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Monday, July 14th, 2014, 00:05 UTC
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[02:26:47] jya: dekarl: I’m hoping my fix_all_the_bugs_in_027 quest is now over (touch wood), and I’ll be able to concentrate on liveTV streaming this week.
[02:27:15] wagnerrp: we're still missing metadata updates for mythweb and the python bindings... :)
[02:27:29] wagnerrp: working on the python bit right now
[02:30:32] jya: wagnerrp: great. please try to do a bit more testing this time… lots of regressions introduced in the last bit
[02:30:55] jya: i had forgotton about mythweb… however, it should work just like it used to before
[02:32:07] jya: i made sure I tested that it worked fine using the inetref without the prefix
[02:35:42] wagnerrp: i wasn't expecting it to be backported so quickly
[02:36:39] jya: somehow I doubt it any of the bugs would have been picked up otherwise. not that many master user, and even less so using metadata I’m afraid
[02:37:54] jya: still, most of the issues could have been avoided first go… otoh, that let me refresh my memory on how metadata is working and once again shake my head on how things are done :)
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[04:26:25] jya: guys knew that project?
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[07:26:52] dekarl: jya that videoconverter.js is a fun idea (thinking of all the "turn x into y" websites. Anybody want to compile mythfrontend for the browser? Should be much easier then writing a proper web frontend ;)
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[09:02:57] jya: dekarl: and for SIMD javascript:
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[09:20:51] dekarl: hmm, looking into european network tuners... this SAT>IP is interesting for SAT going down to 26 Euro per tuner but for DVB-C its 100+ Euro per tuner
[09:20:52] dekarl: so its not really more attractive then just importing a HDHR with 4xDVB-C myself at 60 Euro per tuner (incl. VAT and shipping) get to deal with customs vs. developing SAT>IP support (and not knowing if that can do multirec)
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[09:24:40] dekarl: hmm 31 Euro/tuner not 26, but still a nice price
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[10:23:38] dekarl: are there release notes for libhdhomerun? they have a 20140604 release, but what's new since 20130328? (gigem?)
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[10:24:36] dekarl: . . . comment-8014 says the channel scan with mythtv (0.25) isn't so easy, hinting that it might be due to the missdetection as ATSC device
[11:12:18] dekarl: jya, does that work with "hostnames" from config.xml? I'm wondering what happens when I start with an override that is not the real name of the host
[11:12:40] jya: dekarl: it should now
[11:12:44] dekarl: nice
[11:12:59] jya: it has for a while btw, about 2 month now
[11:13:23] jya: that last commit was more just in case you have two hostnames that resolves to the same IP
[11:14:10] jya: i was a tad fed up on how complicated it was to change the IP address of a backend
[11:15:13] jya: basically, wherever you were entering an IP address before, now should be able to use hostnames: in particular the master backend IP.
[11:21:54] dekarl: that part wondered me when I tried the XBMC plugin... why not use the autoconfig via service discovery?
[11:22:31] dekarl: unless you're at a mythtv hackaton there's not going to be much more then three MBE so the list shouldn't be to long
[11:30:04] natanojl: jya: heh, I was going to ping you about that parenthesis placement
[11:32:45] jya: natanojl: a tad furious with myself over that one…
[11:37:11] natanojl: happens to most people once in a while
[11:43:53] jya: dekarl: the auto-discovery doesn’t really handle well what version the backend is running
[11:44:18] jya: IMHO, if using auto-discovery, and there’s two backend runnings, it should be able to select the right one automatically
[11:44:38] jya: not prompt the user about which one to use only to give an error about the schema not being valid
[11:45:39] dekarl: I agree. running master and fixes in parallel should "just work"
[11:50:42] jya: *should* :P
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[13:05:30] ** jya how can a single commit introduce so many regressions... **
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[13:26:35] stuartm: RemoteFile::isLocal() could be smarter, just because a file uses a myth:// URI doesn't mean it's not local and creating a socket from the backend to itself for a filetransfer operation is ridiculous
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[15:17:24] gigem: dekarl1: No idea on libhdhomerun. The last time I tried updating it, I buggered the local changes someone else had made, so I've shied away from touching it, especially with all the new products they've released the last year.
