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Wednesday, October 8th, 2014, 00:12 UTC
[00:12:18] jya: stuartm: what was wrong with using references instead of pointers ?
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[09:02:30] ** stuarta if fixing **
[09:07:57] stuarta: sheesh, mysql has been throwing errors for years about the internal mysql db schema not being upgraded.
[09:08:40] stuarta: now all fixed
[09:10:03] paul-h: stuarta: yep they are back thanks
[09:10:25] stuarta: np
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[09:43:49] paul-h: dekarl: don't know if you missed it the user on #12037 reports your hack worked
[09:43:49] ** MythLogBot **
[09:45:28] stuarta: i've added SPF records to DNS zone
[09:45:43] stuarta: lemme know if you see any mail delivery oddities
[09:48:41] dekarl: paul-h: ahh that one. its related to changing the languageand country setting between local and global. wagnerrp hinted that the bindings could do that in a generic non-hack way. wagnerrp if you want me to just commit the workaround to fixes and close the ticket, just say so
[09:49:41] stuarta: i've also just set selinux to enforcing, since there are some troubling things in the logs on alcor
[09:49:50] stuarta: that is far more likely to break stuff
[09:50:34] dekarl: stuarta, like  ;?
[09:50:53] stuarta: yep
[09:50:57] stuarta: :)
[09:51:45] stuarta: lemme fix the labelling and i'll re-enable
[09:51:55] dekarl: good thing we have the github fallback for when our infrastructure fails, so we don't have to twist thumbs :D
[09:52:05] dekarl: (sorry, couldn't let that one pass)
[09:52:10] ** stuarta thumps dekarl **
[09:53:39] dekarl: meh, wagnerrp forget everything I said. I commited the hack to fixes in february
[09:58:48] dekarl: btw, we are quickly approaching 75% of reported installations running on fixes/0.27 :)
[09:59:02] stuarta: \o/
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[10:00:23] stuartm: stuarta: ah, but which version, there's a world of difference between 0.27.0 and 0.27.3 (soon 0.27.4)
[10:00:34] stuartm: sorry, that was for dekarl
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[10:01:38] stuarta: heh
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[10:03:17] dekarl: stuartm, true, but at least they are not on fixes/0.26 anymore. btw I still don't see Mageia in the stats, any idea why that is?
[10:03:59] stuarta: sigh, i don't think anything on alcor is labelled properly
[10:04:01] stuartm: dekarl: which stats? The only ones I've ever seen listed on Smolt are restricted to the top 5? distros
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[10:04:54] dekarl: stuartm, Smolt, "All" and "Other" should contain Mageia?
[10:04:54] stuartm: hmm, top 45 now ... ok that's a little odd then
[10:04:57] stuarta: i think there's a tab you can use to dig further
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[10:07:28] stuartm: could just be that no Mageia users except me have enabled the profiler
[10:07:32] dekarl: hmm, also no Mandriva in the list
[10:07:45] stuartm: but that seems unlikely
[10:08:01] dekarl: stuartm: shouldn't one installation be enogh to make the list? I see Gentoo/Arch with 4 hosts each at the bottom
[10:08:15] stuartm: there are plenty of us Mageia users around, practically tripping over then in the Borderlands 2 forum on steam
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[10:10:17] stuartm: . . . 84be3b70139e
[10:10:56] stuarta: i've started using mint on my old mac mini
[10:17:35] stuarta: based on the fact that mint is acutally 6th on the list, maybe i should make a buildslave
[10:28:13] dekarl: stuarta, an OSX builder would be nice, too
[10:28:52] stuarta: yeah, mine died out when the compiler would ICE trying to build mythtv, and the newer compiler which didn't ICE only ran on 64bit platforms
[10:33:51] stuarta: sheesh, alcor is such a minefield
[11:01:05] stuarta: well i've cleared up the initial set of glaring errors
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[11:21:03] dekarl: looks like mythtranscode doesn't properly fiddle with the GOP when it converts frames around cut points... mkvmerge says "Warning: Shortened GOP detected. Some frames have been dropped. You may want to fix the MPEG2 video stream before attempting to multiplex it."
