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Wednesday, July 9th, 2014, 00:24 UTC
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[06:09:46] jya: wagnerrp: what would be the best way to test your metadata change ?
[06:10:11] jya: what I thought I could test was assign one of the name that are known to cause the issue. make sure the right show is returned
[06:10:31] jya: I can edit the metadata of a show, but I can’t manage to make it retrieve the artwork right after
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[07:53:33] stuarta: morning all
[09:25:30] jya: evening!
[09:39:03] stuarta: :)
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[10:05:37] jya: wagnerrp: just testing the metadata stuff… it doesn’t work here… in the backend log I have: (Failed with exit status 134)
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[10:12:11] paul-h: jya: 134 would be a database error if it's using our exit codes
[10:12:43] jya: paul-h: thanks for that. reverting the commit and I retrieve my data (the wrong one though) just fine
[10:15:57] paul-h: stuartm: I'm going to try to set up the idle stuff on my parent system. it's a combined FE/BE they have a Sky+ box now so never record using Myth I just want it to go idle after a timeout and shut down.
[10:16:24] paul-h: What setting would I need for that? It sounds like that is similar to what you use it for?
[10:37:02] stuartm: paul-h: Setup > General > Last Page > Idle time before entering standby mode (on the frontend)
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[10:39:23] stuartm: on the backend – mythtv-setup > General > Shutdown/Wakeup Options > Idle Shutdown set to any value other than zero
[10:40:06] paul-h: stuartm: OK thanks. Is there a wiki page for the idle screen – if not I'll start one
[10:43:05] stuartm: I've not created one, so probably not
[10:45:44] stuartm: if you want the backend to wake up automatically then you need to the 'wakeup command', there's a script in the wiki you can copy/paste –
[10:53:24] stuartm: ffs, ran out of space on my production frontend root partition (apt-get not cleaning up behind itself) and now my program table is completely and irrecoverably corrupted
[10:58:48] stuarta: :(
[10:59:01] stuarta: this is why we should use innodb
[10:59:28] stuartm: will definitely have to work with the Mageia packagers to improve their mythtv packages, sick of Ubuntu issues
[10:59:56] stuarta: you use mageia?
[11:00:32] stuartm: on this machine yes, switched to mythbuntu in production
[11:04:04] jya: wagnerrp: did you test your commit ? did it work for you?
[11:04:13] jya: I’ve opened a ticket #12203
[11:04:13] ** MythLogBot **
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[11:33:07] wagnerrp: jya: i tested the commit locally with a bunch of dummy files. it worked fine
[11:33:58] jya: with recordings?
[11:34:05] jya: this is where the issue is
[11:34:17] wagnerrp: not recordings, just the video library
[11:34:26] jya: -l en -a AU -D 77967 properly returns data, yet it states it it didn’t find anything
[11:35:31] jya: just that you get “no results” after
[11:35:59] jya: problem, it’s not easy to debug on my mac as the application is forked.. making it impossible to use lldb
[11:36:52] jya: i see that now it runs -l en -a AU -D 77967 while pre-commit it runs: -l en -a AU -D 77967 1 1
[11:36:53] jya: 2014-07–09 20:49:00.385138 I Returning Metadata Results: Sportscenter 0 0
[11:37:09] jya: not sure if that’s what cause the issue (probably not as it does find data)
[11:38:48] wagnerrp: with a bit of since-removed logging, but from the video library
[11:38:52] wagnerrp:
[11:39:08] wagnerrp: i try it with a dummy recording
[11:40:27] jya: ok.. i have a way to run mythmedatagrabber on its own with a job number.. can see what’s going on
[11:40:51] jya: too bad you changed the structure of the code so much, it makes it impossible to compare the two versions easily.
[11:41:11] jya: hence why keeping changes to a minimum, and one change per commit is the way it should be done
[11:52:31] jya: wagnerrp: did you try with dummy recording or not ?
[11:52:47] wagnerrp: the issue is that the metadata library is still causing the same issue it did before
[11:52:57] wagnerrp: its running the command as if it were a movie
[11:53:00] jya: how so?
[11:53:06] wagnerrp: meaning it's not calling it with season and episode number
[11:53:13] jya: but why would it find something before, but not now?
[11:53:34] jya: the metadata found before was good. just the artwork that wasn't
[11:53:52] wagnerrp: apparently if you call -D with just an inetref and no season/episode, it returns the old data format
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[11:54:46] wagnerrp: not xml
[11:54:53] wagnerrp: so the library cannot process it
[11:55:04] jya: ah so the lack of 1 1 in the argument provided was the problem then
[11:55:14] wagnerrp: yes
[11:55:23] wagnerrp: now why it's getting confused, and processing it as a movie...
