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Tuesday, October 14th, 2014, 00:04 UTC
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[01:44:53] tgm4883: when theming, can I depend on X number of items in a buttonlist?
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[02:19:49] tgm4883: Ok, so not sure if this is possible, or how to do this, but I'm trying to achieve what is happening in the first image in this album here The issue is that if you have less than the full amount of items (which I believe to be 27 items), then things get a little weird. In image #2, <arrange> is set to stack, but the selected item
[02:19:49] ** MythLogBot **
[02:19:49] tgm4883: is no longer on the screen. In image #3, <arrange> is not set, and if the items were centered that would be fine, however an issue pops up when you have more items (but still less than the full amount). EG. which shows a list of 23 items, but only 14 are on the page because it doesn't wrap around
[02:19:49] ** MythLogBot **
[02:19:49] tgm4883: and put more items at the other end of the list (although it would if there were 27 items).
[02:19:55] tgm4883: Bah that was long
[02:20:44] tgm4883: the idea is to have the buttons hang off the edge of the screen, but not really be selectable as the selected item is locked to the center. it's purely cosmetic, although shows that there are more items in those directions to select
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[03:06:55] jya: connecting to mythtv-users, I see “Welcome to the MythTV user-to-user support channel | Stable release: 0.27.4” .. did I miss a release?
[03:13:27] Roklobsta: yeah it's bitchin'. didn't you get the memo?
[03:14:56] Roklobsta: jya: how do i correlate a mythbuntu build with the git repo?
[03:15:14] Roklobsta: after a patch was applied to fix my MFE 100% CPU problem it's still there!
[03:15:26] jya: well, then just wait …
[03:15:52] tgm4883: When was the fix added?
[03:15:58] jya: build are started at midnight UTC I believe.. then it depends how busy ubuntu build machines are
[03:16:02] jya: yesterday
[03:16:35] Roklobsta: i have 0.28.0~master.20141013.4cb10e5–0ubuntu0mythbuntu2 which is the latest and I assume has the patch paul applied to 0.28 ~1 day ago.
[03:16:45] tgm4883: Builds are no longer at midnight UTC. They are at 2am est
[03:17:55] Roklobsta: commit c61aee39349ced99f32586872a551d9445c226cc Sun Oct 12 11:23:33 2014 +0100
[03:18:56] tgm4883: That should be in the last build
[03:19:18] Roklobsta: yeah, well it's probably not the bug I was looking for (thanks Obi Wan)
[03:20:38] Roklobsta: noone else is seeing this?!!? 104.7% 6.8 67:53.76
[03:21:04] tgm4883: The 4cb10e5 is from the git repo
[03:21:20] Roklobsta: yep
[03:22:44] tgm4883: So you should be able to find the exact commit that the builds contain
[03:23:58] Roklobsta: ok
[03:28:40] bill6502: c61aee3 'This fixes a bug with the frontend going to 100% CPU whenever the idle timer was resumed'?
[03:32:05] jya: Roklobsta: what theme are you using?
[03:32:51] Roklobsta: jya: transblue
[03:33:02] Roklobsta: bill: yes
[03:34:03] Roklobsta: bill6502: but my problem seems similar, after about an hour while MFE is doing nothing one thread suddenly jumps to 100%
[03:34:29] Roklobsta: i thought i found the problem the other day and paul fixed it but looks like it's somewhere else
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[06:48:52] dekarl: stuartm, some theme validation would be hard to do with XSD alone, e.g. 2014-10–14 08:31:11.845445 E MythFontProperties: Failed to load 'YanoneKaffeesatz', got 'Yanone Kaffeesatz' instead
[07:01:51] dekarl: just clicked through some themes. A themer preview generator that simply renders some static scenes with different aspect ratios (e.g. 16:9 and 16:10 are close but if you don't test you get interesting results) for easy testing would be nice. Could also be used to generate preview images of all plugins that show the same content/fanart across all themes for the the browser to be
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[08:16:49] stuarta: dekarl: re the sat>ip stuff. the guy who was requesting it via the forums already has tvheadend running pulling down 25 streams. i think we are well behind the times... :)
[08:18:53] Roklobsta: wow what is the channel bandwidth for 25 ip channels?
