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Wednesday, November 19th, 2014, 12:49 UTC
[12:49:52] paul-h: jya: reverted
[12:50:22] jya: paul-h: there could be an error in the doc or elsewhere …
[12:50:33] jya: the prevent logs to work...
[12:50:46] jya: having said that, I doubt it affects many people...
[12:57:08] paul-h: jya: this is where the confusion comes from maybe things changed after this commit
[12:57:55] jya: or it may be i’m going senile and I remember wrong !
[12:58:41] stuarta: it's baby memory. daddy forgets everything for the first few months ;-)
[12:59:10] jya: oh, forgot to say.. Got a new baby two days ago
[12:59:13] jya: a boy
[12:59:22] stuarta: \o/ woo hoo. congrats!
[12:59:34] paul-h: congratulations :)
[12:59:41] stuarta: give him a few months and he'll be coding...
[12:59:45] jya: i thought only the mother lost neurones during the pregnancy :)
[13:00:25] stuarta: nah, definitely affects dads badly. i lost my brain for months after our 2
[13:00:38] jya: paul-h: it looks like i fucked up bad with that nologserver, it is disabling everything
[13:01:24] jya: he was 12 days overdue.. that did play on my nerves
[13:10:41] paul-h: warpme: your problem loading some themes should be fixed
[13:11:44] paul-h: jya: Oh bugger! so revert the revert or just walk away sheepishly and pretend every thing is OK :)
[13:12:17] jya: git reset —hard REV ; git push -f origin :)
[13:12:19] jya: never happened
[13:13:44] jya: (just kidding)

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