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Sunday, July 13th, 2014, 00:21 UTC
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[12:24:28] jya: gigem: Was wondering why I couldn’t edit the recording metadata for a recording I had just made (via pressing R in liveTV)
[12:24:56] jya: I notice that the menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Metadata Options")); is only shown if isScheduled is true
[12:29:19] jya: is there any particular reason it wouldnt be possible to edit the metadata for a recording made via liveTV?
[12:31:32] jya: it’s mythfrontend/scheduleeditor.cpp line 834 just in case ...
[12:32:58] jya: void ScheduleEditor::ShowMetadataOptions(void) also contains code preventing to use the metadataeditor on liveTv recordings
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[14:20:01] stichnot: jya: . . . a16a3af5f4ee needs to be reverted since it forcibly turns off captions at every seek instead of the intended behavior of clearing existing captions from the screen
[14:20:26] stichnot: I'll do that once I figure out if there is a proper fix to the issue being addressed
[14:20:35] jya: please feel free to do so
[14:20:50] stichnot: will do.
[14:20:59] ** jya wondering if there’s any of Lawrence patch that aren’t going to be reverted :( **
[14:22:39] stichnot: would be so nice if it were possible to have automated UI regression tests...
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[15:03:39] jya: stuartm: do you know where the recordings metadata are stored?
[15:06:34] jpabq: stichnot: your latest seek patch works great! Seeks are quicker than they have ever been with it.
[15:12:23] jya: HDPVR?
[15:13:28] jya: jpabq: you know the screen Watch Recordings -> M -> Recording Options -> Change Recording Metadata
[15:14:08] jya: where does it get the data from? it doesn’t seem to always match what you see in the Edit Recording Schedule -> Metadata Options
[15:16:23] jpabq: jya: good question. I don't know.
[15:18:53] stichnot: jpabq: cool, thanks for checking. Just to be clear (like jya asked), you were testing HD-PVR recordings, right?
[15:19:48] jpabq: stichnot: yes. I tested both ATSC and HD-PVR recordings. Didn't make a noticeable difference with ATSC, but a huge diff with HD-PVR — especially with backward seeks.
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[15:24:23] stichnot: jpabq: do you record HD-PVR with 720p or 1080i?
[15:24:43] jpabq: Both. both seems to be working well.
[15:35:06] stichnot: ok. I have my STB set to 720p, which puts keyframes ~2s apart, and so even without the patch, I tend not to see any issues with 5s seeks, but that would probably be different for 1080i with 4s keyframe distance.
[15:36:24] jpabq: My backward seeks are set to 7s.
[15:37:03] jpabq: Even with 720p, this patch makes a noticeable difference for me when seeking backwards.
[15:37:51] jpabq: There used to be about a 1/4 second pause on about 50% of the backward seeks. Now there is no noticeable pause at all.
[15:39:00] jpabq: When I say "used to be", I mean with const double MythPlayer::kInaccuracyDefault = 1.0; With that set to the default of 0.1 seeks were PAINFUL.
[15:39:18] jpabq: I have not tried it set to 0.1 recently, though.
[15:46:54] jpabq: I just tried it unpatched, and with 0.1. With 720p there is a quick pause when jumping backward 7s. With 1080i the 1/4 second pause is consistent. With MythPlayer::kInaccuracyDefault = 1.0 the length of the pause is about the same, but it doesn't happen every time. With your latest patch, all of that is gone, and I have not noticed any pauses atfer the seek at all.
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[17:18:04] stuartm: stuarta:
[17:18:16] stuartm: now that would be something worth getting into 0.28!
[17:18:49] stuartm: shame he's not providing a patch for MythTV, but I'm sure we can lift the info we need easily enough
[17:27:40] gigem: jya: Metadata is something I generally don't bother with. As such, anything dealing with it in the schedule editor should be pretty much as it was before the overhaul I did a couple of years ago. In this case, though, I think I can answer your question. The metadate in the recording rule, and consequently the schedule editor, only applies to future recording for that rule. For a live TV recording, there
[17:27:42] gigem: was no recording rule for it, so when you try to edit the recording rule for one, you start with an empty rule set to not record anything. If you change the rule type to actually record something, then isScheduled will get set to true and you will be able to edit the metadata for any recordings that rule makes in the future.