[15:18:05] gigem: jya: Congrats on the new job. Are you staying in Oz?
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[15:30:30] superm1_: dekarl1: that upgrade stuff when you move files always is ugly and we consistently mess it up :(
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[15:34:29] jya_: gigem: yes I am… will work from home
[15:34:37] jya_: thanks
[15:36:25] stuartm: jya_: the auto-discovery response includes the backend version being used and the protocol version
[15:37:03] jya_: does it advertise which sql server it uses?
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[15:37:54] stuartm:
[15:38:18] stuartm: jya_: the software or the ip etc?
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[15:38:45] jya_: either.. problem without the database, the BE is useless for a myth frontend
[15:39:08] stuartm: the idea is that once you have the response from the backend you get the database connection details from it via services or the internal protocol
[15:39:48] stuartm: we're trying to get third party clients away from direct DB access
[15:44:13] jya_: imho, we should still use a DB, but via the BE only, and via service api or myth protocol
[15:44:31] stuartm: /Myth/GetConnectionInfo in the services API returns the database info, the Service Discovery response tells you the IP of the backend
[15:44:38] jya_: (i don’t have anything against the myth protocol)
[15:45:01] stuartm: jya_: so SQL via the services API?
[15:45:25] jya_: yep… (or myth for our frontend as it’s more lean)
[15:46:04] stuartm: direct db access via the services API undermines the point of the API which is to prevent garbage being inserted by third parties
[15:46:11] jya_: replace all the QSqlPrepare .. exec with a MythSql type, the go through the backend
[15:46:26] stuartm: and to abstract away the db so that third parties aren't broken by schema changes
[15:47:06] jya_: i don’t really look at 3rd party at this stage.. purely our frontend to make it more UPnP. start it, it works
[15:47:34] stuartm: jya_: sure
[15:47:38] jya_: no worry about permissions, setting sql server for non local client etc
[15:48:10] jya_: i never really had any 2nd thoughts about 3rd party seeing that i don’t really care about them :)
[15:48:12] stuartm: yep, that's one reason why we've been wanting to do this for years
[15:49:01] stuartm: it's been on the developer 'wishlist' for far too long
[15:49:06] jya_: imho, the solution of using the BE has a proxy with a MythSQL class allows to get resolve the issue for our frontend very quickly
[15:49:16] jya_: s/has/as
[15:49:39] jya_: sure, rewriting it using service api would be nicer
[15:49:53] jya_: but i just don’t see this done anytime soon… so much work
[15:50:48] jya_: and for 3rd party, having a VOD streaming for either recordings, video or liveTV via service API + hls/rtsp make the problem mostly moot
[15:51:28] stuartm: jya_: I don't want the frontend to use the services API, IMHO our own protocol is better for that
[15:51:53] jya_: actually, i think it would take me less time to implement a mythsql + be proxy, than the VOD i started
[15:52:03] jya_: would fit better in my 1w schedule
[15:52:34] jya_: i like the coolness of streaming vod better though
[15:52:39] stuartm: VOD has more 'wow' factor, there's a lot depending on on-demand streaming
[15:52:55] stuartm: hls/dash/upnp and third party clients
[15:53:02] jya_: yes… it’s just damn complicated to do properly
[15:53:18] stuartm: yup :) I really don't envy you that task
[15:54:30] jya_: i was thinking of using a mythplayer class, allows you to seek/pause/play but all it does is stream the decoded data
[16:07:10] stuartm: jya_: that seems like a good idea
[16:08:21] jya_: problem with that is will output raw content.. never preventing decoding if we can use the content as-is
[16:08:22] stuartm: no transcoding?
