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Sunday, July 27th, 2014, 00:34 UTC
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[01:33:05] jya: stuartm: I wouldn’t have put audiooutputgraph in libmyth/audio
[01:33:25] jya: libmyth/audio so far only ever contained drivers / utilities for the various hardware output options
[01:33:30] jya: no GUI of anykind
[01:34:03] jya: and have audiooutputgraph is going to make the split to having a separate libmythaudio much more complicated now that we have a libmythui dependency
[01:40:39] jya: IMHO, it makes much more sense to have it in libmythtv or more likely where it’s actually used (mythfrontend)
[01:50:27] stichnot: Here's a mythfrontend puzzle (which I managed to solve but it might be fun for others to speculate). 4 ION frontends in the house. The other day, one of them started stuttering on playback. Every kind of video file had the same stuttering. CPU usage was normal. Logs complained about ALSA buffer underrun. No changes to hardware or in the setup (assume the kids don't know how to access...
[01:50:29] stichnot: ...the setup screens).
[01:50:51] stichnot: All other IONs, plus my laptop, played perfectly with no stuttering.
[01:56:40] stichnot: jya: have you actually tested the audiograph stuff? For me, it seems kind of plausible for mono or stereo recordings, but complete garbage for e.g. 5.1 audio.
[01:57:09] jya: stichnot: I read your comments about it ys
[01:57:43] jya: would have to add decoding the audio (if passthrough is enabled) or downmix it
[01:58:24] jya: stichnot: I hate riddle … I always skip to the end of the book to check on the answer..
[01:58:57] stichnot: jya: ok. Not sure if I commented on this particular aspect: I suspect I get different audiograph results depending on whether I seek forward or backward in the editor
[01:59:39] jya: gotta run
[01:59:45] stichnot: all right, riddle answer: someone had changed the audio sync to the min value. I figured it out after comparing all the settings between 2 frontends
[02:00:28] jya: would need to be able to have a revert or safety
[02:00:33] jya: i’ve had that issue before
[02:07:52] stichnot: could print info like that in the logs at playback start. or add it to the status you get when you press PLAY, which currently includes timestretch
[02:08:47] stichnot: though apparently it either doesn't happen to people ever, or they figure it out quickly (unlike me), or maybe my Google-fu just sucks
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[03:01:25] jpabq: stichnot: I have been bit by that myself. I have to wonder what the justification is for SAVING the audio sync value? Shouldn't it be reset back to zero whenever playback starts?
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[03:21:29] stichnot: jpabq: I suspect the rationale is that some people have recorders and/or video sources and/or frontends and/or TVs where a particular audio sync offset is consistently needed. And it's probably much less frustrating on the whole to accommodate those people and making others remember to change it back after watching an occasional recording with sync issues.
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[07:54:11] jya: jpabq: one of my frontend have constent A/V sync delay.. you definitely want to save the value..
[08:33:28] stuartm: jya: good point
[08:34:16] stuartm: (re audiograph)
[08:34:45] ** jya is always full of good points **
[08:35:57] stuartm: if I'm honest I didn't actually look at the dependencies of it, just it's name
[08:36:59] jya: I understand … I worked on splitting libmyth/libmythtv a couple of weeks ago, and getting something clean without cross-references is a pain
[08:38:34] stuartm: I wonder why vlc on android lacks the upnp component
[08:39:04] jya: it doesn’t ?
[08:41:12] stuartm:
[08:45:25] stuartm: may be that the iOS version is using an UPnP API built into the OS?
[08:55:52] dekarl: stuartm, I can change it to startsWith once I can pull again (Connection closed by
[08:57:12] stuartm: jya: is the following really an error? "HttpServer108 mythcorecontext.cpp:945 (GetBackendServerIP) No address defined for host:"
[08:57:54] jya: stuartm: that’s weird it’s getting there… normally it should only attempt name resolution if it’s not an IP address
[08:58:19] jya: stuartm: I seriously doubt Apple ever implemented an UPnP api
[08:59:30] jya: stuartm: that error is only displayed if both addr6 and addr4 is found as empty
[08:59:45] jya: what’s your mythtv-setup general network config?
[09:00:13] jya: oh I think I see…
[09:00:30] jya: it calls GetBackendServerIP for host “”
[09:00:47] jya: which is unlikely to have a setting as the IP address is never used as the setting key
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[09:03:55] warpme: jya: quick Q: is walking LiveTV history working OK in current master?
[09:04:03] jya: it should
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[09:04:27] warpme: may you pls check? It is broken for me :-(
[09:04:31] jya: the same as fixes/0.27
[09:05:23] warpme: did You check it now under current master?
[09:06:34] ** jya looks like the only patches I’ve kept from Lawrence aren’t working afterall **
[09:07:09] warpme: exactly. I spent 2 days to find this regression.
