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Sunday, October 19th, 2014, 01:17 UTC
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[11:34:42] peper03: jya: Do you remember your reasoning behind increasing the default value of RingBuffer::rawbitrate from 800 to 8000 in [c519bba36] ( RingBuffer::UpdateRawBitrate will update it, of course, but only once the read-ahead thread is running. If the bitrate is low enough, playback times out before it's received enough data to update the raw bitrate.
[11:44:06] peper03: Or maybe why the line setting it to 800 in FileRingBuffer::OpenFile was removed? It seems like all other derived ring buffer classes explicitly set the rawbitrate in OpenFile.
[12:17:40] stuartm: I'm not understanding Coverity 700718
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[14:19:36] peper03: stuartm: Is there any other publicly accessible page for Coverity? 700718 isn't showing up on
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[15:06:09] stuartm: peper03: not publically accessible no, you need to sign up –
[15:06:53] stuartm: they cut access to the feed I was using to generate that page a few months ago
[15:07:02] stuartm: so it's completely out of date
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[15:09:33] stuartm: they want the 'free' users of their service to use their own site, since they provide the free access to open source projects as a way of beta testing and getting feedback on stuff before it's rolled out to commercial clients
[15:10:28] peper03: I guess that makes sense.
[15:10:37] peper03: Does the access request go to you?
[15:10:54] stuartm: peper03: me and a couple of others
[15:11:18] peper03: Ok, so I take it I don't need to write anything in 'Additional information' :)
[15:11:27] stuartm: they disallow public access to the actual bug reports because some of the issues found might be exploited by black hats
[15:11:30] stuartm: peper03: no :)
[15:12:07] stuartm: I don't like their reports, too much going on, too cluttered which is why I created that public page to begin with
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[15:12:50] peper03: Haven't seen them yet (obviously) but yeah, you need a nice simple overview of issues otherwise it's a case of 'wood for the trees'.
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[15:14:07] stuartm: you get a list which can be sorted any way you like etc, but it's information overload, for our purposes we usually just need to know the file, line number and the description of the issue
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[15:15:45] stuartm: but they provide a whole triaging system, code browser, step by step walkthrough of why they think it might be a bug, and a dozen different ways of grouping the list – well you'll see for yourself
[15:17:46] peper03: Hmm. Got a weird issue at the moment. Trying to exit DVB radio in Live TV locks up the frontend with 'Waited 10ms for decoder lock'. Music keeps playing but the only option is to kill the frontend.
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[15:19:18] peper03: Once it starts playing, the decoder *never* returns from DecoderGetFrame, which it gets stuck waiting, but how does it keep on playing?
[15:19:40] peper03: Pausing execution in gdb and then doing nothing other than resuming execution fixes it?!
[15:19:41] stuartm: peper03: iirc I was seeing similar issues a few months back, it's filling a very large audio buffer and won't exit until it's finished draining
[15:20:21] stuartm: but if you get impatient and hit 'Exit' more than once then it really does get itself confused and you end up having to kill it
[15:20:35] stuartm: at least that was my interpretation of events
[15:21:10] peper03: If you pause and then unpause playback in the frontend once playback has started, you can exit without problems.
[15:22:03] peper03: It's presumably got something to do with the low overall bit-rate too. I don't get the issue with the BBC stations that have MHEG streams.
[15:22:35] peper03: But why halting and resuming execution in gdb is enough to cure it, I don't know.
[15:23:01] peper03: Seems adding a log message at the right position is also enough to stop it occurring!?
[15:23:05] stuartm: that's probably the reason I came to the conclusion it was just buffering way too much, but I never did any digging, just noted the issue (mentioned it to jya) then moved on
[15:24:42] stuartm: peper03: well if it were buffering issues, and I'm not saying it is, you'd have to stay on the radio for long enough for it to buffer more than a couple of seconds?
[15:25:19] stuartm: then again, the buffer should never fill faster than you're playing back for livetv, I mean that would be impossible
[15:26:15] stuartm: probably a race condition then if any sort of pause or slowdown caused by logging prevents it happening
[15:26:34] peper03: Exactly. I thought it was some buffering issue too (e.g. pausing playback allows the buffer to fill up more than it would normally) but that doesn't explain why a log message would fix it.
[15:27:33] peper03: Yep, a race condition seems the most likely candidate. Although I wouldn't have thought that stopping and continuing in gdb would fix that, but there's probably some low-level weirdness going on there.