[16:08:55] jya_: would need to have a “passthrough” mode like we have for audio
[16:08:58] jya_: but for video
[16:13:33] stuartm: btw ignore that question, don't think I've woken up yet today :)
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[16:23:30] dekarl1: superm1_: hehe, easy solution put all files into one fat common package with lots of dependencies, then add the backend/frontend/fileserver packages which only care about configuration, service startup, database setup etc
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[17:43:32] stichnot: Has anyone put together a clang-format style file reflecting the MythTV coding style? I've gotten really spoiled by clang-format
[17:51:19] stuartm: I created one for astyle, don't know that anyone has done one for clang
[17:54:08] stichnot: cool, didn't know about astyle. Is your config file available somewhere
[17:54:18] stuartm: it's in the extras repo under configs
[17:54:25] stichnot: ok
[17:54:40] stuartm: it's not perfect, but as close as astyle gets (or did at the time it was written)
[17:56:13] stuartm: only deals with formatting, not variable naming etc – not sure what clang-format does
[17:56:29] stichnot: clang-format is the same, I believe, formatting only
[17:57:21] stuartm: looks like it, just brought up the manual
[17:57:32] stichnot: there's also a script that reformats only the code you touched, which is crucial if you want to just reformat everything once at the end
[17:59:40] stuartm: half expected clang-format to do variable/class naming too since they've got the parser/tokeniser there to make it possible to replace all instances of a name within the code base
[18:02:21] stichnot: that could be a problem for separate compilation – you can't change the name of something globally visible unless you also change all its users
[18:17:12] stuartm: it's eerie just how closely the upnp scheduled recording service mirrors the internal structure of MythTV, almost as if whoever wrote it used MythTV as the template
[18:17:47] stuartm: yes, certainly all DVRs are going to work in roughly similar ways, but ...
[18:30:58] dekarl: well, not sure what to do now that german has been frowned upon, but here it is . . . ing-api.html :D
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[18:40:20] stuartm: I like the random bits of English ;)
[18:44:34] stuartm: thought I might learn Dutch next, but maybe I'll go with German instead :)
[19:18:49] monodemono: So I'm trying to setup mythtv on my macbook, and I'm running into a small problem. mythtv-setup is looking for mysql.sock in the wrong location. How can I fix this?
[19:27:04] monodemono: I tried making a symbolic link, but it doesn't seem to work
[19:28:50] monodemono: Ah, I just deleted the symbolic link, and recreated it, and it seems fine, have a different issue I'm gonna try to fix now. If someone has a more permanent solution though, I'd love to hear it.
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[19:33:05] wagnerrp_: jya: re 6fddce0, i specifically chose ":" as the separator as it was unlikely to be used in either the name of a grabber or the inetref returned by one
[19:33:23] wagnerrp_: use of an underscore seems like it's going to cause a lot of false positives in that regular expression
[19:49:26] peper03: stuartm: If you write German with an English accent you get something approximating Dutch :)
[19:49:37] ** peper03 runs and hides from the Dutch speakers... **
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[19:57:23] monodemono: Okay so I think I finally have mythtv running. Just trying to figure out how to make it see my cable box (if it even can)
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[20:17:07] sphery: monodemono: as far as mysql.sock, that's a MySQL configuration issue (not MythTV), see . . . ql-sock.html for information about how to compile MySQL to use the proper default or how to use some location other than the compiled-in default.
[20:17:36] sphery: That said, you probably want #mythtv-users for more (since it doesn't seem to be a MythTV developer issue)
[20:18:06] monodemono: sphery: ah thank you, I checked the topic, but only the second half haha, apologies
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[20:18:25] landstalker: Evening
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[20:18:41] landstalker: Sorry wrong channel :-)
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[20:24:18] peper03: Is is possible to post to one of the mailing lists without being subscribed? Just realised my email to the -theming list last week doesn't appear to have made it.
[20:26:15] sphery: peper03: pretty sure you have to subscribe (or convince someone who is to forward a message for you--feel free to send to me if you want). That said, perhaps the theming forum would be sufficient?
[20:27:52] peper03: sphery: I can subscribe to the list. It's not that big a deal. Hadn't thought about the forum. Will do that too. So, IRC channel, mailing list and forum. Let no-one say I didn't tell them :)
[20:30:26] sphery: hehe, that should cover it  :)
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