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Thursday, July 17th, 2014, 00:29 UTC
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[01:01:09] jya: jpabq: tv_rec AFAIK is only used by the backend, it doesn’t have a MythMainWindow created, so the notification center wouldn’t have been created
[01:01:48] jya: you would have to use a MythEvent, which will then be processed by the frontends and displayed
[01:02:03] jya: though I can’t recall if I’ve done a MythEvent version of the notification
[01:02:55] jya: otherwise, you can call ShowNotification() from any threads, it doesn’t have to be the UI thread. When you call ShowNotification() all the notifications are queued to be handled at the next event loop
[01:03:05] jya: (and there’s no event loop running in the backend either)
[01:04:59] jya: stichnot: NetworkControl::processNotification() is for processing the notification option via the telnet interface.. not what you want to do
[01:05:45] jya: jpabq: I don’t recall creating a system-wide notification from backend to frontend via MythEvent.. wouldn’t be hard to add
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[03:08:29] jya: jpabq: a MythNotification is a MythEvent, in theory you could dispatch that just like an event. But I think that to safely pass it to a frontend, we would need a serialiser
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[04:52:28] jya: stuarta: I see the issue of artwork not showing up or being downloaded in 0.27
[04:52:35] jya: seems to only occur for TV series
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[05:10:54] jya: wagnerrp: looking at your commit for
[05:11:14] jya: which take the last item of the list for the artwork so it gets the highest rated one
[05:11:21] jya: but you’re doing so only for fanart
[05:11:56] jya: shouldn’t you have done the same for coverart and and banner?
[05:13:46] jya: for some reasons this had been at one stage takeLast instead of takeFirst
[05:16:55] jya: ah it’s stuartm who changed that
[05:16:57] jya: 48672fdec492
[05:17:10] jya: “Metadata Lookup: We want to use the first (best) result, not the last.”
[05:17:34] jya: actually stuartm that’s wrong, being a QMap, the last item is the first inserted which is the one with the highest rating
[05:19:25] jya: ah, I see that you reverted the list
[05:19:40] jya: ah no, only for the people
[05:19:49] jya: so it’s definitely wrong for artwork
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[05:50:55] jya: stuarta: I don’t think the issue is in mythtv in regards to fanart
[05:51:21] jya: TTVDB now returns for an image:
[05:51:43] jya: our code being the smart thing it is, assumes the name of the file is “banners/posters/74490–1.jpg"
[05:51:49] jya: and save it as so
[05:52:08] jya: so it can never load it later
[05:53:30] jya: so really, it’s just a bad coincidence that we were also playing with mythmetadatalookup
[05:56:11] dekarl: hmm, can't we just stored the filename instead of hoping to guess the same one every time? Maybe just use a hash of the file or something as name. Getting that in would also help with channel icons and other things where we mix and match external filenames, hoping they are globally unique (logo.png anyone?)
[05:57:25] jya: whatever we do, it’s better than considering the full URL is a file name!
[05:58:10] jya: in case of the #, you have to download it to get the hash, so I’m not sure where the savings could be done
[06:00:22] dekarl: hm, maybe a hash of the full url then?
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[06:04:06] jya: weird, now the filename saved is ttvdb.py_74490_coverart.jpg
[06:04:16] jya: my last run was: banners/posters/74490–1.jpg
[06:04:25] jya: something very fishiy there
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[06:14:24] jya: I see.. two different path of code. one create its own naming (inetref_blah.jpg)
[06:14:31] jya: the other uses the original name
[06:14:39] jya: $@#$! code
[06:15:44] jya: the automatic downloader does it correctly.