[08:24:05] stuarta: well an HD channel off sat will be <= 15Mb/s
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[08:24:40] stuarta: and the octo sat>ip device he has, does gigabit networking
[08:29:00] stuarta: reading "On 5 August 2009, the channel's satellite encoders on the Astra 2D satellite were replaced by newer models. A side effect of this change was a drop in bitrate from 16 Megabits per second (Mb/s) to 9.7 Mbit/s, leading to a large number of complaints to the BBC"
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[09:10:02] stuartm: they make it sound like the encoders were located on the Satellite
[09:10:34] stuartm: and it was 19 Mbps before the change, not 16
[09:11:01] stuartm: 21Mbps when you included the audio, mheg etc
[09:14:02] stuarta: they just bought better encoders
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[10:00:40] Roklobsta: no they didn't, they just threw away more data! hence the complaints...
[10:01:44] Roklobsta: is this h.264?
[10:03:32] stuarta: they went to that when they went to dvb-s2
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[10:10:11] dekarl-work: Roklobsta: I just looked it up 8x full transport (assuming statmux where the complete bandwidth is shared and used across all services) is 8x58.8mbit/s => 470,4 mbit/s of content, so it should fit well into a 1gbit/s pipe with a proper network interface
[10:10:36] dekarl-work: found the number at . . . actsheet.pdf
[10:14:23] dekarl-work: ahh, lets record to a proper standard format instead . . . actsheet.pdf ;)
[10:14:48] stuarta: what's wrong with make it up as you go along?
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[12:46:05] Seeker`: stuartm: you mentioned transcoding to make things small yesterday (even losslessly), is it meant to work with HD recordings?
[12:52:47] stuartm: no, we don't have a lossless HD transcoder
[12:53:23] stuartm: or any HD transcoder AFAIK, just one of those things that no-one has got around to yet
[12:53:44] Seeker`: ah. Guess which recordings I'd be most interested in shrinking :P
[12:54:16] Seeker`: That would explain the error 255 I was getting last night though
[12:54:56] stuartm: peper03 has said that we're failing to strip mheg from recordings, in theory a utility which does that could reduce HD recordings (BBC ones anyway), by a noticeable amount
[12:56:29] Seeker`: I've deleted about a years worth of HD F1 stuff, so I'm fine on disk space for a while now anyway
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[14:18:58] dekarl-work: random press reference to MythTV (just stumbled upon it, even though its from 2010) . . . hd_controls/ maybe we should collect them on the wiki or something
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[14:21:16] stuarta: then this is interesting . . . _tv_service/
[14:23:37] dekarl-work: appears similar to something that we can do with an Atlas grabber for Mythnetvision ;)
[14:27:26] dekarl-work: "relying on catchup material from free-to-air *broadcaster*s, and apps from OverTheTop players providing the rest."
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[14:30:48] dekarl-work: Seeker`: there are workarounds that may (or not) be good enough for your use case, e.g.
[14:40:17] jpabq: tgm4883: in regards to your gallery theme question, take a look at <scrollstyle> and <wrapstyle>. I think you want <scrollstyle>groupcenter</scrollstyle>
[14:41:25] jpabq: and maybe <align>center</align>
[14:42:27] dekarl-work: anybody with write permissions mind to update to refer to 0.27.3 as the current stable release?
[14:42:56] tgm4883: jpabq: I tried groupcenter, but it didn't seem to do anything, and since I couldn't find any examples of how to use it correctly
[14:43:38] tgm4883: hmm, but <align> might be exactly what I need
[14:44:16] tgm4883: dekarl-work: is 0.27.4 released?
[14:44:34] tgm4883: oh nm
[14:44:39] tgm4883: I misread what you said
[14:48:25] stuarta: dekarl-work: no i just need to work out when we released that
[14:48:28] stuarta: *now
[14:51:10] stuarta: Date: Fri Jul 4 20:21:50 2014 +1000
[14:51:13] stuarta: :)
[14:53:28] SteveGoodey: dekarl-work: Wiki done.