[09:07:09] jya: warpme: look at the commit I added from Lawrence Rust to libs/libmythtv/mythplayer.cpp
[09:07:30] jya: there are two of them that change the logic for liveTV
[09:07:39] jya: they are probably the culprit
[09:07:46] jya: they did make transition super smooth
[09:08:02] jya: i won’t be able to test for a while… weeks likely
[09:11:32] stuartm: warpme: in a quick test it's working for me, slight issue with using Skip instead of Jump where it wouldn't transition past one particular program boundary
[09:11:38] warpme: for me history walking is broken by cc927f6. Unfortunatelly reverting cc927f6 causes issue with 15–17fps playback. So I have to revert 195eb07. LiveTV walking starts to work OK but channel changes is broken. Reverting bfc6b9e makes all OK...but all speedups/smoothness in LiveTV gone :-(
[09:16:35] warpme: Hard trade-off: with Lawrence patches so many things are better (i.e. no really annoying sttutering on channel change) – but broken LiveTV history walking. Without those 3 commits all LiveTV OK – but really annoying stuttering at channel change. It will be so nice to fix Lawrence most likelly cc927f6 patch for LiveTV history walking...
[09:16:58] stuartm: only bug I've found is that you can't change to channels in the guide with numbers containing '.' e.g. 4.1
[09:17:26] stuartm: but that's probably nothing new and seems specific to the guide, so I'll fix it
[09:17:57] warpme: jya: I saw You have new job. Congrats!!!. May You said one word what it is?
[09:18:38] jya: Mozilla… working on media player extension
[09:19:25] warpme: stuartm: did I get it correctly: You have working OK livetv history walking in current master?
[09:19:36] jya: ok… i’m tired.. going back to my hotel.. their internet has been broken for 2 days.. very annoying
[09:19:40] stuartm: warpme: yes
[09:19:53] jya: warpme: last I tried it was working just fine (last week)
[09:20:04] stuartm: jya: go, get some sleep
[09:20:17] warpme: jya: is it mean that soon mozilla will be reference for MPEG-DASH/MTML5 streaming?
[09:20:33] jya: warpme: it already can
[09:20:45] jya: not on mac (that is soon)
[09:22:20] jya: on linux it will work with libav 0.8. I’ve just fixed wotking with FFmpeg 1.2 and 2.2 .. you need to run firefox with those patches: and
[09:23:14] jya: you need to play with the about:config and set a few options: media.fragmented-mp4.ffmpeg.enabled=true media.mediasource.enabled = true and = true
[09:23:31] jya: with that, DASH with mp4 (h264 / aac) video will play
[09:24:06] jya: this video in particular:
[09:24:58] jya: righto.. I’m off.. see ya
[09:27:08] warpme: stuartm: what television system are You using? Also may you test following: set forward/back jumps to 10s. Start livetv channel, watch for 1..2min, switch to other channel, watch 10–30sec, start walking livetv history back. For me when entering program from previous channel, playback jumps to beginning of this program. Should be rather end – some sec.
[09:29:41] stuartm: warpme: ah, yeah I experienced that when using skip set to 10 seconds, but not jumps set to 1 minute
[09:29:54] warpme: exactly!
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[09:30:36] warpme: glad You found it as I was sad that it is somehow issue of my enviroment....
[09:32:42] stuartm: warpme: didn't always happen, in my test it was only one particular channel change boundary
[09:32:43] warpme: root cause is by . . . 935b0780b299
[09:34:05] warpme: indeed – also I overlook it durring periodic regression tests. Disover it after few weeks – so nailing regressing commit took me 2 days...
[09:41:08] stuartm: does changing the skip to 15/20 seconds make any difference? There's a bit in that commit that specifically seems to avoid skips back into the last program if the skip would leave less than 10 seconds to play on the previous program
[09:41:14] stuartm: if I'm reading it correctly
[09:43:45] stuartm: ah nevermind, that's not new in that commit
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[10:52:38] warpme: stuartm: chnging duration of skip only chnages conditions when livetv history issue manifests. It looks like issue is only when skip target place is within last 10s (or so) of previous livetv segment.
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[10:56:12] stuartm: what happens if you comment out the bit of MythPlayer starting with the comment "// check that we aren't too close to the end of program."
[10:56:41] stuartm: up to the next comment "// nextpos is the new position to use in seconds"
[10:58:20] stuartm: it may be completely unrelated, and it's nothing new, but it seems like a coincidence
[10:59:15] warpme: should I do this only in fe or rather also in be?
[10:59:37] stuartm: fe
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[11:05:33] warpme: ok give me few minutes as I need rebuild image :-)
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[13:36:50] Anoia: hi all
[13:39:47] Anoia: is there any way of debugging why mythtv-setup can't connect to mysql?
