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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014, 00:03 UTC
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[00:03:43] jya: stuartm: you are right. there’s already everything in place to perform the audio decoding simply
[00:03:52] jya: no need for audioconvertL16.cpp
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[00:04:18] jya: that stuff won’t work with ffmpeg 2.2 anyway
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[01:51:53] jpabq: I updated my production system to the latest version of master this last weekend. Looks like something has broken time-stretch. Toggling to 1.5x speed results in the loss of audio. I will do a git bisect to figure out which commit did it, but was wondering if anyone else had noticed?
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[02:56:41] jya: jpabq: when did you last upgrade where it worked?
[02:56:49] jya: running master too before?
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[03:39:46] jya: sigh at that metadata code… it’s all copy/paste of the same code everywhere, after which there’s a small logic difference
[03:39:55] jya: Like there are 5 implementations of GuessLookupType
[03:41:09] jya: and it;s not even used everywhere, there are 4 more routines doing the same thing elsewhere
[03:45:30] jya: I see dekarl started to clean that up
[03:51:07] stichnot: jpabq, jya: not seeing any timestretch/audio problems here, with a couple different video sources
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[05:00:24] jpabq: jya: stichnot: I tried several different shows, and every time I toggled timestretch I had a short burst of audio, and then it went silent. I compiled several different versions and every one worked fine. I finally went back and tried the tip of master again .... and it worked fine. I can only conclude that either it was a build problem (even though I always do a distclean), or it is a timeing/race issue of some sort, where it generally works.
[05:02:02] jpabq: My production machines always have master on them. I feel like I need to run master in production to really be testing it. I probably only update the production machines every 2–3 weeks, though.
[05:02:16] jya: so it’s all good now?
[05:05:55] jpabq: Yes. Hopefully it was just some sort of fluke.
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[10:13:29] dekarl: jya, thats strange. I didn't get 1x01 earlier when the episode title wasn't found at thetvdb.
[10:14:07] dekarl: jya, aye, I started to refactor some small things when I come across them, but tried to not interfere with other devs activity
[10:16:26] dekarl: We copy season/episode from the recording rule to the recording? That's not so good for series recording rules...
[10:22:48] ** stuarta tries out this handbrake thingy to add one of his dvd's to his video library **
[10:23:42] dekarl: stuarta, makemkv works well for me
[10:24:08] stuarta: is it better or worse?
[10:24:09] ** dekarl needs to look into the mixing of recording rule and matched programme into a recording... **
[10:24:53] dekarl: well, handbrake reencodes, removes the letterbox... makemkv just copies the streams into a file with working metadata (language for subtitles/chapters/streams)
[10:26:50] stuarta: ah i see
[10:27:07] stuarta: that'll be why it's only running at about ~42fps
[10:28:18] stuartm: I like makemkv
[10:29:58] dekarl: meh . . . ecbb97ce2c74 that doesn't help with AC3 5.1 streams coming and going...
[10:30:10] stuartm: you can use it free for one or two months before you need to get a new 'free' key, of course you can buy it too which I honestly think is worth doing but they charge a flat 50 no matter which currency you use – so UK purchasers get a raw deal compared to those in the US
[10:30:46] dekarl: ^- thats for the Bluray part, the DVD part appears to work without any key
[10:32:45] stuartm: dekarl: really? I get prompted for the key when starting it not, when I try to rip something
[10:33:49] stuartm: I've been meaning to try purchasing through a US proxy so I pay the US price instead ... just because I'm cheap ;)
[10:34:54] dekarl: that is correct, then you git "continue" or whatever its called, then restart and rip your DVD
[10:35:00] dekarl: s/git/hit/
[10:35:56] stuartm: dekarl: ahh
[10:36:37] stuartm: never occurred to me to do that, especially since they make the beta key freely available
[10:37:17] dekarl: It helps to have flaky internet from the market leader :/
[10:38:17] stuartm: a few years back you could pick it up a lifetime key for $5, wish I'd taken up that offer
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[11:20:00] stuarta: now why didn't the metadata manager update the metadata with the coverfile image when it downloaded it???
