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Friday, July 18th, 2014, 00:02 UTC
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[05:42:28] jya: stuarta: I’ve found out why it doesn’t use the port you’ve defined under some circumstances
[05:42:54] jya: but I don’t see how that could ever worked in the past. There’s been no changes there in years
[05:43:09] jya: it queries the backend port for “host”
[05:43:34] jya: but the metadata code uses IP addresses to build the URL
[05:44:00] jya: and so it uses the IP address as identifier to retrieve the settings, rather than the hostname
[05:44:06] jya: so it can’t find the settings
[05:44:15] jya: and as such use the default 6543
[05:44:23] jya: are you sure this ever worked?
[05:58:59] jya: paul-h It’s actually your new code that breaks it 92229a0a7d81
[05:59:18] jya: and the change to use RemoteFile::FindFile in place of RemoteFile::Exists
[06:03:21] jya: paul-h: checking the SBE if the file exist should be up to the MBE, and not the FE to individually query the proper backends. I was fairly certain the MBE did that already (query the SBE if it can’t be found)
[06:03:37] jya: your comment means it probably doesn’t
[06:05:46] jya: I think FindFile should be redone too. IMHO, the FE should never have to directly query the database to then individually query all the SBE. That’s the job of the MBE to act as a proxy for those tasks (and that’s how it works for most things already).
[06:06:46] jya: that way the MBE, will also know how to properly determine the SBE identifier from the IP address (which right now fails)
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[06:33:28] esperegu: might be handy to control mythtv? . . . d-revolution
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[07:44:55] stuarta: jya: mornin
[07:45:02] jya: morning
[07:46:46] stuarta: i'll build your fixes and give them a try when i can
[07:47:14] jya: master or 0.27?
[07:48:26] jya: I’m hesitating in backporting the lot to 0.27. I’m fairly confident it’s all good. Also, that allows to get a lot of unknowingly guinea pigs to test it while it’s fresh in my memory. In a couple of month, there’s no way I will remember my way inside that horrible code
[07:49:34] stuarta: heh, i tried master about 16hrs ago, i was going to try 0.27 later
[07:49:46] jya: no issue there?
[07:50:39] jya: your issue with the artwork attempting to be downloaded from the standard port rather than your defined one is not something that can be fixed quickly
[07:51:17] jya: I’ve opened a developer task for it: #12215
[07:51:17] ** MythLogBot **
[07:51:41] jya: it only affects master (another bug was hiding it in earlier version)
[07:55:00] ** jya dinner time **
[07:58:48] stuarta: jya actually there was one issue. i have no idea where the path /share/Movies/dvd comes from, it's not in my DB
[07:59:58] stuarta: "Scanning Group (myth://Videos@callisto/myth/video/videos/)" is correct
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[08:53:38] stuartm: mythtv/libs/libmythmetadata/globals.cpp:47:const QString DEFAULT_VIDEOSTARTUP_DIR = "/share/Movies/dvd";
[08:54:02] stuartm: in other words it's the default 'local' directory for mythvideo
[08:54:47] stuartm: we _really_ need to remove the local directory support for 0.28, along with the external player support
[09:17:36] dekarl: meh, try: sudo -u mythtv /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ -l de -N "360° – Die GEO-Reportage" "Wilde Pferde im Donaudelta"
[09:17:46] dekarl: got: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/user/.mythtv/cache/tvdb_api/30c475ef78d270cd3cb676344f73ca06.body'
[09:18:12] dekarl: at least it works without sudo
[09:19:05] dekarl: jya -^ that is not being found with the pastebinned patch when I start metadatalookup for a recording, compiling the commited version right now
[09:21:20] dekarl: logfile from mythmetadatalookup
[09:23:04] jya: stuarta: /share/Movies/dvd is likely what you configured as video directory in the mythfrontend settings
[09:23:45] jya: probably what iamlindoro was using on his system
[09:23:54] dekarl: strange, the first grabber invocation returns the episode when executed manually
[09:24:37] jya: dekarl: what’s the permission like in ~/.mythtv/cache/tvdb_api ?