[13:40:00] Anoia: i can conenct using the same details form the same host using tcp
[13:41:21] Anoia: it's on localhost so firewall won't come into play but 3306 has been opened anyway
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[14:14:02] stuartm: Anoia: check the mysql configuration, some distributions by default disable networking for mysql
[14:14:47] Anoia: i'd already checked that and confirmed that the mysql client could connect using the same details
[14:48:53] clever: Anoia: how did you tell the mysql client to connect to the localhost?
[14:51:19] Anoia: -h localhost -P 3306
[14:51:27] Anoia: and can telnet to 3306
[14:51:28] clever: try -h
[14:52:00] Anoia: the resolve to the same address
[14:52:17] clever: Anoia: mysql will internaly switch to the unix socket if you give it 'localhost'
[14:52:21] clever: it doesnt resolve the name
[14:52:39] Anoia: not if you give it -P
[14:52:53] clever: cant think of anything else then
[14:53:04] Anoia: either way it doens;t make a difference, mysql is still listenign on 3306
[14:53:17] Anoia: i'm trying to clean and try again :|
[15:12:02] Anoia: it looks liek I had a mess of an old source install and an rpm package on here
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[17:41:53] paul-h: gigem: any idea's on this one?
[18:18:29] paul-h: Think you may have to do a make distclean before doing a git pull after stuartm's move of audiooutputgraph.h I had to go into libmythtv and do a make clean and qmake in there to clean things up doing it the other way around because the make distclean fails part way through
[18:21:52] stuartm: heh, "Brazilian friendly designs" ... wonder what that's about
[18:24:21] stuartm: hmm, maybe the other meaning of animados ... animations, in which context desenhos would mean drawing
[18:24:31] stuartm: so just Brazilian Cartoons
[18:26:13] stuartm: </ravings of a madman>
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[18:36:13] paul-h: HaHa can't be the heat it's 10 degrees cooler today :)
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[18:55:43] stuartm: yeah, looking forward to actually getting some sleep
[19:07:15] paul-h: stichnot: that probably would have helped I'll try and remember that for next time
[19:16:19] dekarl: Is it just me or is :mythtv borked atm?
[19:16:45] dekarl: I'm seeing commit mails, but can't push or pull
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[19:30:42] natanojl: dekarl: Just tried git fetch and that worked fine
[19:38:28] gigem: paul-h: That's extremely strange. The only thing I can think of is his tuner is stuck in the recording state for over a week. Surely he'd notice that, though. What do his logs and Previously Recorded show?
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[19:50:17] dekarl: natanojl: ty, works on my other box, too. strange
[19:53:27] natanojl: dekarl: np
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[20:36:02] natanojl: paul-h: I think you might want to use gCoreContext->IsThisHost(hostname) here as well: . . . er.cpp#n3625
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[21:37:55] stuartm: dekarl: possibly lingering dns issues?
[21:39:09] stuartm: paul-h: thanks for the # fix, it had slipped my mind
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[21:42:01] stuartm: paul-h: fwiw, we might want to use percent encoding on the path when passing it to QUrl in the first place, that would avoid the need for hacks and guard against all possible url special chars
[21:51:39] stuartm: in fact there has to be a point of common code where we can ensure that paths are properly encoded, just not sure where it should be
[22:21:21] paul-h: gigem: I've asked him for the logs and previously recorded.
[22:21:59] paul-h: natanojl: yeah I think you are right I'll change there as well
[22:23:18] paul-h: stuartm: yw, We use similar hacks in other places already although I do agree it is very ugly
[22:25:30] stuartm: I've made a note to look at it when I'm not working on other things, there has to be a neater and less fragile solution but it likely means touching a lot of places to have everything use the same method
[22:25:51] stuartm: what you've done is good enough for now :)
[22:28:07] stuartm: maybe in GenMythUrl()
[22:29:35] stuartm: have it return a properly formatted and encoded QUrl ... then make sure everywhere that deals with a myth::// path actually uses it
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[22:30:55] paul-h: Sounds like a plan
[22:34:07] stuartm: very similar to what I did just a couple of weeks ago for the upnp code to ensure the URIs there were properly encoded, so I'll probably end up doing it in the next few days while that's still fresh in my memory
[22:42:17] gigem: paul-h: I just checked the test I started earlier and it shows the same problem. I'll try to figure out what's going on later this evening.
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[22:43:08] paul-h: gigem: OK thanks for looking at it
[22:44:54] gigem: Actually, I have to take that back. I misread my results. It worked as expected.
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[22:55:59] paul-h: gigem: You could be right with your stuck tuner theory – the second image shows the status for the 2014-07–19 recording as 'Record Weekly – Recording' over a week after it should have stopped recording
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