[06:15:54] jya: the UI version where you manually download doesn’t
[06:20:04] jya: so much better indeed to copy/paste a code to replicate an identical behaviour only to make mistakes in the process
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[07:47:37] stuarta: dekarl: jya in master we at least store the filename we downloaded, in 0.27 we don't
[07:48:16] jya: stuarta: I think my change to IsThisHost() simply cover a bug (another one) is libmythmetadata
[07:48:23] stuarta: in master i've got a different issue tho, RemoteFile::openSocket is trying to talk to the backend via ipv6 on the default port, not the configured port, haven't yet worked out why
[07:48:34] stuarta: should be trivial tho
[07:48:36] jya: the storage / search on where to store a file when downloading the image is all wrong
[07:48:52] stuarta: agreed
[07:49:13] jya: it searches in the main SG, and only if not found will it download the file
[07:49:24] jya: but then it downloads in the proper SG
[07:49:39] jya: my guess is that an earlier version that got it wrong downloaded the image in the main SG
[07:50:03] jya: so now that you’re retrying to download it, it sees it in the main SG and ignore the file
[07:50:13] jya: while it attempts to display from the coverart SG
[07:50:13] stuarta: oh it puts it in the right SG
[07:50:17] jya: where it doesn’t exist
[07:50:28] stuarta: timestamps even agree with when I asked it to do it
[07:50:31] jya: can you check if the file also exists in the main SG?
[07:50:37] jya: that’s the issue I’m having here
[07:50:38] stuarta: sure
[07:51:07] jya: stuarta: are you using a different port that standard for the main backend?
[07:52:27] stuarta: jya: yes, i run prod and dev on the same box, so the dev (ie master/trunk) backend runs on 7543 not 6543
[07:52:35] jya: ok
[07:52:43] jya: can you open a ticket so I don’t forget?
[07:52:48] stuarta: sure
[07:53:29] jya: of course, you can fix it yourself if you feel inclined !
[07:53:44] stuarta: jya: i do ;-)
[07:53:51] jya: probably GetMasterPort that is wrong in mythcorecontext.cpp
[07:54:20] stuarta: i was reviewing the changes you did in that area, and haven't seen anything yet, will review it again
[07:54:41] jya: easiest would be to put a breakpoint there and see what it returns
[07:55:02] stuarta: aye, i just need to trap the calling point and it'll be trivial to fix
[07:55:21] jya: just look at the stack trace
[07:55:25] stuarta: yep
[07:55:27] jya: tells you where you come frome
[07:55:32] stuarta: exactly what i was thinking
[07:56:13] stuarta: jya: i'm in linux support for a living, so i'm quite familiar with backtraces ;-)
[07:56:41] jya: can find out why it’s not downloading the artwork too (or not loading it)
[07:56:58] stuarta: both master and 0.27 are downloading the artwork
[07:57:13] stuarta: just in the db coverfile=""
[08:00:54] jya: what does: select inetref,season,coverart,fanart,banner from recordedartwork ;
[08:00:56] jya: returns ?
[08:01:53] stuarta: nada
[08:02:09] jya: oh sorry, that’s video right?
[08:02:11] jya: not recordings
[08:02:23] jya: you don’t use metadata on your recordings ?
[08:03:14] stuarta: select inetref,season,coverfile,fanart,banner from videometadata;
[08:03:41] stuarta: however, returns plenty of inetref's, season = [0|1], and empty for the rest
[08:03:59] jya: with : WHERE inetref = ‘blah’;
[08:04:03] jya: otherwise the list will be long
[08:04:29] jya: it’s for a movie or TV you’re tring to download?
[08:04:34] jya: movie works here on 0.27
[08:04:37] jya: TV doesnt
[08:04:44] stuarta: no i don't use metadata on recordings, only the eit data.
[08:04:54] jya: but that could just be the show I’m trying to acces (silicon valley, hilarious show)
[08:04:56] stuarta: i have a bunch of recordings i've previously moved to mythvideo
[08:05:17] stuarta: and it's those i'm scanning for metadata / coverart etc
[08:05:24] stuarta: mythutil --scanvideos
[08:06:36] jya: will be easier to try that with info -> details -> reset followed by info -> details -> retrieve
[08:06:36] ** stuarta fetches cuppa **
[08:06:41] jya: so you only do that one
[08:07:08] stuarta: there's a workaround mentioned in a ticket i added myself to yesterday which suggests doing something like that
[08:07:54] jya: scan video should do the same
[08:07:58] jya: but for all videos
[08:08:03] jya: it’s so verbose it’s hard to tell anything
[08:15:34] stuarta: most of it's in the backend log, queue lookups for all, then for each do lookup
[08:17:51] jya: scan videos is done by the frontend
[08:18:26] jya: and all in the frontend (unfortunately)
[08:20:33] stuarta: see i run mythutil --scanvideos on the backend
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[08:26:17] jya: it’s harder to debug that way
[08:26:25] jya: debugging the backend is a pain
[08:26:56] jya: it wrecks havock with the frontends and the networking code is so fragile that any weird dealing in there and nothing can be recovered
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[08:32:06] jya: stuarta: on my system (though it’s master) I download a file XXX and I get “banners/posters/74490–1.jpg”
[08:32:09] jya: stored in the database
[08:32:17] jya: wonder if you’re seeing the same
[08:32:17] stuarta: yes, master works
[08:32:36] jya: really?