[11:55:59] jya: the screen where you can edit the recording metadata, doesn’t even provide a way to enter an episode number
[11:56:47] jya: he does fallback to MetadataDownload::handleRecordingGeneric
[11:57:15] jya: then set back origseason and origepisode as 0
[11:59:25] wagnerrp: probably line 551
[11:59:31] jya: you don’t seem to pass the episode number that has been set to t he MetadataLookup argument provided to MetadataDownload::handleTelevision
[12:00:09] jya: it is line 551…
[12:00:48] wagnerrp: i believe that should be a grabber.Search, rather than a LookupData
[12:01:18] wagnerrp: meaning it searches a second time with the inetref for some reason
[12:01:29] wagnerrp: . . . es/0.27#n582
[12:01:39] wagnerrp: -M [inetref] instead of -D
[12:02:38] jya: before you had: if (…) and again if () else if ()
[12:02:47] jya: now it’s if () else if () else if ()
[12:03:23] jya: as GetStep() returns kLookupSearch
[12:03:59] wagnerrp: that's all the same. it's that before it was building the command locally, and had already defined an -M (search) for both
[12:04:00] jya: you combined the two case for when it kLookupSearch in a single case
[12:04:12] jya: but then it causes the next step not to be run.. small logic error
[12:04:21] jya: no
[12:04:32] jya: because before it was doing : if (lookup->GetStep() == kLookupSearch)
[12:04:43] jya: and would then do lookup->SetStep(kLookupData);
[12:04:57] jya: so it would then fall in the else if (lookup->GetStep() == kLookupData)
[12:05:25] jya: which would do: list = grabber.LookupData(lookup->GetInetref(), lookup->GetSeason(), lookup->GetEpisode(), lookup);
[12:06:32] wagnerrp: oh, i see what you're saying
[12:06:56] jya: either you go back to the previous logic (which I admit is rather dirty)
[12:07:51] jya: or you keep the structure you have now, but instead of doing: list = grabber.Search(lookup->GetTitle(), lookup); you have to duplicate the kLookupData case: ist = grabber.LookupData(lookup->GetInetref(), lookup->GetSeason(), lookup->GetEpisode(), lookup);
[12:08:26] wagnerrp: right
[12:08:59] jya: oh
[12:09:02] jya: another error there
[12:09:25] jya: never mind.. i see you just inverted the logic operator (&& -> ||
[12:10:33] wagnerrp: well now i'm just getting no output from
[12:10:57] wagnerrp: i wonder if my test recording has no episodes defined on the website
[12:11:09] jya:
[12:11:41] wagnerrp: right
[12:12:06] jya: hhmm.. that logic isn’t equivalent in that test
[12:12:19] jya: !lookup->GetInetref().isEmpty() && lookup->GetInetref() != "00000000")
[12:12:33] jya: isn’t the same as: lookup->GetInetref().isEmpty() || lookup->GetInetref() == "00000000")
[12:12:48] wagnerrp: it's reversed
[12:12:58] jya: ok so my patch is wrong
[12:13:03] wagnerrp: one checks if there is an inetref, and uses it to pull the proper grabber
[12:13:11] wagnerrp: the other checks if there is no inetref, and performs a search
[12:13:32] wagnerrp: yeah, it is reversed
[12:13:49] jya: let me try the change
[12:14:04] jya: (the indent is wrong too)
[12:15:02] jya: something is still wrong :(
[12:15:30] jya: this is the logical equivalent to the code before:
[12:16:13] jya:
[12:16:25] jya: see on how it still call the grabber without argument right after?
[12:17:59] jya: the first call to the grabber.LookupData returns an empty list
[12:18:15] jya: so it default to searching withouht the episode number
[12:21:36] jya: interesting… the list isn’t empty, but when it returns from LookupData, now it is null
[12:21:56] jya: something fishy happening there
[12:24:02] wagnerrp: just going to move the original logic back into the if at 534
[12:24:21] jya: i don’t think that’s the problem
[12:24:35] jya: with my patch, the logic is identical
[12:24:49] jya: I’m still tracing the code… it is called once again after that
[12:24:55] wagnerrp: except it thinks its a kLookupSearch still
[12:25:04] wagnerrp: so it's doing something funky
[12:26:14] jya: you think the lookup->SetStep(kLookupData); removed explain that behaviour
[12:26:32] jya: I hate that type of coding, where no one can tell what exactly it’s doing…
[12:26:37] jya: let me try
[12:27:27] jya: nope
[12:27:31] jya: that doesn’t change anything
[12:27:58] wagnerrp: it fixed it on my end
[12:28:03] jya:
[12:28:06] jya: not here
[12:28:22] jya: I still see the search being done once again without the episode/season
[12:28:33] wagnerrp: because you changed the mode after running the search
[12:28:47] wagnerrp: . . . d58f78e9cfe3
[12:29:33] wagnerrp: i stuck it in the first if block in that function, before the big if..elseif...