[11:21:03] dekarl: otoh \o/ been a long time since I got so far
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[12:01:30] dekarl: stuartm, cppcheck hints that you are comparing the boolean result of "!protocolInfoFields.size()" to "4" at . . . ers.cpp#n374 maybe it is just some missing braces or folding the "!" and "==" into "<>"?
[12:02:43] stuartm: should be !=
[12:03:19] stuartm: that's a silly mistake :)
[12:04:49] dekarl: I can just change it if you like
[12:06:08] stuartm: pushed the fix
[12:09:28] dekarl: so we are <100 issues in cppcheck again :)
[12:12:19] stuartm: damn, didn't realise we'd gone back up that high
[12:15:42] stuartm: thanks for bringing it back down again
[12:16:07] stuartm: although it feels like we're as far from reaching zero as we ever were
[12:21:00] dekarl: ahh, but there are still oldies but goldies, like exit() in a descruptor in mythfrontend... is that really needed? . . . per.cpp#n337
[12:21:19] dekarl: s/descruptor/destructor/
[12:22:16] dekarl: and lots of "delete a; a= NULL" when "a" is a function parameter and the NULL isn't making it anywhere
[12:24:21] stuartm: dekarl: the exit() might be needed, it's a thread exit(), but I'd need to look at MThread to be sure
[12:24:52] dekarl: well, then the stuff after the exit() is better not needed ;)
[12:28:13] esperegu: stuartm: dekarl: regarding the playback issue; should I file a bug?
[12:32:14] stuartm: dekarl: well again, the wait() suggests that although the exit() is functioning more as a stop() than an immediate return
[12:32:54] stuartm: Daniel wrote that code and he knows MThread better than anyone
[12:33:47] stuartm: in this case I think cppcheck is just seeing exit() and assuming that it's the standard 'quit the application right this second' one :)
[12:45:41] dekarl: doh, so it is really MThread::exit(), not exit()? Could just write this->exit() instead and hope that cppcheck picks it up
[12:47:20] dekarl: esperegu: sounds like a plan. But I have no idea what information is needed for the "VDPAU context creation issue" to do something about it.
[12:48:23] esperegu: dekarl: me neither. I suppose there must be something that changed that influences it somehow. hmpf
[12:49:17] dekarl: looks like daniel used MThread::exit() so I'll do the same
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[13:08:43] esperegu: k. does it make sense like this:
[13:25:25] paul-h: stuartm: any idea why downloaded gifs should be flickering badly
[13:25:47] dekarl: has anybody experience with filing bugs against cppcheck? . . . tor.cpp#n210 is setting a member variable in a contructor, exit(false), and a false positive for "Statements following return, break, continue, goto or throw will never be executed."
[13:26:06] stuarta: dekarl: that'll be stuartm
[13:30:11] paul-h: dekarl: I think #35 is another false positive
[13:30:11] ** MythLogBot **
[13:30:45] paul-h: Not that ticket but no. 35 here
[13:31:09] stuartm: dekarl:
[13:31:33] dekarl: paul-h I think you're right, but I've not dug into C++ style casts deep enough yet to know that without looking it up
[13:31:34] stuartm: they also have an irc channel #cppcheck but prefer tickets to be opened for bugs
[13:32:35] stuartm: dekarl: fwiw, I reported similar issues a few weeks ago, could be that they've already been fixed
[13:33:09] stuartm: paul-h: animated gif?
[13:35:14] stuarta: do atlassian do free licences for opensource projects?