[09:24:48] jya: that’s what the grabber uses for temporary files
[09:25:29] dekarl: jya: let me check, I was guessing at the non-ASCII degree symbol
[09:27:00] dekarl: the call with sudo can't write because mythtv is not in the group of the user "user". /home/user/.mythtv/cache/tvdb_api:drwxrwxr-x 2 user user 4096 Jul 18 11:24 .
[09:27:00] dekarl:
[09:27:16] dekarl: but why does it want to write there instead of ~mythtv?
[09:27:52] jya: because when you do sudo -u you only run as user mythtv, your $HOME is still of the user who ran the command
[09:27:52] dekarl: /home/mythtv/.mythtv/cache/tvdb_api: drwxr-xr-x 2 mythtv mythtv 192512 Jul 18 02:05 .
[09:28:33] dekarl: I thought that's what -E "The -E (preserve environment) option indicates to the security policy that the user wishes to preserve their existing environment variables." is for :(
[09:28:44] dekarl: maybe its enabled via some alias by default in Ubuntu?
[09:29:07] dekarl: I did not find a "do *not* preserve environment" option
[09:29:34] jya: jyavenard@mediaserver-surrey1:~$ sudo -u mythtv bash
[09:29:35] jya: [sudo] password for jyavenard:
[09:29:36] jya: mythtv@mediaserver-surrey1:~$ echo $HOME
[09:29:45] jya: /home/jyavenard
[09:34:37] dekarl: ok, that explains that. Now I "just" need to find out why the metadatalookup didn't get the same result back (or didn't handle it).
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[09:37:06] ** dekarl bangs head against desk **
[09:37:23] dekarl: bad: /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ -l de -a DE -N "360° – GEO Reportage" "Wilde Pferde im Donaudelta"
[09:37:34] dekarl: good: /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ -l de -a DE -N "360° – Die GEO-Reportage" "Wilde Pferde im Donaudelta"
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[09:40:15] dekarl: just entered the seriesid into the recording rules inetref in mythweb, hit "Look up metadata" which put in the new style inetref and season/episode of the programme that the recording rule is based on
[09:42:37] dekarl: queued metadatalookup via mythweb, but that ignored the inetref on the recording rule :/
[09:43:53] dekarl: mythmetadatalookup --refresh-all correctly copied the inetref from the recording rule to the recording (leaving the season/episode empty)
[09:44:20] stuarta: jya: i'll check that, but it's nowhere in my SG settings, and i triggered the scan using mythutil on the backend
[09:44:58] dekarl: and now the lookup works, returning the correct episode data
[09:57:46] jya: dekarl: so what is the issue now? or is everything turned out okay?
[09:58:48] dekarl: jya, basically everything appears to work as documented.
[09:59:01] jya: that’s a start :)
[09:59:16] jya: I’m going to add a “search” button in the recording edit metadata screen
[10:00:05] dekarl: One possible improvement would be looking for the inetref of the recording rule to catch cases where it has been added after a recording was made. But that only saves one run of "mythmetadatalookup --refresh-all". I think its better to invest into the latter then the former => nothing to do now
[10:00:08] jya: it’s a bit of a pain already that the inetref is split between the recording rule and the recordign itself
[10:00:25] jya: and that you can’t easily modify the inetref of a particular recording even more annoying
[10:00:49] dekarl: it helps with search rules, e.g. "all HD without ads rated better then average"
[10:01:10] dekarl: but yes, that you can't easily edit the recordings metadata is not so nice
[10:01:14] jya: need to modify mythweb so it creates extended inetref
[10:01:21] dekarl: it does
[10:01:27] jya: since when?
[10:01:48] dekarl: I just hit "search for metadata" on a movie and it entered it with the tmdb3.py_ prefix
[10:02:06] jya: I’ve already modified the metadatalookup job queue per recording (menu -> jobs -> start metadata lookup to also look for artwork
[10:02:16] jya: don’t see much the point in doing that in two steps
[10:02:25] jya: it did?
