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Tuesday, July 1st, 2014, 00:01 UTC
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[07:18:37] warpme: jya: fyi. I have repeatable segfaults on current master when user enters PiP. PiP starts for 0.5–1sec and next fe segfaults. this is on ION1. It looks like issue was introduced in . . . 263ed9612b2f For gdb trace pls look:
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[08:05:15] stuarta: hmm, the plugin build is still broken
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[10:40:40] stuartm: dekarl1:
[10:41:05] stuartm: dekarl1: sorry to pick on you as the only German speaking dev ;)
[10:41:53] stuartm: stuarta: odd, it's building fine here
[10:43:04] stuartm: funky link error
[10:43:48] stuartm: looks like the ABI version needs updating
[10:48:56] stuarta: stuartm: looked at the buildbot status page lately?
[10:51:44] stuartm: stuarta: right, but it's building fine, it's a bizarre linking error
[10:54:38] jya: what should I do in regards to xbmc unable to connect with 0.27.2? revert the related backend changes, let xbmc fix their stuff?
[10:55:19] jya: the backend will now returns an error if you attempt to open a file that would later on an error. the error is returned right at connection time.
[10:55:30] jya: obviously, xbmc doesn’t check for errors there
[10:55:55] jya: i’m in two minds over this…
[10:56:18] jya: 1- fixes/0.27 shouldn’t change behaviour such as 3rd part would break
[10:56:29] jya: 2- xbmc obviously handle what it should
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[10:58:29] stuartm: hmm, obviously they should handle it and it's really their own fault for using an internal protocol instead of a public one, but at the same time they've only _just_ added support for 0.27 and some people aren't going to care that it's their fault, not ours
[10:59:34] jya: going to fix whtever crashes obviously
[11:02:02] stuartm: since 0.27 is the stable branch I'm going to come down on the side of reverting the changes
[11:05:44] jya: yes…
[11:06:18] jya: i originally made that change because from time to time, liveTV would take over 10s to start
[11:06:48] jya: only becuse the first dummy recordings happened to be 0B. so you have to wait for the backend to timeout
[11:07:17] jya: (which is 10s) then the frontend keeps trying for a while until it finally decides to use the next recording
[11:11:08] jya: somehow, i don’t feel that bad of having users unable to use xbmc to act as a frontend :)
[11:11:39] stuartm: yeah it's a good change and in the past I might even have come down on the other side because as I said before XBMC shouldn't be using that protocol to begin with, but they are and maybe I've mellowed
[11:12:19] stuartm: jya: I can sympathise with that
[11:13:55] jya: not crashing here…
[11:14:08] jya: i have no issue with xbmc using the myth protocol
[11:14:18] jya: you can’t do what they are doing any other way
[11:14:55] stuartm: stuarta: I'm stumped by that plugin link issue, the hdhomerun lib hasn't changed in months, only changes to libmythtv pro lately are to remove some unused files
[11:15:48] stuartm: jya: my problem with them using it is that it was always meant to be an internal protocol, if third parties are using it then it ties our hands, we can't make changes without constantly breaking those clients
[11:16:52] jya: ok.. that’s the commit i was expecting to have broken it
[11:16:59] stuartm: and technically they could use the http/upnp API for streaming the files, sure they'd not get access to all the mythtv features but why should they?
[11:17:42] jya: i’m more referring to the liveTV access
[11:18:30] warpme: jya: wonder Your opinion about . . . 263ed9612b2f causing segfaults. Revering this commit solves issue....
[11:18:50] jya: llink doesn;t work
[11:19:08] warpme: . . . 263ed9612b2f
[11:19:37] warpme: with this commit PiP works 0.5–1sec and boom
[11:19:40] jya: warpme: are you using master or is this one of your frankenstein build on 0.27?