[15:31:49] stuartm: guess it all depends on how gdb is pausing the execution of threads, e.g. whether it does so sequentially so that the last thread gets to run a few ms longer than the first thread
[15:32:04] ** stuartm has now idea how gdb works **
[15:32:15] peper03: Yep, that was my thought process too.
[15:33:01] peper03: I wonder if that Coverity issue is because no part of the return value is explicitly 'unsigned long long'? It's effectively taking 8-bit values and shifting them left.
[15:33:05] stuartm: simply running something under gdb has even been enough to prevent a race condition in the past, because it slows everything down in an unpredictable way
[15:34:29] stuartm: peper03: well that was my first thought and it's probably the case, but the explanation they give in the code browser mentions it being cast to a 32bit signed int at some point which is the bit (no pun intended) I don't get
[15:35:01] peper03: If you shift an 8-bit unsigned 24 bits to the left, do you implicitly get an *unsigned* 32-bit value?
[15:35:25] stuartm: maybe I should just ignore their explanation
[15:36:13] stuartm: peper03: yes, at least that's how I've always understood it, if you shift an unsigned char/int you get an unsigned result, not a signed one
[15:36:45] peper03: I guess that should be in the language specs. Somewhere :)
[15:36:50] stuartm: and you certainly should get an implicit signed int if you're shifting to the left
[15:36:58] stuartm: shouldn't
[15:37:29] stuartm: peper03: yeah, guess I may learn something new :)
[15:38:15] peper03: It wouldn't surprise me if you do get a signed int, though. I've never understood why 'unsigned int a = 0;' gives a warning about assigning a signed value to an unsigned variable.
[15:39:25] peper03: I'm no maths expert but I fail to see how -0 could even exist or be different to +0.
[15:40:54] peper03: stuartm:
[15:41:03] peper03: "nsigned char or unsigned short can be converted to int if it can hold its entire value range, and unsigned int otherwise."
[15:42:54] peper03: So it would convert the unsigned char to an int, because the range is ok, and then shifts, which could shift the top bit into the sign bit.
[16:24:40] peper03: stuartm: Yep. That's how it works –
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[16:44:38] dekarl: peper03: yes, shifting unsigned stays unsigned, but if you want to turn 0-ff into 0-ffffffff you need to 3 shifts + or to copy the actual bitmask into the other three bytes
[16:44:58] dekarl: just shifting gets you 0–0xff000000 instead
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[16:58:44] peper03: dekarl: Except that if you're trying to shift more bits than the width of the variable you're shifting, the compiler has to promote the variable to a larger type before shifting. Based on that reference page and the test I did, it converts an unsigned char to an int (i.e. signed) and then shifts.
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[17:11:22] stuartm: IMHO that's just stupid behaviour
[17:11:49] paul-h: knightr: any idea what Yianni is referring to when he says 'the qt keyboard can't create 'accented' characters in Greek' ?
[17:11:59] stuartm: but since it's part of the standard now I guess there are even examples of code which depend on the behaviour
[17:12:58] knightr: paul-h, we have to create keyboards
[17:13:02] paul-h: knightr: If he is talking about the virtual keyboard I don't think we have a Greek one so it would need to be added
[17:13:11] knightr: I think one is needed for MythUI
[17:13:18] knightr: and one for the previous UI...
[17:13:33] knightr: and yes, we have no Greek keyboard AFAIK..
[17:13:39] knightr: so he is right as you said...
[17:14:18] stuartm: just checked, there isn't one
[17:14:21] peper03: stuartm: There is no doubt some specific instance/hardware where that decision makes sense but I agree that it's certainly not intuitive.
[17:14:23] paul-h: OK thanks
[17:15:37] stuartm: I wonder how many translators are aware that they can create definitions for the keyboard to suit their own language?
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[17:28:47] knightr: stuartm, I looked at it a little but never completed it, it kinda looked like a PITA to do and we had to create two of them, I thought one for MythUI, one for the legacy stuff but I could be mistaken..
[17:31:39] paul-h: knightr: the legacy one has been removed from master – and yes it does mean you can't enter text with a remote in the setup edits until they are changed to MythUI :(
[17:32:10] stuartm: PITA is probably a fair assessment, iirc the new format is simpler, so you don't need to define the position of individual keys, just which ones to show and on which 'row'
[17:33:39] stuartm: paul-h: which isn't good, although more than half the places where you were expected to enter text should never have been text edits, e.g. entering paths (which should have involved selecting the path from a file browser)
[17:34:33] stuartm: I guess pretty soon we're going to have to face converting the setup to mythui instead of continually putting it off
[17:36:35] paul-h: OK don't come back until you have finished :)
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[17:42:19] knightr: paul-h, stuarm, Jonatan is supposed to take this over, I am sorrrrrrrrry but I have been waaaaaay toooooo busy at work and I do not actually know MythUI, I was hoping I could figure out a pattern to do it without needing to understand it before hand but waaaaay too much stuff got changed and I don't have the time to learn it and work on it now, sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry...