[11:20:09] ** stuarta goes to mow the lawn **
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[11:34:00] natanojl: paul-h: Thanks for the mythmusic fix
[11:47:05] paul-h: natanojl: YW
[11:49:12] paul-h: Though it was quiet day on the mailing lists I'm just now getting emails from last night tickling in in some strange random order
[12:21:30] paul-h: stuartm: is the plan still to fix the problems with the new image gallery before 0.28?
[12:21:56] paul-h: I've got a dilemma I want to add something so my parents can import pictures from their new camera which requires qphoto2 but the new image gallery is quite frankly unusable even on a combined FE/BE so they still use the old gallery
[12:30:23] stuartm: paul-h: that's the plan, whether it will work out that way I can't say
[12:31:35] stuartm: if you want to add the feature to the older plugin then I can work out how to introduce it to the new gallery later on
[12:32:14] stuartm: the biggest difference is that the new stuff uses storage groups (not very well, but it does)
[12:32:36] stuartm: so imported files need copying over to the backend if working from a remote frontend
[12:33:12] stuartm: a lot like you've already done for mythmusic
[12:40:47] paul-h: OK I'll just add it to the old plugin there's just too much missing/broken in the new one to contemplate adding it there
[12:42:45] paul-h: I take it the original author of the patch has just abandoned it?
[13:00:33] jya: dekarl: the 1x1 will be set when no TV series were found with the existing S/E and no movie were found with that title, but it was found with 1x1
[13:00:41] jya: if it’s found with 1x1 , that 1x1 stays
[13:00:47] jya: if not, it reverts to what was there before
[13:02:46] paul-h: jya: having fun with metadata :)
[13:02:55] jya: tell me about it...
[13:03:08] jya: following that logic is like …
[13:03:23] jya: nah, I can’t think of anything that would compare
[13:03:58] jya: I dont understand why people complain that the season and episode can be set to 1 when it’s always been like that
[13:04:09] paul-h: you have my permission to whip airdrummer for that awful joke on the users list :)
[13:04:47] jya: it felt very to the point though :)
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[13:23:27] stuartm: paul-h: seems so, haven't heard anything from him, although he's in here almost permanently
[13:24:38] Jordack (Jordack! has joined #mythtv
[13:32:47] stuartm: paul-h: if the new gallery doesn't get sorted out for 0.28 then I'll end up disabling it before the release
[13:33:52] stuartm: although I had hoped I might add image browsing to upnp this coming week and that would use the backend of the new gallery
[13:34:18] stuartm: and of course the same for the webfrontend too
[13:56:09] dekarl: jya, do many of your S/E have an episode title? At the low amount of present episode titles you'll end up with 1x01 more often then not.
[13:58:01] jya: S/E is usually always filled
[13:58:21] jya: but I’m changing the behaviour so this never happens the replacement with 1x1
[13:58:23] jya: it’s not required
[13:58:37] jya: if I have full episode+season then I search on both
[13:58:44] jya: if just season I search on that
[13:58:57] jya: if just title: search on that
[13:59:20] jya: if title / subtitle sarch on that
[13:59:41] jya: if inetref/ subtitle: search on that
[14:00:04] jya: if just inetref, and nothing else, I search on the collection
[14:00:23] jya: (but only if we’ve reached the LookupData phase)
[14:01:01] dekarl: hm, inetref/season/episode? <- that's what I added to out guide sites
[14:01:51] dekarl: oh and category_type=movie + inetref for movies
[14:04:02] jya: I’m talking about tv here
[14:04:35] jya: I’ve removed that fallback from TV to movie and vice versa once we have an inetref
[14:04:46] jya: as we definitely now by then if it’s movie or tv (unlike before)
[14:05:16] dekarl: doh, I should add the new style inetrefs to xmltvparser.cpp then
[14:05:46] dekarl: . . . ser.cpp#L509
[14:05:59] jya: what are you working on ?
[14:06:29] jya: there’s a function that from the inetref tells you what it is: TV or movie
[14:06:39] jya: but there’s no need to do that
[14:06:55] jya: libmythmetadata if the inetref is set will ignore the recinfo
[14:07:12] dekarl: I search for the metadata at our guide service. I'm trying to use the (partly manually improved) match for the recordings
[14:07:16] jya: so you filling the type from the inetref in effect will serve no purpose
[14:08:10] jya: if the recording contains the extended info, when libmythmetadata attempts to find the metadata, it will use that to guess TV/movie
[14:08:36] dekarl: I added it before thinking that it could help to trigger "record all" vs. "find one" for "one-click recording".