[10:02:33] jya: someone must have updated it. cool
[10:02:37] jya: that was on my todo
[10:02:50] jya: or does it call mythmetadatalookup ?
[10:02:56] jya: which would explain why it does that
[10:03:24] jya: probably the service api even
[10:03:47] jya: (though I remember seeing stuff not quite right there) but figured no one used it so classified it as non-urgent
[10:04:41] jya: yes that must be it… it uses the service API
[10:05:19] jya: so all good so far with the new changes? any noticeable regression?
[10:06:56] jya: so what was issue in there then?
[10:07:31] dekarl: no issue, but missing data upstream
[10:07:33] dekarl:
[10:07:58] dekarl: "360° – GEO Reportage" vs. "360° – Die GEO-Reportage"
[10:08:23] jya: stuarta: the /share/movies/dvd is the default value set in VideoStartupDir
[10:08:24] dekarl: their search finds it as candidate, but it appears as if we consider the distance to big for a match
[10:09:25] dekarl: different minus, added "Die ", replaced space with minus. that's two deletions and 8 additions IIUIC
[10:09:45] dekarl: 2 deletions and 6 addotions
[10:10:16] jya: stuarta: that value is used when host is empty and is called in VideoDialog::RemoteImageCheck
[10:11:43] jya: I dont understand on how you can access that code path however as the only time RemoteImageCheck is called is when host != “”
[10:13:31] jya: ah found it...
[10:14:03] jya: MetadataFactory::VideoScan
[10:14:51] jya: so assuming we don’t remove (yet) the local directory scan, simply go into the frontend setting, into the media, edit the path of the local video folders, and set them all to empty
[10:17:28] ** stuarta hacks database **
[10:19:33] stuarta: jya: it must not be doing a host specific lookup, some but not all of my VideoStartupDir have /share/movies/dvd, the entry for the backend is set correctly to /myth/video/videos
[10:19:55] jya: no it’s not
[10:20:15] jya: in libmythmetadata/metadatafactory.cpp
[10:20:28] jya: in MetadataFactory::VideoScan, it does m_videoscanner->SetDirs(GetVideoDirs());
[10:20:57] stuarta: the question is why does it pick one for an unrelated host..?
[10:21:01] jya: this adds the default setting of VideoStartupDir in the list of directory to scan
[10:21:10] stuarta: ah
[10:21:16] stuarta: stupid behaviour
[10:21:36] jya: just a remnant of stuff before SG thta was kept for backward compatibility
[10:21:48] jya: there’s a fair amount of code doing non SG stuff
[10:22:09] stuarta: grrr, then the solution is to finish SG support
[10:22:39] jya: not going to be that simple unfortunately
[10:22:44] stuarta: nope
[10:22:47] ** stuarta sighs **
[10:22:59] jya: I think a good place to identify those would be to check wherever you have if (host.isEmpty())
[10:23:21] jya: most of the non-SG code appears to start with that to differiente the code path between local and SG
[10:23:31] stuarta: cunning plan
[10:41:17] jya: dekarl: you shouldn’t use static value and
[10:41:33] jya: you have a setting that contains the movie grabber and and TV grabber
[10:42:08] jya: what parser provides TVDB inetref ?