[17:44:23] paul-h: knightr: NP. I don't think Jonatan knew what he was letting himself in for. That patch has rotted badly so it's no trivial to update it
[17:48:10] paul-h: I can email Yianni and ask him if he would be interested to help adding a Greek keyboard to MythUI at least. It would be easier for him being used to what the keyboard should look like that a non Greek speaker
[17:53:52] knightr: paul-h, if you want I can ping all the translators about this but I would need to relook at it if I want to be able to help them... That I do think I could find the time for...
[17:54:22] knightr: I do have a small problem though, I think if only handle the language and not the language variant (but I could be mistaken)
[17:54:33] knightr: so this would have to be addressed eventually...
[18:04:48] paul-h: We handle the English variants for example en_gb.xml and en_us.xml not sure without looking at the code whether that is a special case though
[18:06:51] knightr: paul-h, I see...
[18:07:34] knightr: have you contacted yianni yet, if not I can do it and try to get it working on my side to and then contact the others?
[18:08:01] paul-h: We load the key definitions for the value stored in gCoreContext->GetLanguageAndVariant() so that should be OK?
[18:08:31] paul-h: I've already emailed him
[18:17:05] knightr: Da
[18:17:12] knightr: it should be ok..
[18:17:15] knightr: ups, sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry...
[18:17:17] knightr: yes
[18:18:16] knightr: (I talked too much with a friend of mine, da means yes... (in quite a few languages))
[18:18:45] knightr: did you offer your help, if not I will contact him and offer mine as I will do the same for French Canadian)
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[18:22:46] knightr: paul-h^
[18:22:57] knightr: (forgot it...)
[18:24:24] paul-h: Da :) I said he can contact me if he has any questions and gave him a brief rundown of what he needs to do
[18:26:05] paul-h: My only question was what the new file should be called looking at the locale file I assume it should be el_gr.xml
[18:28:48] knightr: this would be preferable since we usually target both the language and variants since the same language could be used elsewhere... I am not quite sure about Greek being used elsewhere but I would not bet on it not being used elsewhere...
[18:29:28] knightr: if you talk to him again tell him to submit this as a translation since this is related and I will commit it...
[18:30:24] paul-h: OK will do thanks for your help
[18:31:37] knightr: pau-h, by the way, it was "da" not "да"... (My friend doesn't speak Russian but Romanian...)
[18:31:42] knightr: ups paul-h
[18:31:54] knightr: thank you for your help too!
[18:34:28] paul-h: stuartm: by the way I was contacted by Roger Siddons who is interested in fixing the new Gallery – I suggested he start by making it work on remote FE's and take it from there
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[18:58:39] dekarl: peper03: np, cppcheck and the compilers will tell us when we forgot to cast before shifting
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[19:03:37] dekarl: jya: re #12303 worksforme with mpeg-audio-layer2 and AC3
[19:03:37] ** MythLogBot **
[19:04:13] dekarl: seeing the PMT and mediainfo might give an idea (is it an E-AC3 issue again?)
[19:05:44] dekarl: man, all this bikeshedding makes me want to announce that we're dropping SQL in favour of a proper embedded no-SQL datastore ;)
[19:08:55] Roklobsta: and what will that get you exactly?
[19:11:59] dekarl: I don't expect a positive return on invest which is the reason I'm not doing it
[19:14:55] dekarl: hehe, who was looking for tipps on resetting his CAM?
