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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014, 00:05 UTC
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[00:17:31] jya: stuartm: are you there?
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[00:42:54] _DavidM_: Anyone around who is familiar with thie AVFormat libs? I'm running into a problem playing back and/or commflagging some recordings from a HDPVR
[00:43:40] _DavidM_: I traced the problem back to some ginormous, garbage bitrate being returned, which in turn causes the min fill amount in the ring buffer to be too large
[00:43:52] _DavidM_: and then stops read from happening from the ring buffer
[00:44:33] _DavidM_: ie. 2014-07–01 01:45:11.904629 I RingBuf(2200_20140630131900.mpg): UpdateRawBitrate(2147484Kb)
[00:44:34] _DavidM_: 2014-07–01 01:45:11.904637 I RingBuf(2200_20140630131900.mpg): CalcReadAheadThresh(2147484 Kb)
[00:45:32] _DavidM_: I'm thinking of just capping the bitrate to some sane value to avoid this, but I'm wondering if there's a better solution elsewhere
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[00:50:49] wagnerrp: _DavidM_: are you running a 32-bit system by chance?
[00:50:58] _DavidM_: Yea
[00:51:12] wagnerrp: because that number looks an awful lot like 2^31
[00:51:35] _DavidM_: yep.. I looked through some of the AVFormat documentation, but it seems to indicate that an "unknown" bitrate should return 0
[00:52:08] _DavidM_: could be some garbage in the video file is causing some function to return an error which is getting propagated through back to the bitrate.. not sure though
[00:52:13] wagnerrp: looks more like 0FFFFFFF
[00:52:31] wagnerrp: or 8... whatever
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[03:59:55] _DavidM_: Well debugged a bit more, it looks like there was a glitch in the recording near the end, and it looks like the HDPVR reset the PTS time so it had only incremented 8 minutes by the time the recording ended
[04:00:45] _DavidM_: so when AVF calculated the duration of the recording it thought it was only ~9 min long with a filesize of 7GB+
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[04:03:05] _DavidM_: I don't think there's an easy way to fix that, so I think I may try changing the RingBuffer so that it will allow reads to start even if min_read isn't met if the buffer is near full
[04:03:32] _DavidM_: That, or just cap the bitrate from AVF to something reasonable
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[09:57:01] ** stuarta yawns **
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[10:31:43] ** stuartm also yawns **
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[13:06:53] warpme: hi all! Just quick Q: is myth dealing with <episode-num> in imported XMLTV EPG?
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[13:08:21] stuartm: in master, yes
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[13:08:29] stuartm: not in 0.27
[13:08:36] dekarl: huh? whats "dealing"?
[13:08:50] dekarl: mythfilldatabase deals with episode-num since... ever?
[13:09:08] warpme: oh I mean doing anything with this :-p
[13:09:31] dekarl: e.g. by generating a fake SD programid when a series has a series number and episode number
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[13:10:03] dekarl: . . . ser.cpp#L435
[13:10:20] warpme: dekarl: exactly. I looked in source and see it is parsed. But didn't see much further actions with this in 0.27
[13:10:39] dekarl: ^- from there until the end of the function
[13:11:37] warpme: in case of master: will episode-num be used to track series?
[13:12:02] stuartm: track in what way?
[13:12:19] dekarl: the xmltv_ns episode-num does not tell you anything about the series, so a hash of the title is used instead
[13:12:50] dekarl: but that ends up in programid, not in seriesid
[13:14:17] warpme: maybe for situations when title/desc is the same for all episodes. episode-num might be usefull to record full series and with only one showing of each episode
[13:16:22] stuartm: would have to run that past gigem
[13:16:25] dekarl: writing the season and episode number into the dedicated fields got fixed last October in . . . 36ba5be32b4f
[13:16:49] stuartm: although that remains controversial ;)
[13:17:28] dekarl: warpme, if your guide carries season and episode number, then a fake programid is generated which trumps episode title/desc matching for duplicate detection IIUIC
[13:17:39] warpme: is it make sense to copy <episode-num> to <sub-title> in 0.27? (for case when EPG provider gives the same title/desc for episodes)
[13:18:51] dekarl: if you have a system "on-screen" that might make sense. but we need to clarify what "sub-title" and "episode title" is in XMLTV and MythTV :/
[13:19:17] stuartm: that's something I'd leave to xmltv grabber developers to decide
[13:19:19] warpme: dekarl: I'm in process switching to new EPG provider. I see new one provides episode-num. But what about season? Is it stored in devoted xmltv tag?