[14:53:44] stuarta: SteveGoodey: beat me to it ;-)
[14:57:12] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Starting to get the hang of this wiki thing. Although it took me two goes to get it right.
[14:58:00] stuarta: lemme know if you fancing dipping your toes into the forum too
[14:58:46] jpabq: tgm4883: I just tried this change against 28.13, and I believe it achieves what you are asking for.
[15:00:59] stuartm: dekarl should have perms to edit the Main wiki page
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[15:07:07] SteveGoodey: wagner__: Wiki spam on the increase, any magic you can do to cut it down. I seem to remember last time you banned some domains?
[15:07:47] sheedy-away is now known as sheedy
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[15:11:34] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Anything I can do to help, Not too complicated though!
[15:33:52] dekarl-work: stuartm, I thought so, too "You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason: This page has been protected to prevent editing or other actions."
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[15:34:43] stuartm: dekarl-work: I'll fix your perms, just keep nagging me otherwise I'll forget
[15:34:51] dekarl-work: stuarta, does the forum have some spam account protection that could be used for the wiki, too?
[15:35:16] stuarta: now why did alcor just send me and email for a build i forced probably a month ago?
[15:35:37] stuarta: dekarl-work: it uses an equivalent system to the one on the wiki
[15:36:11] stuartm: stuarta: does it though? afaik we never set up that external one for the wiki?
[15:36:31] stuarta: we didn't?
[15:36:41] stuartm: don't remember doing it ...
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[15:38:06] dekarl-work: I see lots of SteveGoodey documenting blocking/deleting users du to "Suspect spam account. IP address listed on stopforumspam"
[15:42:24] skd5aner: I don't know if ZB Block was ever attempted on the wiki. I think stuarta tried it on the forums, but it might have been had a few too many false positives if I recall correctly
[15:42:45] skd5aner: works great for me on a couple forum sites I run, but I don't have a global audience like mythtv does
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[15:43:56] skd5aner: I know ZB Block supports mediawiki
[15:44:46] skd5aner: As long you enable it for the registration page, it does a great job, but can take some tuning. I used to get about a dozen spam registrations a day. after enabling I've gotten 2 in the last 2–3 years
[15:45:12] skd5aner: manually policing spam registrations is for the birds... I can't stand it
[15:45:21] stuarta: skd5aner: it's working on the forums
[15:45:29] tgm4883: jpabq: just tried your change, it's not exactly what I want, but it's probably as close as we are going to get. Thanks for checking htat
[15:45:31] stuarta: we had to tweak the block lists some
[15:45:45] skd5aner: stuarta: ah, cool! I thought you had to disable it for a bit, sounds like you were able to find a good balance then?
[15:45:52] stuarta: skd5aner: yep
[15:46:02] skd5aner: stuarta: I've been out of the loop for a while :)
[15:46:22] stuarta: which is why i have been wondering about authentication systems like OpenID
[15:46:27] skd5aner: stuarta: real life has pulled me away from the daily monitoring of IRC/trac/forums/ml/etc
[15:47:05] skd5aner: stuarta: Why not put ZB Block on the wiki registration page then?
[15:47:16] stuarta: it's worth looking at
[15:48:06] skd5aner: SteveGoodey, Dekarl: ^
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[15:49:18] stuarta: skd5aner: they can't do it. needs server perms
[15:49:38] skd5aner: sure, just wanted to make them aware that there might be a possible solution (and what it was)
[16:13:52] tgm4883: jpabq: yep, did a bit more tweaking and I think this looks great
[16:14:41] jpabq: tgm4883: Yes, that is nice.
[16:14:56] andreaz (andreaz! has joined #mythtv
[16:15:37] tgm4883: it's not exactly the group center, it just takes what is left that doesn't fit in teh button area after the selected item and rolls it to the other side, but I think that still fits my vision
[16:15:42] jwhite (jwhite! has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[16:17:08] jpabq: tgm4883: Have you tried it with something that has a 'screenshot' ? Most screenshots are 16:9 or 4:3, so the result will be the wrong aspect ratio.
[16:17:52] tgm4883: I haven't tried anything that has a screenshot instead of coverart. IIRC, the starwars movies all have screenshots available, so let me test that
[16:18:48] tgm4883: hmm, apparently i'm wrong.
