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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014, 00:01 UTC
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[00:09:13] dekarl: wagnerrp: I like the idea of recording to local storage to avoid dependencies (well, you still need the MBE and database). Then once the recording is done, local to the video source you can move the file away from your SBE so your don't have to power it up to watch a recording.
[00:10:27] dekarl: The part with "optimize the move" was related to "I have NAS storage attached to multiple MythTV backends". I'm not sure if we support a directory in a storage group being attached to multiple backends.
[00:11:30] dekarl: Maybe we could do it with a "prefer the path where the file is seen on the MBE".
[00:11:34] wagnerrp: well you can do ZFS over an iscsi mount, with a local ZIL... :)
[00:12:24] dekarl: but what about the poor souls that want to run their MBE on windows?
[00:14:15] dekarl: Thinking about it, a windows MBE should work with Perl/Python on Windows, tv_find_grabbers works too (but not for the grabbers inside of xmltv.exe, you have to install it as real files), and HDHR/IPTV recording should work in principle...
[00:27:38] wagnerrp: i leave them to their self-inflicted fate
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[04:47:57] gigem: wagnerrp: I'd like such a utility to move recordings too. I'd also like the ability to control how many (probably one) such jobs could run at the same time.
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[05:01:55] jya: someone with ticket-searching-foo ability
[05:02:17] jya: paulh reported an issue with the frontend taking 100% of the CPU time when started with the -p switch…
[05:02:25] jya: can’t find the ticket #
[05:03:10] jya: ah found it
[05:03:16] jya: #11666
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[05:17:52] wagnerrp: gigem: i know, just joking a bit
[05:18:27] wagnerrp: mythutil already has a copyfile function. it's just a small bit of glue to tie that into a recording, and update the owner in the database
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[05:54:32] dekarl: wagnerrp: at two in the morning I had a hard time of splitting the joke / serious bits from each other ;)
[05:56:25] dekarl: btw, is it ok to put videos on the database spindle? I'm wondering if that's a sensible split. 1 disk for os/db, fill the rest with videos, all other disks "for MythTV to use as it sees fit"
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[08:23:20] paul-h: jya: re #11666 verified fixed thanks :)
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[08:24:56] paul-h: !seen bobweaver
[08:24:56] MythLogBot: bobweaver was last seen 229 days 16 hours 30 minutes 11 seconds ago
[08:26:12] paul-h: we'd he go then – that's the guy going all guns blazing to make a qml frontend
[08:27:16] stuarta: #11306
[08:27:16] ** MythLogBot **
[08:41:19] jya: paul-h: I thought I was going to focus a bit more on your bug to raise the morale a bit :)
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[08:47:34] paul-h: Anyone got bobweavers email address or anyone with a launchpad account can get it from here I think
[08:49:58] stuarta: morale++
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[09:12:35] warpme: I just give try for XBMC on my MacBookPro. As I never use XBMC before – so I consider my expierience guite “fresh” :-). First subjective thoughts: XBMC is just media player. Nice look&feel, metadata support – but thats all. Lets compare setup 4 room house where user wants to provide all rooms with multimedia/Inet browsing/monitoring. XBMC is just media player. Rest things (like media sharing, LiveTV, PVR, monitoring client, etc) needs to
[09:12:35] warpme: provided by externals and “manually” conected to XBMC. I was trying connect to myth backend and see how TV area goes – but after adding plugin & configuring BE IP nothing happens. Just repeating “PVR add-on not started yet” pop-up without any pointer for more info. I looked on system logs. It shows some window server exceptions – probably from XBMC. Hmm – not encouraging for loosing more time on further tests…
[09:24:43] paul-h: warpme: yeah I never got the PVR addon to work either – it depends on what version of Myth you are using
[09:26:36] warpme: For me mythtv SG is killer feature. It allows real Plug&Play. Despite XBMC nice look&feel I would say MythTV is distributed multimedia system while XBMC compared is only player offering subset of functionality with some selected functions which are more extended/better working. Another diferentiator is mythtv approach to content indexing. Having pictures/music metadata in DB is fundamental. I would love to see ability to associate music file
[09:26:36] warpme: string tag + text comments per picture. Recent PaulH work with MythMusic SG for multiple backends is also unique. Adding this to mythv is trivial compared to XBMC – but can demonstrate that mythtv is full system – not just eye candy player…. I’ll not mention all PVR/TV stuff as it is unfair becaues XBMC hans’t this AT ALL.