[10:42:51] jya: the setting is “MovieGrabber” and “TelevisionGrabber"
[10:43:16] jya: and you should test if they are empty or not, and if they are empty, not use anything IMHO and leave the inetref alone
[10:43:52] jya: it’s still a flawed approach though as you assume the inetref found in the xml is either TMDB or TVDB. I doubt it is
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[11:24:30] dekarl: jya, it is complicated :D
[11:26:12] dekarl: I match the data delivered by the station against tvdb/tmdb with a long list of manual hints (similar to the fixups of Nick's UK grabber) then export to xmltv in pieces like . . . 08-08.xml.gz
[11:27:08] dekarl: my export (and the SE/NO/FI exports) contain new references the extend the old system like <episode-num system="">series/283344</episode-num><episode-n um system="xmltv_ns">0 . 46 .</episode-num>
[11:27:27] dekarl: or for movies <episode-num system="">movie/77280</episode-num>
[11:28:38] dekarl: in MFDB's xmltvparser I look for these new "system" values, verify that the grabber settings match and only then copy over the values, adjusting the pre-/suffix . . . ser.cpp#L509
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[12:15:19] stuartm: jya: the inetref provided by the grabber in this case will be either tmdb or tvdb, the 'system' attribute makes sure of that, although it means the parser will ignore inetrefs for other sources
[12:16:17] stuartm: tbh, it's a bit late now, but using "" and "" as the prefix for the inetref would have been better than using the script name
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[13:00:02] jya_: dekarl: stuartm : it is possible to set a different grabber than and The reason it’s the script name (not that I had anything to do with that choice) is that the inetref is bound to the script that found it.
[13:00:21] jya_: that wouldn’t be the case if we had use or whatever else
[13:00:32] jya_: and aren’t the only two scripts provided
[13:00:46] dekarl: are there other scripts?
[13:01:00] dekarl: I have heard rumors, but not yet seen one
[13:01:24] jya_: so dekarl I still *strongly* believe that you should use the value as returned by the settings value
[13:01:33] jya_: and if empty don’t add the prefix at all
[13:01:53] dekarl: jya, that's what I'm doing, or at least what I thought what this function does
[13:01:59] jya_: because if the script do not work for wahtever reason, the setting will be empty. attempting to use will yield errors
[13:02:44] jya_: dekarl: I was referring to that commit: 98ded970f672053e7b7c4f17cb64b4cfd455f791
[13:02:49] dekarl: over here these are the only two grabbers . . . pts/metadata
[13:02:57] jya_: it uses and as static value
[13:03:17] dekarl: you need more context :)
[13:03:42] jya_: yes, for now, just like it was okay to use the same inetref for both TMDB and TVDB
[13:03:48] dekarl: just some lines above each of the two changes there's a test . . . ser.cpp#L509
[13:03:49] jya_: look at where tht got us
[13:04:27] dekarl: (info.attribute("system") == "") && (MetadataDownload::GetTelevisionGrabber().endsWith(QString("/" )))
[13:04:36] jya_: so when it becomes what will you do? or youre 100% certain this will never happen ?
[13:05:04] jya_: we’ve had enough of those static code based on assumption only valid at present.. Don’t have to continue doing so
[13:05:38] dekarl: we could use the domain instead of the grabbers name as prefix
[13:06:05] dekarl: domain, as in authority, not as in DNS domain
[13:06:11] jya_: we could… however I understand wagnerrp choices.
[13:06:21] jya_: that way you get the prefix, and you run that script name
[13:07:01] jya_: should get upgraded to anothe rversion, well it continues to use those for old inetref, while new one will use the new grabber.
[13:07:10] jya_: it’s very flexible that way and future proof
[13:08:31] dekarl: when that happens the Settings Default value will get changed, and I hope, the prefix in xmltvparser will get updated, too
[13:08:37] dekarl: so it will still match
[13:08:48] dekarl: I'm not sure what I could do better
[13:09:14] dekarl: we don't want tmdb inetrefs being used with,say, an grabber
[13:10:37] jya_: dekarl: the settings are used for *new* queries
[13:10:42] dekarl: we could rework everything to support many reference systems. e.g. using the imdbid for both tvdb/tmdb but also allocine. But thats a lot of work
[13:11:05] jya_: for querying on existing metadata , it uses the same script name as found in the inetref
[13:11:24] dekarl: I#m on my way out. have just upgraded to latest naster. lets see how it goes
[13:13:10] dekarl: we couldn't do the switch from tmdb to tmdb3 with that system? (the old v2 api being disabled)?
[13:15:24] jya_: dekarl: I guess not…
[13:16:22] jya_: though it’s only the script name it’s bound too. and at least, it’s very easy to transition from one system to another (either upgrading the DB with a simple query, ot keep using the same script name)
[13:16:45] jya_: but at least this allows future case where we have more than one source of movie/tv database
[13:16:58] jya_: so sya we have, etc...