[08:32:39] jya: now that’s weird
[08:32:51] stuarta: 0.27 does everything except sets coverfile='banners/posters/74490–1.jpg'
[08:34:25] jya: but it shouldn’t set that
[08:34:42] jya: that’s not the name of the file being saved
[08:34:48] jya: that’s what I’m seeing on master
[08:35:10] jya: it downloads a file, but put the URL of the name originally downloaded in the DB
[08:35:47] jya: the only way that ever worked was if by luck TVDB used to store images as inetref_coverart.jpg
[08:35:55] jya: this is a new behaviour that I don’t see my file
[08:36:33] jya: the code is wrong, it always has been
[08:36:40] jya: somehow it worked
[08:36:52] stuarta: bah, i'll dig some more when I have time
[08:37:03] jya: someone who knows TVDB API more than I do maybe can tell me what type of URL TVDB used to return
[08:38:25] jya: see here:
[08:38:54] jya: . . . ddd81c3dR109
[08:39:15] jya: see on how it stores in the database the name of the image as the full URL returned by TVDB ?
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[08:42:32] stuarta: see i like the guess first, and i'll fix it later approach
[08:42:59] jya: I’m so shaking my head at this code, that I’m getting to have a sore neck
[08:43:33] stuarta: i'm beginning to wonder if this is further lack of complete integration between recordings and videos
[08:43:55] jya: in my new code, the metadata is the same for both
[08:44:03] jya: no more separate path search wise
[08:44:06] jya: logic is the same
[08:44:08] stuarta: \o/
[08:44:18] jya: except that it uses a different DB for storage
[08:44:31] jya: recordedartwork vs videosartwork
[08:44:43] jya: wouldnt be hard to merge
[08:44:53] jya: how could that stuff ever worked....
[08:44:54] jya: ever
[08:45:25] stuarta: no, just need an additional column which designates it as recording / video
[08:46:57] jya: wagnerrp: do you remember what TTVDB used to return as URL ?
[09:08:50] jya: actually, I think it’s simply due to a race occurring because I have a breakpoint
[09:09:03] jya: there are two places handling the event DLEvent
[09:09:18] jya: one is called after the download and has updated URL
[09:09:29] jya: the otherone can be called before.. and has the original URL
[09:10:31] jya: ahhh… I also see what could reproduce it
[09:11:05] jya: if the images already exist on the file system, it considers it didn’t download them, and do not update the path
[09:11:46] stuarta: ah, lemme try cleaning all the images as well as the metadata then
[09:12:49] ** jya wondering how come no one saw those problems before **
[09:13:53] stuarta: that'll be our QA dept to blame ;-)
[09:14:55] jya: surely this is a very broadly used part of the code
[09:15:09] jya: I have mostly all my images on my system
[09:15:25] jya: always imagined that if there was no artwork, it was just that it couldn’t find it
[09:16:55] jya: also wonder why the searching for artwork on a particular recording (Menu -> Jobs -> Begin Metadata Lookup)
[09:17:02] jya: will only search for an inetref
[09:17:10] jya: it won’t search for any missing artwork as well
[09:17:27] jya: so you have to wait for the next day for when refresh-all-artowrk will be called
[09:20:48] stuarta: i've never used refresh-all-artwork
[09:32:23] jya: it’s run every night
[09:32:36] jya: (if you set it to download all artworks)
[09:35:46] stuarta: clearly i don't
[09:42:26] jya: if you don’t use artwork in the recording screens, it’s normal
[09:52:12] stuarta: nope i don't
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[10:00:48] jya: ahhh…. found another reason why it woasn’t working.