[16:18:56] jwhite (jwhite! has joined #mythtv
[16:19:06] tgm4883: jpabq: you're talking about widescreen "coverart" right?
[16:19:36] jpabq: I just tried it with 28.13. There you have "preserve aspect ratio" turned off, so it sill fills your area, but stretched vertically.
[16:20:11] tgm4883: when does a screenshot show up instead of coverart?
[16:20:24] jpabq: Hit 'E' on one of your shows, and then tell it to download the screenshot. It does not always automatically download a screenshot when retrieving the info.
[16:20:41] jpabq: It might only worked for episodes in a series.
[16:20:57] tgm4883: ah thats right, episodes
[16:21:01] tgm4883: hmm
[16:21:19] stuartm: depends are your friend
[16:21:28] tgm4883: jpabq: can I explicitely tell it to show coverart instead of image?
[16:22:24] tgm4883: well all of these are fake videos, so let me generate some shows
[16:22:30] jpabq: If there is a screenshot available, it gets loaded into the 'buttonimage' instead of the coverart. You could tell it not to show the buttonimage, but only the coverart, I believe.
[16:23:35] tgm4883: hmm, yea that does look weird
[16:24:19] tgm4883: yea let me see if I can fix that nicely
[16:25:10] dekarl (dekarl! has quit (Read error: Connection timed out)
[16:25:27] jpabq: Once upon a time, I placed around with using <minsize> to auto fit the button to the image, but I was never able to get it to look good when there was a mix of coverart and screenshots showing at the same time.
[16:26:54] stuartm: if you explicitly use <imagetype name="coverart"> you'll only get the coverart
[16:27:17] stuartm: i.e. replace "buttonimage" with "coverart"
[16:27:37] tgm4883: can I "depends=screenshot"
[16:27:44] stuartm: you can then add another imagetype with a different set of rules for "screenshot"
[16:28:28] stuartm: tgm4883: yes, although to show the coverart only when the screenshot is not visible (and vice versa) you want depends="!screenshot"
[16:28:31] stuartm: note the !
[16:29:28] stuartm: so to display the screenshot when there is no coverart, <imagetype name="screenshot" depends="!coverart">
[16:30:39] dekarl-work: is that mythpreviewgen screenshots or thetvdb screenshots?
[16:31:06] jpabq: thetvdb
[16:31:29] stuartm: tvdb, we don't generate screenshots for videos (although we could)
[16:32:02] dekarl (dekarl! has joined #mythtv
[16:32:21] jpabq: The got downloaded from thetvdb for most of my series in mythvideo.
[16:33:29] tgm4883: bah
[16:33:35] tgm4883: I feel like I'm so close
[16:34:53] jams: with mythtv .27.3 has anybody reported regressions in live-tv and pvr-500/250/150?
[16:35:51] tgm4883: stuartm: can I depend on if something is a folder?