[13:19:39] dekarl: in NonameTV we write the human readale/on-screen episode indentifier into the subtitle field if we don't have a proper episode title
[13:20:03] stuartm: warpme: no same tag in the format S.Ep/EpTot.Pt/PtTot
[13:20:37] stuartm: e.g. Season 5, Episode 3 of 5, Part 1 of 2 would be 5.3/5.1/2
[13:20:46] dekarl: ^- this xmltv_ns episode_num system carries many fields (up to 6)
[13:21:21] dekarl: e.g. movie part x of y for multi-part movies, but also episode x of y and season x of y
[13:22:26] stuartm: in practice the total number of seasons is rare and useless since you can't know how many seasons might ultimately be made
[13:22:52] dekarl: FTR "4 . 2/5 . 0/2" (with or without white space, the number is zero based)
[13:23:44] warpme: ah ok. Will 0.27 do anything with things like this <episode-num>3/13</episode-num>?
[13:23:46] stuartm: right I keep forgeting that bit
[13:23:55] dekarl: . . . =markup#l372
[13:25:11] dekarl: warpme, without season its not so useful
[13:26:00] dekarl: unless every season has a different title, but how do we know that?
[13:26:30] stuartm: yeah, I really don't think the spec covers it's use without at least specifying the season, i.e. is 3/13 the episode number or the part number
[13:27:12] dekarl: IIRC the dots are needed as there is no default
[13:28:31] stuartm: yeah just reread the spec, it would have to be .3/13.
[13:28:40] stuartm: not the dots/full stops
[13:28:58] stuartm: or periods if you're American
[13:29:36] warpme: I'm working on post-processing of grabbed XMLTV (normalizing categories, limiting cat. namespace). What will be Your sugestion to manipulate with episode-num to achieve value from this filed presence in EPG?
[13:30:30] warpme: If I will convert 3/13 to .3/13. – will it make usefull for mythtv?
[13:33:23] stuartm: we'd actually be able to parse it, and display it in the UI etc
[13:33:46] stuartm: not sure we'd be able to reliably use it for scheduling or sorting unless there was season info
[13:36:41] warpme: stuartm: looking on EPG data I see EPG provider consequently is not providing season info. This hints me that I can add fake season info. By this system can track episodes in season but can mix sesons. Having tracking for season for price of mixing seasons is clear advantage as here in Poland it is rare that channel emmits many seasons in parralel
[13:41:07] dekarl: warpme, is that a public data source? aka can you show an example of your input
[13:42:17] dekarl: oh and MythTV keeps track over years => I do hope your channels show a different season each year :D
[13:43:15] warpme: sure.
[13:43:29] dekarl: that basically means, your "mixer" needs some additional data source, that tells it which station is broadcasting which season from when to when
[13:45:49] warpme: dekarl: sometimes title has season info. But – even if it not has it – better delete duplicated season one per year than dealing with dulpicated episodes daily (I assume myth will be able to track episodes in season by usage episode-num)
[13:46:19] dekarl: episode number 171 hints that its the absolute number across all seasons
[13:46:30] warpme: For sure it will be non-ideal – but IMHO still better than nothing
[13:47:05] dekarl: how many stations do you care about? I'm wondering if its easier to setup a proper guide service for polands main tv stations instead
[13:48:46] dekarl: joakim matches station+series title+absolute episode to thetvdb for nordic countries to generate season/episode numbers
[13:49:32] warpme: currently something like 80–90 in my case. Total is approx 130–140. Some time ago I was thinking about this – but wasn't able to get positive for it :-(
[13:50:24] dekarl: oh, thats a bit much for a weekend hack :D
[13:56:36] warpme: right. That why I'm working on postprocessing. Idea is to achieve max.possible functionality in mythtv from what is given (epg data grabbed from public portal ofering TV info)
[13:57:54] dekarl: id="e50429391" and ref="/audycja-kryminalne-zagadki-las-vegas,aid,50429391" look like there might be something that can be used as programid
[13:58:10] dekarl: also the popups sometimes have season data
[13:59:13] dekarl: hmm, the SD and HD transmission have different ideas, so thats not it
[13:59:21] dekarl: s/ideas/ids/
[14:23:58] dekarl: warpme: you may want to run tv_validate_file against your data. That should find most low hanging bugs with representing the data
[14:27:23] warpme: dekarl: thx. Sure will do. I want to experiment with episode-num. May You hint me with examplary episode-num format which is 100% working in 0.27?