[14:08:50] jya: and fallback to the previous method if it’s not an extended inetref or doesn’t exists. (and use the precense of season/episode and subtitle)
[14:09:09] jya: ah if there’s other use it;s a different story then
[14:09:51] jya: but as far as metadata is concerned, there’s no need to fill the type from the inetref in the source (Metadata, programinfo, and whatever GuessLookupType handle
[14:10:53] jya: I don’t see why the code wanted both season and episode to be set to think it’s TV
[14:11:00] jya: wouldn’t just the season be enough?
[14:11:37] dekarl: well, that depends... you could argue that many series only have episodes but no seasons... Basically the other way around
[14:11:58] jya: except that you can’t search on an episode number
[14:12:06] jya: but you can search on a season number
[14:12:13] dekarl: but yes, having a season but no episode should be close to non-existent
[14:12:14] jya: so argue as much as you want :)
[14:12:28] jya: it doesn’t exist
[14:12:30] dekarl: well, that's a limitation of one guide database ;)
[14:12:32] jya: but that’s not what I meant
[14:12:46] jya: if you search for just a season, it will list all the episodes of that season
[14:12:57] jya: which you can’t do at present
[14:13:30] dekarl: I'm looking into it because historically you had to set 1x1 on the rule to get the right lookuptype for your recordings
[14:13:46] jya: yes, but then it only searched for season 1 and episode 1
[14:13:50] jya: no more, no less
[14:13:53] dekarl: now I had some recordings with 1x1 where it appears to have been copied from the rule
[14:14:11] jya: it works like this:
[14:14:13] jya: search for TV
[14:14:13] dekarl: for new rules you can just use the inetref with series grabber prefix
[14:14:16] jya: search for movie
[14:14:25] jya: nothing yet? set season and episode to 1 and search TV
[14:14:46] jya: yes, except that right now, you still need the season/episode set
[14:15:11] jya: I have a series here: “Better Homes and Gardens"
[14:15:19] jya: starts at season 16 in TVDB
[14:15:23] jya: won’f find it with 1x1
[14:15:47] jya: but you’ll find it if you search by just the title (which gives you all the seasons)
[14:18:37] jya: I feel like removing the whole search that assumes it’s 1x1 be good enough
[14:18:49] jya: it’s never going to provide good result
[14:19:36] jya: and with my new method above, it would have found something anyway before, and give a list of matching data
[14:20:11] jya: if nothing is found, the user can easily edit the metadata and change the season/episode
[14:20:30] dekarl: yes, that's on my wishlist for the web frontend :)
[14:20:50] jya: isn’t that all already there
[14:20:54] jya: in mythweb at least
[14:21:17] dekarl: no, can't edit title/episodetitle/season/episode/inetref of a recording
[14:21:27] dekarl: neither in mythweb nor in the web frontend
[14:22:04] dekarl: I'd love to be able to just browse to the currently playing recording with the tablet when the episode name is on screen and enter it, then start metadata lookup
[14:22:17] jya: sure you can
[14:22:21] jya: in mythweb
[14:22:26] jya: I can set the inetref there
[14:22:28] dekarl: you can edit the recording rule
[14:22:40] jya: that’s how I’ve always searched for the inetref
[14:22:46] jya: I found it much easier than using the frontend
[14:23:24] jya: for recordings , recording rule == metadata
[14:23:28] jya: as far as inetref is concerned
[14:23:36] dekarl: that's what I'm using too, to lock a series recording rule to the correct series
[14:25:57] dekarl: but I'd like the recordings to carry the right episode title (and season/episode). as the EIT carries none of them I have to manually set at least one
[14:32:46] jya: but then it should be in the metadata no?
[14:33:04] jya: libmythmetadata will never overwrite when was provided by the TV guide or EIT
[14:33:16] jya: oops, sorry I misread
[14:33:30] jya: if you have the subtitle and the inetref
[14:33:34] jya: it should find it
[14:33:45] jya: let me copy/paste the order in which I search now
[14:34:22] jya:
[14:40:11] jya: do you see anything else it would need?