[16:36:00] stuartm: jams: no, but so few people are still using those old encoders, so it's possible
[16:36:19] tgm4883: if I stop using buttonimage, then the folders no longer have the coverart for the show, they have the screenshot
[16:36:56] jams: stuartm..ok I tried .27.3 last night and it was a stuttering mess. went back to .27.1 right away. Will have to look at it more
[16:37:59] stuartm: tgm4883: could try depending on "childcount"
[16:39:38] stuartm: alternatively there might be a way utilising the nodetype statetype, with the images in the states – not sure if that would work
[16:41:27] stuartm: I thought we'd started looking in statetypes for children, may be wrong on that
[16:42:26] tgm4883: seems like I should be able to look at statetype,nodetype,subfolder somehow
[16:42:30] MythBuild: build #1147 of master-win8-msvc-2010–32bit is complete: Failure [4failed Configure and Build] Build details are at . . . /builds/1147 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[16:42:33] tgm4883: but I'll try looking at children
[16:42:46] tgm4883: err, childcount
[16:45:31] esperegu_ (esperegu_! has joined #mythtv
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[16:51:54] dekarl-work: stuartm, that was the thing I wanted to evaluate. IIRC we only generate for recordings but don't gather online. For videos its exactly the other way around, we only gather online but do not generate. Need to put that on my list to just add three screenshots for *any* video content (automatically generated screenshot, bookmark position screenshot, downloaded editorially selected screenshot)
[16:52:43] dekarl-work: then we can do nice things like "prefer bookmark over download over automatically picked"
[16:57:13] MythBuild: build #651 of master-f20-qt5–64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/651 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >
[16:58:52] dekarl-work: jams: what issue? Does "Live TV judder until channel change" describe the issue? Then you might want a newer version then 0.27.3 aka fixes/0.27, see . . . /368960.html
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[17:24:33] MythBuild: build #1148 of master-win8-msvc-2010–32bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/1148
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[17:27:13] MythBuild: build #652 of master-f20-qt5–64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/652
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[17:50:44] tgm4883: jpabq: this is looking like as good as it might get with episodes
[17:55:20] tgm4883: jpabq: stuartm I don't understand why this doesn't work how I expect though If I leave it like that, then when we get into episodes the entire button is black. If I rename it to just buttonbackground, then it works correctly, except the non-episodes do not have the white background (that makes the outline)
[17:55:55] tgm4883: and by the entire button being black, I mean that the screenshot, subtitle, and S##E## are covered
[18:34:27] esperegu (esperegu! has joined #mythtv
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[18:40:02] jpabq: tgm4883: if you do <shape name="buttonbackground" depends="!s##e##"> does it help?
[18:44:07] tgm4883: jpabq: on line 2?
[18:44:23] jpabq: yes.
[18:44:42] tgm4883: no
[18:44:50] tgm4883: let me check somehting
[18:44:56] jpabq: Could it be an inheratance issue? Something defined in "active" stepping on something?
[18:46:48] tgm4883: jpabq: I don't think so, I made buttonbackground2 alpha 100 and I can see that the stuff is behind it.
[18:47:05] jpabq: Actually, it I bet it is an inheratance issue. You need to define <shape name="buttonbackground2" /> in "active" so it knows where on the "stack" it belongs --- the text needs to come after it.
[18:47:27] tgm4883: hmm
[18:48:07] tgm4883: jpabq: yes, that works, and is not at all how I thought it would work
[18:48:36] jpabq: either that or re-define the textareas in "selectedactive". Just doing something like <textarea name="s##e##" /> should work.
[18:48:53] jpabq: Just so it knows where goes on top of what.
[18:48:58] jpabq: what goes
[18:49:00] tgm4883: So the order is defined in the top level definition, and anything added on below is just tacked on the end of the drawing order
[18:49:07] jpabq: yup
[18:49:21] tgm4883: jpabq: no, that second thing does not work if it's defined in a parent
[18:49:39] tgm4883: otherwise I should have been able to see coverart and/or screenshot
[18:49:49] tgm4883: since those are defined in the other section
[18:49:56] tgm4883: the child section
[18:51:02] jpabq: It should work. I am pretty sure I have done stuff like that. If <textarea name="s##e##"><font> .... </textarea> is defined in the parent, you should be able to just say <textarea name="s##e##" /> in the child, and have it pick up the rest of the definition.
[18:52:51] tgm4883: jpabq: isn't that essentially what I did here though? redefining coverart and screenshot
[18:52:52] tgm4883:
[18:53:39] jpabq: What does "active" look like?
[18:54:06] gregL (gregL! has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[18:54:12] tgm4883: jpabq:
[18:56:52] jpabq: In <state name="selectedactive" from="active"> for <imagetype name="coverart">, you could just have <imagetype name="coverart"><alpha>255</alpha></imagetype> it would pick up the rest of it from "active", and just change the alpha.
[18:57:33] tgm4883: jpabq: yea I was messing with quite a bit of options, I haven't gone and removed the duplicates yet
[18:57:53] tgm4883: mostly it was just getting things to work first
[18:58:16] tgm4883: learning that the mask doesn't scale was a fun one
[18:59:38] jpabq: Okay, I thought that second method would work, but maybe not.
[19:00:03] jpabq: I guess I do do it the first way.