[13:35:42] stuarta: yes, they do, it's on the page for the app
[13:35:49] stuartm: eww, kira
[13:35:51] stuartm: jira
[13:36:02] stuarta:
[13:36:12] stuarta: yes ew on jira, but that looks nice
[13:36:45] stuarta: and typically somebody has installed it on alcor
[13:36:51] stuarta: unpicking this is a right pain
[13:37:46] dekarl: replace it with pootle ;)
[13:37:55] paul-h: stuartm: It's not animated but we seem to assume all gifs are animated. Returning false in ImageLoader::SupportsAnimation() stops the flickering at least
[13:37:59] stuarta: hey, i'm open to *all* options
[13:38:25] stuarta: dekarl: erm, translation engine?
[13:38:29] stuarta: != SSO
[13:38:45] dekarl: stuarta, aye
[13:39:06] dekarl: just tell us that you found it on the server and if it wasn't an idea to try it :D
[13:39:07] stuartm: paul-h: ouch, ok, think QImage or one of it's related classes has a way to determine whether it's animated or not
[13:40:02] stuartm: paul-h: believe it was CM who added the animated gif support, not especially familiar with it
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[13:47:24] stuartm: can't find a simple QT method, we could try load via LoadAnimatedImage, and check how many images are actually in the vector – if there's just one it should extract the image and fall back to the single image load
[14:00:54] stuartm: paul-h:  – no idea if that's sufficient, but maybe it's somewhere to start from
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[14:31:36] paul-h: stuartm: not working it still flickers – there may be a better way but this works OK –
[14:38:15] paul-h: Testing this turned up another bug if you have an animated image in a button list then somehow it gets duplicated to all buttons – for example add a radio station and change the logo to point to . . . opo1_500.gif and see mario duplicated to all button images :)
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[14:43:03] dekarl: stuartm, I just used . . . -mythtv.html couldn't reproduce it locally with the old version from distro packages
[14:46:03] stuartm: dekarl: you can tag stuff as a false positive from there, click on the link, select 'False positive' and submit
[14:46:26] stuartm: I've not done any new tagging for a while
[14:47:12] stuartm: I like that it thinks all the PI methods are member vars
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[15:44:48] stuarta: i will squish all these AVC denials
[15:48:24] stuartm: who's denying AVC? People who would rather use webm?
[15:51:36] stuarta: heh. EWRONGCONTEXT
[15:52:22] stuarta: alcor, currently has selinux in permissive mode, logging a load of AVC denials (ie. stuff that would be blocked if selinux was enforcing), trying to work out what causes all of them
[15:52:29] dekarl: AuchterlonieVentureCapital?
[15:52:51] ** stuarta sets fire to dekarl **
[15:54:46] dekarl: good thing I have a fire proof suit in my wardrobe :)
[15:55:14] stuartm: unfortunate that you forgot to put it on this morning
[15:57:13] ** stuarta chuckles **
[15:57:28] dekarl: haha, wouldn't wand to run around with that on all day
[15:57:37] dekarl: s/wand/want/
[16:02:53] dekarl: so playback groups are only good for setting the playback speed and jump size? meh
[16:03:27] stuartm: yep, almost useless
[16:11:35] stuarta: but very useful if you do use them
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[16:16:27] stuartm: stuarta: this is in reference to a comment I made in the -users channel about either expanding them to make them more useful or dropping them
[16:18:37] stuartm: I'd prefer the former, but I'd accept the latter if agreement can't be reached on making the changes, as it currently stands the existing playback group features aren't enough to justify their existence and the UI clutter they create
[16:20:03] stuartm: there are things even I might use them for if it was supported, e.g. toggling on subtitles by default for certain recordings, or adjusting fill/aspect ratios
[16:22:20] stuarta: ok
[16:30:27] dekarl: adjusting fill is just a workaround for missing autofill with hardware decode and missing handling of AFD signalling. But aspect fixups could be useful
[16:33:27] dekarl: hmm, going 100% opengl for the output would allow easy warping of the picture to non-uniformly stretch/fill the frame. e.g. keep the center intact but stretch on the left/right border while cropping a tiny bit on the top/bottom when going 4:3 -> 16:9
[17:00:56] paul-h: Is it normal for mythfilldatabase when run with no arguments to update the data for tomorrow and today+14 but not update today or days 2 to 13?