[12:29:37] jya: hold a sec… you’re saying that grabber.lookupData behaves differently according to the step , yet we still have a if then on the type before?
[12:29:39] jya: oh boy
[12:30:29] jya: you’re right
[12:30:55] jya:
[12:31:15] jya: how can anyone maintain that code, and not break a hidden behaviour later… sigh
[12:32:05] jya: and I now have in my inetref
[12:33:06] jya: going into the metadataoption editor
[12:33:27] jya: when I attempt to retrieve the coverart online, there it fails because season and episode are 0
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[12:34:54] wagnerrp: not sure about that one. seems to work here...
[12:34:55] jya: even with 1, 1 I get the error: This number, series, and episode combination does not appear to be valid (or the site may be down). Check your information and try again
[12:35:47] jya: I have my TMDB/TVDB# number as, series 1, episode 1
[12:35:58] jya: then I select Find Coverart Online
[12:36:08] jya: oh my bad
[12:36:17] jya: I’m still running an old instance of mythfrontend.
[12:36:32] jya: haven’t restarted it, I was only debugging mythdatalookup itself
[12:37:29] jya: that works now
[12:37:42] jya: when we know the stuff is coming from ttvdb
[12:37:58] jya: shouldn’t the series that by default is 0, 0
[12:38:11] jya: be automatically set to something that will make it find a result?
[12:38:58] jya: here I have my TMDB# set as, if s/e is 0/0, then it won’t find coverart
[12:39:45] jya: hm… the search query wil set them as 1/1 so maybe it doesn’t matter in practice
[12:42:30] jya: well, hopefully it’s the only problem in that change… I really want this to be backported to fixes/0.27 asap
[12:44:41] ** wagnerrp heads to work **
[12:44:48] jya: see ya.. thanks
[12:49:23] jya: wagnerrp: what you committed is wrong
[12:49:41] jya: you now set the type as kLookupData for every single query
[12:50:00] jya: now GetStep can never be kLookupSearch etc.
[12:50:13] jya: e.g. it now works for that particular case, and you’ve broken it for everything else
[12:50:58] jya: I’m going to fix that, because I don’t want to wait any longer
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[14:25:38] jya: jpabq: I’m not sure if it’s something unique to Steppes.
[14:26:38] jya: But you can edit the metadata for a recordings in Menu -> Recording Options -> Edit Recording Schedule , then press M and select Metadata Options
[14:26:53] jya: yeah, I know.. this is the most intuitive screen to get to ever
[14:27:08] jya: there I can perform a query, find cover art, fanart etc..
[14:27:18] jya: but this never seems to be saved anywhere
[14:28:22] jya: Say I do a search there (click on Perform Query), retrieve artwork etc…
[14:28:44] jya: then I exit. I can go back in that screen, the TMDB# found earlier is still there.
[14:28:50] jya: now if I exit the screen completely
[14:29:12] jya: Menu -> Recording Options -> Change Recording Metadata
[14:29:32] jya: you’ll notice that it’s back to empty again. Also the artwork downloaded before is nowhere to be seen
[14:30:09] jya: the only way for the change to be permanent, and for the artwork to show, is to go into Begin Metadata Lookup
[14:30:34] jya: wait a while until the backend decide to search for it. and magic now the artwork shows and the TMDB# is properly filled up
[14:30:55] jya: that begs the question: is that Edit Metadata Options screen completely broken in effect?
[14:31:23] jya: Or maybe just a Save button is missing , haven’t checked the other theme
[14:40:08] Jordack1 is now known as Jordack
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[15:41:06] tgm4883_: stuartm: fwiw, it's whatever you set it to during install
[15:47:15] stuartm: tgm4883_: that was several years ago, so long forgotten
[15:47:35] tgm4883_: heh, it happens
[15:47:41] stuartm: just did a package re-configure
[15:47:57] stuartm: seemed the quickest fix
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[16:02:47] jya: what path would you provide to mythavtest to open a DVD ripped (contains a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS) ?
[16:07:03] jafa (jafa! has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[16:14:01] stuartm: jya: dvd://path/to/dir iirc
[16:14:18] jya: hmm… that’s what I thought but it doesn’t work..