[14:40:35] stuarta: anybody remember a bug being fixed where the coverart details for a video wasn't being saved to the database? works in master, doesn't work in 0.27
[14:41:12] jya: are you sure it’s not saved in the database, and its not just the video not being saved?
[14:41:24] stuarta: the hard work is done. ie. the coverart is downloaded, just the metadata isn't properly updated to include the name
[14:41:46] jya: there was an issue with IsThisHost() that would make a frontend believes it was a backend, and attempt to save locally; which usually would fail, but with no apparent error
[14:42:00] jya: when did you last update 0.27?
[14:42:04] dekarl: 4.5 or 5.5 – "By title with season and episode"
[14:42:17] stuarta: jya: yesterday, so i have all your metadata fixes ;-)
[14:42:25] jya: there’s been a couple of days where it was broken
[14:42:45] jya: then I can’t think of anything because as far as metadata is concerned 0.27 == master
[14:43:50] dekarl: ^- title + S/E may lead to lots of false positives, but has been argued (not me) to be valuable as it gets it right more often then not
[14:44:17] jya: I’m not sure there’s such option in the grabber
[14:44:59] jya: the only search with season/episode is when you also have the inetref
[14:45:15] jya: now, I’m not sure I want to open the box of touching the grabber too
[14:45:33] jya: seeing that it’s all wagnerrp it’s likely better than libmythmetada
[14:45:35] jya: but still
[14:46:05] stuarta: jya: oh the grabber gets all the details, even the image it needs, it just doesn't seem to tell the database
[14:46:24] jya: that can’t be
[14:46:26] dekarl: jya, the grabbers support it
[14:46:47] jya: what option would that be?
[14:46:55] jya: -M is search by title only
[14:47:16] jya: -D let you search by series/episode but only with an inetref
[14:47:49] andreaz (andreaz! has joined #mythtv
[14:48:12] jya: -D is series name, or “series and season number” or “series / season / episode"
[14:48:15] dekarl: $ /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ -D Battlestar\ Galactica 1 1
[14:48:17] jya: series == inetref
[14:48:24] jya: that works?
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[14:48:51] jya: ohhhhh
[14:48:52] jya: cool
[14:48:54] jya: didn’t know
[14:48:55] dekarl: aye <subtitle>Saga of a Star World (1)</subtitle>
[14:50:19] jya: that’s for -D right?
[14:50:21] dekarl: I'm just not sure how useful it is...
[14:50:23] jya: or also -M (search)
[14:50:53] jya: should I assume if the episode/series number are set, there’s no point searching by name ?
[14:50:55] dekarl: -M also works, but should ignore s/e
[14:51:09] jya: right now it does it all
[14:51:15] jya: but I’m yet to see a case where that worked
[14:51:34] dekarl: I consider episode title heaps better then season/episode number
[14:51:36] jya: and I don’t want to slow down metadata search too much
[14:52:07] dekarl: there's only a hand full of duplicate episode titles within a series. (wikipedia has some lists for the series with >1000 episodes)
[14:52:29] dekarl: the episode order is disbuted a lot over at thetvdb
[14:52:57] jya: so back to the original question
[14:53:20] jya: so you don’t think s/e shiuld be trusted?
[14:54:04] jya: it’s a given that with the inetref, you don’t need the title
[14:54:20] dekarl: I would not trust title+season+episode
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[14:54:39] joki (joki! has joined #mythtv
[14:54:40] jya: what else you do not trus
[14:54:45] jya: and what do you trust?
[14:54:56] dekarl: if we get inetref+season+epiosode from the guide, then I would trust it
[14:55:45] dekarl: if we get inetref from the rule and season/episode from the guide I would not trust it <- IIRC one of the stuarts has a different opinion
[14:56:09] dekarl: I would trust title+episode title
[14:56:36] jya: how do you search title + episode title ?
[14:57:07] jya: I don’t think you can
[14:57:20] jya: only the title can be entered, everything else must be numeric
[14:57:50] jya: let me wrap something quickly
[14:57:55] jya: you tell me what you think
[14:58:01] dekarl: need to look at it. it works via the frontend, but the tvdb API doesn't support it, so it must be the grabber implementing it then
[14:58:32] jya: what do you mean it works via the frontend?