[17:01:44] dekarl: if your grabber does not prefer to grab allatonce, then yes
[17:02:41] paul-h: I've never noticed it do that before so maybe that's what the atlas grabber does and the RT supported allatonce
[17:02:47] dekarl: it should test today+x until maxdays for the count of channels with guide data though
[17:03:09] paul-h: yeah it does that
[17:03:12] dekarl: that would make sense
[17:03:40] dekarl: the RT feed is 14 days per file and allatonce means "just grab all at once, I'm downloading it anyway, so no point in cherry picking"
[17:04:00] dekarl: and the Atlas API allows you to cherry pick upstream
[17:04:32] dekarl: just set mfdb parameters to --refresh 0–99 and move on :)
[17:05:16] paul-h: yeah that's what I was thinking :)
[17:06:26] dekarl: yet, "tv_grab_uk_rt --preferredmethod" returns "allatonce"
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[17:11:31] paul-h: yeah I'm using atlas now that doesn't appear to support allatonce
[17:12:43] paul-h: it doesn't like --preferredmethod either
[17:13:33] dekarl: the real question is, should mfdb be cherry picking days?
[17:16:00] dekarl: It did make sense back in the days of dialup internet and when getting the guide involved jumping into a den of illegal copyright violations. (aka only web scapers around)
[17:16:21] dekarl: but now we have broadcast / better compression schemes and lots of proper guide APIs
[17:16:33] paul-h: Yeah I was just going to say that
[17:16:33] dekarl: s/broadcast/broadband/
[17:18:27] dekarl: switching the default to "on big chunk of data" might be a bit early though (we can turn that on when we turn --dd-grab-all on by default)
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[17:50:59] SteveGoodey: Hello chaps. What happened to the wiki this morning? Maintenance or fault?
[17:56:27] paul-h: SteveGoodey: stuarta seemed to suggest it was throwing some errors so a fault of some kind
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[17:58:33] gigem: dekarl: The initial implementation of playback groups is admittedly poor. There is a plan that would extend it to pretty much any setting used in TV or MytyPlayer. The low-level part is trivial and could be implemented easily. The difficult part is the configuration. The plan was to wait for Xavier Hervy's settings rewrite to mythui and build on top of that. stichnot expressed some desire to work on it a
[17:58:35] gigem: while back. I believe he still runs a greatly expanded playback groups patch that he created, but I rejected. It's all moot right now anyway since Xavier never completed his settings work.
[18:01:32] paul-h: gigem: #8088 Greatly expanded playback groups.
[18:01:32] ** MythLogBot **
[18:01:57] paul-h: It's over 5 years old but may still work :)
[18:05:21] dekarl: gigem, I was thinking of the settings rewrite to MythUI when I looked at the warnings on the buildbot...
[18:07:56] gigem: paul-h: Yes that's the one. I have a, IMO, much better way of doing that which is much less invasive. As I said, handling the configuration part is what is hard. BTW, why and when did you change your nick from sphery :)
[18:08:56] gigem: dekarl: I really wish that feature had been finished. Didn't knightr__ or kenni say a few months ago that they were going to try to pick it back up?
[18:12:03] jafa2 (jafa2!~jafa@2001:470:80ca:2000:78:72b:5a48:8095) has joined #mythtv
[18:12:30] dekarl: yes, someone wanted to finish it, I guess then life happened
[18:18:23] paul-h: Looks like it was knightr__ #10092
[18:18:23] ** MythLogBot **
[18:20:58] natanojl: I could take a look at it unless someone else wants to
[18:23:02] paul-h: natanojl: go for it :)
[18:23:37] gigem: natanojl: Yes, please do.
