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Friday, October 31st, 2014, 00:06 UTC
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[09:59:41] stuartm: ok, it was upgraded automatically last night, but it looks like they botched the restart part of the rpm, it was killed then instead of starting again it printed a helpful "
[09:59:42] stuartm: Percona Server is distributed with several useful UDF (User Defined Function) from Percona Toolkit.
[09:59:44] stuartm: Run the following commands to create these functions:"
[10:00:25] stuartm: expect better from CentOS given that it's a server OS
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[12:24:07] dekarl: ty
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[12:54:59] stuartm: finally tried out replacing libaacs with makemkv's libmmdb, works very well, no more messing about with trying to find cracked keys
[12:56:25] stuartm: means I can start renting BDs without having to rip them just to watch them once
[13:04:29] stuartm: in fact, can't see why I'd bother ripping any Blu-rays if they can be played straight from the disc
[13:05:46] stuartm: the only problem now is the lack of menu support in mythtv
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[15:06:52] dekarl: Because you don't want to stick an optical drive into each frontend? Because you don't want the kids to handle the discs, but to just hold a box into the camera instead? :)
[15:09:00] jheizer: That sounds like too much work.
[15:09:22] jheizer: What they are proposing I mean.
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[15:24:12] tgm4883: There are better solutions than what they came up with
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[15:53:13] dekarl: I still like the concept of having tangible objects with an id that are presented by the kids to the frontend which in turn plays a random episode of the series that belongs to the object. (obviously a patent mine field, e.g. applying CRIDs to toys that play media clips when held on a player)
[15:54:28] dekarl: e.g.
[15:55:40] dekarl: feel free to file claims to invalidate the patent due to prior art...
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[15:59:18] stuartm: dekarl: I did say "I" not "everyone", in my case it's much more convenient to have an optical drive in each frontend because I still rent DVDs, it would actually be inconvenient if I didn't have an optical drive in the frontend
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[16:01:47] stuartm: peper03: the stream stripping (packet dropping) fix is working well here, candidate for backporting just because it will save users a huge amount of space
[16:01:49] dekarl: stuartm, I had that use case on my topic list anyway. You just provided a trigger, but it was not really directed at you
[16:08:19] stuartm: bonus points for anyone who adds the option to strip data streams to mythutil or mythtranscode
[16:08:52] stuartm: think I could free up a lot of space if applied to existing recordings (SD + HD)
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[19:38:27] peper03: stuartm: Yep. I thought I'd wait for a bit to make sure there are no regressions but if there are no objections, I can backport it. Probably the other commit to limit the audio buffer too since that squashes a bug that causes the frontend to lock up but again, I wanted to test the waters in master first.
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