[10:00:55] jya: (that’s 3 so far)
[10:01:05] stuarta: :(
[10:01:18] jya: when a file is downloaded, it is added to a DownloadMap
[10:01:49] jya: later to know which artwork is in use , it checks that DownloadMap and update the “ArtowkrMap"
[10:02:04] jya: problem, ArtworkMap is a QMultiMap
[10:02:20] jya: so when you think you are updating a URL in there, you really aren't
[10:02:31] jya: especially when you use insert to modify the value !
[10:03:33] jya: DownloadMap is a QMap
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[10:28:59] paul-h: has the old virtual keyboard been removed? Means you can't use the old settings screens without a keyboard attached :(
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[10:32:15] paul-h: stuartm: I could be wrong but it seems if you change the FE Idle Time setting you have to restart the FE before the new setting will be used
[10:34:36] dekarl: jya, I got another 1x1 (copied from old recording rule to new recording tonight) before I installed your patch from the last pastebin, the next recording from the same rule after your patch has not got the 1x1 copied over
[10:34:44] dekarl: (still recording)
[10:35:08] jya: is that a good thing or a bad thing?
[10:35:45] jya: the 1x1 being forced, should be just on that particular recording. not on the whole recording rule
[10:35:50] dekarl: I think its a good thing. also the inetref got extended with the proper tvdb prefix
[10:36:26] jya: ah, I thought you meant that seeing that the previous recording was 1x1, so the next one should be (inherit from the previous one)
[10:45:15] dekarl: It means that doing nothing to existing recording rules will not show the 1x1 confusiong further lookups (and/or the user)
[10:46:07] dekarl: I see that the ttvdb prefix got added before, but only for some recordings (likely where there was a search hit)
[10:48:45] jya: ok.. I have the stuf where if it can’t find any artwork for a recording, it gets a generic one. The frontend will use that one, but will not consider that this artwork is final should one ever become available
[10:48:59] jya: actually it will use the latest one available .
[10:49:24] jya: using the last one may not be what we want
[10:49:36] jya: that’s how it currently work
[10:49:53] jya: it search for the exact season, and if not take the last available season
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[10:50:12] jya: and as I used season 0 for the generic artwork, it means it has the least priority
[10:51:23] dekarl: so it works like before, showing the latest season if unknown. sounds good
[10:56:01] jya: yes.
[10:56:22] jya: just that there’s a default artwork that is marked as season 0
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[11:30:19] jya: dekarl: you’re running master?
[11:36:51] dekarl: yes, v0.28-pre-1923-g203db78-dirt with your pastebinned patch
[11:37:08] dekarl: that's how I find all the small regressions ;)
[12:39:15] paul-h: stuartm: how does this look to fix changing the idle time requiring a FE restart?
[12:40:12] stuartm: paul-h: looks fine to me
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[13:17:20] paul-h: stuartm: thanks for reviewing it's committed
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[13:19:16] stuartm: the only bit I wasn't sure about was the CLEAR_SETTINGS_CACHE behaviour, I thought that once sent to the backend it was relayed back out to the frontends anyway, otherwise other frontends wouldn't get the message
[13:20:24] paul-h: that's what I thought but the FE never receives them
[13:21:04] paul-h: I think danielk may have changed that behaviour at some point
[13:34:45] jya: dekarl: I’ve pushed all my changes.. Would appreciate if you could give it a try… Works very well here now. finds more stuff and never mess up the user data
[13:34:58] jya: also fixed access to storage groups
[13:40:51] paul-h: Anybody know what the Show Devices is/was used for in MythGallery?
[13:41:21] jya: never used it.. but at a guess show the content of the attached camera?
[13:42:06] jya: stuarta: ok.. I’m done looking after that metadata for today.. how do you reproduce you bug ?
[13:42:14] jya: (also metadata)
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[14:23:00] stuartm: paul-h: it was meant to show the attached storage, allowing you browse images on a connected drive/camera and I think even import files from them
[14:24:00] stuartm: iirc it depended on the media monitor but I can't remember when it last worked properly (if ever)
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[14:25:39] stuartm: I never really used mythgallery in a big way, there will always be better tools for importing from devices (at least for me) so I'd use it as a dumb image browser when showing off photos to relatives etc
[14:29:20] jpabq: jya: thanks. I will try using MythNotification as an event. If that seems to work, I will look at what it will take to serialize it on the frontend.
