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Sunday, February 1st, 2015, 00:02 UTC
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[13:37:19] stuarta: afternoon all
[13:39:16] stuarta: dekarl1: re svn links in the wiki, we have an svn redirector in place which still works. that's okay for the short term, otherwise we should either 1) convert them to git links 2) seriously consider retiring the page if it still links to svn
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[13:51:38] stuartm: wiki could use a spring clean
[13:56:10] stuarta: pop quiz. should our version of smolt be put in a private repo, or on github?
[14:06:03] stuartm: jams_: ^^
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[14:29:58] dekarl: uhh, with a public repo you risk becoming the new upstream ;)
[14:34:21] stuarta: well nobody else is :-p
[14:35:05] stuartm: maybe, but I think we'll end up customising our copy so much (to return MythTV specific info) that no-one will want to fork it
[14:35:24] stuarta: it's not actually that far from 1.4.3 (the last upstream version)
[14:35:43] stuarta: basically jams_ appears to have rewritten the mythtv handlers that were already in place
[14:36:49] stuartm: could provide a lot more info, relevant info such as which decoders people use (so we have the numbers to back up removing XVideo)
[14:40:17] stuartm: damn, just realised that Daniel never finished his refactor of the playback profiles to make it all much simpler :(
[14:41:23] stuarta: doh
[14:43:12] stuartm: wonder if he actually started on it, or whether it was just on paper
[14:43:39] ** stuarta wonders how deep the rabbit hole goes **
[14:44:09] stuarta: stuartm: yeah, there is plenty we could work on within our smolt
[14:47:00] stuartm: latest 'free' key for MakeMKV is invalid, won't be watching any Blu-ray's tonight
[14:49:18] stuarta: i thought you'd paid for it already?
[14:59:27] ** stuarta cries **
[14:59:45] stuarta: smolt has it's own python environment. for the love of fish why?!?!?!?!?!?
[15:02:38] ** stuarta wanders off **
[15:05:13] stuartm: stuarta: haven't got around to paying yet, and probably won't for another few weeks now that the car needs more work :/
[15:15:58] stuartm: down to 36 defects with coverity, or thereabouts
[15:16:32] stuartm: don't think reaching zero in the next month is too lofty a goal
[15:18:35] stuartm: of course, some of those which still remain are harder to review/fix as they require some knowledge of the code and desired behaviour etc
[15:26:36] stuartm: the tainted input checking ones in the MHEG/DSMCC code may require some reading of the specs
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[16:22:53] stuartm: is anyone maintained the cc608 code these days? There's some extremely suspect stuff in around line 549
[16:23:53] stuartm: coverity complains that len is overwritten a few lines later on, which it is and the "else for" construct is, well, confusing
[16:25:24] stuartm: the whole of FormatCCField is difficult to follow because there are so many nested switches, gotos and conditionals
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[19:32:33] dekarl: stuartm, did you hint mike that his "end of march 2015" doesn't hold up to the promise?
[19:39:56] stuartm: dekarl: lots of forum posts about it already and a mod has already mentioned pinging Mike about it. We'll just have to wait
[19:42:25] dekarl: good, I didn't "research" it, just tried it as it said its good for two months
[19:42:27] skd5aner: hey guys, long time... hope all is well
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[19:44:48] dekarl: hey skd5aner
[19:47:24] skd5aner: dekarl: hey buddy, how's life in Germany these days?
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[20:07:21] dmfrey: stuartm, are there any svg resources of the mythtv artwork on the web site that I can use to generate some artwork for the android app?
[20:08:40] dekarl: skd5aner: sleet weather :/ But the kids have managed a full 8 months together without accidents :)
[20:10:12] stuartm: dmfrey: yes, in the extras repo
[20:10:51] dmfrey: ah, great, thanks
[20:11:00] stuartm:
[20:12:32] stuartm: . . . res_blue.svg is the main logo, the one we prefer is used
[20:13:32] stuartm: but we also have the square version which is more suitable for icons etc – . . . are_blue.svg
[20:14:02] dmfrey: that is perfect, i should be able to render size from them for my nav drawer and app icon
[20:16:33] dmfrey: one more thing, what is the font used in the logo? I will try to replicate that is close as possible as well
[20:23:29] stuartm: I can't remember now, it must be documented somewhere ...
[20:27:14] dmfrey: the square one works great for the app icon
[20:28:25] dmfrey: i will have to see if i can make the rectangular one flatter with square corners for the AndroidTV Launcher
[20:29:39] dmfrey: the design guide recommends a rectangle with vibrant colors, but it should really be just a single color and text and, possibly, a small icon on it
[20:31:58] dmfrey: actually, would love to be able to go into these svg files and pull out the paths. Android now supports svg drawables right in the app, but not available in the support library for older versions of android yet, so still need the various size resources
[20:32:37] dmfrey: hopefully they add that soon, then you can make the size of the app considerably smaller with a single svg version
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[20:45:12] skd5aner: dekarl: we're having the same weather here today, but my kids just get sick every 3 weeks :/
[20:46:09] skd5aner: dmfrey: how is the app coming along? I'm extremely ready for an easy way to stream my recordings and videos to an android device. More important now with the kids.