[17:30:23] jya: gigem: so if I edit the metadata for a recording (one created with a rule), is that why I can’t expect to see the artwork to appear once I’ve saved?
[17:31:08] jya: i’m currently investigating on why it is the case (which led me to find yet more bug by iamlindoro from that time). there are like 3 invalid SQL queries done for each item…
[17:31:59] gigem: I imagine so. Again, metadata is something I don't generally use. My understanding is the metadata info in the rule is only for future recordings. I have no idea how one would add/edit metadata for an existing recording.
[17:33:48] jya: surely there must be a way since if I select jobs -> start metadata blah , a few minutes later the backend search for the metadata and suddenly stuff appears on the frontend
[17:37:04] gigem: I suspect there is a way too. If it relies on the recording rule, though, I expect it would have problems with live TV and record single/one rules after they have been deleted.
[17:38:42] jya: I think I’m starting to understand what’s going on
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[17:39:01] jya: what I edit in Watch Recordings -> M -> Recording Options -> Change Recording Metadata, is for the rule
[17:40:04] jya: sorry, that’s for the recording itself. while Edit Recording Schedule -> Metadata option is for the rule
[17:40:54] jya: it feels counter intuitive however to not have the inetfref copied to the current recording after you’ve edited the recording rule
[17:42:10] jya: yep… that’s what it is...
[17:43:34] gigem: There are probably other things that could/should be copied from record to recorded when a rule is changed. inetref is probably one of them.
[17:44:13] jya: i can’t see any copy occurring.
[17:44:38] jya: inetref season and episode could be copied to the original recording if either were empty before imho
[17:46:30] jya: the whole process to load artwork/fanart/etc seems rather inefficient. It sends 3 messages to get the info. each message leads a mysql query that queries all data available, and then from the result read only the artwork, fanart etc
[17:46:52] jya: you would have thought one message for one SQL query retrieving all data at once would be better
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[19:14:00] stuartm: dblain_: tried out that Intel test suite for UPnP, unfortunately it won't install under Wine :/
[19:24:46] stuartm: the source is available, but that's an adventure for another day
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[19:42:58] caelor: stuartm that freesat numbering does look like it would be nice for 0.28. Completely in parallel to Steve's work, I'm working what should be able to be a central database of channels (e.g. something that could run in
[19:44:12] caelor: I've currently got a python script that ingests a v1.3 channels.conf and submits it to a central service. Over the next few days, I'll be putting together a web interface, with the hope it could be something approaching "channelbrainz"
[19:44:48] caelor: the ideal being auto population of channel numbering and xmltvids following a rescan, based on crowdsourced data
[19:47:11] caelor: if myth in future did background rescanning, it could optionally submit scan results to the central db, and if the db already had reliable data for any found channels, they could be seamlessly added
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[20:35:30] stuartm: I think we have to add a ScheduledRecording Service to libupnp, it's begging to be done
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[21:17:30] dekarl: stuartm, do we already support LiveTV on UPNP? CDSObject::CreateVideoBroadcast()
[21:22:54] stuartm: dekarl: no
[21:23:36] dekarl: ok, looks like there is much stuff prepared, I like CreateMusicVideoClip(). Would be nice to support them, too :)
[21:23:40] stuartm: that code is a stub to create the container, what we lack is support for streaming livetv
[21:24:33] stuartm: dekarl: I'm currently reworking things to properly use the available containers, although not yet music video since we don't have that metadata in the database
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[21:31:52] stuartm: for livetv we first need to add stuff to the services API to support it, it has to be a single method that starts the recorder on a given and returns the data in one action
[21:32:49] stuartm: and it needs to do something that currently isn't implemented in the services API; it needs to stop the recorder when the client closes the http connection
[21:33:33] stuartm: s/given/given channel/
[21:34:56] stuartm: to change the channel the client would kill the current connection and start again – slow, but that's the only way it can work with upnp, or the services API for that matter because it's required by REST
[21:35:44] stuartm: technically you could have mythbackend wait a short while for a new connection before tearing down the recorder, but that has to be transparent to the client
[21:44:40] dekarl: stuartm, aye. jya mentioned adding RTSP transport for recordings, might do that for livetv, too. That should fit well with UPNP
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