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Friday, July 25th, 2014, 00:18 UTC
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[01:14:12] dblain: knightr: Thanks for the link. I was trying to do something like this: enum RecordingDupMethodType { QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP( "Enums", kDupCheckNone ) = 0x01,
[01:14:38] dblain: but lupdate doesn't pick up the name since it's not quoted.
[01:15:01] dblain: If I quote it, then it's not a valid enum item.
[01:27:02] knightr: yikes, I think they never thought somebody would want to do that..
[01:27:21] knightr: you could ask the people in #qt, maybe there is a way...
[01:27:26] knightr: ^dblain
[01:30:59] dblain: knightr: thanks. I may ask... worse case it just means maintaining a duplicate list of QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP lines. I was just trying to be clever and keep the code clean & steps to maintain to as few as possible.
[01:43:50] knightr: dblain, would something in there be usable: . . . um-flag.html
[01:45:41] knightr: warning, I still have a lot to learn about C++ and Qt, it just seems like having them as string and converting them as enums as this seems to do could be used for your problem...
[01:55:57] dblain: knightr: yep, I was planning on using methods like those to handle the serialization of enums.
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[03:41:30] knightr: dblain, I re-tought about this while I was doing my (nighthly ;-) ) bike ride... I stopped thinking as a program but more like a translator... Anything that looks remotely like code (like enums, etc...) the translators don't translate and anyway would not know what to translate those with...
[03:42:44] knightr: you can add a disambiguation string/comment to tell them what do do with Q_TRANSLATE_NOOP3 but it's signature is different, you have to take it into account that is doesn't return the same thing as QT_TR_NOOP, QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP...
[03:45:22] knightr: there is a another way to add translator comments (actually it's the way to do it now instead of a disambiguation string), it's using //: and /*: */ but I don't think those work with the QT_TR_NOOP and QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP macros...
[03:49:05] knightr: I guess you want to map those enums to some sort of textual description so I guess I would put those in some sort of array, structure, you name it in which one of the position would be the enum and another would be a string contained the description you want wrapped in QT_TR_NOOP/QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP...
[03:49:19] knightr: good night...
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[08:38:00] stuarta: well there is the problem. mint is shipping "OpenGL: OpenGL version : 1.4 Mesa 10.1.0" fedora20 "OpenGL version : 2.1 Mesa 10.1.5" as a consequence, mint uses OpenGL1 while f20 is using OpenGL2
[08:42:12] stuarta: now how to debug which colourspace it's trying to use
[08:49:58] stuarta: wtf. this time it works. /me reboots box to restart everything
[08:50:57] stuartm: dekarl: yes
[08:55:15] stuarta: ahah. it's the deinterlacer...
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[09:44:14] dekarl: stuartm, is that a "yes, just remove it"?
[09:45:14] dekarl: or a "yes, the ENUM will make the service API wsdl easier to understand"?
[09:45:31] stuartm: yes remove it :)
[09:45:36] dekarl: ok :)
[10:26:31] ** stuarta yawns **
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[12:19:38] jya: stuarta: that’s now the 2nd network I’m in (now in my hotel) where doesn’t resolve
[12:20:30] stuarta: yes, i'm getting osuosl to sort it asap
[12:20:48] stuarta: bind barfs on 2 CNAME records for the same address
[12:21:31] jya: ah good, you’re aware of it
[12:21:44] stuarta: once that's done, i can push an update for force a dns refresh in the wild
[12:21:51] stuarta: s/for/to
[12:23:57] jya: hmmm… not even using opendns server helps npw
[12:24:04] jya: what’s alcor ip address ?
[12:24:14] jya: going to create a host entry then
[12:24:25] stuarta:
[12:24:57] stuarta: that lookup works btw
[12:25:31] stuarta: it's when code has 2 CNAME records that bind returns SERVFAIL/FORMERR
[12:25:40] stuarta: same goes for services
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[13:43:56] SteveGoodey: Stuartm Sorry to bother you. What's the browser setting to allow proper icons through Lyngsat to icon-edit?
[13:46:10] stuartm: you're looking for the 'referrer header' setting, for firefox that's "network.http.sendRefererHeader" under about:config, opera it's under "tools > quick preferences"
[13:46:18] stuartm: not sure about chrome or IE
[13:48:23] SteveGoodey: Stuartm thanks a lot.