[16:14:34] jya: oh, I want to try over myth://
[16:14:53] jya: it appears that watching a DVD directory over SG has now broken
[16:15:13] jya: can’t think why.. so trying to find an easier way to test that starting the frontend and navigating menus
[16:20:55] jya: it’s weird, the frontend opens: myth://Videos@
[16:21:03] jya: but giving that to mythavtest doesn’t work
[16:21:09] jpabq: jya: I usually get to that screen by hitting 'E' in watch recordings, followed by 'Home'. After retrieving the metadata, hit ESC (to get back to the initial "editor" window), and then hit [Save].
[16:21:37] jya: jpabq: ha so there is a SAVE somewhere
[16:22:16] jpabq: Yes. gigem changed it a while back, where only the first of those editor windows has the [Save].
[16:22:28] jya: ok
[16:22:33] jya: never mind my comments then
[16:22:51] jya: though I’m fairly certain the artwork doesn’t appear when you exit that window
[16:23:07] jpabq: For me, it does eventually, but not right away.
[16:23:40] jpabq: I think it gets downloaded to the backend, and then has to be propagated to the frontend.
[16:24:27] jya: i see..
[16:24:37] jya: I need to get it all done via the backend
[16:33:13] jafa (jafa!~jafa@ has joined #mythtv
[16:38:55] gigem: jpabq: That's not quite right. There can be a save button on any screen. It's completely up to the theme. In my personal version of BlueAbstract, I have a save and a preview button on each screen.
[16:45:19] jpabq: gigem: ah, right.
[16:59:37] dreamcat4 (dreamcat4!~dreamcat4@ has joined #mythtv
[17:22:04] jpabq: peper03: Did you send an email to mythtv-theming at announcing the changes to status-ui.xml ?
[17:22:52] jpabq: I have just pushed an update for Steppes. Does anyone actually use Steppes-narrow? I don't mind keeping it up to date if someone is using it...
[17:25:51] wagnerrp: jya: it only gets set to kLookupData if an inetref is defined
[17:26:27] wagnerrp: which is exactly what we want (unless we want kLookupCollections, but we're not actually using collections yet)
[17:33:24] wagnerrp: no matter. looks fine now
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[19:42:05] peper03: jpabq: Ah, no, I didn't. I forgot that that mailing list exists. I'll do that now.
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[20:17:26] peper03: jpabq: Is the description text for 'Upcoming Recordings' right in Steppes? It says 'VCR-like recording scheduler', which appears to be a cut'n'paste from 'Manual Schedule'.
[20:21:46] peper03: Sorry, scratch that. It's not a Steppes problem. It's in the classic menu theme.
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[20:39:47] dekarl: thinking about it, setting the programid of movies to should work just like a CRID, similarily setting the seriesid to Any objections?
[20:41:37] dekarl: it is an improvement over the hash(title) for movies at least, . . . ser.cpp#L509
[20:41:58] warpme: jya: fyi: 8945e71ed breaks for me playbak of Blurays. Breakage is choppy audio and 13–18fps reported by jiterometer. It looks like this commit breaks only m2ts files. Other files (mkv, etc) seems to play OK.
[20:43:09] warpme: BTW: rest of LVR patches are great. I never had so smooth playback durring LiveTV channel changes. Also transitions now are seemless. Nice!
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[21:36:02] jya: wagnerrp: provided I *really* want this backported asap, I didn’t want to change the logic that used to be there only to find out that stuff we haven’t tested are now broken. There were three places which changed the logic, I didn’t know how to test them (all the collections retrieval in particular). so better be safe than sorry
[21:37:36] jya: always finding some obscure regression. this is driving me nuts
[21:37:39] dekarl: I'm not sure that collections support is finished. It would be cool to have it as a kind of movie series though.
[21:38:03] jya: now it’s DVD over SG that don’t work :(
[21:38:03] dekarl: at least the videocollections table appears to be unused in the code
[21:38:54] jya: dekarl: well then, if video collections behaviours (including removing it if it’s not working) should be done in a separate commit, and not in a bug lump
[21:40:03] dekarl: aye, there is no extra cost to a commit, so we should use them one per change
[22:02:10] jya: warpme: is that optical disks, or ripped one?
[22:03:11] jya: i dont see how that commit could break BF playback. FileRingBuffer isn’t used for BD playback which is what 8945e71ed touches
[22:03:57] jya: what you are using to detect which commit break things? git bisect?
[22:04:25] jya: it’s not the first time you tell me it’s this or that commit that broke thing when it turned out to be something else
[22:07:00] jya: peper03: is the issue with the menu also in fixes/0.27?
[22:09:54] peper03: jya: Just checked. Yep, it's in there too. I'll cherry-pick that commit.
[22:10:02] jya: thanks
[22:10:13] jya: does that need translating?
[22:11:37] peper03: No, it already exists. The other menu themes have the correct description. I just copied it from there.
[22:14:33] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[22:23:29] jya: cool
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