[18:24:28] natanojl: ok :)
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[19:45:54] stuartm: Steve_Goodey: stuarta is tightening up security on the server currently, expect some downtime
[19:47:18] stuartm: dekarl: do most grabbers support http gzip compression?
[19:48:26] dekarl: stuartm, I think its a feature of the http transport module from perl and the upstream server. But nowadays I'd guess so
[19:49:25] stuartm: dekarl, paul-h: we probably should default to grabbing all, although it will be interesting to see what Robert Eden comes up with to support SDs differential update capability
[19:50:31] stuartm: not sure how that's actually supposed to work, how can it know what's new and what isn't without actually downloading it to check? timestamps/updateids on each programme?
[19:50:42] dekarl: aye
[19:51:40] dekarl: on our NonameTV server we have a file that contains all last-modified-timestamps of all stationday files (on day of programmes from one channel)
[19:51:46] stuartm: dekarl: yeah, the server needs to support it but most do already (even mythtv), clients on the other hand, especially script based ones I'm not so sure about
[19:52:05] dekarl: that has been transparent for ages :)
[19:54:43] stuartm: anyway, we probably should prefer to grab all days as the default going forward, grabbers where that's not actually a good idea can indicate as much through preferredmethod or a new grabber API i.e. --availableupdates only returns the days which have updates, or only returns the updated programmes ... something along those lines
[19:55:00] stuartm: really a decision for XMLTV, we'll just make sure to support it
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[20:04:39] dekarl: why so complicated? Its the grabbers job to take care of all the caching, partial update etc. Then feed the full guide in mfdb and move on
[20:05:23] moparisthebest (moparisthebest!~quassel@gateway/tor-sasl/moparisthebest) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:05:58] stuartm: dekarl: well I guess that's one way of doing it :)
[20:06:06] dekarl: I'm all for grabbing all days as new default. But I'd make the switch to grabbing them at once when SD makes the switch. I remember some mentions of issues with handling all the guide data at once on a small backend.
[20:06:56] stuartm: dekarl: ah, well I'd not start grabbing all at once unless the grabber indicates support, but I would start grabbing all days
[20:06:57] dekarl: Maybe when you have standalone backends on the raspberry with just a DVB-T stick and nothing else... (but then, where does the guide come from ;)
[20:07:38] dekarl: stuartm, allatonce only means "if you want day 1 and 14, its cheaper to download everything and throw 2–13 away"
[20:07:41] stuartm: grabbing all at once only makes sense when the grabbing is going to be fetching everything at once anyway
[20:08:17] stuartm: dekarl: I know what it means, I was the one who requested it be added to the xmltv spec :)
[20:09:04] stuartm: but some grabbers can grab a day at a time, and we may as well use that to keep the memory usage and processing overheads a bit lower
[20:10:32] dekarl: ok, I think I'm slowly following you... That was about using allatonce when the grabber wants is (like it is now?) and just change the day-per-day logic from fancy checking to "if (1)"
[20:14:17] dekarl: Hmm, why do we prefer container_fps over codec_fps for containers that have a FAQ stating "there is no container fps!"? re #12047
[20:14:17] ** MythLogBot **
[20:14:49] dekarl: . . . er.cpp#L1423 <- for avi/mov/matroska we prefer container_fps
[20:15:18] stuartm: dekarl: yes
[20:16:43] sphery: dekarl: the performance issues with --dd-grab-all are only because of the way the DataDirect code works and an XMLTV-based fill of all days wouldn't experience the same issues (at least not the danger caused by running --dd-grab-all on an underpowered system)
[20:18:07] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:18:09] sphery: it may take a long time on an underpowered server, but since it doesn't just delete everything from the DB, then start sticking everything in, there is not a "no data" period that would cause big problems with scheduling if the run were to occur around a program start time
[20:19:22] sphery: this is part of the reason I've been a big supporter of the idea of switching Schedules Direct users to using XMLTV grabber for a few years now
[20:20:20] sphery: makes more sense than changing DD code to work more like the XMLTV code--after all, we already have the XMLTV code working well
[20:21:13] stuarta: paul-h: Steve_Goodey stuartm this morning mysql wasn't running for some reason, the stuff i'm doing now is elimination of selinux AVC denials before setting it to enforcing
[20:23:27] stuarta: getting there slowly
[20:31:11] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv
[20:40:26] stuarta: oh and tuning the mail system / dns to play better for our bulk mail delivery
[20:41:43] Steve_Goodey: stuarta: Thanks.