[14:58:39] jya: the grabber doesn’t let you enter title + subtitle
[14:59:17] dekarl: I manually add the episode data to a recording and then search for metadata, that pulls in season/episode/picutres
[14:59:38] jya: ah manually
[14:59:56] jya: ah you can search with -N
[15:00:00] jya: title/subtitle
[15:00:35] jya: of course, the doc in ttvdb is silent about those
[15:00:53] dekarl: that would be too easy ;)
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[15:09:08] jya: weird
[15:09:19] jya: -D inetref returns json-like
[15:09:31] jya: but -C inetref returns XML
[15:10:32] jya: in fact -D if not given both inetref + season + episode doesn’t output xml
[15:10:36] jya: not sure if that’s usable
[15:12:38] dekarl1 (dekarl1! has joined #mythtv
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[15:39:23] jya: dekarl1:
[15:39:44] jya: mind you, I don’t believe the search by just inetref will work nor inetref + season
[15:41:37] jya: no it doesn’t :)
[15:42:09] jya: so that leaves:
[15:42:10] jya:
[15:42:34] FabriceMG (FabriceMG! has quit (Quit: FabriceMG)
[15:53:41] dekarl1: hmm, could use a MetadataLookup::hasInetref()
[15:53:47] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[15:54:45] dekarl: no idea what the 00000000 is about. some old default from "the string to the right of imdb's tt" times?
[16:06:56] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has joined #mythtv
[16:07:22] jya: yeah, I still see 0000 sometimes
[16:09:31] dekarl: does it make sense to look into filling collectionref from the xmltv parser in addition to the inetref?
[16:10:08] jya: it exists in the xml
[16:10:10] jya: so why not
[16:10:18] jya: though it appears to always be the same as inetref
[16:10:37] jya: I do default to the collectionref if nohting has been found
[16:11:04] jya: I ‘ve found that it always provides basic artwork, and doesn’t touch any of the other data as it’s minimal
[16:11:20] dekarl: yes, for episodes the inetref and collectionid are the seriesid
[16:11:40] jya: what I do intend to add, is a change, such as if we have a episode + season which we didn’t have before, it will override the artwork
[16:11:45] dekarl: for movies we have separate movieid and collectionid (e.g. James Bond Collection)
[16:11:49] jya: so it will get updated later if the data exist
[16:12:01] jya: rather than get stuck once you have artwork once and for all
[16:12:12] dekarl: updating artwork sounds nice
[16:12:21] jya: afaik, there’s only collection support for tv
[16:12:56] jya: i also never *ever* force the metadata season/episode unless the original recording was 0/0
[16:13:04] dekarl: the grabber part appears to be done for movie collections
[16:13:33] dekarl: also some video schema is there, I'm not sure how much is missing though
[16:16:15] jya: the really dumb thing is that when you search for cover art, fanart, or banners
[16:16:29] jya: it does three queries, when one would be enough
[16:16:47] jya: caching the last one
[16:21:18] dekarl: We really need to sort out our terms... tv/movie instead of series/movie, title/subtitle instead of title/episodetitle, etc/pp . . . -code-review
[16:27:00] jya: :)
[16:27:16] jya: i’m usually okay with any terms with use for the week I need them
[16:27:20] jya: after that I need to learn again
[16:27:49] jya: ah…. coming from mythmetadatalookup, the collectionref is empty
[16:27:54] jya: do we save that one ?
[16:28:24] jya: if not I’ll probably assume that the inetref can be used as collectionref
[16:29:20] dekarl: hmm, all my `videometadata`.`collectionref`are -1
[16:29:33] jya: for recordings?
[16:30:09] dekarl: I'm not seeing an attribute in the recorded table
[16:30:20] jya: ah that sucks
[16:30:53] jya: it certainly isn’t in ProgramInfo
[16:31:16] dekarl: +1 for merging the model of videos and recordings
[16:31:30] fmcd (fmcd!~fmcd@pdpc/supporter/active/phpgus) has joined #mythtv
[16:31:52] jya: for metadata, as I’ve got rid of the 1x1 hack
[16:32:06] jya: there’s now no need for differences between video and recordings
[16:32:18] jya: before if everything failed, it would try 1x1
[16:32:31] jya: can’t see how that could ever have been a good option to try
[16:32:45] jya: except on the rare case where it’s a pilot :)
[16:34:43] dekarl: hmm, so no more need for 1x1 in recording rules?
