ticket for this or rather this is 1-liner fix?
[13:02:57] warpme: hmm – x86 vs ARM it becomes more and more interesting: . . . ore-amd-soc/
[13:04:36] stuartm: ugly case
[13:05:20] warpme: wonder is AMD Radeon R2/R3 capable to run 2x tests with 8310 are nogo :-(
[13:05:50] stuartm: warpme: could you file a ticket please
[13:08:54] warpme: indeed – might be better. I've heard this one has nice ALU case
[13:09:11] warpme: stuartm: sure
[13:13:55] warpme: stuartm: done. #12366
[13:13:55] ** MythLogBot **
[13:17:43] warpme: rgearding my switch to master: after rebuilding with debug symbols (and prepare server to autotrace segfaults) I hadn't single segfault since 2 weeks (and 1100 recordings). master seems to be pretty stable there days :-) Great work!
[13:35:34] warpme: well well, here . . . w-cost-25383 it looks like this nice HW with ALU case is for 99$. Not bad!
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[14:16:39] stuarta: erm, why do we even have an option to turn off the scheduler?
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[14:42:40] stuartm: stuarta: we do?
[14:46:10] stuarta: there's a forum post about it
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[15:04:22] stuarta: stuartm:
[15:05:04] stuartm: oh, iirc that's just for debugging/development work, thought you meant a setting somewhere
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[15:09:55] stuartm: stuarta: some people, as in that poster, also use it to temporarily disable scheduling of recordings when their hardware is broken or similar
[15:10:36] stuartm: you don't want to have to mark every single recording rule as inactive (and then undo that later), so you disable scheduling until you get the problem fixed
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[16:56:02] stuarta: the path to finding a nice social login plugin is littered with broken and dead code
[16:58:40] stuarta: tbh, i'd be happy if we could manage oauth across the wiki & forum
[17:08:05] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Did oneall (it was oneall?) ever respond to your query?
[17:10:32] stuarta: yeah they did
[17:10:48] stuarta: they said they would in exchange for a sponsors link
[17:10:51] stuarta: which is fair enough
[17:11:29] stuarta: discussing the finer details of what they would provide with them atm
[17:11:41] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Fair enough (depending on how prominent they expect the link to be).
[17:12:33] stuarta: the interesting part will be how to migrate the existing 98 oauth users
[17:14:29] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Being one of them, I would tell them "Sign up again". Investing your effort for 98 users is likely not worth it. Yes, some of us are vocal, and would complain, but anyone who complains should offer to write the code if they want it easier.
[17:15:25] stuarta: heh, so you are. the only thing i'd like to ensure is the existing username gets reused somehow
[17:22:26] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: As I recall I have a password on the forum (which I think I even remember without having to open my encrypted list), so if you remove the existing social login affiliation I would hope I could just add the (new and improved) one from oneall. On the other hand, I have not bothered to review the phpbb code that oneall provides, so I have no idea if it would be that easy.
[17:23:22] stuarta: much testing todo
[17:23:53] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: TODO += oneall ?
[17:25:33] stuarta: it's currently my most likely candidate
[17:26:11] stuarta: at least we can see their code
[17:27:15] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Just out of curiosity, how many of the social logins on the forum are google (which is what is pushing this right now). If it is a small number, it is even more like "you lose" to us crazies.
[17:27:54] stuarta: 91/98
[17:28:26] stuarta: that said, the mod we use now, supposedly handles v2 of oauth
[17:29:23] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Yeah, I know the code is there on github. I just have not looked (and did not really want to go down yet another hole).
[17:29:35] ** stuarta chuckles **
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[20:54:31] stuartm: hmm, ksnapshot suddenly appears unable to grab screenshots of video from mythfrontend
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[22:51:52] tgm4883: superm1: how bad is it if the libmyth version doesn't exactly match the rest of the installed mythtv stuff?
[22:53:16] tgm4883: superm1: well, anything that is ARCH all from the packaging list . . . ng/+packages
[22:53:52] tgm4883: potentially, it they could be a few days off on ARM builds so I'm talking about minor differences between days, not major version differences (eg. 0.27–0.28)
[23:00:27] stuartm: tgm4883: only matters for the same system, not between backends, slaves and frontends on different systems
[23:00:51] tgm4883: stuartm: yea that is potentially where we have an issue then with ARM builds
[23:01:27] stuartm: tgm4883: and it only matters if the binary version is different, not the git version
[23:01:49] tgm4883: stuartm: define binary version?