[20:42:27] Steve_Goodey (Steve_Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
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[20:47:29] bill6502: FYI, I just posted a new Wiki page regarding the Schedules Direct change: . I believe it to be true, but in section 1.4 What this Wiki isn't, I stated:
[20:48:01] bill6502: This doesn't reflect an official position from the developers, there is none. Please let me know if that's incorrect.
[20:57:51] moparisthebest (moparisthebest!~quassel@gateway/tor-sasl/moparisthebest) has joined #mythtv
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[21:29:23] paul-h: bill6502: Nothing has been made public but we do have a plan for how it will be handled
[21:34:35] bill6502: paul-h: thanks, would you prefer that I take the page down (or simply delete the "there is none" comment?)
[21:43:53] paul-h: I guess it can stay for now hopefully one of the the US devs will update it when necessary. I'm in the UK so none of this affects me but from what I've heard there really is no need to panic it will all come good in the end :)
[21:51:31] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[22:07:03] bill6502: paul-h: I updated the Wiki to say there is a plan, just not released. And I completely agree the sky isn't fallling. I've tested the json solution and rmeden's solution. Both work A-OK for me. Too many users worrying and not enough users testing. ty
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[22:20:00] paul-h (paul-h!~Paul@ has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:29:28] stuartm: bill6502: we do have an official position as Paul notes, for 0.27 we will transition over to the new DD feed, users won't have to do anything*, for master we will switch to the new DD feed just like we're doing for 0.27, but that may only be temporary while we decide whether to go with xmltv (preferred) or we write a json parser for the direct feed
[22:29:55] stuartm: the one thing we won't be doing is using the official SD json grabber
[22:30:57] stuartm: in fact we strongly advise against it's use as it modifies the database schema in a way which may break future MythTV updates
[22:35:29] bill6502: stuartm: thanks, would it be OK to put that position in the Wiki now?
[22:38:06] bill6502: ah, and that says I should specifically address users that are on releases below 0.27
[22:38:24] stuartm: yes, I think it sums up what has been discussed and agreed upon by the active participants*
[22:39:40] stuartm: * which granted wasn't many of the developers and even fewer of the North American developers, but everyone had a chance to voice an opinion
[22:40:44] stuartm: bill6502: SD are even working on switching the DNS of the existing feed over to point to their new feed, if they are able to do that then literally nothing changes at all, it will be seamless
[22:41:49] stuartm: and it will just work whether you're running 0.24 or 0.28
[22:42:40] stuartm: what we are unlikely to promise are fixes for versions older than 0.26 (even that's debatable) if SD are unable to make the DNS change
[22:43:40] bill6502: even better, but the last email I saw said that the DNS change had been refused.
[22:43:46] stuartm: there has to be a cut off, and 0.27 has been out for over a year now
[22:43:58] bill6502: rmeden: is there still hope for a DNS change?
[22:53:33] knightr__ is now known as knightr
[22:57:16] knightr: gigem, things are waaaaay too crazy at work for me currently and I was hoping I could apply a recipe without actually knowing how MythUI works, I was wrong and I don't currently have the time to work on it... natanojl sent me an email, I will tell him he can pick it back up as I unfortunately don't have the time and I am not expecting to have it anytime soon the way things are going...
[23:02:22] sheedy-away is now known as sheedy
[23:28:31] gigem: knightr: Understood.
[23:54:00] jya: what about tagging a 0.27.4 ?

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