[16:35:51] dekarl: I'm trying to decide if I should come up with a schema upgrade to convert the old way to the new way or figure out if 1x1 from rules ends up in recordings
[16:42:23] jya: dekarl: no
[16:42:51] jya: 1x1 was really only used to force trying a TV search first
[16:43:03] sphery: jya: pretty sure collections are an unimplemented idea that was put in at the last minute for support with, er, another project
[16:43:10] sphery: . . . 04833#504833
[16:43:11] jya: otherwise it would have searched for a movie and stop there if it found something
[16:44:09] jya: sphery: I seem to recollect that (and Beirdo vocal annoyance at it)
[16:44:35] jya: oh well, I’ve completed that use
[16:44:40] jya: for TV at least
[16:44:43] dekarl: aye, as the data about movie collection is out there we might as well use it as a grouping feature
[16:44:43] sphery: hehe, nice
[16:45:03] fmcd (fmcd!~fmcd@pdpc/supporter/active/phpgus) has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:45:18] dekarl: jya, will look at the schema upgrade then
[16:45:22] jya: sphery: I only use this for artwork & description if nothing else worked
[16:45:26] jya: in place of the 1x1
[16:45:37] fmcd (fmcd! has joined #mythtv
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[16:45:37] fmcd (fmcd!~fmcd@pdpc/supporter/active/phpgus) has joined #mythtv
[16:45:39] jya: dekarl: I’m not sure I see the need for it
[16:45:53] jya: there’s no way you’re going to properly identify if a 1x1 was crappy or not
[16:46:05] jya: and if it was and the user cared about it, he would have manually edited it
[16:46:15] jya: e.g. I see that as a lot of effort for very little gain
[16:46:18] dekarl: wondering if that should be a function of mythmetdatalookup instread, similar to the "movie inetref from recording to rule" feature
[16:46:36] jya: not sure I follow you
[16:46:40] jya: (but it’s almost 3AM)
[16:46:47] dekarl: s/movie/move
[16:46:54] jya: going to give you a big patch, if you could try it a bit that would be great
[16:46:59] dekarl: aye, dinner time over here :)
[16:48:17] paul-h: stuartm: turns out most of what was required was already there just disabled I guess for security reasons and just required enabling and tidying up :)
[16:49:22] paul-h: Don't know why running a script in MythGallery is any worse than everywhere else we allow to run scripts
[16:49:28] dekarl: jya, I'm just thinking about how to upgrade old recodring rules of the people that I talked into MythTV to the new inetrefs
[16:50:00] jya: I can see room for a massive amount of false positive
[16:51:21] jya: also, I can’t imagine doing so without simply re-reunning the new metadata search on everything
[16:51:26] jya: that would take ages
[16:52:13] jya: here are my changes:
[16:52:16] jya: going to bed
[16:52:43] jya: I see another issue in that it tries to always get the artwork for a particular season
[16:52:58] jya: so if nothing was found, and you have multiple recordings with multiple seasons
[16:53:18] paul-h: NN You'll be dreaming of metadata tonight :)
[16:53:19] jya: you end up with a few images that are identical , but all with a different name
[16:53:32] jya: paul-h: probably will… good night :)
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[17:35:22] jpabq: jya: is there a trick to using ShowNotification() from a non-ui thread? I would like to pop up a notice to the user from within tv_rec(). I tried just adding a call to ShowNotification() but nothing happens — it looks like GetNotificationCenter() returns NULL.
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[20:35:41] stuartm: jpabq: isn't there an event you can use?
[20:37:23] jpabq: stuartm: I would think so, but it was not obvious when I looked. I was hoping jya was available for a quick answer so I didn't need to dig for it. I have other things I am working on right now anyway...
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[21:42:23] stichnot: jpabq: Have a look at NetworkControl::processNotification()
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