[11:20:28] warpme: :-) – sure it is master. I have policy not to report any issues on my frankenstein :-)
[11:20:59] jya: there’s no way that commit will change anything. by default it is exactly lke it used to be
[11:21:07] warpme: here is trace
[11:21:15] jya: i put that commit in place but it does nothing
[11:21:44] jya: what are you using ? vdpau, opengl what?
[11:21:57] jya: in any case, it’s more than unlikely that it’s this change causing the problem
[11:22:07] jya: so run head, and then will see
[11:22:08] warpme: ok – so it looks like some other code which needs to be also reverted fixes issue
[11:22:23] warpme: it is ION1 with VDPAU
[11:22:25] stuartm: wagnerrp: in reference to, I'll be adding a prefix to all inetrefs for 0.28, we've dithered enough on that issue
[11:22:38] jya: if you check the commit you see that it’s based on a particular extra arguments to do something
[11:22:55] jya: but the default is 0, so the code isn’t enabled (it becomes used much later)
[11:24:23] jya: not saying that it’s not crashing. just that this commit isn’t the cause
[11:24:29] jya: are you running HEAD?
[11:24:43] warpme: yes, today's head
[11:24:57] jya: it’s nvidia’s that is crashing
[11:25:00] jya: not myth
[11:25:41] warpme: yes. I see this in trace. Maybe poor nvidia gets something "not nice"?
[11:26:01] jya: i won’t be able to debug this until next week
[11:26:15] jya: i’m away, and don’t have access to a machine with nvidia
[11:26:34] warpme: sure. np. I just want to make sure You are aware of this ;-p
[11:29:02] wagnerrp: stuartm: i've actually got that mostly written already
[11:29:28] wagnerrp: although it's a bit complicated, since i added a cache mechanism that stores the known grabbers
[11:29:40] wagnerrp: so you're not re-reading all of them to figure out which one uses which prefix
[11:31:44] stuartm: wagnerrp: that's good news
[11:32:21] wagnerrp: also, i'd like to move all grabbers to the backend at the same time, accessing them on the frontend over the services api like mythweb does
[11:32:27] wagnerrp: although i've not touched that yet
[11:34:24] jya: xbmc livetv support is really bad, while travelling all i have available is the hls recorder, xbmc just crashes after most channel change.
[11:41:01] wagnerrp: regarding . . . 365299.html, is this a mythbuntu screw up?
[11:41:34] wagnerrp: wrapper script around mythfrontend caused user running mythfrontend as their own user to write and own files in /home/mythtv/.mythtv/ ?
[11:42:36] dekarl1: wagnerrp: there are general issues in mythbuntu with the split in backend and interactive user. mythtv-setup being run as the interactive user. maybe the user first ran the grabber as the interactive user and ended up with broken permissions
[11:42:39] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
[11:43:42] jya: oh i can reproduce a crash...
[11:43:47] jya: bugger
[11:43:51] dekarl: stuartm: I have that forum subscribed, but couldn't make sense of the report
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[11:57:56] stuartm: dekarl: neither could I, but that was mostly to do with it being in German
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[12:12:51] stuarta: stuartm: there are 2 distinct build issues at the moment 1) . . . e/logs/stdio 2) the hdhomerun link issue for the plugins
[12:23:53] stuartm: well the first is an obvious bug, m_copyFrame is indeed no declared in VideoOutputXv or any of the classes it's derived from
[12:23:56] stuartm: not
[12:24:24] stuartm: ^^
[12:24:39] stuarta: yeah, agreed should be an easy fix
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[12:54:44] MythBuild_: build #2357 of master-linux-64bit-icc is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/2357
[12:54:50] stuartm: 3, 2, 1 ...
[12:54:57] stuartm: nuts, too slow
[12:54:59] stuarta: stuartm: thanks
[12:55:34] stuartm: jya might want to finesse the fix
[12:55:51] stuarta: the builders that were making it to the plugins before have a bunch of dependencies that require installing to enable some more code to be built
[12:57:52] MythBuild_: build #2000 of master-linux-64bit-clang is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/2000
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[14:13:23] jya: oops
[14:14:17] jya: sorry for that
[14:14:47] jya: stuartm: i didn’t see you had pushed a fix, mine is almost identical, just didn’t the member definition there
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[15:14:43] tgm4883__: wagnerrp: I don't believe that is us
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[16:40:30] stuartm: ok so the plugin build issue is caused because mytharchive now links libmythtv, but libmythtv links libhdhomerun so mytharchive must too?