[14:29:39] jya: it will work across the same app
[14:29:44] wagnerrp_ (wagnerrp_!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has joined #mythtv
[14:29:53] jya: I doubt it will be sent over the event socket
[14:30:16] jya: jpabq: actually, that stuff caught my curiosity, if you don’t do it soon, I will
[14:30:48] jpabq: jya: you are welcome to it. I probably would not have time to tackle this until this weekend.
[14:31:16] wagnerrp (wagnerrp!~wagnerrp_@mythtv/developer/wagnerrp) has quit (*.net *.split)
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[14:33:45] jpabq: jya: when you add that notification stuff, I thought it would be a great way to instantly inform the user of any important issues. if we can get it working where the mythbackend can effectively broadcast to any mythfrontends on the network, that would allow us to tell the user that something very bad is happening, and they can take immediate steps to fix it.
[14:34:04] jya: yes… indeed
[14:34:22] jya: i immediately thought the use for it… I just don’t get why I didn’t do it earlier
[14:34:49] jya: The backend already send events to the frontend, and the frontend displays those directly
[14:35:06] jya: but you don’t have the backend sending directly notifications
[14:37:10] jpabq: jya: I will be AFK for about 30 minutes. I will assume that you are going to work on this. If you decide not to, let me know and I will take a stab at it.
[14:38:04] jya: so many things to do.. so little time :(
[14:38:11] jya: wanted to look over the mythconvert crash first
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[15:09:16] jya: stuarta: are you there?
[15:11:08] jya: it’s very bizarre… for about 5 minutes I could reproduce the issue of the artowkr not being dowloaded. it was due to IsThisHost always returning true.
[15:11:22] jya: but now it works fine
[15:13:30] dekarl1 (dekarl1! has joined #mythtv
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[15:18:19] jpabq: jya: I completely understand. Like I said, it will be at least this weekend before I could look at it myself. As soon as I have some time, I will ping you about it, and if you have not started I will dig into it.
[15:26:28] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has joined #mythtv
[15:39:16] jya_: stuarta: appears to be a bug in QHostAddress::isNull() provided with a hostname, sometimes it will return true, and sometimes false
[15:39:32] jya_: it’s mostly true (the proper value) it returns.
[15:39:57] jya_: Qt 4.8.6
[15:42:26] jya_: and that triggers the buggy code in libmythmetadata
[15:42:46] jya_: which attempts to play directly with the storage group location (and it’s all wrong)
[15:46:26] jya_ (jya_!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya_)
[16:37:04] jya: funny… VideoMetadata::VideoFileHash was completely wrong, it would never check the file remotely, always locally (and for any remote frontend it means it would calculate an invalid hash tag)
[16:37:30] jya: so I fixed that, only to realise that RemoteFile::GetFileHash talways timeout after 30s
[16:37:41] jya: broken broken broken
[16:37:43] jya: this never end
[16:37:43] jya: s
[16:45:55] jya: does the jobqueue list ever get cleared?
[16:46:34] jya: was looking at my production backend, the id is in the 20,000+ and I can still use month old job id
[16:53:13] andreaz (andreaz! has joined #mythtv
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[17:05:23] sphery: autoincrement fields will never reset--they only roll over--so id will likely have large values in it, but you shouldn't have many (if any) actual rows in jobqueue table
[17:05:57] sphery: rows should be removed a while (4 days, a week?) after jobs complete or fail
[17:07:27] sphery: ah, actually they don't roll over--when you hit the max, inserts will fail
[17:09:39] sphery: so only way to reset the autoincrement is manually
[17:14:17] jya: sphery: oh well, you have that on your todo list then ? :)
[17:14:36] jya: how come I can still use the job id I had used a while ago ?
[17:14:51] jya: (use job id that start mythmetadatalookup_
[17:15:33] jya: it’s actually very practical for me testing… I simply try with the various job id I had used in the past on different recordings, and I can try them all
[17:16:11] jya: it appears RemoteFile::FileHash is broken since 2011 with this commit fb34130d3a7d
[17:16:28] jya: it’s lucky the video library never actually called it (due to another bug)
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[17:38:38] jya: stuarta: let me know if you’re still having issues with fixes/0.27 and and artwork not downloading.
[17:38:45] jya: I think I’ve fixed it
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