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Sunday, July 20th, 2014, 00:22 UTC
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[08:21:10] SteveGoodey: Seems the heat has brought the wiki spammers out.
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[09:50:07] paul-h: SteveGoodey: thanks for keeping the wiki spammers in order and everything else you do for us ;-)
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[09:53:56] dekarl1: jya: have you seen the talk about temporal and spatial memory safety?
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[09:54:40] jya: for a second I thought this was going to related to Nvidia’s deinterlacer :)
[09:56:31] dekarl: I the deinterlacer runs on the shaders it could be possible to frankenstein both together
[09:56:47] dekarl: s/I/If/
[09:56:57] jya: malloc guard in OSX/XCode is great.
[09:57:40] jya: it is triguered instantly (it forces a crash) as soon as you write outside the allocated memory
[09:58:03] jya: the first example he gives, will immediately crash
[09:58:45] paul-h: jya: for FIND_FILE you only want to match the regex on the filename not the entire path correct?
[09:59:02] jya: in regards to my change to mpeg2fix.h ; really the FFmpeg API does exactly the same as what our old code was doing. But I fount it looked nicer to use proper FFmpeg API to allocate / reset / copy AVPacket
[09:59:26] jya: paul-h: well, now that you mention it :)
[10:01:50] jya: actually, where I would make better use of the regex is in the list files command (QUERY_SG_FILEQUERY)
[10:02:21] jya: QUERY_SG_FILEQUERY is what the video dialog currently use, so that’s where it will be the easiest to use
[10:02:34] jya: however, that code is so crap, it may simply be worth restarting from 0
[10:04:56] jya: dekarl: I find the concept of “safe” language completely ludicrous.
[10:05:17] jya: a language may not be suitable for some programmers simply because they aren’t good.
[10:05:22] jya: doesn’t mean a language isn’t safe
[10:05:27] jya: imho that is
[10:11:59] paul-h: jya: I'm a little weary of modifying existing commands since that always seems to introduce regressions in unexpected places because they rely on the existing behaviour even if it is broken/incomplete
[10:12:33] paul-h: Tha's why I'd rather add a new command for the find file
[10:13:43] jya: QUERY_SG_FILEQUERY is only used in videodlg.cpp
[10:13:51] jya: it was introduced there for that purpose
[10:13:59] jya: the risk for regression is very low
[10:14:15] jya: and the code would be modified to make use of the regex anyway
[10:14:24] jya: but I can understand your reluctance
[10:14:37] jya: just tasted that a few hours ago.
[10:14:59] jya: replacing one line of code with another doing exactly the same, yet it cause crashes on someone’s machine
[10:22:58] dekarl: jya, I never thought of the concept of safe languages. A language is just a tool. That's like making up safe knives or hammers. (hey, you can't hit yourself on the fingers with that hammer :p
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[10:24:33] dekarl: just had that at work PersonA:"great design comes from great designers" PersonB:"but what if a company doesn't have great designers?!"... well, "no great designers" => "no great design" easy to understand...
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[10:25:41] dekarl: still need to pass the metabroadcast blog post on "giving concepts sane names" to my collegues...
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[10:27:04] dekarl: good old, "to please everyone we let a committee come up with the design". just like all the MPEG stuff
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[12:09:26] jya: paul-h: shouldn’t all commands not handled return false?
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[12:20:23] paul-h: Not sure I understand – all commands flagged by the BE as being UNKNOWN_COMMAND will now return false it didn't before
[12:20:50] paul-h: Oh! he's gone
[12:24:22] paul-h: There are other problems with the handling of some commands that don't have the correct number of parameters it causes the FE to lock up for 30 seconds because the BE never sends a response in that case so the FE thinks it lost the connection an eventually times out and then tries to reconnect
[12:25:23] paul-h: Anyway back to watching the F1
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[13:51:26] SteveGoodey: paul-h: Some great racing and overtaking, Not quite enough for second.
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[14:59:16] paul-h: SteveGoodey: yeah I enjoy that
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[22:43:01] dekarl: jya, not sure what to make of this... input <title lang="de">Der Schatz der Nibelungen</title><sub-title lang="de">Auf den Spuren Siegfrieds</sub-title><category lang="en">series</category><episode-num system="xmltv_ns">. 0/2 .</episode-num><episode-num system="onscreen">Folge 1 von 2</episode-num>
[22:43:01] dekarl: matched as : tmdb3.py_225600
[22:46:09] dekarl: although it is the correct mini series / two part movie, due to the title not colliding.
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