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Monday, October 27th, 2014, 01:33 UTC
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[02:39:43] jya: peper03: the AudioFramework::buffer always aim to have at least 500ms of hardware buffer.
[02:41:48] jya: any value over that is a bonus, another regression introduced with lvr patches by the look of it… maybe we should just revert the entire thing related to the visualiser.. too many problems
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[03:56:19] espes__: jya: might be of interest:
[03:56:57] jya: espes__: Apple has removed the check on FairPlay being supported?
[03:57:17] espes__: no. I just implement airplay by emulating the code from airtunesd
[03:57:19] espes__: fairplay*
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[03:57:36] espes__: (which is actually what all the commercial apps do aswell)
[03:58:01] jya: that’s pretty much why I never implemented it… mirror only works if we report FairPlay in the bonjour announcement, and that breaks both audio (airtune) and video playback
[03:58:44] jya: yeah, but AFAIK, none of them implemented airtunes.
[03:59:08] espes__: is it different? mirroring audio goes over airtunes
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[04:00:28] jya: see: you do : 'et': u'0,3', #supported encryption types
[04:00:34] jya: the ‘3’ is FairPlay
[04:00:40] jya: rather than ‘1’ which is RSA
[04:00:57] jya: so unless you do support FairPlay, audio only will not work any longer
[04:00:59] espes__: 'no' as in apple hasn't removed the check
[04:01:09] espes__: like I said, I implement fairplay
[04:01:20] jya: where did you get the key?
[04:01:22] espes__: (by emulating code from airtunesd)
[04:02:34] espes__: it doesn't use anything in-hardware
[04:03:06] jya: well, you are using a key…
[04:03:13] jya: and that won’t pass mythtv OSS requirements
[04:03:30] jya: but very cool nonetheless
[04:03:50] jya: been waiting to find someone who implemented fairplay for a while
[04:03:55] jya: didn’t it had been hacked
[04:04:01] jya: didn’t know that is
[04:04:51] espes__: not hacked, just emulated :/
[04:05:07] espes__: I was looking at REing it but it's all retardedly obfuscated
[04:05:31] jya: unless, I don’t read your code properly, you have embbeded a key in there
[04:05:35] espes__: so how does mythtv provide the RSA private key? does it need it?
[04:05:40] jya: that key has to got from somewhere
[04:05:44] jya: it doesn't
[04:06:03] jya: it checks if the user has created a particular file that contains a RSA key
[04:06:16] jya: we only check if it’s a valid RSA key.
[04:06:26] jya: myth source code contains no key whatsoever
[04:06:31] espes__: sure
[04:06:45] espes__: so the same could work with providing a copy of airtunesd :P
[04:07:18] jya: does that work with a real iPhone or mac mirror?
[04:07:24] jya: or only with airtunes client?
[04:07:39] espes__: ?
[04:07:40] espes__: like
[04:07:41] espes__: . . . aster/
[04:08:13] espes__: airtunesd is the airtunes daemon from appletvs, right
[04:08:35] jya: well, goog work extracting that key nevertheless
[04:08:48] espes__: no key extracted!
[04:09:17] espes__: lterally just call the code from airtunesd to do the decryption
[04:10:10] jya: what do you mean you call airtunesd to do the decryption?
[04:10:52] espes__: . . . r/
[04:11:11] jya: so your code only works on an ATV2 ?
[04:11:35] espes__: no, there's an arm emulator
[04:12:00] jya: and you run the original ATV binary image?
[04:12:04] espes__: yeah
[04:12:09] jya: that’s fancy !
[04:18:30] jya: espes__: wait.. you emulate the ATV AFP code in python?
[04:18:36] espes__: yup :P
[04:18:57] jya: and how did you get the ATV AFP code?
[04:19:12] jya: surely, if you got that far, you could reimplement it all
[04:19:15] jya: no need to emulate
[04:19:24] espes__: it's really obfuscated
[04:19:44] jya: this is insane !
[04:19:44] espes__: so you can easilly extract airtunesd from the ATV firmware
[04:20:12] espes__: need the firmware decryption key rhough
[04:20:23] jya: and how do you get that one?