[14:28:45] dekarl: for "just one season with lots of episodes" you can use "0. n-1 .", for "we know the season and episode number" you can use "n-1 . m-1 ."
[14:29:30] dekarl: if you match against third party databases you can set the inetref, too. But that's a bit more work :)
[14:31:36] stuartm: you want to use the system="xmltv_ns" attribute
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[14:31:48] stuartm: e.g. <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">
[14:32:22] warpme: so for "known season, episode 5 from 10 total" it should be: "0.5."  ?
[14:32:43] stuartm: <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">0.4/10</episode>
[14:33:10] stuartm: for season one, for unknown season, ".4/10."
[14:33:15] dekarl: if you do know the total, then you can add it "0 . 4/10 ." to signal "season 1" and "episode 5 of 10"
[14:34:41] warpme: perfect. Now it is clear. So now – assuming episode data will be correctly feeded to DB: what can I expect from 0.27?
[14:34:44] stuartm: looks like the current implementation of the parser won't handle the spaces properly
[14:34:54] stuartm: although it should since the spec allows them
[14:35:30] stuartm: warpme: not much, you'll see Syndicated Episode Number = E5 in the Program Details screen, but nothing else
[14:35:47] warpme: I mean will 0.27 track all episodes (and their duplicates) automatically?
[14:35:47] dekarl: you will get fake programids in schedules direct style. "EP" + "hash of the program title" + "episode number" + "season number"
[14:35:51] stuartm: warpme: no
[14:35:59] dekarl: warpme: yes :)
[14:36:19] stuartm: oh, with the fake programid, yes
[14:36:31] dekarl: but only for episodes with a season number
[14:36:37] dekarl: and for movies
[14:37:11] dekarl: personally I'm torn wrt the movies as we have lots of movies with identical name over here (basically two / three sets of movie adaptions of Grimm's Tales)
[14:38:00] stuarta: dekarl: probably need to add the year data into the hash then?
[14:38:44] stuartm: dekarl: agreed, we've got clashes with English titles too
[14:39:04] stuartm: and even some films with the same title released in the same year
[14:39:32] dekarl: stuarta, doesnt really help as they are sometimes close (one movie per year) or identitcal (two movies per year) and regularly don't agree on the year of production/release...
[14:39:33] stuarta: :(
[14:39:51] warpme: dekarl: I understand "hash of the program title" is solely for making given programid unique. It might be CRC or md5 or whatever?. Does lenght of programid matter?
[14:39:54] dekarl: I would not invest new energy into improving the hack, better to invest it in a metadatabase
[14:40:03] ** dekarl mumbles tvbrainz **
[14:40:16] ** stuarta agrees **
[14:41:00] dekarl: warpme: its a fixed prefix plus the decimal number result of a CRC32 style hash
[14:41:28] warpme: of perfect. thx alot!
[14:41:34] warpme: s/of/oh/
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[14:53:10] stuartm: it's an ELF hash
[14:54:41] stuartm: damn trac spammers are now selling video related stuff that almost seems relevant to myth so it gets past the bayesian filters
[14:55:20] stuarta: :(
[15:05:09] dekarl: Warped: aspect should be 16:9 instead of 16x9
[15:05:39] stuartm: Warped != warpme
[15:06:13] dekarl: the role an actor played should go into <actor role="the role">the actor</actor>, it should be working in the mean time
[15:06:29] ** dekarl shakes fist at auto-completion **
[15:06:44] dekarl: and at timing
[15:17:32] Warped: stuartm: Nope, not me. :P
[15:35:40] gigem: stuartm, dekarl: My extremely strong preference is to use only programid for identifying duplicates/same episodes. That means any artificially generated programids should include whatever information, like episode number, to amke that possible. Ideally, that also means getting rid of subtitle/description checks. I don't expect that to happen any time soon, but I certainly don't want to add to it.