[13:49:12] stuartm: some sites depend on the header to work properly, so you may find you need to re-enable it after you're done
[13:49:33] stuartm: very few sites, but that hardly matters if they are sites you need to use ;)
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[13:51:38] stuarta: dammit EDT != PDT
[14:08:22] ** stuarta sighs **
[14:08:40] stuarta: this dns cockup is exactly why i don't need osuosl in the loop on dns updates
[14:09:01] stuarta: takes too bloody long to achieve anything
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[14:26:45] stuartm: c'est la vie
[14:33:01] stuarta: aka shit happens
[14:45:36] stuarta: another 2hr 15m until the original schedule change time, and given it's 7.45am, i doubt the relevant person is up yet
[14:45:55] ** stuarta cries **
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[16:02:26] peper03: stuarta: Might be part of the CNAME stuff already in the pipeline, but doesn't resolve either.
[16:03:43] stuarta: yep same problem
[16:04:06] stuarta: dig -a returns 2 CNAME records
[16:04:12] stuarta: dig -t a returns 2 CNAME records
[16:16:08] Chutt: stuarta, mizar is the name of my mythtv box, btw :)
[16:18:11] stuarta: :)
[16:18:37] Chutt: all my local machines are stars in the big dipper
[16:18:44] stuarta: i liked the symmetry involve in it being a pair with alcor
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[17:01:22] peper03: Hmm. Trying to exit DVB radio (i.e. audio only) locks the frontend. Audio keeps playing nicely but the only way out is to kill the frontend :(
[17:03:44] peper03: Loads of 'Waited 100ms for decoder to pause' messges followed by an infinite number of 'Waited 10ms for decoder lock'.
[17:05:10] peper03: This in LiveTV. Must be some buffer issue. If you pause playback long enough (the OSD finally appears when it's been 'long enough'), you can exit cleanly.
[17:25:45] stuartm: it was working for me recently
[17:27:40] stuartm: coverity is running slowly :/ Uploaded a build yesterday, at the time it was #18 in the queue, now it's #13
[17:27:40] ** MythLogBot **
[17:27:40] ** MythLogBot **
[17:28:15] stuartm: at that rate it will only take another 3 1/2 days
[17:38:12] stuarta: blimey!
[17:38:21] stuarta: DNS issues resolved.
[17:38:33] stuarta: off to spend time with family. will check back later....
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[18:29:19] huttoz: for those familiar with the Services API, am I correct in thinking that the Content/GetRecording function should send the recording over TCP?
[18:29:39] huttoz: (i.e., not over a DGRAM / UDP socket)
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[20:46:00] peper03: stuartm: Did you try DVB radio with master or 0.27? I can reproduce the issue every time on 0.27 but at the moment I can't even get radio to play at all on master. Just tried rescanning in case the stations had moved but still the same result.
[20:47:21] stuartm: peper03: master, but this was a week, maybe more ago, haven't retried this evening yet
[20:48:27] peper03: Hmm. It works with stations with MHEG streams (so Radio 1 or something like that), but I can't get it to play 'normal' stations.
[20:48:37] stuartm: peper03: ok it's definitely broken in current trunk
[20:48:56] peper03: Ok, so not just me then :)
[20:49:32] stuartm: peper03: tried BBC Radio 6 which has MHEG, hit the same issue – exits eventually but it takes several seconds of errors
[20:49:40] stuartm: s/trunk/master/
[20:50:34] stuartm: peper03: I'd look at the changes jya made in the last couple of weeks, with particular focus on anything featuring Lawrence Rust's name
[20:51:21] peper03: Radio 6 seems ok here. What audio output do you have? Stereo or up-mixed to 5.1 (or more)?
[20:53:31] peper03: I noticed on the audio-only stations that the delay before the OSD is shown when pausing seems to depend on the number of output channels. More channels means a bigger buffer to fill.
[20:54:45] peper03: Interesting that the inability to exit playback only manifests itself in LiveTV. If I play back a recording, I can exit without any problems.
[20:56:16] peper03: I'll try to take a look at it over the weekend.
[20:56:26] stuartm: peper03: stereo, can't really see the audio itself being the problem
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[20:57:22] stuartm: livetv has a number of buffering related tweaks to help with stuff like the smooth transition between channels and program boundaries
[20:58:56] peper03: stuartm: I don't think it's the audio itself, just the size of the output buffers. I've seen it before. When it upmixes to 5.1 it allocates a larger buffer. Things like volume changes then take longer.
[20:59:22] peper03: I don't understand the details but I do remember tracing that stuff some time back.
[21:00:21] peper03: But that's not what is preventing exit from playback. Just another side issue.
[21:00:37] peper03: At least, I think so :)
[21:03:52] stuartm: yeah I don't doubt there's an issue there, but that wouldn't be anything new, the inability to exit has a different cause
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