[09:31:59] warpme: paul-h: right. I’m on 0.27 while cmyth is for 0.26. I give try with ver. missmatch intentionally – just to see how XBMC mature is (I believe true maturity is expressed exactly how solution behaves in non-standard conditions, reacts on errors, missconfigs and provididing diagnostic info). In this respect I rank XBMC as toy. There are milions ppl who likes toys – but not me :-(
[09:33:11] warpme: It is only mather of preference. I simply prefer stability/functionality/integration over first impression/visual look&feel
[09:34:03] paul-h: I still think we can learn a lot from them it's the little things like playing a sound on key presses – I'm easily impressed by stuff like that :)
[09:35:24] paul-h: Their addon systems is neat and something we probably can copy and improve upon
[09:40:58] warpme: paul-h: of course. Learing from others is sign of inteligence :-p. Only thing I think we should do carefully is how to allocate resources. I prefer top-down approach. First it is worth to plan goals, then strategy to achieve, then tacticts to realize then alocate resources, plan timeframe & do checks. MythTV is FOSS so using such formal process is overkill – but there is no free luch. Not doing any form of such metodology will slowly kill
[09:40:58] warpme: project. I simply think, that if MythTV wantds to keep it’s lead – probably entering king of such formality is needed? Also I think it is important to encourage new dev. forcess....
[09:47:14] warpme: I personally like SteveJobs story mentioned durring inovation related prelection on StanfordUniversity. He told: “Don’t look how to make happy all users. Just do Your product in a way that it will cover 110% of Yours needs. There will be always group of ppl who thinks like You and they will die hard love your product”
[09:52:40] stuartm: jya: nice work on the qApp->exec() issue
[09:53:02] jya: thanks… took me a while
[09:53:12] stuartm: I was never able to reproduce so I was working in the dark
[09:53:19] ** stuarta gives jya some karma **
[09:53:41] jya: surprisijng, i could do it on both my mac and my ubuntu machine
[09:54:30] jya: was mainly a matter of commenting all lines one at a time until I could reproduce it again… and all I had left with the qApp->exec()
[09:56:21] jya: paul-h: I had thought of having a “sound server” in myth always active
[09:56:39] jya: so you could do things like playing music upon a particular event etc
[09:56:58] jya: if using pulse that’s even simpler to do as it’s all there
[09:57:17] jya: if using alsa, it’s a tad more complicated, especially if you want digital passthrough
[09:57:47] stuarta: isn't that what pulseaudio is designed to do?
[09:57:53] jya: i recon with 1 or 2 days of work I could have something doing just that, just changing the core audio
[09:58:19] jya: stuarta: sure.. but I would want a system that doesn’t force to recode every part of myth doing audio
[09:58:25] jya: so just add an extra layer
[09:58:42] jya: and anyway, the fun is writing the code, not actually make use of the result :)
[09:59:32] stuarta: masochist! :-p
[09:59:43] jya: damn, I thought I had nailed #12113
[09:59:43] ** MythLogBot **
[09:59:48] jya: but my mate still has it
[10:00:15] jya: and he just told me that he now uses xbmc to play his movies as it works
[10:00:17] jya: damn
[10:03:47] paul-h: jya: how difficult would it be to use the ffmpeg filters with the audio system?
[10:04:00] jya: tbh, I have no idea.. I’ve never used them
[10:04:08] jya: I read the documentation last week about it
[10:04:13] jya: seems simple enough
[10:04:38] jya: however, we would really need a nice abstraction layer so adding filter is easy
[10:04:42] jya: and more than one at a time
[10:05:03] jya: you wouldn’t want everyone to statically code the filter
[10:05:34] jya: I already have a helper routine that does all the decoding for the audio and re-order it as required
[10:05:39] jya: could add stuff there..