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[16:01:33] stuarta: qualcomm are playing the DCMA game :-/
[16:01:38] stuarta: . . .
[16:13:10] stuartm: of course it's QinetiQ ... ffs, they used to be government owned
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[16:14:29] stuartm: it's a shame they taken those repos down already so that you can't actually see what the supposed infringements were
[16:16:50] stuartm: there's a number of different languages there which makes copyright infringement suspect, did they in fact mean patent infringement (which isn't covered by the DMCA)
[16:21:15] dekarl: lol "patent infringement" thats just like "leaked a secret patent!". Better call it "unlicensed use" or something like that
[16:23:13] stuartm: QinetiQ used to be DERA, the Defense Research Agency, UK equivalent of Darpa, previous government split the agency, spinning out all the money making bits into a private company which they then sold (suspect you'd find they all owned shares through third parties ...)
[16:24:37] stuartm: dekarl: well looking closer there do seem to be direct mentions of Qualcomm stuff, Vuforia/QCar are a Qualcomm SDK, entirely possible that some of those projects are distributing files from the SDK which they shouldn't
[16:25:27] stuartm: less sure about the image transformation/processing stuff, or the mentions of xtwifi which I'm guessing are related to apps supporting Qualcomm hardware
[16:27:10] stuartm: the takeaway though is that if you host your project on github you need to have a fallback plan in case someone decides to send them a takedown notice
[16:29:29] dekarl: aye, the nice thing about DMCA is that there is no penalty for false claims
[16:29:32] dekarl: "nice"
[16:29:37] stuarta: it's like they just grepped the source for "private and confidential"
[16:29:47] ** stuarta wanders off **
[16:29:51] dekarl: stuarta, looking at the google cache, too?
[16:29:59] stuarta: can't be arsed
[16:30:41] dekarl: US DMCA requests on stuff with austrian copyright, can you do that?
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[20:13:43] jpabq: stuartm: did you have a chance to look at the shape line-width issue with buttonlists?
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[20:30:35] stuartm: jpabq: looking at it now, I think the halfline stuff is there to ensure that the background fill for rounded rects isn't visible outside the border – does that make sense? The problem isn't so much that the halfline stuff is done for the 'fill' but that the border stuff uses that rect instead of area
[20:31:21] jpabq: okay, that makes sense.
[20:31:58] stuartm: now arguably, at least with the gl painter that 'trick' to draw the fill so that the border overlaps the edge wouldn't seem to be necessary, I've noticed no artefacts personally (not that I've used rounded shapes much)
[20:32:44] stuartm: but it's clear to me that it's the border that is drawn to the wrong position/dimensions
[20:36:17] stuartm: jpabq: quick and dirty test to see if that's correct –
[20:37:07] stuartm: oops, missed some variable name replacements
[20:39:46] stuartm: fixed –
[20:41:22] jpabq: stuartm: yes, that makes it look correct.
[20:42:12] stuartm: that was a fast compile :)
[20:42:41] _DavidM_ (_DavidM_! has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[20:43:07] stuartm: jpabq: ok good, confirms what I was thinking – let me do some testing just to make sure there are no regressions and then I'll see what needs doing in the other painters
[20:43:16] jpabq: I built a new dev machine last summer. Now I am spoiled with how fast it is.
[20:43:27] jpabq: stuartm: thank you!
[20:44:03] stuartm: yeah, I need something faster
[20:46:04] stuartm: we need a tool for regression testing renderers etc, something that takes a static theme with multiple images, shapes of all different sizes, borders, styles and transparency then compares the resulting image against a reference image
[20:47:18] jpabq: Yes. I can go through and spot check other themes. I don't think this change will have an adverse effect on any that I can think of, though.
[20:47:25] stuartm: could also be used to ensure consistency between the current and future renderers
[20:48:05] stuartm: wish I had more time, that would be a fun side project
[20:49:41] jpabq: How is your new theme coming? Were you not working on one that used imagery instead of labels?