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[22:23:10] dmfrey: skd5aner, it is being re-written taking into account android lollipop and material design. And focus is going to be on playback only. We are not going to try to implement all the functions of the frontend. Currently recording and video playback is implemented, but just need some cleanup of the screens. Also, you will now be able to start a hls on your backend directly, or in the app, and still be able to play it in t
[22:23:10] dmfrey: he app
[22:23:45] dmfrey: skd5aner, we are also building a native AndroidTV leanback interface as well as adding in chromecast support
[22:24:09] dmfrey: with the app as a simple remote control for chromecast hls streams
[22:25:06] dmfrey: here is the repo:
[22:25:07] skd5aner: works for me, got a chromecast too... would be nice to leverage that for playback on displays without having a full frontend attached
[22:25:37] dmfrey: that is my thought too
[22:25:46] dmfrey: and androidtv is a bonus
[22:25:50] skd5aner: dmfrey: is it complete enough to give it a try?
[22:26:06] dmfrey: recordings work great
[22:26:24] dmfrey: i am having some trouble coming up with a way to display recordings
[22:26:27] dmfrey: but they work too
[22:26:35] dmfrey: sorry, videos, not recordings
[22:26:52] dmfrey: running into an issue with so many varying types
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[22:27:20] dmfrey: so my blueray mkv files struggle to make a playable hls
[22:27:23] skd5aner: ironically enough, we just got a new car, and it has AV in the back with an HDMI input. I'm going to give the MDL->HDMI output on the phone a try. Would be great to be able to watch all the media on my mythtv server via VPN or over HTTPS in the car via HLS stream :)
[22:28:01] dmfrey: and 3gp of home movies don't have any real metadata
[22:28:07] dmfrey: stuff like that
[22:28:23] skd5aner: Ironically, I just started switcing to mp4 containers vs mkv for my rips. Again, the car also has an SD slot, and it'll play mpg and mp4, but doesn't like mkv
[22:28:46] dmfrey: its definitely not going to be as clean as netflix or google play movies & tv
[22:28:58] skd5aner: well, good to start somewhere
[22:29:08] dmfrey: that would be cool to try it in the car like that
[22:29:15] dmfrey: long trips for the kids, haha
[22:29:35] skd5aner: yea :)
[22:30:01] skd5aner: bought a 256GB SD card on Amazon for $50... loading it up with some shows and movies now
[22:30:08] dmfrey: yeah, i am gonna make it as pretty as i can, but unless we can do something with categories in the videos, a single list is all we are gonna get
[22:30:18] dmfrey: :)
[22:30:22] skd5aner: but, like I said, would love to have the ability to stream :)
[22:30:56] dmfrey: skd5aner, if you are up for installing Android Studio, you could clone the repo and sideload it to your phone or tablet
[22:31:01] dmfrey: right from inside the app
[22:31:33] skd5aner: Ah, thanks... I'm patient, I'll wait for you to release the apk beta someday ;)
[22:31:57] skd5aner: btw... thanks for also working on the videos, not just recordings
[22:32:24] skd5aner: that was something that was "missing" for me in the last app
[22:33:35] skd5aner: thanks for working on this, I think it's the last thing that's really missing for mythtv, a great mobile experience
[22:33:55] dmfrey: yeah, we were too focused on how to present the guide and recording rules and trying to implement all that stuff, when we really should have just implemented playback
[22:34:19] dmfrey: np, i am glad that I can give back in some way
[22:34:30] skd5aner: :)
[22:34:59] skd5aner: I think you're on the right track it sounds
[22:35:40] dmfrey: unfortunately, i had to put it aside for a while. Work was really busy last year, and had another app we were working on
[22:35:58] dmfrey: but now i am hoping to get this out in a few weeks
[22:36:55] dmfrey: will add in images after that at some point, then music, but i think music and videos are going to have same problem
[22:37:41] dmfrey: i am really gonna have to study what metadata about the music is available to make it a good experience
[22:38:26] dmfrey: i saw there is some category data in the videos data, but I couldn't find a way to add categories on a traditional frontend
[22:38:32] dmfrey: must be missing it somewhere
[22:39:27] dmfrey: but, then, to use it, it is going to assume everyone is filling in all the metadata, and I am not sure how thorough everyone is with it
[22:39:38] skd5aner: You going for compatibility with 0.27 or just Master?
[22:39:57] dmfrey: .27+
[22:40:01] skd5aner: cool
[22:40:36] dmfrey: however, i found that I could not produce valid HLS streams with my hd homerun primes
[22:40:49] dmfrey: kept coming up 0-byte files
[22:40:58] skd5aner: I'll tell you my use case for videos is very much based on directory heirarchies
[22:41:05] dmfrey: but others told me they could produce useable streams
[22:41:06] skd5aner: Moves, TV Shows, Kids, etc.
[22:41:17] dmfrey: mine are setup exactly the same way
[22:41:32] skd5aner: I know Mike was eventually going to use tags and stuff like that, but until then, the only way to really classify is by dir structure
[22:42:15] dmfrey: yeah, it might just be a bunch of recursing into and out of directories
[22:42:29] skd5aner: I'm 100% HDPVR now, but I have quite a few old recordings from HDHR, HDHR-Prime, and even old analog tuners
[22:43:02] skd5aner: and some QAM stuff too
[22:43:51] dmfrey: if you get a chance, kick off a few HLS transcodes on the backend and see if the .ts files are 0 byte
[22:44:12] dmfrey: try some varying types
[22:44:32] dmfrey: since I told mythbuntu to use .28, i haven't had an issue
[22:44:42] dmfrey: except the mkv files
[22:44:50] dmfrey: i get audio, but not clean video
[22:45:23] skd5aner: still running 0.27-fixes
[22:45:50] dmfrey: with .27-fixes i was getting the 0-byte .ts files
[22:46:02] skd5aner: k, I'll maybe try later and let you know
[22:46:06] dmfrey: your mileage may vary :)
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