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[13:19:44] jya_: there will be requirement to change code for sure… right now it only supports one grabber in each category when searching
[14:17:51] stuartm: jya_: surely the inetref should be bound to the source of the data? Two different scripts using TMDB will both provide the same inetref
[14:19:19] jya_: the idea was to have different source, but the way its been implemented, a single script can do more than just TV or just movie
[14:20:03] stuartm: well all the more reason that the inetref should be prefixed with the source for that number and not the name of the grabber which is subject to change
[14:20:06] jya_: in any case, there’s room to support more than one script of one kind
[14:20:27] stuartm: the grabbers aren't creating the inetref out of thin air, they are the IDs provided by the websites themselves
[14:21:22] jya_: sure… and so what, whenever a user come with a 3rd party script we will have to modify our code, just so we know the name of that source
[14:21:52] stuartm: jya_: no we won't we just require that the script provides the 'authority' (prefix) for that source
[14:22:18] jya_: and another table and the like...
[14:22:36] stuartm: no table, no modification to our code required
[14:23:41] jya_: in any case, I think it’s very reasonable what has been done
[14:24:20] jya_: sure it’s a bit awkward
[14:24:44] jya_: and it works with what’s already there
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[15:12:02] jya_: jpabq: do you have a public repository for your theme?
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[15:12:24] jya_: I’m adding a search button to the recording metadata edit screen.
[15:12:32] jya_: need to place the button now :)
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[15:23:25] sphery: jya_:
[15:23:35] jya_: cool thanks
[15:23:38] sphery: and many others at
[15:23:47] sphery: (inclusing Steppes-narrow)
[15:24:56] sphery: and you're welcome--it's the least I can do when you're doing so much work on MythTV :)
[15:30:26] superm1 (superm1!uid4318@gateway/web/ has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
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[16:19:07] paul-h: jya_: How is this looking? Only tested it on a remote FE so far though
[16:23:48] jya_: with a very rough look that look allright.. I still would have if (gCoreContext->IsMasterBackend() && for the first test. So not even the combo frontend does it himself
[16:24:12] jya_: ultimately, I’d like to even drop the whole idea that any frontend can access the file system directly
[16:24:29] jya_: that removes one testing path (and one more way to break things)
[16:24:34] jya_: however
[16:25:46] jya_: just a thought, what about simply extending QUERY_FILE_EXISTS instead, so it returns the path
[16:25:57] jya_: so QUERY_FILE_EXISTS by default behaves as now
[16:26:16] jya_: and if provided an argument, searches on all backend
[16:27:03] jya_: don’t really need a new command, and that way it can easily be made backward compatible
[16:28:58] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[16:29:14] paul-h: QUERY_FILE_EXISTS only looks on the local host though
[16:29:44] jya_: yes precisely. but that can be easily extended with an optional argument
[16:30:24] jya_: they both do very much the same thing, and actually FIND_FILE right now is only used to check if a file exists
[16:31:38] jya_: I think it would be nicer to just extend what we already have (and have it backward compatible) than create a new command that forces a protocol bump
[16:32:10] jya_: while your on the task to extend the protocol. What I’d like is a find file tht supports regex
[16:32:42] jya_: right now, the frontend to search for artwork in the video libraries does so by retrieving the entire content, and trying over and over
[16:32:47] jya_: in each sub-directory
[16:33:26] jya_: if that could be done instead as FindFile(“filename.(jpg|jpeg|png|bmp))
[16:33:30] paul-h: Yeah finding a music icon works the same
[16:33:33] jya_: it would speed things up greatly
[16:33:47] jya_: and seriously limit the amount of memory required
[16:34:07] jya_: it takes several MB of RAM just to build the video library tree
[16:35:51] Merlin83b (Merlin83b! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:36:39] paul-h: It's too warn to be sat in front of a computer here. I'd much rather be doing something else TBH
[16:37:03] jya_: Warm in the UK? it’s the end of the world !!!