[23:02:34] tgm4883: because what I'm looking at is possibly having a few day old ARM build that uses a current libmyth
[23:03:10] stuartm: if the ABI/API of the library changes in such a way that applications using the library also need to be changed then we increment the 'binary version', this is exposed as the 'Library API' version string with --version
[23:03:35] tgm4883: ah, how often does that happen inside a released version (eg. not master)
[23:04:39] stuartm: in a released version, very rarely, but it can happen – I can't check 0.27.4 now, but a binary version containing any date after release means that it's happened at least once
[23:04:59] tgm4883: hmm, ok
[23:05:03] stuartm: happens a lot more often in the dev version
[23:05:30] tgm4883: I'm ok if people running dev get broken. That is why they are supposed to subscribe to the mailing list
[23:05:43] tgm4883: and this would only potentially happen with ARM builds
[23:05:53] tgm4883: ARM systems*
[23:06:26] stuartm: mis-matched versions can be the cause of obscure bugs and crashes, and plugins will simply refuse to load since they check the version when they are loaded
[23:08:13] tgm4883: ok, so heres the deal then. I can make it so that won't happen. But then we *for the foreseeable future* won't be pushing dailies always. We'll only push dailies is all 3 arches build successfully
[23:08:26] stuartm: tbh, frontend/backend might also check and refuse to start, I can't remember, it's rare in any case for someone to build and install only the updated libs but not the applications or vice versa so that particular case doesn't come up often
[23:09:07] tgm4883: it sounds like that is what I need to do then
[23:09:17] stuartm: tgm4883: for a minority platform like arm I'd not worry about it for now, deal with it later if it proves to be a big enough issue
[23:10:02] tgm4883: it's actually easier for me to have it publish the packages if all 3 build successfully
[23:11:10] tgm4883: otherwise it's wait for 2 to build, then check if arm is done building (check done or check failed status) then move all 3 binaries
[23:11:57] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Be careful what you wish for (and define "minority"; is x86 a minority platform these days?)
[23:12:07] tgm4883: but doing it the easiest way means that if ARM fails to build then we aren't publishing that day's worth of packages.
[23:12:20] tgm4883: *that days worth of packages for that ubuntu release*
[23:13:12] tgm4883: gary_buhrmaster: for mythtv, I would say yes since it only accounts for 25% of the installs and 75% of installs are amd64
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[23:16:53] stuartm: 25% is a surprising number, did all that 64bit scaremongering really reach so many people?
[23:18:28] stuartm: I know I still encounter people who think 64bit = unstable (or worse) without any credible evidence to backup that belief, but I really thought they were a tiny minority not 25% of our userbase
[23:18:42] gary_buhrmaster: tgm4883: [That is why I asked stuartm. I know the approximate (reported) numbers. The follow-on question is what does worrying about a minority mean? Just ignore it (and tell them to upgrade)? I am still waiting to see Xv support dropped because the number of users are a minority.....]
[23:19:11] stuartm: granted some will just be using really old hardware, but it would have to be REALLY old
[23:19:16] tgm4883: stuartm: not to toot my own horn or anything, but we really saw the shift in those smolt numbers when we (mythbuntu) put the amd64 as the default recommended ISO
[23:20:02] tgm4883: stuartm: I think it's more that people prefer click click installs
[23:20:05] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: At least some percentage of the 32bit folk actually have 64bit capable hardware, but have just never done a x86_64 reinstall (and have just upgraded), but I do not think the smolt info shows the capabilities....
[23:20:17] stuartm: gary_buhrmaster: getting fixes out quickly to most users is IMHO more important than having concurrent ARM builds available
[23:20:21] tgm4883: meaning that those numbers are just coming from people that download the default ISO and install it
[23:21:19] tgm4883: gary_buhrmaster: I would bet we could pull that info from the smolt data, but I'm just guessing as I don't have access to the RAW Smolt Data
[23:21:55] stuartm: especially when we screw up and introduce a regression into the stable release, I don't want to have to tell users that they'll have to wait upto three days before the fixed build is available
[23:22:34] tgm4883: stuartm: well if we know that happens I can move packages manually
[23:22:41] tgm4883: it's not too difficult
[23:23:32] tgm4883: and hopefully this shouldn't be for too long. I'm told later this year proper arm builders will be available
[23:28:37] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: Re: smolt data. Perhaps indirectly from the CPU revision. But yes, that is a guess.
[23:29:51] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: (revision => cpu vendor_id, family, and model)
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