[04:21:14] espes__:,1/9A334v
[04:21:16] espes__: :P
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[09:07:02] stuarta: morning all
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[10:33:51] peper03: jya: I'm not sure what other commits were made but determining the amount of audio data buffered based on time rather than bytes seems sensible to me. I know I've encountered situations in the past where many seconds of audio data were buffered (something like 8 or 10).
[10:34:26] jya: 1s certainly seems like a reasonable amount
[10:34:43] peper03: Apart from situations where the music is blaring out and you can't turn the volume down straight away, that's an awful lot of lag.
[10:35:06] jya: well, that’s only true with software audio
[10:35:14] jya: software volume I mean
[10:35:42] jya: with a proper mixer wouldn’t matter how much we buffered
[10:35:50] peper03: Of course.
[10:36:58] peper03: But that's also why I wanted to check that lowering the maximum buffer size in time wouldn't break some setup I don't have or haven't thought about.
[10:38:25] jya: i can’t think of any
[10:38:36] jya: which at this time of day and with my current cold doesn’t mean much :)
[10:39:38] peper03: Are there any big differences between LiveTV in master and 0.27 at the moment? I know you did quite a bit of work a while back but I'm not sure how much of it was backported.
[10:40:23] peper03: From my testing over the weekend, it seemed like LiveTV was often playing just a fraction too close to the end of the file.
[10:41:23] peper03: Not always but quite often. Pausing just for a fraction of a second usually seemed to be enough.
[10:44:13] peper03: Admittedly, it's rare that I use LiveTV (usually only for some radio channels) but I would have thought others would have complained on the mailing list or forum if 0.27 had the same issues.
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[11:57:48] Seeker`: peper03: it causes stuttering? I'm running quite close to the head of master and i'm not seeing any problems
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[12:42:12] peper03: Seeker`: Not always and if it does, it's only mild (of course, that's bad enough). I added some logging to RingBuffer::WaitForAvail to output when the ringbuffer stalls and it spits out quite a bit. It's not always associated with stuttering but it gives the impression that it's probably not far off.
[12:43:39] peper03: Pausing playback briefly seems to fix it, which backs up my suspicion that we might be just a little bit too close to live.
[12:49:50] stuartm: there's a balancing act between starting livetv and changing channel as fast as possible, but still having enough buffered to avoid starvation
[12:51:38] stuartm: which is patently obvious
[12:52:06] stuartm: in other news the Sky is blue, and apples fall from trees
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[12:55:44] ** stuarta repaints sky purple and hands stuartm a rainbow coloured apple **
[12:59:46] stuartm: got to run, but I did have a more serious question to ask about how we decide that we've buffered enough to start playback
[13:16:42] peper03: stuartm: I'm not entirely sure. I'm having a heck of a time working out how it all works. There is a variable 'secs_min' in RingBuffer::CalcReadAheadThresh that has the comment 'minimum seconds of buffering before allowing read'.
[13:18:55] peper03: It's currently set to 0.3. I've tried increasing it but it doesn't always seem to have the expected effect. It seems like there's a difference between starting LiveTV and changing channels. I've bumped that value up to two or three seconds and still seen the OSD show that playback was barely more than a second behind live.
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[15:08:54] tgm4883: If there is ever an argument for taking away tools from the users, it's this guy right here . . . post13152502
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[15:24:10] stuarta: that's extreme hacking. i admire the skill level required to do that
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[15:28:20] tgm4883: stuarta: eh, perhaps. But it seems like taking a nuke to kill an ant to me
[15:31:22] stuarta: there is only 1 upside to doing it that way, if the endpoint ever changes ip address, that method will continue to work
[15:32:29] jheizer: That's dedication to not upgrading or building from source.
[15:33:09] stuarta: yeah, 0.21? positively antique
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[16:43:43] dekarl-work: anybody up for some custom recording rule examples? (record on any channel but x, y, z) maybe add it to too
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[19:28:21] jpabq: stuarta: are you able to set me up an account on I need to tweak the theme packaging.
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[20:34:24] stuartm: jpabq: sorry, I meant to redirect you to stuarta last night
[20:34:56] jpabq: NP. After thinking about it, I realized he was the right person to ping.
[20:36:02] stuartm: I've got the perms, but he's the expert
[20:37:31] jpabq: I figured that was the case.
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