[20:54:07] jpabq: stuartm: I spot check the other themes. None of the other themes try to have their buttons stacked without space between them — so this change does not change their look.
[20:55:46] stuartm: I talked about doing one with imagery but never started working on it, I've an earlier effort that I just lost enthusiasm for but I'm still using
[20:56:19] stuartm: I had some nice ideas for that theme, but overall I just didn't feel the style was interesting enough
[20:57:22] stuartm: in particular the use of depends to change exactly what was displayed, especially in those video tree screens was reasonably novel at the time – might be less so today
[20:57:59] Steve_Goodey (Steve_Goodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[20:59:48] stuartm: these days I mainly themes just to test out some ideas I've had, I've got about half a dozen, each doing something a little bit different but all far from complete
[21:00:57] jpabq: Theming takes a lot of time.
[21:03:03] stuartm: unfortunately
[21:03:58] Gibby (Gibby!~Gibby@ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[21:04:02] stuartm: even more so if you start creating your own artwork for them
[21:05:22] jpabq: Yes. The themes with a lot of artwork do look a more sophisticated, though.
[21:05:32] stuartm: which is why I wouldn't hold your breath for that image/icon based one
[21:05:33] Gibby (Gibby!~Gibby@ has joined #mythtv
[21:05:51] dekarl: I like the use if the banner fanart, looking forward to seeing it in the EPG :)
[21:06:23] stuartm: dekarl: within the guide grid itself?
[21:06:51] dekarl: aye, I forgot where I saw that, but I liked it
[21:07:21] dekarl: once the matching is done upstream its just one picture per movie/season
[21:10:26] dreamcat4 (dreamcat4!~dreamcat4@ has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
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[21:13:47] stuartm: dekarl: one day I get around to re-writing the guide to use mythui to it's full potential, when that happens it would be easy to do although the results might be a little odd – what do you show for something that is only 10 minutes long? Not enough room for a meaningful amount of the banner to be displayed
[21:14:41] stuartm: I'd leave that stuff to themers to figure out as I'm not too sure about it personally
[21:14:45] jpabq: stuartm: try with and without that patch. The look is different.
[21:14:52] dekarl: stuartm, is it less meaningful the showing the first few letters of the show's title?
[21:17:51] jpabq: stuartm: Unpatched it looks like the FILL area matches the outer edge of the LINE. With the patch, the FILL goes to the middle of the LINE.
[21:25:13] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
[21:31:23] stuartm: dekarl: well banners may not show anything in those first few pixels of the image that helps to identify the show and potentially it ends up looking more messy than showing nothing at all
[21:35:02] stuartm: jpabq: that's the intent of the code (middle of the line), although it doesn't really account for transparent borders, I'm not sure whether it's really needed for the GL 2 painters but I believe it may have been needed at an earlier because otherwise you can get a discrepancy between the fill shape and the line shape at the corners, so you get pixels of the background colour visible instead
[21:36:05] gregL (gregL! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:36:23] jpabq: Without the fill going all the way to the edge, though, it looks funny. It would not be as bad if the extra layers didn't result it in being darker in the corners.
[21:36:26] stuartm: this is where I need to do some testing at a variety of different border radius and border sizes
[21:37:23] jpabq: I just discovered that you can do one-and-only-one 'kill -USR1'. The second time it is issued, mythfrontend freezes up.
[21:38:28] stuartm: jpabq: yeah I understand that it's not optimal, if possible we'll just pick between the fill going entirely within the line, or the status quo where it meets the line, so long as there are no ugly artefacts at the edges
[21:39:23] jpabq: If the fill went to the INNER edge of the line (or maybe one pixel more) that might look good.
[21:40:07] stuartm: yup
[21:41:20] stuartm: just need to make sure it doesn't cause any ugliness, Mark added that half-line stuff for a reason even if he screwed it up so that it never did what was intended
[21:42:27] stuartm: I've seen the sorts of issues he was trying to deal with by having the half overlap in other applications, so I know the potential pitfalls
[21:47:39] stuartm: even if we do hit that issue, I think there's a simple solution using a mask and a stencil buffer, or something similar
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