[10:05:44] jya: then we need to do the same for video
[10:06:13] jya: and finally deciding how we want to config which filter to use, if we let the user configure it himself or not
[10:07:58] paul-h: What prompted me to look at is was warpme's request for adding an equaliser to mythmusic – there is a filter that will do that
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[10:09:25] paul-h: They changed the api slightly so we would need a ffmpeg resync first
[10:09:50] jya: if you could draf a little requirement paper, what you would like to do, how you want it configurable (both user and dev)
[10:09:55] jya: I can come up with a design
[10:10:09] jya: resyncing ffmpeg wouldn’t take me long I don’t think
[10:12:54] stuarta: famous last words :)
[10:14:34] paul-h: I looked at it a few weeks ago and adding the equaliser filter to mythmusic's decoder would be easy but I was thinking it would be better to add it to the audio systems so other filters could be added for things like an audio level normaliser etc
[10:15:46] paul-h: There is a mixer filter does that help with adding sound effects?
[10:17:51] paul-h: Adding a fade in/out when starting/stopping the audio playback would be nice to remove the horrible clicks when playback starts sometimes
[10:18:37] jya: stuarta: I’ve done it sufficient times and narrowed it to such a small changes that really it’s only a few hours for each resync
[10:18:52] stuarta: jya: i thought that might be the case
[10:18:52] jya: it’s fixing what is now broke that takes the longest :)
[10:19:24] jya: paul-h: for a start, maybe we could simply have in the audio setup -> advanced
[10:19:39] jya: a filter entry there that applies to all audio output
[10:19:47] jya: (but passthrough)
[10:20:07] jya: and in mythmusic settings, where you define the audio device, could have an override value there.
[10:20:37] jya: so if it’s set to default it uses the same filter, and if not it uses the one just for mythmusic
[10:20:55] jya: fade in/out that would be extra
[10:21:12] jya: something you’d have to do yourself.. don’t think how we could have this system-wide
[10:21:38] ** jya never had an awful click when playback start here **
[10:25:41] jya: gosh, I had forgotten on how slow it was to run mythtv-setup via ssh -X over 802.11g
[10:26:02] stuarta: it's bad enough over a local network
[10:26:02] jya: trying to simulate my mate’s network config
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[10:29:47] paul-h: jya: It only seems to be the first track that does it here. It's not a loud click but there is definitely something there before the track starts.
[10:30:17] jya: I’d be more keen to blame your amplifier there. you’re connected by hdmi?
[10:30:27] jya: some of them do weird thing when establishing the first sync
[10:30:43] jya: I have one that is fully silent for 4–5s until it has the sync
[10:32:37] paul-h: No I'm listening with headphones plugged straight into the headphone output on the computer
[10:37:30] dekarl: jya, I'm not sure #12114 (HLS recorder) is a duplicate of #11949 (we lost RTCP RR support when we dropped the livemedia library in 0.27)
[10:37:30] ** MythLogBot **
[10:37:30] ** MythLogBot **
[10:38:00] jya: dekarl: I read it as freebox doesn’t work anymore
[10:38:28] jya: we could always add a new type of recorder, still using livemedia
[10:38:36] jya: just as a workaround for the time being
[10:38:54] jya: unless someone tells me how I can simulate the same type of source locally with a vlc server
[10:38:58] jya: then I could debug it
[10:40:18] dekarl: I think this is all it takes . . . tml#id349956
[10:42:03] dekarl: with RTSP+RTP its a bit different . . . tml#id351455
[10:48:42] jya: ok… let me take note of this, I’ll get back to it
[10:49:37] jya: what does freebox uses?
[10:49:49] jya: I thought they were plain rtp:// or udp:// link
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[11:42:10] dekarl: jya, the playlist shows RTSP for the management and the packet trace RTP for the transport, and here's the actual trace
[12:19:59] stuarta: dekarl: building patches on #12130 to test
[12:19:59] ** MythLogBot **
[12:25:08] dekarl: the typo fix is not so goo // don't readd pruned entries => re-add not read
[12:26:41] ** stuarta fiddles **
[12:27:40] stuarta: good spot
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[12:28:30] wagnerrp: ugh...
