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Saturday, October 4th, 2014, 00:07 UTC
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[07:54:11] stuartm: dekarl: so Nick says he's prepared to finish his atlas grabber himself and reckons that he'll just replace the existing uk_rt grabber so that users won't have to lift a finger (subject to being granted a single project API key)
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[08:16:26] dekarl: stuartm: very nice :) sounds like worst case would be getting a personal API key
[08:20:12] stuartm: right and if that becomes a requirement then we might see if we can automate it, by having metabroadcast issue a pool of keys to uk_rt that are assigned one-per-user via the server
[08:24:15] stuartm: I was basically refused a key when I asked for one last year, hence why a single project key would be better for everyone
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[09:39:06] dekarl: stuartm they have a more or less automatic system in place now
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[09:53:15] stuartm: dekarl: so I'd heard, I should check it out
[09:54:17] stuartm: I'm imagining something that lets us have a completely seamless transition from the RT feed to Atlas with no user involvement, other than upgrading the uk_rt grabber
[09:55:09] stuartm: though that would need a key request API where the grabber obtains the key on it's first run
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[10:21:44] dekarl: stuartm, the self-service API key request is coupled to an account from github/twitter/google, I would be surprised if the grabber could get that automagically from the user.
[10:22:37] stuartm: dekarl: figured as much
[10:23:18] stuartm: so to get a key you either need a github/twitter or google account? That sucks
[10:24:53] stuartm: although at least with google you can still get a throwaway account under false details, unless they've clamped down on that somehow
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[10:52:32] dekarl: Why does it suck? They are open to pull requests that add other authentication services according to an older post
[11:02:08] dekarl: So you can pick a service provider that does not make it attractive to generate throw away false details.
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[12:04:29] stuartm: dekarl: only because twitter and google aren't free, unfortunately all the free openid providers have now gone
[12:05:10] stuartm: I have a github account so I'm fine, and that's probably the option anyone without a twitter or google account would likely choose
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[15:36:09] tgm4883: rmeden: where will you be updating when you hear back if the DNS changes are going to happen?
[15:38:20] rmeden: tgm4883: You'll probably be able to tell from instructions posted. Also in the SD forum will have details. I may also post on the MythTV-Users list. It's not looking good. :(
[15:38:48] tgm4883: ok, so it does look like we'll need that small code change for the DNS then.
[15:39:33] tgm4883: rmeden: are you getting reports of people not getting any new data? I've heard it mentioned a few times and someone on our mythbuntu forums posted that they aren't getting any new data past oct 10th
[15:39:46] tgm4883: using the old way, not the DNS change
[15:40:46] rmeden: I haven't heard of any problems on Tribune's servers.
[15:40:54] tgm4883: hmm, ok
[15:41:27] rmeden: Some folks are having trouble with my SD-DD server, but I hope to work those out with them.... I've asked some folks to contact me, but they haven't yet... based on additional debug I think I can fix it without them.. we'll see.
[15:42:31] tgm4883: ok, i'm getting some test mythtv packages up with the new DNS info, so hopefully that will get some more testing done on it. I've got a crashed server I'm replacing first though :/
[15:43:29] rmeden: I don't see any reason to not update DNS in the development packages.. that's what I did with XMLTV's tv_grab_na_dd... the commited file is updated, but there hasn't been a release
[15:50:20] tgm4883: rmeden: we've got daily builds of xmltv, so if it's upstream xmltv, then it's available
[16:00:58] tgm4883: rmeden: if it's not too much trouble, could you peak at and point me in the right direction. The user says it's a problem with SD because, "When I go to, I only see a handful of listings for today." but I'm not even sure if that is a valid troubleshooting step
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[16:52:27] tgm4883: stuartm: I've uploaded the deb packages that have the DNS change for schedules direct . . . t1/+packages
[17:09:12] dekarl: tgm4883: the daily builds work again? cool
[17:11:02] dekarl: ahh, maybe not
[17:12:59] tgm4883: dekarl: the XMLTV daily builds work. The link I posted above was to packages I built specifically to test the URL change for schedules direct DD replacement service
[17:13:29] tgm4883: The mythtv daily builds are currently broken because of a server failure, I'm awaiting some space on the new server to do t
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[17:29:02] bill6502: tgm4883: the user's log looks like a case of a stale /tmp/mythtv_ddp_data file. It was fixed for folks with more than 1 source, it appears he only has 1.
[18:07:37] rmeden: tgm4883: SD can always provide some hosting if that's all you need
[18:09:28] rmeden: tgm4883: /getdata only returns "what's on now". So it should have 1 schedule per station... it looks goot to me.
[18:09:30] rmeden: good
[18:18:58] tgm4883: bill6502 rmeden : I was thinking something similar. I've passed along the info to the user. He states he also opened a SD ticket
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[22:50:32] Roklobsta: hello. I have a problem. In mythfrontend I have the idle timeout now set to 0 but the log still shows: mythmainwindow.cpp:2781 (IdleTimeout) Entering standby mode after 90 minutes of inactivity
[22:50:46] Roklobsta: where is this 90 minute value read from?

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