[19:01:38] tgm4883: it seems like the second method should work, but apparently it doesnt
[19:06:26] jpabq: Yeah, once the order is defined (in the parent) it is not re-arranged.
[19:06:37] jpabq: At least you have a solution.
[19:06:55] tgm4883: jpabq: yep, working out the last kinks. Thanks for the help jpabq
[19:07:53] jpabq: you're welcome.
[19:17:13] sheedy is now known as sheedy-away
[19:20:15] tgm4883: jpabq: final product
[19:21:05] tgm4883: "product", I am in no way selling this
[19:21:56] jpabq: Never say "final"! But, yes, that looks good.
[19:22:22] tgm4883: heh, you are right. By final, I mean I'm going to update themeinfo.xml and push a release
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[19:52:50] stuartm: tgm4883: as jpabq notes, if you inherit from something, then that's used as the basis for that widget, a bit like taking a photocopy, everything you do with it afterwards is drawn 'on top' as it were – we could have required every widget to have an explicit draw order instead (and it may still happen) but at the time drawing things in the order they were defined was considered easier to understand
[19:53:20] esperegu (esperegu! has joined #mythtv
[19:53:50] Roklobsta: does the myth source get any kind of static analysis treatment or testing for memory leaks etc?
[19:53:52] tgm4883: stuartm: that is only halfway how it works in practice
[19:54:47] jpabq: There are times when having a "draworder" element would be nice, but I have not found a place where there was not some other way to make it work the way I wanted.
[19:55:15] stuartm: Roklobsta: yes, Coverity and cppcheck are run regularly, as are reports for build warnings from a variety of compilers, we periodically valgrind too
[19:55:26] tgm4883: stuartm: it's like layering post-it notes on a piece of paper. The ones defined later go over the top of the ones defined earlier. But if you want to edit one you defined earlier, it's like pulling all of the newer ones off, replacing the postit you want to change, and readding the post-its back on
[19:55:47] stuartm: jpabq: these days I'm thinking of a z-index option, rather than a number draw order
[19:56:19] stuartm: tgm4883: exactly
[19:56:41] tgm4883: it's all very confusing.
[19:57:13] stuartm: the alternative would be that the one you edit gets moved to the front, which is a problem if you're only wanting to change the background – now it's in front of everything else
[19:57:13] tgm4883: maybe I'll just learn C++, might be easier
[19:57:35] tgm4883: stuartm: which is why you need z-index, so you can send it to the back
[19:57:59] Roklobsta: latest mythbuntu build and MFE has been running all night with no sign of 100% cpu use. Hopefully it's put to bed.
[19:59:54] stuartm: stuarta: speaking of valgrind, I'm reminded that it was warning about a couple of issues in the EIT code, best guess is that it's unintialised variables somewhere in the chain
[20:00:21] stuartm: unfortunately I don't have enough RAM to valgrind the backend properly any more
[20:00:47] dekarl: tgm4883: I like your not-product ;)
[20:01:01] tgm4883: dekarl: thanks
[20:01:33] tgm4883: there were some pains in getting it there, and some scenarios that I didn't originally think about but I think it looks great now
[20:02:50] Roklobsta: stuartm: how much ram do you need? I couldn't get my MBE working with 8GB because PCI DVB cards didn't work with anything more than 4GB.
[20:03:34] dekarl: unitialized? this one? . . . acket.h#n131
[20:03:36] stuartm: that would be one odd bug
[20:04:43] dekarl: Roklobsta: what driver is that? normally the driver can take care to locate buffers in 32bit physical space for old cards, etc
[20:04:45] stuartm: dekarl: can't recall, I didn't make a note :) Wouldn't be hard to replicate to know for sure
[20:05:32] Roklobsta: dekarl: afatech dual tuner. which is an afatech USB device attached to a VIA USB->PCI bridge.
[20:05:43] stuartm: Roklobsta: for valgrinding you need a decent amount, of course it depends what else is on the system, this is a desktop and a combined fe/be, so the 4GB I've got is really not nearly enough
[20:05:50] Roklobsta: I tried memory hole settings in BIOS but it didn't help.
[20:06:48] Roklobsta: the mobo is 6+ years old, still very usable though. I suspect it's a system/BIOS problem from when >4GB wasn't supported well.