[12:28:56] wagnerrp: our industrial systems at work have cold backups
[12:29:22] wagnerrp: you boot up the machine, tell it at the prompt whether it is the primary or backup, and it sets its address accordingly
[12:29:59] wagnerrp: this is twice now someone has booted up both as primary, meaning both machines are fighting over that one IP address
[12:30:03] wagnerrp: and everything goes to hell...
[12:33:47] stuarta: fantastic bit of design that is
[12:34:57] wagnerrp: customer: you need some kind of hardware interlock that prevents both from booting as primary
[12:35:15] wagnerrp: us: no. you need to get rid of idiot maintenance people that keep fiddling with these things
[12:39:38] stuarta: biab reboot
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[12:50:32] stuarta: dekarl: #12131 looks like a no brainer to apply
[12:50:32] ** MythLogBot **
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[13:02:55] stuarta: #12046
[13:02:55] ** MythLogBot **
[13:03:04] stuarta: i am so lazy
[13:03:23] stuarta: i put the ticket number in here so the bot will make a link out of it, which i can then click
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[13:11:21] stuartm: I do that all the time ...
[13:12:06] stuarta: great minds think alike :)
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[13:33:42] dekarl: where is the logbot hosted? aka if I teach it to do the same via /msg, can we deploy that?
[13:34:11] stuarta: alcor
[13:34:48] ** dekarl pulls out "the list" and a pen **
[13:42:11] stuartm: [0db22a0]
[13:42:30] stuartm: ^^ if you do, teach it to provide urls for commits too
[13:42:59] stuartm: bonus points if it prints the title of tickets and first line for commits in the response
[13:43:04] stuartm: :)
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[14:30:07] dekarl: stuartm, how can I lookup the ticket title? IIRC out trac doesn't have the xmlrpc patchthingy applied
[14:31:04] dekarl: the same goes for looking up commits. Is github the placed to go? . . . ingle-commit
[14:32:48] dekarl: stuarta, aye looks like a no-brainer after extending it to the other methods. but ENOTIME ;)
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[14:46:29] stuarta: doh
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[15:49:46] stuartm: dekarl: maybe ?
[16:02:33] stuarta: dekarl: i like looking at commits on
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[16:05:25] dekarl: stuarta, I like using our own infrastructure, too. But cgit only exports mythtv, we removed packaging/mythweb(forgottherest) lately
[16:07:00] stuarta: hmmm, i'm sure we can fix that
[16:07:04] dekarl: stuartm, that could work with some regexp to parse the title from the title ;)
[16:08:44] stuartm: personally I prefer github to cgit – no blame support with cgit
[16:09:05] stuarta: blame, as in, wtf put that shit in?
[16:09:33] stuartm: aye, or which commit was that added in ;)
[16:09:43] stuartm: when and why
[16:10:25] stuartm: cgit is faster than github, but apparently due to the way it works they cannot offer blame support
[16:10:39] dekarl: and github tells you which branch a commit is on... fixes or master
[16:11:38] stuartm: dekarl: well so does cgit, but maybe not in a way that is easy to parse?
[16:11:51] dekarl: . . . da1bc214f4c2 its a cherry-pick but on which branch? Oh its fixes/0.27 . . . da1bc214f4c2
[16:12:13] dekarl: stuartm, I don't see it in the web interface (might be me)
[16:14:07] stuartm: hmm, appears on some pages for me – . . . 4f623f4d1892
[16:14:46] stuartm: maybe it's broken for cherry picked commits
[16:28:05] stuarta: well is cgit the right tool for the job?
[16:44:24] dekarl: stuarta, re #12131 did you understand the part about moving the function around? Is that a generic "dude, move the implementation out of the header" thing?
[16:44:24] ** MythLogBot **
[16:44:43] stuarta: dekarl: yes i believe so
[16:46:05] stuarta: yes, that's what he means, they don't appear to be inline functions
[16:46:26] ** stuarta goes home **
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[17:20:00] dekarl: hmm, looks like functions in the class definition are implicit inline functions (yeah, surprises) . . . ns-more.html I'm tempted to move them out into the cpp file and hint that packagers are permitted to enable optimizations across compilation units. (I hope I got all terms right)
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[23:22:26] jya: anyone going to apply those two patches? can do it now..
[23:23:45] jya: looks like he’s increase the reference count too many times

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