[16:37:32] paul-h: Well warm for us 27C :)
[16:37:42] jya_: that is warm indeed
[16:37:52] jya_: 2:30 here, should go to bed
[16:41:35] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has joined #mythtv
[16:47:36] stuartm: stichnot: wrt to captions, shouldn't it allow decoding of both streams and let the user select which one is actually enabled via Menu > Subtitles ?
[16:48:37] paul-h (paul-h!~Paul@ has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[16:48:42] stuartm: paul-h: 28/29C here
[16:54:58] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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[17:51:40] stichnot: stuartm: I'm not really sure, I'm going to have to dig into the appropriate spec to try to understand what is supposed to happen.
[17:52:08] stichnot: For example, on this sample, mythfrontend doesn't even recognize that a caption stream exists.
[17:52:33] stichnot: It uses some high-level stream info, I think, to decide what kinds of captions are present.
[17:52:51] jya_: stichnot: when you have time, it would be great to support multiple language srt subtitle file
[17:53:28] jya_: would be using the format: or
[17:54:07] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[17:54:10] jya_: using the new RegEx FIND_FILE paul-h is going to implement very soon :)
[17:54:25] jya_: will be easy to retrieve the subtitles for a given file
[17:54:56] stichnot: jya_: Sure. Is there a "standard", or do you have a link to a site with a representative collection of files?
[17:55:15] stichnot: e.g. versus ?
[17:55:31] jya_: xbmc uses
[17:56:09] jya_: i dont think i’ve ever seen a different subtitle between en_gb and en_us
[17:56:12] stichnot: right, but doesn't localization also allow more specific to override the plain
[17:56:18] jya_: they are hard enough to find already
[17:56:23] stichnot: indeed
[17:56:48] stichnot: doesn't myth have a pair of settings for preferred language?
[17:57:33] jya_: still would like to see all the available subtitles …. useful in my multi-language speaking house
[17:58:04] stichnot: aha, QString("ISO639Language%1").arg(i)
[17:58:37] stichnot: oh, you're right, no reason not to offer up all the available choices in the OSD menu
[17:58:50] jya_: yes
[17:59:03] jya_: though deciphering the extension is good
[17:59:18] jya_: so subtitles would become like 1: English UK 2: French etc
[17:59:19] stichnot: do we have any existing deciphering code?
[17:59:28] jya_: don’t know
[17:59:36] stichnot: wouldn't be surprised if Qt has it
[17:59:37] jya_: how are the DVD subtitle languages guessed?
[18:00:55] stichnot: trying to figure that out now
[18:01:13] jya_:
[18:01:25] jya_: takes a string that can be ISO 639
[18:01:41] jya_: and
[18:01:59] jya_: returns the language in the native tongue
[18:02:04] jya_: “Francais”, etc
[18:02:49] ** jya_ always amazed at what you find in Qt **
[18:03:09] jya_: really gotta go to bed.
[18:03:11] jya_: good night
[18:03:12] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya_)
[18:07:58] peper03: jya, stichnot: DVD subtitle language is stored in a table on the DVD. See DVDRingBuffer::GetSubtitleLanguage.
[18:08:14] peper03: Shouldn't be any need to guess anything there.
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[21:01:58] dekarl: Can't we tell our users to run their files through mkvmerge and properly tag all streams (audio/subtitle/video) with language? That should get us a proper seek/cue table and automatic track selection with out current code.
[21:05:02] stuartm: jya: we have the same 'native language name' support in MythLocale
[21:05:29] stuartm: in fact MythLocale overlaps with QLocale some
[21:06:18] stuartm: since when I wrote MythLocale that particular feature was missing from QT (added in 4.8)
[21:14:03] Jordack (Jordack! has quit (Quit: If Texas is spelled T E X A S why are Texas Senators not spelled Fucktards)
[21:43:12] stuartm: actually, the native lang support was in there long before, I extended it to add native country name support too
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