[16:43:34] stuarta: that sounds broken
[16:43:40] stuartm: simpler still, none of the plugins is currently configured to link libmythtv ...
[16:45:09] sphery: it just wouldn't be another day without a few more "xbmc does it already" and "that's why so many use xbmc" posts to the MythTV users list from Jacek
[16:45:35] ** stuarta sighs **
[16:49:17] stuartm: MythBuild_: force build master-f20–64bit now
[16:49:18] MythBuild_: build forced [ETA 21m47s]
[16:49:18] MythBuild_: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[16:49:21] stuartm: impatient
[16:49:52] stuartm: not sure which of the failing builders is the fastest
[16:50:25] stuarta: heh
[16:51:43] ** stuarta wanders off for a while **
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[17:05:25] MythBuild_: Hey! build master-f20–64bit #450 is complete: Failure [4failed compile plugins]
[17:05:25] ** MythLogBot **
[17:05:25] MythBuild_: Build details are at . . . t/builds/450
[17:07:44] stuartm_: /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /home/buildslave/mythtv/master-debian-wheezy-64bit/build/install/lib/libmythtv-0, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link) /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by
[17:08:04] stuartm_: Can of worms...
[17:09:19] stuartm_: This is one reason why splitting up libmythtv would make sense
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[19:11:02] stuarta: hmm, why don't the plugins use ccache when building
[19:11:13] stuarta: there's an unneccessary waste of cpu cycles
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[19:19:20] stuarta: well that explains it, mytharchivehelper used to have a local copy of the code that's now in libmythtv in order to avoid just this link issue
[19:21:10] stuarta: stuartm: . . . 21288afc9042
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[19:24:00] stuarta: so the question becomes, where to put mythavutil*
[19:24:35] stuarta: strictly speaking MythAVCopy class
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[19:27:02] stuarta: and dammit, we can't create a new library called mythavutil, because we already have one from ffmpeg
[19:28:31] stuartm: stuarta: well if we did split libmythtv I'd start with something like libmythrecorder and libmythav, but you could probably break it down further (don't want to go too far in the wrong direction
[19:29:00] stuarta: i'm just looking at it, we appear to link in libmyth, so i may move it there. or did we depreciate that?
[19:29:10] poolejj (poolejj! has quit (Client Quit)
[19:29:26] stuartm: I don't think we want to start moving random stuff out of libmythtv into other existing libs, that's a step backwards
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[19:29:45] stuarta: i'm open to suggestions as to where it should live
[19:30:08] stuarta: ah, we don't have libmythav
[19:30:13] stuartm: libmyth especially is supposed to be going away, it had become a dumping ground for a bunch of stuff that properly belonged elsewhere
[19:30:26] stuarta: how about libmythav then?
[19:30:33] stuartm: that would work for me
[19:30:59] stuartm: it makes sense to me to have playback/decoding stuff separate from the recorders
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[19:31:22] stuartm: and we should move the audio code out of libmyth into libmythaudio
[19:31:42] stuartm: which would get us one step closer to removing libmyth for good
[19:32:12] stuarta: right, let me butcher this up then
[19:36:29] dekarl: Can you update the documentation on how its ment to be? (I'm still wondering what we get from dynamic linkage ;)
[19:36:38] stuartm: some of the stuff in libmyth/libmythtv should probably end up in libmythmetadata too e.g. programinfo.cpp/h, recordinginfo.cpp/h
[19:40:56] ** stuarta throws a book about dynamic libraries at dekarl **
[19:41:28] ** dekarl ducks **
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