[20:06:55] stuartm: but if I upgrade, I need to upgrade the whole thing, from the motherboard up and there always seem to be more important things to spend my money on ;)
[20:08:06] Roklobsta: the processor is an athlon x2 5200+. Wayyyy fast enough to run MBE/MFE.
[20:08:38] tgm4883: stuartm: I fail to see what is more important than electronics, unless you mean steam games in which case I agree
[20:09:07] dekarl: doh and "Auto hierarchy parameter unsupported by this driver."... when its the drivers job to abstract that hardware limitation away...
[20:14:45] stuartm: tgm4883: well a share of my cash has lately gone on Steam games, but unexpected car repairs, home repairs etc all take precedence over upgrading a machine that works very well (if not as well as I'd like)
[20:17:52] stuartm: there is also some procrastination, I can't be bothered to do the necessary research on the motherboard, cpu etc
[20:18:30] stuartm: I've even considered buying off the shelf!
[20:18:34] Roklobsta: for a new MBE?
[20:18:48] stuartm: no, new development machine
[20:19:19] dekarl: might just get a HDHR and a x86–64 NAS box, then package the backend for that ;)
[20:19:35] Roklobsta: something like a cheapie Dell server tower, T110-II with a Xeon?
[20:19:53] Roklobsta: plenty of room for HDD
[20:23:14] Roklobsta: make a MBE plugin for Freenas.
[20:24:02] tgm4883: stuartm: I thought that way as well, then I found pcpartpicker and it just makes things so much easier
[20:24:10] tgm4883: research and compatibilty wise
[20:24:21] tgm4883:
[20:24:44] tgm4883: I learned about that on my last frontend/gaming machine build.
[20:27:07] dekarl: peper03: is that something for you? looks like there is a new upstream for the dvd libs
[20:44:02] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[20:49:13] peper03: dekarl: Yep, I was aware that the libraries had 'moved'. It's been on my 'things I really should get round to' list for a bit. Certainly in the beginning a lot of the changes being made were to stop crashes that, as far as I know, we never had because we weren't trying to second-guess the playback structure.
[20:49:49] peper03: That's not to say the changes weren't necessary, just that the need to switch over to the new libraries didn't seem pressing.
[20:50:59] dekarl: Good, just crossed my way when I went looking for VLC iOS stuff...
[20:51:31] dekarl: They have interesting upcoming fixes, like: * Fix browsing of a number of UPnP devices such as HDHomeRun without sorting capabilities (#11667) <- stuartm
[20:51:31] ** MythLogBot **
[20:53:38] peper03: Thanks, though. I will try to get to it. That and finish the patch to fix stream filtering. It's bothered me for ages but unfortunately not quite enough to fix it quickly :(
[21:02:40] peper03: Seeker`: and might be of interest to you. They'll trim the start and end off recordings (as set by the cut-list) and strip out unneeded PIDs.
[21:03:46] peper03: Work fine on mpeg2 and h.264 recordings. They're a bit rough-and-ready but they do the job.
[21:06:12] peper03: Just watch you don't run out of disk space. Things can get a bit nasty then :(
[21:12:28] wagner__ (wagner__!~wagnerrp_@ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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[21:40:31] skd5aner: what's the easiest way to search past commit logs to try and track down a change?
[21:41:33] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:41:50] stuartm: dekarl: that'll be good, we don't yet support sorting in MythTV, although it's on my todo list
[21:43:46] stuartm: VLC on iOS uses a completely different set of libraries for upnp than desktop VLC, so sadly the latter is still very broken
[21:46:15] dekarl: the former is broken, too :( it finds the backend but stopped showing the root directory content (recordings, videos, music selection). I haven't figured out why that is yet
[21:48:00] dekarl: might be an idea to offer your backend work to the vlc ios dev as a test bed
[22:15:21] tgm4883: stuartm: is the plan for the SD patch to just go to 0.27, or 0.26 also?
[22:16:12] tgm4883: stuartm: it appears there are a couple hundred 0.26.X users, and about 1000 0.25 users (although we don't build for 0.25 anymore)
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