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[19:23:15] stuartm: paul-h: that's good news
[19:25:07] stuartm: paul-h: might have a couple of other pointers for him, like the fact that it added some rather dangerous Services API methods which delete any file by path, I want those removed and replaced by methods which only delete files MythTV knows about by ID i.e. DeleteImage(int id) instead of DeleteFile(QString path)
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[19:27:00] stuartm: actually a lot of the services API stuff that was added is ill-conceived, should probably use the internal protocol internally, at least while we don't have any core support for calling the services API methods from MythTV apps
[19:30:48] stuartm: dekarl: when you think of all the applications that have always use embedded databases it makes you wonder if they get the same complaints from their users
[19:31:01] stuartm: used
[19:31:02] natanojl: paul-h: Regarding the new gallery, what doesn't work on remote FEs? I get a list of images and can view them, although the zoom is off
[19:31:46] stuartm: natanojl: wonder if the problem isn't firewall related, since it uses 6544 not 6543
[19:32:28] dekarl: stuartm, yes. I see lots of complaints about being unable to work around the channel scan issues on tv sets ;)
[19:32:53] dekarl: otoh, we could do something crazy and accept all the patches that we get for the channel scanner
[19:33:11] natanojl: knightr: It seems to be working now actually. I'm cleaning up some stuff before I'll push anything so it will take some time
[19:33:36] natanojl: stuartm: ah, could be
[19:36:31] paul-h: Roger couldn't get it to work either so there is something wrong. It's not firewall related
[19:36:34] stuartm: dekarl: I was thinking of a whole slew of desktop applications including browsers that use (and have done for years) databases like sqlite to store settings and data
[19:38:13] dekarl: stuartm: me too, but then I turned around and looked at the user stories that depend on fiddling about with our database
[19:38:15] stuartm: and people shouldn't be working around issues in the database, especially if they aren't bothering to report them (or to fix them!)
[19:39:13] dekarl: its the "phew, now it works for me, I'm such an elite guru, no one can repeat what I did" vs. the "I fixed it for everyone who comes after me"
[19:39:21] stuartm: honestly I think some percentage of our user base actually want MythTV to remain hard to setup and therefore 'exclusive'
[19:40:15] stuartm: dekarl: exactly
[19:43:13] stuartm: as someone linked the other night (but it never get's old)
[19:44:04] stuartm: we should link that on trac :)
[19:46:22] dekarl: But lets adapt it to our current code base "I use idle overheating to shut down my frontend with the temperture protection!"
[19:51:59] stuartm: creative thinking, give that man a promotion
[19:52:59] Roklobsta: i hate how hard myth is to set up
[19:53:16] Roklobsta: especially the dvb cards
[19:53:30] Roklobsta: the gui for MBE/MFE setup is bad.
[19:54:36] Roklobsta: but i think it needs someone with a flair for gui's to get working well. that's not me.
[19:55:18] Roklobsta: if everything setup wise was exposed in mythweb that'd be fantastic.
[19:55:51] Roklobsta: because using vnc or keyboard/mouse right in front of TV is very awkward.
[20:03:01] peper03: dekarl: Yep, that was what triggered the conversation. Coverity complaining about dvbdescriptors.h:1111.
[20:11:32] paul-h: natanojl: I just reset the new gallery and tried again. It 's so bad I don't know where to start describing the problems. It eventually segfaulted the FE
[20:13:32] natanojl: paul-h: ok :(
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[20:14:25] paul-h: Seeing lots of 'Given IP address instead of hostname (ID). This is invalid.' in the logs
[20:23:45] natanojl: paul-h: I've seen that too but it still worked. I believe this is the fault . . . per.cpp#n542
[20:28:53] stuartm: that's a quick fix
[20:35:54] stuartm: can't think of a good reason why GenMythUrl() needs to take the port as an argument, that's something it can lookup using the hostname
[20:47:10] peper03: jya: It seems the problem with not usually being able to exit from DVB radio is because we never break out of the loop in AvFormatDecoder::GetFrame because allowedquit is never set to true. There's only an audio stream and the audio buffer normally seems to hover around 1800ms so never hits the 2000ms limit in AudioPlayer::IsBufferAlmostFull.
[20:48:33] peper03: Dropping the limit to 1500ms fixes it but I'm not sure that's really the fix. Pausing playback allows the buffer to fill to just over 2000ms (as does pausing execution in gdb for whatever reason).
[20:49:21] peper03: Something is waiting for a buffer to fill sufficiently to start playback so I wonder it that wouldn't be the place to look at. I'm just not sure at the moment where that is.
[20:50:32] peper03: The 2000ms limit is new since [a2b7a45] ( but that's not the cause of the problem. If anything, it should improve things.
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[21:41:46] dekarl: peper03: that code segment is not so good... bitshifting in c++ when you really want to express "iterator multiplied by size of element" doesn't make the code more maintainable
[21:44:29] dekarl: could just use a helper to read a 32bit uimsbf (unsigned int most significant bit first, a dvb data type)
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